Quarantine Jim Crace Quarantine Definition of Quarantine by Merriam Webster Quarantine definition is a period of days How to use quarantine in a sentence. Quarantine Definition of Quarantine at Dictionary noun a strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease a period, originally days, of detention or isolation imposed upon ships, persons, animals, or plants on arrival at a port or place, when Quarantine definition of quarantine by The Free Dictionary A condition, period of time, or place in which a pers

A Return to Christmas

A Return to Christmas Chris Heimerdinger

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage To ...

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun: Having the Courage To ... Maria Dismondy Kimberly Shaw-Peterson

The Empananda Affair

The Empananda Affair Jerold Last Elaine Last


Spokesong Stewart Parker

La parfaite lumière

La parfaite lumière Eiji Yoshikawa

Deep Six

Deep Six Martin Dibner

A Million Suns

A Million Suns Beth Revis

Ben, the Luggage Boy: Or, Among the Wharves

Ben, the Luggage Boy: Or, Among the Wharves Horatio Alger Jr. Ben, the Luggage Boy Ragged Dick, by Horatio Alger Jr. Ben, the Luggage Boy Ragged Dick, by Horatio Alger Jr helps you keep track of books you want to read Start by marking Ben, the Luggage Boy Ragged Dick, as Want to Read Ben, the Luggage Boy Or, Among the Wharves Horatio Alger Jun , Ben meets a young man of yrs who feels sorry for Ben and sets him up selling newspapers, he finds he can go to the News Boys Lodge for a safe place to sleep, after reading one of his papers he notices his fath

One thought on “Dover One: A Mystery

  1. Nancy Oakes

    A young girl goes missing, and the local constabulary soon realizes they should probably call in the Yard It s just their luck that the Yard sends Wilfred Dover, along with Sgt MacGregor, to their aid When he arrives at the scene of the crime, he s faced with an assortment of rather eccentric people and some who are just plainly weird who, as it turns out, all had a reason to do away with the girl He deduces that she didn t leave of her own accord, and is either being held as a kidnap victim or [...]

  2. Miriam

    Inspector Dover is lazy, selfish, and hardly cares about the victims Somehow the crimes get solved anyway.

  3. Whistlers Mom

    This first in the Inspector Dover series appeared in 1964 and I was shocked to learn that some people consider it the best of the series In my view, Porter had not yet hit her stride and the Dover we meet here is an anemic version of the truly bizarre character he would become Sure, he s fat and lazy and badly dressed and inclined to grab at any straw in order to pin the murder on someone ANYONE and put his feet up But Dover addressing the public and even other coppers as Sir and Madam takes som [...]

  4. RJ

    This was excellently written, even though the inspector is a bit gross And to be honest, I guessed who and how and the location of the body the second a certain place was mentioned the place where the body is eventually found But it was great fun reading to see whether I was correct I would actually give this 4 1 2 stars.

  5. Damaskcat

    Dover is a Scotland Yard detective but he is not one the Yard is particularly proud of so they send him out to investigate cases which provincial forces ask them to investigate and which look like being boring or difficult or not amount to very much DS McGregor his complete opposite feels that his career is suffering because of his association with Dover but knows there is nothing that can be done about it.A young woman has disappeared from what appears to be quite an exclusive gated community o [...]

  6. Ahmad Firdaus

    Chief Inspector Dover is fat, lumbering buffoon who enjoys his naps and food than his job Assisted by his sidekick, a young Sergeant MacGregor, Dover solves mysteries in quaint English villages through good old fashion police work, that is, if he ever does it himself Dover has all this qualities you would never like in a colleague and yet, he is has endeared to many with those very same revolting qualities of a man who solve his mysteries through the hard work of others.Joyce Porter manages to [...]

  7. Pat

    It s worth your while to search for this little mystery from 1964 I learned of Joyce Porter s protagonist Dover on a serendipitous browse through the ole library stacks A unlikely personality for a Chief Inspector would be hard to imagine Always willing to allow his second, Sergeant MacGregor, to lead the investigatory interviews while he puts away any offered treats, Dover nevertheless comes up with the pertinent questions Not exactly in the English cozy murder genre, the Dover mysteries do oc [...]

  8. Susan

    The new chief constable doesn t want to miss anything, so he sends for Scotland Yard when a local girl disappears And, as though in some cosmic joke, the Yard sends Chief Inspector Dover, the rudest, laziest man on the Force Accompanied by his horrified sergeant, Dover then shows the one characteristic he has of a good detective luck Sure enough, he captures the culprit, though he never does figure out the motive A little old lady who reads detective stories does that and Dover doesn t believe h [...]

  9. Suzanne

    I love a hapless detective cozy British mysteries so imagine my delight that I can get two in one Witty, light and irreverent I really enjoyed it and will read in this old sites.

  10. Tiina

    This was the second or third time to read the book, although it was quite memorable the first time around Somehow, I can t seem to forget the solution to this mystery