KEEP WRITING - A series of occasional workshops to keep you going with your writing, with Alex and Jude
SATURDAY FEBRUARY 16TH - VENUE: NEW ORIEL HALL, LARKHALL BATH - 10am-1pm £28 booking essential

This Saturday morning workshop is for all writers - complete beginners are very welcome as well as writers who are already working on a novel or short stories. The Keep Writing series is to give writers a chance to enjoy the company of other writers, do some writing, share some work (if they want to!) and WRITE and is a morning of creative writing exercises.
This mornings workshop will take the theme of the Hero's Journey to help with plotting skills. The Hero's Journey is the archetypal quest narrative - the Hero (him or her) is called to have an adventure (travel, have a new relationship, finish an old one, start new job etc. etc. ) and along the way is confronted by challenges. By the end of the story the Hero will have learnt something about themselves and there is a resolution. Think Star Wars, Margaret Attwoods Surfacing, the Odyssey, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Crocodile Dundee, the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, all these books and films are versions of the Hero's Journey. The Hero's Journey has twelve distinct stages and we will look at them briefly and use them to help plot and structure your writing.
So if you are new to writing, are in the middle of a piece or work  or have finished your novel come and enjoy! and Keep Writing

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