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Jude and Alex....                                                         

Alex and Jude have run several workshops at Mr. B's Emporium of Books and the Oriel Hall in Larkhall a as well their Creative writing group in Bath Library, and various Pop up Groups in cafes such as Hall & Woodhouse, and Jacobs in Bath.Among the workshops are 'Dreams Journals and Memoirs' 'How to write a Dream Journal'
'Learning to love your Inner Critic' and 'The Heroes Journey'. Their event at the Bath Literary Festival was 'Wish you were here' a celebration of the postcard where people were invited to write a card to someone and post it in the confessional box! They also put on readings at a  'Gathering of Writers' in aid of Dorothy House Hospice in 2013 and were joined by Andrew Miller, Nathan Filer, Leslie Pearse, Lindsay Hawdon, Debby Holt and Tania Hershman who all gave their time for the charity and helped raise over a £1,000.
   Alex and Jude love to bring writers together, both beginners and experienced and their workshops are inspiring and motivating.

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