Miss Treadwell's Talent (2020)

Miss Treadwell's Talent Barbara Metzger Miss Treadwell s Talent Finders KeepersOne and twenty and still unwed Maylene Treadwe ias a talent for finding people and things but not husbands High spirited and unconventional she is a worthy adversary than a blushing
  • Title: Miss Treadwell's Talent
  • Author: Barbara Metzger
  • ISBN: 9780451198167
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
Miss Treadwell's Talent Barbara Metzger Finders KeepersOne and twenty and still unwed, Maylene Treadwe ias a talent for finding people and things, but not husbands High spirited and unconventional, she is a worthy adversary than a blushing bride a fact made all too clear to the Earl of Hyatt when he comes to call Well favored, wellbred, and well financed, the Earl is nicknamed The Ideal by an enraptureFinders KeepersOne and twenty and still unwed, Maylene Treadwe ias a talent for finding people and things, but not husbands High spirited and unconventional, she is a worthy adversary than a blushing bride a fact made all too clear to the Earl of Hyatt when he comes to call Well favored, wellbred, and well financed, the Earl is nicknamed The Ideal by an enraptured society, especially those members with daughters to wed But his long bachelorhood has ended in an engagement that may end in a mystery, for his fiancee has disappeared.Upon meeting the boorish earl, Maylene is convinced the girl ran off with good reason until his lips claim hers in a breathtaking kiss Caught off her guard, Maylene believes she has lost her mind as well as her manners But she and the nonplused nobleman form a heated alliance, sparring with words and succumbing to passion Soon, Maylene begins to curse her inborn talent because the time she spends in the Earl s embrace, the she wished his betrothed to remain lost.
Miss Treadwell's Talent Barbara Metzger

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    461 Barbara Metzger
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One thought on “Miss Treadwell's Talent

  1. Lyuda

    3.5 stars If you want to take a break from angst soaked romances and looking for something light and funny, don t miss this book It has delightful love hate sparring of main characters, witty one liners, and tightly executed although somewhat farcical plot.

  2. Annette

    Maylene Treadwell and her mother have seances to earn a living Lord Treadwell was a gambler and a ladies man who spent their money and left them in need of making a living.Socrates, the Earl of Hyatt is the IDEAL Not only a perfect looking gentleman but also a perfectly correct man of the ton.Soc knows for a fact that Lady Treadwell and Maylene are cheats, social climbers, con artists, and basically evil He is wrong on every count.Lady Treadwell tries to help people who need help she offers soun [...]

  3. Yue

    A light, fluffy traditional regency romance, with colorful characters and a touch of paranormal Maylene, her mother and aunt run a house that holds seances There they are visited by several characters that want to talk to their dead relatives or find lost love ones Socrates what a name for a hero Hyatt is a distrusted rake that is there with his soon father inw to find his lost fiancee I liked the banter between Maylene and Hyatt I also liked that there is never a dull moment there is always a s [...]

  4. Camy

    A fun, light, funny romance There were a few coincidences and the story is a little bit farcical, which I usually don t care for, but not so ridiculous that I wanted to stop reading In fact, it was very entertaining the entire way through The dialogue has some really funny lines that made me laugh A very engaging story from Metzger.

  5. Susannah Carleton

    Delightful A charming tale, with interesting characters, mysteries solved by unusual means, and love found by seemingly unlikely couples.

  6. QNPoohBear

    3.5 starsMiss Maylene Treadwell s Papa died leaving she and her mother penniless With no great beauty or dowry to attract the gentlemen, May remains unwed and perilously close to being on the shelf at one and twenty Her mother sees to enriching the family coffers by holding seances in her home Visitors must pay a contribution to the Fund for Psychical Research if they wish to contact their loved ones beyond Lady Tremont s conduit to the spirit world is a mysterious male named Max, who helps her [...]

  7. kris

    Miss Treadwell s mother can speak to the dead Miss Treadwell can find things Socrates is an Earl and Very Unimpressed They fall in love while searching for his absentee fiancee The fantastical was not as well done with Miss Treadwell s Talent as it was with The Scandalous Life of a True Lady Especially as so much of the plot hinges on finding the missing Belinda and her whereabouts are exposed in the first few chapters It made the rest of the pointless searching fall exceptionally flat because S [...]

  8. Alexandra

    Some years ago I have finished reading all Georgette Heyer books and I was really sorry there aren t any .Recently I tried a few books by Barbara Metzger I really loved this one for the humor The author has her own style which differs from Ms Heyer s but I really enjoyed it More than the previous one The Lady in Green So, I recommend this book to fans of Georgette Heyer.SpoilersO K There is a spunky heroine gone private detective a matchmaking mother who leads s ances in the evenings a sarcastic [...]

  9. Elen

    I thought I might not like May She sounded too judgemental in the beginning, and the whole setting sounded too ridiculous I m so glad I kept on as usual, humorous, but in a subtle way less concerned with finishing a chapter with a punchline, instead May s observations made me laugh a few times Soc and May are not very memorable, strong leads but they were really cute together and supporting casts made up for the lack except shimpton he was so unrealy stupid it wasn t even funny Especially that [...]

  10. Jenna

    I enjoyed this book by Miss Treadwell because of how the characters were thrown together which made their relationship seem real Miss Treadwell was a spit fire and the Earl couldn t figure out what to make of her since she was so unlike other women he knew The storyline was cute and the banter between Miss Treadwell and the Earl were great

  11. Angelyn

    This book was clean and very funny After her father loses their fortune and dies, Miss Treadwell s mother becomes a psychic but Miss Treadwell s detective work is behind her mothers success Very fun book.

  12. Julie

    I enjoyed this book because of its nutty cast of characters The romance part was ok, but not the reason I enjoyed it I loved the great aunt character I have liked several of Barbara Metzger s older books.

  13. Emiko Salim

    Banyak kali tergelak sorang sorang.Real funny albeit a bit short and simple Sebenarnya 3.5 bintang, tapi sebab berjaya buat orang enjoy lepas stress bekerja, up lah jadi 4 A good pick when you re dead tired and want to cheer up.

  14. Jennifer Eckel

    I ve been reading some lengthy books recently and took an evening to read this delightfully silly book I laughed aloud at the mis adventures of the hero and heroine Barbara Metzger never takes herself too seriously which is why I like her romances so much Enjoy

  15. suzi

    Another cute story of the supernatular kind I didn t feel the connection between the main pair though I like them separately though.

  16. Pat

    Story was progressing, and in last nine pages all the stories are brought to resolution, some with a contrived story line Still, for most of the book, it was interesting.

  17. Lou

    Another fun one, this time with a supernatural twist Read for the Seasonal Reading Challenge Winter 09 10 task 5.10 The Allure of Alliteration

  18. Alice

    I quite enjoyed this book although the characters were most unusual A convoluted plot with several romances resolved Very light entertainment Cotton Candy for the mind

  19. Jane

    3.80 4.60 stars pg13 Very funny Good story Not crazy about some of the spiritual paranormal aspects the 3.8 4.6 rating.

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