The Night Calls (2020)

The Night Calls David Pirie The Night Calls While a young medical student at Edinburgh Arthur Conan Doyle famously studied under the remarkable Dr Joseph Bell who was a pioneer in criminal investigation The Night Calls chronicles their most fr
  • Title: The Night Calls
  • Author: David Pirie
  • ISBN: 9780099416593
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
The Night Calls David Pirie While a young medical student at Edinburgh Arthur Conan Doyle famously studied under the remarkable Dr Joseph Bell, who was a pioneer in criminal investigation The Night Calls chronicles their most frightening and disturbing case the encounter with the man who was later presented in expurgated form as Moriarty Beginning with a series of bizarre and outlandish assaultsWhile a young medical student at Edinburgh Arthur Conan Doyle famously studied under the remarkable Dr Joseph Bell, who was a pioneer in criminal investigation The Night Calls chronicles their most frightening and disturbing case the encounter with the man who was later presented in expurgated form as Moriarty Beginning with a series of bizarre and outlandish assaults on women in the brothels of Edinburgh, the story moves to the medical facility of the city s university, which is itself being disrupted by the violent struggle for women s educational rights Here Doyle meets a fellow student, young Elizabeth Scott, who has many enemies, among them a crazed misogynist student called Crawford and the smiling hypocritical patron of the university, Henry Carlisle Yet slowly Bell begins to realise that the increasingly freakish crimes they are investigating reflect an entirely new and terrifying kind of criminal who is not susceptible to the old methods The Night Calls takes them from the evil heart of old Edinburgh into what Bell calls their fight against the future and to London itself, where Doyle again faces his nemesis with terrifying results
The Night Calls David Pirie

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One thought on “The Night Calls

  1. Bre

    I m interviewing myself about how I felt about this book, since I don t feel like writing a regular review, thought it would be an interesting format I sat myself down and mercilessly questioned me Here s what I had to say Interviewer Hello, good to see you again You re looking good.Me Thanks.Interviewer OK, so what did you think of the book Me Takes a gulp of water Well, I obviously thought it was good if I gave it 5 stars, right Interviewer Why did you give it 5 Me Shrugs 5 sounded like a good [...]

  2. Barb

    I have had David Pirie s trilogy of books featuring Arthur Conan Doyle on my list of potential books to read for quite some time now I wish there was some way to know what books you will love before you read them perhaps a little metal detector, or a literary Geiger counter that would give you a reading on its dial indicating you will like this but not that, even a forecast predicting enjoymentyou have a seventy five percent chance of enjoying this book If only and if so, then I would certainly [...]

  3. Brooke

    Earlier I had noted that this book picks up right where The Patient s Eyes leaves off It tells the full story of what is continually hinted at in the first book, and I find it slightly odd that David Pirie paced his trilogy the way he did The Patient s Eyes is almost like a prologue to the full story that s covered in this book and, from what I can tell from this book s ending, The Dark Water as well.In any case, whereas The Patient s Eyes only got a 3 star rating from me, this book gets a full [...]

  4. C

    A good accompaniment to Sherlock Holmes There are even allusions to Holmes stories in the plot The beginning is a little confusing as I was trying to link the characters to what I knew of Holmes, but in time it became clear This book is incredibly dark and has a bad guy that could give you nightmares It was okay, but I m not sure I would ever read it again.

  5. Marco

    Well it s okay ishI did not like it as much as 1 The Patient s Eyes and I kept falling asleep I guess that is because I m somewhat tired I hoped for mystery, puzzles.But, it has to be said, the first half of the book is good murder, mystery, horror and even some drama, it has it all It is a dark story, has a dark setting and Mr Pirie does a great job describing the setting And then the story collapsesLet try 3, in a while.

  6. Cecilia Rodriguez

    Pirie starts out in 1898, then flashes back to 1878.Narrated by Arthur Conan Doyle, Pirie writes a complex and gruesomemystery that involves sexually transmitted diseases and the emerging Suffragette movement.

  7. Guy

    If you are a fan of Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes genre, this novel is a must read The language is perfect for the time and setting The best is that once again, the plot does not conclude until the very end.

  8. Anna Bergmark

    Better than the first installment Doyle is of his own character here read less Watson and Bell fleshes out a bit as well But the story is just as incomprehensible as a whole I kept getting lost by the roadside, head spinning, not knowing how I got there.3 atmospheric but oh so vaguely gripped stars Perhaps only 2 and a half.

  9. Mike

    This is the second book about the early life and adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle Partly based on the author s own research into the factual history Conan Doyle and a healthy imagination, this series reveals how his last two years as a medical student and early years as a doctor gave him the insights and experience to later create the World s Greatest Consulting Detective Key to this premise and in the historical record is Doyle s knowledge and familiarity with a brilliant and peculiar Professor [...]

  10. Stephanie

    4.5 stars.Wow I am very glad that I continued with this series I was on the fence about The Patient s Eyes when I read it, but The Night Calls blew the first book out of the water I completely devoured this thing in two evenings.The mystery is strange, gripping, and horrifying There is an amazing twist in this book that hit me like a punch in the gut and actually made me shout out loud in shock That s a pretty rare thing Doyle is far likeable and interesting in this story than he was in the Pat [...]

  11. Carol

    Die spannende Geschichte zur Entstehung der Romanfigur Sherlock Holmes geht weiter Beim Klappentext musste ich zun chst spontan an Jack, the Ripper denken Es geht um seltsame Untaten und brutale Morde in Bordellen im Edinburgh des Jahres 1878 Aber die Geschichte entwickelt sich v llig anders und viel perfider Der T ter hinterl sst bei seinen potentiellen Opfern einen Stapel M nzen und scheint sich mit biblischen, oft frauenfeindlichen Psalmen zu besch ftigen Aber genau das k nnte auch Tarnung se [...]

  12. Riju Ganguly

    After the exceptionally well crafted The Patient s Eyes , this second book of the Murder Rooms trilogy is a slight let down Chronologically speaking, the events happening in this book precede those in The Patient s Eyes , and describe the following although the events that had first brought Arthur Conan Doyle into the world of Dr Joseph Bell had been described in the 1st book, the events that had followed that introductory phase, are all here the deep scar left by Arthur Conan Doyle s nemesis, w [...]

  13. Tyler

    The historical note at the end is fairly amazing because it makes you believe for a second that there is some mystery from Doyle s real life that has been covered up I love this series and the adaptations I do feel that Doyle gets a bit annoying with his doubts about Dr Bell Clearly he should idolize Bell How could you not It s a long book and it does add some nice wrinkles to the standard serial killer novel.The author says he does not like pastiche and this is not It is clever and has many nic [...]

  14. Emily Whetstone

    The conceit of this book, a very Sherlock Holmesian fictionalized version of the adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle and his mentor Dr Joseph Bell, is a wonderful one It frees Pirie to be creative and pay homage to Doyle s creation without attempting to directly mimic the famous characters The story flows quickly and has some chilling moments The ending is a cliffhanger, so if those bother you, you should probably have The Night Calls lined up to continue reading I started with this rather than The [...]

  15. Jessica

    I would have given this story five stars if it didn t end the way it did I think each book in a series should be complete unto itself, so you don t have to get the next book to find out a major plot point Grrr.Anyway Doyle and Doctor Bell are dealing with their first serial killer A man who kills simply because he can taking the whole might makes right way of thinking to it s ultimate conclusion Then there s another side case involving a glowing head that you think is related to the first case, [...]

  16. Bookpassion

    Dieser Teil der Trilogie hat mir sehr viel besser gefallen als der erste, obwohl der auch gut war.Der Schreibstil ist angenehm zu lesen und sehr authentisch f r die Zeit, in der der Roman spielt Die Charaktere sind sehr sympathisch Ich mag einfach diese Dynamik zwischen dem Doctor und Doyle Die Handlung ist spannend und man r tselt st ndig mit, wobei mir Doyle ab und an ein wenig begriffsstutzig vorkam gg Nat rlich nimmt ihm das nichts von seiner Liebensw rdigkeit.Allerdings war das Ende des Buc [...]

  17. Kathy

    Have to think about this one before endorsing There was certainly a lot of action in this one as well as love, heartbreak, family trauma without resolution and then there was the truly bone chilling ending I do not watch scary movies and feel like a teenage or college aged son has pulled a prank on mebut still I will go to library tomorrow to read the third and final I hope for my nerves Then I will make my final decision on this series There are many good parts but also weak parts I don t usual [...]

  18. Phillip Ramm

    Very enjoyable pastiche of the Sherlock style, supposedly based on the scant facts we have about the real life of Conan Doyle Dr Joseph Bell was a lecturer at Edinburgh University when Doyle was a medical student there He was certainly the model for Sherlock Holmes, a critical observer and adherent of the inductive method Substitute him for Homes and Doyle for Watson and you have it.

  19. Angela Woodward

    I am such a sucker for Sherlock Holmes based mysteries There are a lot of good ones This series centers on Arthur Conan Doyle as a medical student and young doctor, teamed up with his mentor Dr Bell Night Calls is apparently the second in a series, so I ve gone back to the first one Well written, complex, completely enjoyable.

  20. Carol Evans

    Like another reviewer said, this is a very dark novel There are two mysteries, one of which is solved The other mystery is solved, but the offender is not brought to justice I love the atmosphere of this series and the Doyle and Bell characters are fascinating Of course, I m a Holmes fan, so I may be biased.

  21. Janet

    If I didn t already know the story behind Dr Cream and his pink pills for pale prostitutes, I probably wouldn t have enjoyed this story nearly as much as I did I haven t been this shocked by a sudden plot twist in ages.

  22. Emi Lingsan

    it is an interesting take on Sherlock Holmes It shows of the relationship between Bell and Doyle Shelock and Watson rather than the briliance of the deduction method Still an interesting series

  23. Jonna

    I loved how the author uses Arthur Conan Doyle in the mystery Very creative It s a very creative and well written book It has everything I love dark, well developed characters and it takes place in Victorian England A great read

  24. Annie

    Eigentlich sind es sogar zwei Kriminalf lle in einem Buch Okay sie stehen in Zusammenhang und der Cliffhanger ist echt b se Aber da A.C.Doyle im echten Leben relativ alt geworden ist, mache ich mir keine Sorgen und freue mich wie Bolle auf den n chsten Band

  25. Allie

    I sort of read these books out of order I have yet to find the other two and I would love to read them, as well as The Night Calls again.

  26. Tamsinwilloughby

    A solid mystery with some nice ideas One point deduction for the fridging which was predictable and boring.

  27. FatihahNaser

    I bought this book when there s a book fair and it turns out the book is quite interesting I would like to read another novel by David Pirie

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