Things We Didn't Say (2020)

Things We Didn't Say Kristina Riggle Things We Didn t Say What goes unsaid can sometimes speak the loudest What makes up a family For Casey it s sharing a house with her fiancE Michael and his three children whom she intends to nurture than she ever took
  • Title: Things We Didn't Say
  • Author: Kristina Riggle
  • ISBN: 9780062003041
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
Things We Didn't Say Kristina Riggle What goes unsaid can sometimes speak the loudest .What makes up a family For Casey it s sharing a house with her fiancE, Michael, and his three children, whom she intends to nurture than she ever took care of herself But Casey s plans have come undone Michael s silences have grown unfathomable and deep His daughter Angel seethes as only a teenage girl can, whiWhat goes unsaid can sometimes speak the loudest .What makes up a family For Casey it s sharing a house with her fiancE, Michael, and his three children, whom she intends to nurture than she ever took care of herself But Casey s plans have come undone Michael s silences have grown unfathomable and deep His daughter Angel seethes as only a teenage girl can, while the wide eyed youngest, Jewel, quietly takes it all in.Then Michael s son, Dylan, runs off, and the kids mother, a woman never afraid to say what she thinks, noisily barges into the home That s when Casey decides that the silences can no longer continue She must begin speaking the words no one else can say She ll have to dig up secrets including her own uncovering the hurts, and begin the healing that is long overdue And it all starts with just a few tentative words
Things We Didn't Say Kristina Riggle

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    104 Kristina Riggle
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One thought on “Things We Didn't Say

  1. Alisha Marie

    Things We Didn t Say has to be one of the most infuriating novels I ve ever read I wanted to slam this book against the wall repeatedly Why Because the characters themselves are infuriating Seriously, EVERY SINGLE character in this book was an idiot Not only that, but there were also so many other infuriating things I was groaning to myself repeatedly thinking Bitch and Moron and Asshole I wanted to tell all of them to open their eyes, get a life, and stop freakin complaining Oh, except for Dyla [...]

  2. Kelly

    Dear Future Stepmothers,It s tough, I know I bet you ve been scouring the internet, posting questions to Yahoo Answers, and devouring how to books Believe me, I get it I bet you even picked this book up, considered buying it because it deals with a lot of the subject matter you fear may be coming Do yourself a favorn Run from this book like it was O.J Simpson asking you out after a 10 year prison stint Don t look back, don t check your emotional barometer to see if you re overreacting and maybe [...]

  3. Laurel-Rain

    In her novel Things We Didn t Say, the acclaimed author of Real Life Liars and The Life You ve Imagined an Indie Next Notable Book explores the messiness of life s love stories, especially those involving teenage almost stepchildren, a unreliable ex wife, and the words no parent ever wants to hear Your child is missing A poignant, honest, and unforgettable novel that fans of Katrina Kittle and Elin Hildebrand will take into their hearts, Things We Didn t Say is exactly the sort of well written, [...]

  4. Stephanie

    26 year old Casey comes with a past that her 36 year old fiance, Michael, knows nothing about She recently moved in with him and his three children, and now they re falling apart at the seams His teenage daughter, Angel, appears to loathe Casey, and eight year old Jewel watches as the silence and tension in the house deepens every day.Then, Michael s 14 year old son, Dylan, runs away, and things come to a head Michael s very mentally ill and former alcoholic ex wife, Mallory, rushes to the home [...]

  5. Alyssa

    Things We Didn t Say is a novel by Kristina Riggle about a modern day blended family of Michael, his girlfriend, Casey, Michael s 3 kids from a previous marriage, and his psycho drunken pill feen ex wife I forgot her name so I m not even going to put the effort into going and getting the book off my nightstand, because she s not worth it The novel opens with Casey getting ready to say peace out to Michael and all of his baggage and the stress, until the ever so ironically placed phone call from [...]

  6. Leah

    read this last night in one sitting, i enjoyed it and it was a quick read lots of short chapters with alternating narrators but a lot like a tv movie still say needs to improve its rating system i need one set of stars for enjoyed reading it and one for quality of writing.

  7. Pam

    iwriteinbooks.wordpress 20Step parenting isn t easy under the most congenial terms, Casey knows that The problem is, things are rarely congenial As she grows in her relationship with her fianc and his three children, Casey is thrown into a whirlwind of emotion involving teenagers and a very dynamic ex wife.In the middle of making sense of chaos and sorting out her own jumbled past, Casey is thrown another curve ball in the form of her fianc s second child and only son turning up missing As if he [...]

  8. Jillian

    Some people lead lives full of problems In Things We Didn t Say by Kristina Riggle, 26 year old Casey has a mess of them She s engaged to Michael, a man 10 years her senior, who has three children with an ex wife who is a non recovering alcoholic with multiple mental disorders Casey s secrets come back to haunt her when Michael s middle child, Dylan, disappears after being dropped off at school one day and his oldest child, Angel, finds Casey s journal and reads it.It s infrequent that there are [...]

  9. Cindy

    Things We Didn t Say is by far my favorite Riggle novel The story is told from different POV s and definitely works in portraying a messy family situation There is a totally screwed up and pathetic ex wife, a husband who doesn t know which end is up in trying to keep his family stable, a younger woman trying to deal with a family she loves, and of course the kids who are caught in the middle I thought this book was well written as I was drawn into the lives of all the characters.

  10. Dianna

    Things We Didn t Say was a wonderful tale of how silence also has an impact on people s lives And fear a big motivator fear of disappointment, fear of loss, fear of nonacceptance, fear of love These fears, real or imagined, lead us to the choices we make Kristina Riggle develops these characters so well, the reader gets emotionally involved like wanting to throttle the ex This was a well written story and would like to see a sequel I give it 4.5 stars.

  11. Brandy King

    Not my usual style, but I can t remember the last time I yelled at a book Read it in 4 hours because I couldn t believe how the characters treated each other Excellent example of a dysfunctional family needing therapy.

  12. Jael

    I think it s fair to say that if I like one of your books, I will be back for I loved The Life You ve Imagined by Kristina Riggle When I saw the e mail about an opportunity to take part in a blog tour with her latest book, Things We Didn t Say, I was eager to participate I didn t even know what the book was about, but I knew I wanted to read it.Do you ever walk around with bottled up feelings I m sure we all do The family in Things We Didn t Say is no different.Casey, a 26 year old recovering a [...]

  13. Staci

    First Thought after finishing this book Life is such a messy thing isn t it What I liked about this story The different POV s that Riggle presented Each character was able to really come to life because the reader was able to read their thoughts first hand I think this made the story work for me because I enjoyed getting to know each one a bit better and to learn what made them tick The younger characters Dylan, Angel, and Jewel They actually had a lot common sense than the adults and really pu [...]

  14. Beth Peninger

    Things We Didn t Say promises that the main character, Casey, begins to break silences with her decision to start speaking the hard but necessary things That promise is a bit of a stretch In reading the book I never saw a moment in which Casey makes a decision to do such a thing, rather she is forced into it by other characters and their behaviors Riggle does an interesting thing with this book in that each chapter is written from the POV and in the voice of a different character Most often we h [...]

  15. Olivia K.

    Kristina Riggle writes another flawless book about family, their struggles and along with it, a pinch of love In Things We Didn t Say the book follows a soon to be family of five, Casey, Micheal and his three children from his last marriage, Angel, Dylan and Jewel Casey s found it hard adjusting to moving in with Micheal and his children, she is convinced they hate her Angel 16 can t have a steady conversation with Casey without an insulting remark or a snobby comment, Jewel 7 however spends her [...]

  16. Donna

    The majority of the characters in this book are toxic Put them all together in one room and what happens They become combustible I honestly didn t know if I was going to make it through all the backbiting and hatred teeming within them without getting scorched Not to mention the whining and judgmental behavior some of them indulged in These people were making my skin itch Having said so, I think that the characters were fairly believable, and how sad is that I liked that the story was told from [...]

  17. Barry

    Things We Didn t Say is novel by Kristina Riggle that addresses the problems a modern family is confronted with through lack of effective communication Michael is a father with three kids who welcomes another woman, Casey, into the home after a recent divorce Michael is damaged from his divorce and a strained relationship with his father, and overly critical of Casey sometimes Casey is secretive about her past because she wants to start fresh , and, although she is a loving character, she holds [...]

  18. Susan

    THINGS WE DIDN T SAY by Kristina Riggle is about a blended family and all its dysfunctions There s Michael, the dad, who s engaged to Casey, 10 years his junior, and three kids, all living together in the house he grew up in still owned by his parents When the teenaged son runs away, the ex wife joins the mix, remaining under the same roof for the day or so it takes to find the son and bring him home What Kristina Riggle does so well is getting into each character s head and showing us all the p [...]

  19. Ashley

    I received an advance copy of this book through giveaways This book joins the ranks of the very very few books I did not finish Not because it was poorly written I could actually say maybe the characters were too convincing I found myself so drawn into the stress and anger the characters were emoting that I was literally becoming stressed out myself While I usually think very highly of any book that gets me to empathize with the characters so strongly, I couldn t see the point of all the turmoil [...]

  20. Charity

    I am a fan of Kristina Riggle s writing in the first place but I especially loved this book of hers because the characters are SO real The main conflict is between an ex wife and her ex husband s new, much younger, fiance The three kids from the marriage Caught in the middle in different ways Given that 50% of marriages end in divorce and many people go on to subsequent marriages, this is a story many of us know if not directly, then certainly through friends, etc When a crisis crops up in the T [...]

  21. McGuffy Morris

    This is the story of a contemporary family in all of its pain and insecurities.It is the father who tries to be the responsible, stable parent He is there for his children, no matter the chaos that surrounds them And there is plenty of chaos divorce, alcoholism, mental illness to name only a few.The ex wife and mother of the children, two teens and an adolescent, is a selfish, self absorbed woman She is unwilling to accept responsibility or blame of any sort.Casey, the girlfriend, is insecure wh [...]

  22. Christina Cici_Mf_Lee

    I just finished this book and I would like to say I would have given the story mpre stars if Mallory wasnt included in this If I was casey I would have whooped mallory all over that house coming up in there like she owns the place telling casey about michael the do s and dont s bitch if I wanted your measley ass opinion I would have asked for it Poor dylan, Angel was a bitch like her mama, Michael was an idiot passive man who didnt know how to stand up for himself or anybody but making excuses f [...]

  23. Laura de Leon

    I have to start out by saying I had somewhat mixed feelings about this book I found it very well written, so much so that I found it a very uncomfortable read at times.Things We Didn t Say is a very character centered novel All the characters were collections of problems and issues, with a few good characteristics that showed through I admit, I m used to lead characters that are generally good, competent people, with enough flaws to keep them real, and this was part of my discomfort with the bo [...]

  24. Rose Ann

    I really liked how the author used the different voices of the characters I felt like I got inside the thoughts of each of them.I look forward to checking out Kristina Riggle s other novels.Thank you Firstreads for the opportunity to read this Spoilers of sorts belowOne part at the end really stuck with me.when Michael s father says to him You knew what was best for your kids was getting them out of that chaos And you were right They started relaxing the minute they walked in the door Dylan stop [...]

  25. April Hochstrasser

    This is a very uncomfortable book, written from the view points of all the major characters, one chapter at a time We see what happens, what they say and what they really think, underneath the facade I didn t much like the main character, Casey, even though she was trying to do the right thing and stand by her man through the trauma of his son running away, his ex wife moving back in and the oldest daughter being mean and vindictive I guess the moral of the story is to get problems out in the op [...]

  26. Amy

    I have mixed feelings about this story The author captured the chaos of everyday life very well divorce, stressful parent child relationships, job loss, addiction, grief these are realities for many families But overall, I didn t like the characters themselves that much they seemed at once too weak and too rigid Michael s comparisons of Mallory and Casey drove me nuts, as did Mallory s immaturity and Casey s failure to truly stand up for herself I kept hoping she d really have it out with Michae [...]

  27. Debby Stephan

    I won this book on a giveaway on and enjoyed it immensely Ms Riggle has a great understanding of what makes people tick and she tells the story of a family who suffers through all the stuff that so many families go throughy, melodramatic and runaway teenagers, family members who don t talk with each other, and a fiance who is mysterious and a bit dark The main character has to grow as her plans for a wonderful family life come apart Her man and her children aren t open to the nurturing she wants [...]

  28. Rhonda

    This was a great, easy to read, well written story LIke the front cover says, it was impossible to put down, hard to let go of Just a chick lit story that a liked, for a change Casey lives with her fiance and his three kids, two of which are teenagers, difficult at best in dealing with their dad s live in girlfriend When the 14 year old son runs away, Casey is caught in the middle of the psycho ex wife, the other kids, and their father Sixteen year old Angel reads Casey s diary, which holds Case [...]

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