Every Secret Thing (2020)

Every Secret Thing Ann Tatlock Every Secret Thing When Elizabeth Gunnar accepts a teaching position at the preparatory school she attended as a girl she is returning to than a place to memories mysteries and an old love Once there she meets unexpe
  • Title: Every Secret Thing
  • Author: Ann Tatlock
  • ISBN: 9780764200052
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
Every Secret Thing Ann Tatlock When Elizabeth Gunnar accepts a teaching position at the preparatory school she attended as a girl, she is returning to than a place to memories, mysteries, and an old love Once there she meets unexpected challenges and challenging new people.
Every Secret Thing Ann Tatlock

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    Ann Tatlock

One thought on “Every Secret Thing

  1. Olivia

    I need all Ann Tatlock s books right now This one was simple, down to earth, and just relaxing to read It isn t suspenseful or fast paced, but it is realistic and full of such great descriptions of human nature and personalities I ll Watch the Moon is still my favorite, but this one came very close What makes this book so good is the fact that at the beginning you have no idea how the book is going to end When Elizabeth moves back to her high school home this time as a teacher she meets Satchel [...]

  2. Joyce

    Public library copy.The Prologue is wonderful I love this book from the Prologue straight through to the Epilogue The story, the point of view, the characters, the setting, the plot, the layers, the theme all excellent I have nothing to say nothing about the writing.I will tell you how the book affected me The Prologue drew me in It is fabulous The book is in first person, and sounds like the author is talking to the reader After I read the Prologue I tweeted Ann about loving the book She replie [...]

  3. Carol Preston

    Loved this story of Satchel, a young girl who d given up on happiness, and Beth, a young woman who d given up on love Both find much than they d expected in a small town in Delaware, USA A story about the value of teaching, the importance of truth, about acceptance and patience and about finding what ultimately and eternally matters.

  4. Akunna

    Every Secret Thing was an endearing and timeless story that I really enjoyed reading Ann Tatlock is a skillful writer that pens authentic characters with narratives that really draw you in I appreciated that this novel was not a fluffy romance The main character Elizabeth Beth , is grappling with the meaning of life following her return to Delaware and her alma mater as an English teacher Lest I give too much away I ll just leave things here

  5. Jeni Enjaian

    A review from my old blogAnn Tatlock continues to be one of my absolute favorite authors If she publishes a new book I will buy the book even without knowing what the book is about.This book chronicles a time in the life of an English teacher at a prep school in Delaware Beth loves books, even than I do I totally identified with her I also identified with the really normal pace of the story and the completely believable pacing in the story.Ann Tatlock weaves together Beth s memories, one of her [...]

  6. Diana

    Part of me wants to call this a nice comfortable read which it is However if you re a Curious George like me, you know there is a little to the story This book kept me reading to find the secrets that everyone was holding back Not just things that happened, but also things that were felt were held inside, rather than bringing them before the other person and having a resolution The other thing that intrigued me was that the main character had a teacher mentor and was becoming that same thing to [...]

  7. Marije Van

    I got this book for my birthday thanks mum and it took me a while to start reading it But yesterday I finally started it and I really liked it It was fun and it had a lot of literary references

  8. Sheenamy

    Ja dass ich das Buch nach einem Drittel weggelegt habe und erst mal 10 Wochen nicht mehr angeasst habe, spricht jetzt nicht unbedingt f r das Buch Das lag vor allem daran, dass das erste Drittel furchtbar langweilig war.Also Beth kehrt nach Jahren als Lehrerin f r Englisch an die Schule zur ck, an der sie ihren Abschluss gemacht hat und trotz dessen, dass mindesten ein Jahrzehnt vergangen ist, hat sie nichts anderes zu tun als sich ber ihren Englischlehrer von damals auszulassen Der hat sich n m [...]

  9. Joleen

    This was an odd little book Some characters are only in the book for a short while and drift off, but even the little mentioned ones have significance Set in present day, in Delaware at a private boarding school, Beth Gunnar returns to the school not as a student, but as a teacher A young student named Satchel Queen becomes a friend of sorts Satchel is miserable and lets everyone know she s unhappy But the friendship between teacher and student brings her out of her sad, angry state.An old frien [...]

  10. Dianne Sidebottom

    This story covers the past and present with Beth and Satchel the main characters I had found reading this book God inspired that I needed to read this book and the lessons learned by the characters are also relevant to me Also with reading books in the past I had missed much of what was behind what was written Classic literature and English classes went over my head in school n reflecting now in older years the light bulb moment has just been revealed I may have missed this if not for this book [...]

  11. Joann

    Excellent bookI absolutely loved this book The growth of the characters, the secrets , the blessings , forgiveness, the love and the spirituality flow through this book Just loved it

  12. Suzette

    Very EnlighteningThis is an amazing story of finding God is there even though we feel invisible Even at our darkest, there is the light of God.

  13. Paula Strome

    Another WinnerI always love Ann Tatlock This book in particular made reference to classic literary works, many of which I want to read.

  14. Lillie

    A beautifully written tale of bibliophiles and educators and students and old mysteries and new opportunities There s mystery and romance and faith and love and a very satisfying ending.

  15. Karen

    I just finished reading this book and wanted to write this review while it was still fresh in my mind.First, I didn t realize this book was categorized as Christian fiction and I was somewhat put off by that I honestly don t think I ve read a Christian fiction title before and so I wasn t sure what to expect But I didn t want to be preached to.I picked this book up second hand, otherwise I doubt I would have bought it But I will say that it s almost unfortunate that this book is categorized as C [...]

  16. Robin Nicholas

    This book was annoying It is about a teacher, Beth, who returns to teach English at the Private school she went to as a teenager The story sounded interesting, but as I started to read I noticed a few things that didn t really make sense Her best high school friend shows up at her doorstep They haven t seen each other in 15 years The friend said that she left her husband in charge for the rest of the evening, jumped in her car and here she is When offered coffee in the next sentence, she says No [...]

  17. Deborah

    Beth Gunner returns to the school of her youth, this time as an English teacher But the mysteries of the past aren t the only things haunting her steps, and despite her questions, there are no simple answers While she wonders what went wrong with her favorite English teacher, she is terrified thinking that if the answers to her query are ever brought to light the truth may be than meets the eye But then the past returns to taunt her, and begins to cloak everything she does Nightmares that she c [...]

  18. Phyllis Freeman

    This book might have been titled The Mystery of Theodore Dutton Because of her great love for English and Literature, her former English teacher Theodore Dutton convinced Elizabeth Gunnar to become an English teacher herself Now she was teaching English in her first year back at Seaton.Memories flood her mind in these familiar surroundings A heavy shadow hovered over the memory of Professor Dutton and how he left Seaton in the middle of the school year As a student, Elizabeth had looked up to Du [...]

  19. Jenny

    I didn t know this book was Christian literature when I started it and only after about 200 pages did it become heavy handed I had a few other problems with the book too, although it was a quick and mostly entertaining read a what else did Satchel eat other than dried mango If that was her diet, she would have had a lot of gas and upset tummy.b If Natalie and Beth are such good friends, why did they need to catch up on the rest of the gang in their initial conversation c Speaking of the gang, wh [...]

  20. Katja

    When Elizabeth applies up for an ordinary teaching job at the high school she used to study, she finds that she signed up for than just a career She begins to ask questions about circumstances that occurred in her past because of an eye opening student named Satchel Queen Elizabeth not continues the journey of the finding of others, but also finds herself, meaningful relationships, and answers I really enjoyed this novel because of the way that the author had sequenced the events in this book I [...]

  21. Gin Hunt

    BEST, BEST READ IN A LONG TIME I wasn t excited about this book Lately I d been reading lots of historical adventure type stories, usually with magic and dragons so this seemed like a pretty ordinary read to me I perused the reviews and decided that because there were so many top star reviews I d give it a try As I started I almost stopped, thinking this is boring I kept at it when the phone rang and I realized whomever was calling would have to wait I could not put the book down This story had [...]

  22. Deb

    A powerful story that explores the effect secrets can have on us Elizabeth Gunnar accepts a teaching position at the preparatory school she attended as a girl and she ends up returning to memories, mysteries, and an old love The mystery if what really happened to her favorite teacher right before the end of her senior year he tried to commit suicide and they never saw him again The official story was that he had a heart attack but Elizabeth and her friends were the ones who found him, and they k [...]

  23. Sarbear

    Meh I picked this up as an audiobook from the local library The story sounded interesting By the third chapter, it was just too boring to keep my interest I found myself constantly having to replay chapters over and over again, because my mind would wonder onto other and interesting things while I listened.Something about the name Satchel annoyed me as well I just kept picturing purses It just became very tedious to me I stuck it out to the end, and I wish I hadn t The ending is very Christian, [...]

  24. Georgia Herod

    When Elizabeth Gunnar accepts a job as an English teacher at the school she attended as a girl, she finds herself returning to than a place Seaton Preparatory holds so many memories of a beloved teacher who left under mysterious circumstances, of Satchel Queen, a troubled young woman searching for her place in the world, whose writing gets Elizabeth s attention, of Ray Schmidt, a former love As Elizabeth faces her fears in the present, she learns from her past and comes to grips with who she is [...]

  25. Jaki

    I thought on beginning this book that it was going to be powerful school group book along the lines of Secret History but this had no power in it While the main characters were likeable, they were not strongly represented, and the writing was fairly weak I did not know that the author was writing as a Christian from the book description, and it was only hinted at slowly, but the message from this book was completely about finding a path through prayer, and being in the moment with God Not great. [...]

  26. Kristen

    Elizabeth Gunnar returns to teach at Seaton Academy, where she attended senior high The past confronts her from the moment she arrives in the form of a young struggling student, Satchel Queen Elizabeth unravels the mystery of a teacher who vanished under suspicious circumstances, reunites with an old flame, and tries to work miracles in order to keep Satchel safely at Seaton Based on Christian themes, I enjoyed the slow easy pace of the book, the unravelling mystery, and the journalistic style o [...]

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