Taivaanranta (2020)

Taivaanranta Antonio Tabucchi Liisa Ryömä Taivaanranta Sairaalan ruumishuoneelle on tuotu nuori mies josta tiedet n vain ett h n on ilmoittanut nimekseen Carlo Nobodi ja ett h net ammuttiin poliisin tekem n kotietsinn n yhteydess Kukaan ei tunne h nt se
  • Title: Taivaanranta
  • Author: Antonio Tabucchi Liisa Ryömä
  • ISBN: 951309989
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
Taivaanranta Antonio Tabucchi Liisa Ryömä Sairaalan ruumishuoneelle on tuotu nuori mies, josta tiedet n vain, ett h n on ilmoittanut nimekseen Carlo Nobodi ja ett h net ammuttiin poliisin tekem n kotietsinn n yhteydess Kukaan ei tunne h nt sen paremmin, eik asia tunnu ket n edes kiinnostavan Sairaalassa on t iss Spino, entinen l ketieteen opiskelija ja suuri elokuvan yst v H n alkaa omin p in tutkia sSairaalan ruumishuoneelle on tuotu nuori mies, josta tiedet n vain, ett h n on ilmoittanut nimekseen Carlo Nobodi ja ett h net ammuttiin poliisin tekem n kotietsinn n yhteydess Kukaan ei tunne h nt sen paremmin, eik asia tunnu ket n edes kiinnostavan Sairaalassa on t iss Spino, entinen l ketieteen opiskelija ja suuri elokuvan yst v H n alkaa omin p in tutkia surmatun miehen henkil llisyytt , sill h n tuntee outoa yhteenkuuluvuutta t m n kanssa H n saa vihjeen sielt , toisen t lt , mutta tie joka johtaa yhdest johtolangasta seuraavaan tuntuu yh sokkeloisemmalta Oliko vainaja terroristi, oliko h n kenties mafian j sen Onko Spino h nelle kenties sukua tai jotenkin ep suorasti syyp h nen kuolemaansa Taivaanranta on siis ulkoisesti dekkari, mutta se on my s jotain muuta vertaus tai kuva arvoitus Yritt ess n selvitt , kuka surmattu oli, Spino etsii my s omaa itse n Mutta mit pidemm lle h n p see tutkimuksissaan, sit kauemmas ratkaisu loittonee, niin kuin taivaanranta kun sit kohti kulkee.
Taivaanranta Antonio Tabucchi Liisa Ryömä

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    209 Antonio Tabucchi Liisa Ryömä
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  1. Ben Winch

    Vanishing Point AKA The Edge of the Horizon is an incredible piece of writing I ve read it at least 4 times now, and each time I think, Right, this time I m gonna grasp it, yet each time it slips through my fingers like smoke, while somehow managing not to seem slight or merely cryptic In a way and this only struck me on my last reading it s a lot like one of those Borges stories in which nothing much happens The Waiting , say , yet without the heavy, plodding sense of inevitability, of having b [...]

  2. Michael

    Um die Schublade zu ffnen, mu man die Klinke wie einen Hebel bet tigen und zugleich gegen die Lade dr cken Dann l st sich die Feder, der Mechanismus schnappt mit einem leisen metallischen klick ein, die Kugellager setzen sich automatisch in Bewegung, die Schubladen sind etwas geneigt und gleiten von selbst auf kleinen Schienen So beginnt Tabucchis Roman mit dem Titel DER RAND DES HORIZONTS, ber den der Autor in einer Nachbemerkung schreibt Der Rand des Horizonts ist ja tats chlich ein geometrisc [...]

  3. Stephen P

    Each letter planted precisely in place Their falling into their designated space belied the writer s craft in its quiet control building words, sentences, as though uncovered and awaiting to be discovered.Of all things a mystery A detective mystery replete with a corpse and a failed doctor working in a morgue monitoring a growing obsession identifying with a Jon Doe Why, and where, anywhere on the cover, title page, squirreled away within the text, is there mention of this genre But Yet It s the [...]

  4. M. Sarki

    Truly a mysterious book beautifully written Tabucchi certainly kept me engaged throughout I know no today than when I started, but at least I felt a connection to the character Spino who wasn t afraid of the darkness I believe this book was about looking into the unknown, not being afraid to, and in so doing still continuing to maintain a life of virtue It is possible a second read would be beneficial for better understanding But for some reason it doesn t feel like that kind of book for me.

  5. Eddie Watkins

    Read this through what I self diagnosed as a scratched cornea at 2 o clock this morning as if it were the last book I was physically capable of reading Horrors but appropriate as it s a book about death and loss, and the desire to redeem that loss The redemption, or attempt at redemption, is achieved by penetrating into the existential substratum of daily life, of run of the mill consciousness By focusing on the death of someone unknown to him, and by trying to unravel its mystery, the protagoni [...]

  6. Eddie Watkins

    In an unspecified northern Italian city situated on an unspecified body of water a young unidentified man dies The man working the morgue at the time becomes compassionately intrigued by this John Doe He conducts an investigation of his own and uncovers some clues, but nothing terribly definitive Then the book ends vaguely.To this slim book s credit it has continued to linger in my mind, with little seemingly inconsequential details resurfacing in my memory to whisperingly proclaim their own min [...]

  7. Nate D

    A dissolving noir, alternatively translated as Vanishing Point, slight and poetic, and driven by metaphysical underpinnings, it feels, than by actual plot mechanics Though I say feels, as the specifics seem quite intangible, difficult to pin down, dissolving,as I said, as soon as you draw close.

  8. Manuel Antão

    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Literaryness Made Easy The Edge of the Horizon by Antonio Tabucchi, Tim Parks Translator Of course it s the old can you teach talent argument, isn t it That s the meaty question, the puzzler of substantial length and girth that needs to be grabbed firmly with both hands What produces worse writing People striking off alone, with nobody to tell them to stop and their critics being self selected because you see a lot of that online in fa [...]

  9. Malte

    Spino nimmt im Leichenschauhaus den K rper eines Mannes an, von dem niemand wei , um wen es sich handelt Fortan versucht Spino die Identit t des Toten herauszufinden.Spino glaubt, dass alles aus Gr nden geschieht und das man diese blo nicht immer wahrnehmen kann So wird seine Recherche in bester paranoider Geheimagentenmanier zunehmend intuitiver und f hrt Spino in Situationen, welche wie herbei halluziniert wirken Und so gewinnt der oberfl chliche Krimi eine transzendentale, philosophische Dime [...]

  10. Tretratti

    E ha pensato che c un ordine delle cose e che niente succede per caso e il caso proprio questo la nostra impossibilit di cogliere i veri nessi delle cose che sono, e ha sentito la volgarit e la superbia con cui uniamo le cose che ci circondano.

  11. Azzurra

    La morte misteriosa di un giovane ragazzo passa inosservata, magstralmente ignorata da una societ distratta e sporca Sullo sfondo, il vento del mar ligure e gli ambienti pi sudici che mi rimandano ad alcuni versi di De andr Il protagonista, Spino da Spinoza, come ci suggerisce Tabucchi dalla sua preziosa nota finale si aggira madido di incombenze personali e ansie mai placate sulle scene di questo omicidio avvenuto e gi dimenticato, per cimiteri monumentali, porticcioli maleodoranti e capannoni [...]

  12. Roberta

    Dopo Sostiene Pereira, uno dei miei libri preferiti, non sapevo cosa aspettarmi Certo, una buona storia, velata da una certa malinconia non spiacevole Per troppo breve, troppo arioso per affezionarsi ai personaggi o alla storia.

  13. Tyler Jones

    The structure is not particularly original a sort of internal philosophical quest disguised as a detective story But it works so well I have to admire it, even as I confess I don t completely understand it I just really like it on a gut feeling level The tone is nearly perfect and it leaves just enough up to the reader that I suspect it could be read many times and impart something new each time.

  14. EGe

    lgin bir mesle e sahip olan kahraman n bir l m sonras len ki inin hikayesine duydu u ilgiyle ba l yor, dedektif gibi ara t rmalara ba lay nca heyecanla okuyorsunuz sayfalar fakat bir sonuca ba lanm yor hikaye Yazar n da istedi i bu de il, o bak mdan ilgin geldi.

  15. Skip2skp

    Questo libro debitore di una citt , di un inverno particolarmente freddo e di una finestra scrive Antonio Tabucchi in fondo ad un giallo che non riveler la soluzione, ma il basilare problema dell uomo la conoscenza della verit Spino entrer in un circolo di indagini che lo inganneranno e che lo porteranno alla scoperta di s stesso, pi che dell assassino

  16. Henna Parkas

    On aina yht pirist v lukea teos, joka onnistuu pienell sivum r ll kuvailemaan rikkaalla tavalla sek tapahtumaymp rist n ett henkil it n, samalla k sitellen omalle kiinnostusalueelleni osuvia kysymyksi Ei onnistunut pit m n otteessaan sivulta sivulle, mist voinen suurelta osin syytt v symyst ni t t yhdelt istumalta lukiessa Houkuttelee sek uudelle lukukierrokselle ett tutustumaan Tabucchin tuotantoon laajemminkin.

  17. Aslı M.

    De i ik Ya da ben bir yerleri ka rd m ve o y zden bana yle geldi Bir de bu kitaba gerilim demi ler arka kapak yaz s nda ama bence uzaktan yak ndan alakas yok.

  18. Barbara

    So, zweiter Versuch mit Tabucchi der erste war Per Isabel Un mandala Hier fand ich eine sch n zu lesende Novelle vor, elegant geschrieben drei Sterne , wieder mit suchendem Protagonisten Und dann das, was ein anderer Leser als es k nnte eine Parabel sein oder auch nicht beschrieb Tja Leider kann ich mich damit nicht so verbinden wie der begeisterte Ben Winch in seiner Rezension Wirklich leider Aber es gibt ja zum Gl ck gen gend andere Autoren, wo mir das hervorragend gelingt.

  19. Paolo

    An interesting and mysterious crime story, a main character who wants to understand what is behind a murder he learns about just accidentally.And the background of a city that recalls Genova in Italy very closely, with its places and its atmosphere.I think this book is a very interesting and beautiful read, especially if you know the city beforehand, so that you can imagine the places described even better Or maybe if you re going to visit this city

  20. Stephen

    Reading it for Woman of Porto Pim, a recommendation based, I think, on the following sentence Basically, its this story subject matter is the whale, an animal which than any other would seem to be a metaphor and shipwrecks, which insofar as they are understood as failures and inconclusive adventures, would likewise appear to be metaphorical.

  21. Riina Ojanen

    Outo pieni tarina Spinosta, jota j vaivaamaan poliisin kotietsinn ss kuolleen nuoren miehen henkil llisyys Tarina tuskin aukeaa yhdell lukukerralla, mutta mieleni j i kummasti analysoimaan kirjan pieni yksityiskohtia ja huomioita, joista voisi l yty vihjeit tulkintaan Ehk t m pit lukea toistekin, pituus reilu sata sivua ei ainakaan ole este.

  22. Daniel Taylor

    It was very much a typical Italian novel, at times concerned with the process of writing and what that should entail than with the story itself but that s okay, too I enjoyed the book, and it kept me busy on a train ride, but I wouldn t necessarily recommend it I do have to study this for my degree

  23. Davide Rubini

    An investigation and a search of a soul rather than of a body, a short novel that accompanies the reader hand in hand towards that ever moving line that is the horizon This is a book about a search that never ends Beautifully crafted italia

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