Dead of Night (2020)

Dead of Night Jonathan Maberry Dead of Night A prison doctor injects a condemned serial killer with a formula designed to keep his consciousness awake while his body rots in the grave But all drugs have unforeseen side effects Before he could be
  • Title: Dead of Night
  • Author: Jonathan Maberry
  • ISBN: 9780312552190
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
Dead of Night Jonathan Maberry A prison doctor injects a condemned serial killer with a formula designed to keep his consciousness awake while his body rots in the grave But all drugs have unforeseen side effects Before he could be buried, the killer wakes up Hungry Infected Contagious This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a bite.
Dead of Night Jonathan Maberry

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    184 Jonathan Maberry
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One thought on “Dead of Night

  1. Lucy

    I haven t been reviewing books as much this year and while I want to change that this probably isn t the best book to start with Dead of Night was written in the most effortless and trite way possible The characters were two dimensional clich s, the dialogue was rife with overused movie lines I seriously kept expecting someone to say come with me if you want to live , and even the situations could have been Frankenstein ed from a bunch of horror and action movies like a fan made youtube trailer [...]

  2. Mr. Matt

    A mortician is going about his daily business He unzips a body bag and powie the stiff opens his eyes, grins and chomps into the unsuspecting mortician And so begins the zombie apocalypse The dead guy goes out and kills some people The dead doc wakes up, kills some people And the people they kill wake up and kill some people Typical zombie Armageddon stuff Unfortunately, based upon the excellent Rot Ruin by the same author, I was expecting Don t get me wrong It is not a bad story It s fun It [...]

  3. Rebecca McNutt

    Dead of Night is you basic run of the mill zombie novel, unoriginal and not very memorable I liked the author s style but zombie books are always the same old, same old.

  4. Lou

    I interviewed Jonathan Maberry recently here He talks about writing, favorite books, Bram Stoker Awards and Martial arts.A military bio weapon could be the most dangerous weapon to us all Maberry takes you back through the turning process to where it all started with the first host Homer Gibbon was the states most notorious serial killer others watched and saw him be killed via lethal injection or did they There is death and then life again well kind of, the undead shall walk upon the earth and [...]

  5. Timothy Ward

    Jonathan Maberry is a talented writer In a genre full of similar stories with cliche descriptions, Dead of Night was refreshing and scary The other book I ve read of his, Patient Zero, had some of the best zombie action I ve read Where that book was of a thriller with zombies, Dead of Night is a traditional, zombie outbreak in a small town type of story, which is to my preference If you like that kind of book, I recommend reading Dead of Night.Dead of Night is about a troubled female cop char [...]

  6. Jason Brown (Toastx2)

    If you put all cultural Zombie dogma together and made a box, we would all be mewling puppies inside said box with Maberry using a nail gun to give us breathing holes to avoid suffocation.In the publication of Dead of Night , Jonathan Maberry succeeds again in providing a Zombie novel that is not crippled by generations of genre dogma Others are also participating in the uncrippling of the genre, D Wellington, S.G Browne, M Brooks helping drive a resurrection to a dying and over saturated plot c [...]

  7. Rick Fisher

    I have tried my hand at a few zombie novels, most of which have paled in comparision to watching The Walking Dead , on television But, finally, a novel that does the genre just right Dead of Night is an intense, visceral, non stop read And, scary in that, the premise almost makes the scenario seem possible.There are a few drawbacks in this one The lead character, Desdemona Fox, Dez to everyone who knows her, is not a likable character Not in the least She has one or two redeeming traits, but not [...]

  8. Rachel

    THERE BE SPOILERS IN THEM THAR HILLS, DON T SAY I DIDN T WARN YOU I really, really enjoyed this book I m wrestling with giving it either 4 or 5 stars but I think it pushed itself over into a 5 star rating but not holding many punches I love zombies, movies and stories Which kinda means I ve oversaturated myself with them over the last couple years I think I love zombies because the stories are usually about the survivors fighting against a ruthless, inhuman fighting machine This is one aspect w [...]

  9. Mike

    The good there were a couple of twists in the living dead storyline I hadn t seen before This particular strain is caused by an engineered parasite This also has at least two characters, while being under the pull of blood flesh lust, have some of their faculties, being semi sentient.I sort of like the character of Billy Trout, news agent, but patience ran thin over his adoration of jerk Dez, who has very few redeeming qualities.The bad I think this story could have been told in at least 100 few [...]

  10. Kaisersoze

    My fourth audiobook was my favourite one yet, but still not as enjoyable as reading at my own pace I would never have even listened to Dead of Night and would have instead eventually read it as an ebook were it not for the fact that I forgot to suspend my Australian audiobook account 14.95 later, I figured I may as well pick something and go with it Dead of Night was that choice, and for the most part, it was a good one.Narrator William Dufris is expressive and engaging as he relates the horror [...]

  11. Liz

    Not bad It s very readable good characters, good narrative Problem is that it s all been done before and any zombie fan won t find much of anything new here Bar one thing, and that s what makes me give this three and a half I really, really wish we could give half stars because this book deserves this half one stars instead of a lower rating We actually get to see inside the minds of the dead, learn about the people trapped inside there, and that ratchets up the horror of the whole thing it s a [...]

  12. Ms. Nikki

    I m going to go with 5 Stars on this one A very fast paced read that had my stomach in knots I loved the way the undead scenario started A fantastic read Highly recommend for undead zombie fans

  13. Jessi Adams

    Dead of Night is a zombie story that takes place in rural Pennsylvania The background to the story is a little different than your standard A government scientist working at a prison hospital decides that the lethal injection is too good for a particularly bad serial killer, so he decides to inject him with genetically engineered parasites, which will keep his mind aware while his body rots in the coffin Things start to go awry when instead of being buried in a government cemetery, an elderly au [...]

  14. Char

    A serial killer is executed by lethal injection But was the injection actually lethal This is a zombie novel and contains all the things a successful zombie novel should nasty zombies that not only bite but spew a maggot filled contagious substance protagonists you respect and admire,and an IN YOUR FACE ending Can you imagine anything worse than a zombie whose conscious mind is still functioning but has no control Totally aware of what he is doing and what has happened to him but unable to do an [...]

  15. Neil

    Good story Some good characters didn t really like dez the main character Gibbon and Volker my favs as they were interesting 4 star book.

  16. Liz at Fictional Candy

    Ok, this is my first Jonathan Maberry book, and I am completely blown away Dead of Night was flipping awesome I m glad I listened to Christy Christy s Love of Books and got on board with this series now I just have to find time to read the rest of his books Dead of Night is gruesome and gut wrenching like seriously, I was reading this, and my innards threatened to become outards It was fabulously disgusting It s like Maberry gets zombie guts and puts them under a microscrope for you repeatedly E [...]

  17. Karla Phillips

    How would you like it if the world you know it ends with a bite and not a bang For Officer Desdemona Fox, Officer JT Hammond, and Billy Trout the reporter this is how the world they knew it ended It ended when a doctor decided to make a bioweapon that turned people into Zombies A very infectious disease, it was spread through a bite or even one of these creatures spitting black blood at you that was full of parasites The parasites are little white larvae that are born pregnant that keep the cons [...]

  18. Andrea Olson

    I have officially given up on reading zombie books I just wanted one good one Instead, I got a mediocre one about a guy in Spain willing to sacrifice the world for his stupid cat, one that s a political thriller that only said it has zombies in it, and now this book.I don t mind profanity in a book, if it serves a purpose, no other word could possibly describe the situation better, or if it is really how a character would express his herself However, when it moves from those uses to Hey, look at [...]

  19. Leah

    3.5 StarsThis is how the world ends This is how the world ends This is how the world ends Not with a bangbut a bite.Mr Maberry has done it again He s made an awesome zombie novel that has sucked me in and had me begging for the sequel so that I could continue consuming the story Alas, I ll have to wait until September to see how this story ends although view spoiler since Maberry had stated that Fall of Night is the story of First Night Rot Ruin , I pretty much know that there s no happy ending [...]

  20. Kristin(MyBookishWays Reviews)

    You may also read my review here mybookishways 2011 10 It s the perfect time for a zombie read,isn t it Halloween is just around the corner,spooky decorations are going up,and AMC s The Walking Dead s Season 2 premiered on Sunday night Yep,perfect If you ve been following the blog for a while,it s no secret that I m a pretty rabid Jonathan Maberry fan,so when I got a copy of Dead of Night,it was all I could do not to drop my current read and dig in Dead of Night is a zombie novel It even says so [...]

  21. Todd

    How does the world end On the eve of the destruction of one of the most abysmal human monsters to ever live, Dr Herman Volkner is finally able to put the skeletons in his closet to bed He s the physician in charge of administering the lethal injection to the despicable Homer Gibbon, who s responsible for the deaths of so many men, women, and children it s easy to lose count.Instead of administering the triple phase cocktail of sodium thiopental, pancuronium bromide, and potassium chloride, Volkn [...]

  22. Christie

    Dead of Night takes place in a small Pennsylvania town that becomes infested with flesh eating zombies after a notorious serial killer, injected with a serum that would cause his conciousness to stay aware once he was buried, awakes in the local funeral home and starts feasting on the unsuspecting residents The epidemic spreads quickly through the small town and soon even the police force have become one of the walking dead Over the course of Dead of Night we see the chaos through the eyes of nu [...]

  23. Jessica Bronder

    The story starts at Hartnup s Transition Estate, the local funeral home The body of recently executed murderer Homer Gibbons has just arrived A last minute change of plans has Homer coming to his aunt instead of the usual prison grave But Homer is not really dead, and he is very hungry.Dez, Desdemona Fox, and her partner JT Hammond are called out to check out the funeral home When they get there, they find the mortician and the housekeeper chewed on and dead and an empty body bag When backup arr [...]

  24. Unapologetic_Bookaholic

    Book SpecsTitle Author Dead of Night J.MaberrySeries Book Dead of night 1Lengthtotally insane 300 pages or PriceFree with audible membership GenreHorror Zombies Review may contain spoilers, read with caution Read tags for other contentI listened to this twice before reviewing As with any Maberry novel you are in it for the long haul with a great payoff I have read several of his books and always keep coming back for .There is no way I can give a character break down but the most notable ones ar [...]

  25. Mark Wilson

    Jonathan Maberry, in the space of eighteen months and off the back of his wonderful Rot Ruin series has become my favourite writer His excellent characterisation, character development, employment of shifting narratives and innate understanding of those foibles, flaws and strengths that make humans so damaged, vital and engaging, light up his books, and bring his characters screaming into life.Dead of Night is a fine addition to his catalogue Populated by painfully real characters with complex l [...]

  26. Sarah

    10 6 Fantastic The night I started this I had a zombie nightmare I was very happy to wake up after a reasonably scary nightmare as I haven t read a book scary enough to actually effect me all the way through to my subconcious in a very long time possibly not since I read The Exorcist when I was 12 and I dreamed imagined there was a Linda Blair Jason Voorhies mash up in my wardrobe To be continued13 06 Another reviewer mentioned something about finding this cheesy and that they were expecting to [...]

  27. Kat

    Dead of Night is pretty much exactly what I expected instant action, great characters, government conspiracy and zombies by the truck load I was instantly drawn in, for the reasons above, but also due to the inclusion of a serial killer which added a chilling twist, and the relationship between the characters of Dez, JT and Billy The science behind the infection is well laid out and easy to understand whilst being an integral part of the story There is a military government influence in the book [...]

  28. Wendy F

    What an interesting way for the zombie apocalypse to start It actually reminds me a bit of a documentary my husband and I watched explaining how the zombie apocalypse is possible A strain of disease that s aggressive do I think it s possible, nah but what was fun about watching it reading this, was maybe seeing how the science of it was completely possible.I won t get too much into it Let s just say that this zombie is created in a lab, by a man filled with vengeance Dead of Night actually takes [...]

  29. Bill

    So yeah, a zombie book I really don t go looking for these, honest But it s hard to ignore when I come across reviews and tons of raves for works like this and Brian Keene s The Rising I just have to read for myself I had promised myself I would read Jonathan Maberry after I had given up on his Pine Deep trilogy The first novel of that was very good, but once he got into a romantic angle in the second book, it was so pedestrian that it almost made me physically ill.But, it was becoming evident [...]

  30. Alondra

    3.5 StarsNot too bad but not nearly as good as the Rot and Ruin series or Joe Ledger series but readable and entertaining The 2nd half of the book made up for the first half irritating me Jonathan Maberry has become one of my favorite authors and still shines for me He has set a standard for me on what to expect with a zombie story and this one just didn t do it for me so it is his fault Now on to some really great reading book 3 in the RR series, with Flesh and Bone D

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