La Cucina (2020)

La Cucina Lily Prior La Cucina La Cucina combines the sensuous pleasures of love and food simmering in the heat of a Sicilian kitchen Rose Fiore is a solitary middle aged librarian who has resigned herself to a loveless life and
  • Title: La Cucina
  • Author: Lily Prior
  • ISBN: 9780552999090
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
La Cucina Lily Prior La Cucina combines the sensuous pleasures of love and food, simmering in the heat of a Sicilian kitchen Rose Fiore is a solitary middle aged librarian who has resigned herself to a loveless life, and expresses her passionate nature through her delicious cooking Then, one day, she meets an enigmatic chef, known only as l Inglese, whose research on the heritage of SicilianLa Cucina combines the sensuous pleasures of love and food, simmering in the heat of a Sicilian kitchen Rose Fiore is a solitary middle aged librarian who has resigned herself to a loveless life, and expresses her passionate nature through her delicious cooking Then, one day, she meets an enigmatic chef, known only as l Inglese, whose research on the heritage of Sicilian cuisine leads him into Rosa s library and into her heart They share one sublime summer of discovery, during which l Inglese awakens the power of Rosa s sexuality, and together they reach new heights of culinary passion When he vanishes unexpectedly, Rosa returns to her family s estate to grieve for her lost love only to find a new fulfilment as well as many surprises in the magic of her beloved Cucina.A love song to Italy, La Cucina is a celebration of all things sensual It spills over with intense images, colours, fragrances, and exuberant characters, all reflecting the splendour of the Silician countryside in which it is set.
La Cucina Lily Prior

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  1. Saleh MoonWalker

    Onvan La Cucina Nevisande Lily Prior ISBN 60953691 ISBN13 9780060953690 Dar 263 Safhe Saal e Chap 2000

  2. Darth J

    4.5 StarsOkay guys, remember all the hype surrounding Eat, Pray, Love about how it was all about the food and the celebration of being your own person And then you read it and found it to be a pretty vapid and pretentious travelogue Well, then La Cucina A Novel of Rapture might actually satisfy you if you are looking for something similar to what was promised with that other book.Not only are there a ton of mouth watering descriptions of Sicilian cooking, but the prose is actually scrumptious Re [...]

  3. Rosie

    I felt like I needed to include a book I didn t like I really, really, really disliked this book The author peppers the story with Italian words, but never really captures Italian culture She resorts to some tired stereotypes the ignorant peasant girl, the possessive father who uses the words dishonor and puttana way too much, the fat middle aged woman, the Mafia taking out a foreigner, etc This left me cold I couldn t sympathize with the characters because they were so two dimensional The story [...]

  4. Albert

    Title La Cucina A Novel of RaptureAuthor Lily PriorSummary This is the tale of Rosa Fiore, a peasant Sicilian girl who grows up in a passionate household and who in her way finds her own passions From the men she loves to the cooking she does Rosa s family has always been suspect in her small village Her mother s powerful and lustful ways the stuff of much gossip Until the birth of her brothers, Siamese twins, proof of her mother s wickedness the gossip was always in whispers For Rosa, in her yo [...]

  5. Tanya

    L histoireLa Cucina se passe au d but du 20e si cle C est l histoire de Rosa, une jeune italienne qui adore faire la cuisine Elle soulage ses inqui tudes, ses joies, ses col res etc en faisant manger pour sa famille et elle m me Lorsque son amoureux est assassin , elle quitte sa campagne natale pour aller vivre sa vie en ville Elle y passera pr s de 25 ans de sa vie comme biblioth caire l aube de ses 25 ans de service, elle rencontre un tranger avec lequel s ensuivra une relation myst rieuse et [...]

  6. Dale

    What a fun and racy read The lead character, Rosa, is easy to fall in love with I found myself in my own daydreams that included the wonderful aroma of her cooking if only I could have sat at her table for samples And thank goodness she met L Inglese in his come to bed shoes I will never look at men s shoes the same again Thank you, Rosa, for inspiring me to bake fresh bread last night it was delicious And thanks to Bebe for recommending this book as it is a fun and interesting peek into one per [...]

  7. Jane

    Definitely a page turner I read it in less than three hours However, I didn t enjoy it as the love interest s personality was repellent For example, he waved me ahead of him up the spiral staircase I had reached halfway before I realized that he had positioned himself directly underneath and was looking up my skirts I tried to gather the material close around my legs so he could not see anything, but in truth, he had already seen everything He smiled broadly at my discomfort Urgh Also, the sex s [...]

  8. Linda Robinson

    A friend loaned this book her mother loaned it to her because she said it made her laugh I didn t laugh but I sure enjoyed reading this story of passion, in all rooms of the house and in the garden as well The cover is rich and so is the story La Cucina is the kitchen where the life of the cooks in the household takes place Rosa Flores is a cook kneading dough calms her, creating an elaborate dish lets her forget her pain A sumptuous read.

  9. Julie

    This novel is much too easy to mock, and so I dare not, since I might get carried away The author raises food porn to a whole new level, and I don t mean in a good way OK, I just can t help myself one teensy little mockery the narrator is full of herself than a Mario Batali cannoli Read at your peril Or if you want to laugh out loud, when you really shouldn t On the other hand maybe it was meant to be this funny.

  10. Malloreon

    Lily Prior is now one of my favorite authors I love everything from her style of writing to her very unique imagination The only thing that pains me about Lily Prior is her novels are too short She has so many interesting plot points and characters in her writing that simply get glossed over due to her penchant to keep her novels short and sweet I liken Lily Prior to Haruki Murakami Lite.

  11. Kim Raymond

    Quand une coll gue de travail te recommande fortement un livre en te disant qu il lui a fait penser toi que tu lui donnes un chance m me si la lecture de la quatri me de couverture te donne l impression que c est tr s loin de tes pr f rences et que le tout s av re tellement m diocre que tu abandonnes apr s en avoir lu le tiers Mal crit, mal traduit, une histoire insignifiante, d apparence sulfureuse, mais finalement prude et convenue, avec la promesse d une intrigue bas e sur la puissance de la [...]

  12. Jim

    Layered with nearly every clich about Italian life, this ribald food porn tale about a busty single woman and her love of cooking did provide a few interesting recipes However, her two affairs first true love, murdered the second, a somewhat creepy Englishman and her cooking comprise the majority of this tale, along with a nosy landlady, some Mafia types, and superstitious locals While it seems to have pleased other readers, I wonder how they would react to a similarly told story about an Africa [...]

  13. Plum-crazy

    Rosa leaves her family farm flees to the city after her first love is murdered For years she lives a quiet solitary life until one day a man known as L Inglese enters the library where she is working L Inglese reawakens the passions deep in Rosa they embark on a passionate affair until one day he simply vanishes.This tale is full of a wide variety of characters including a perverted priest, half witted farm hands siamese twins.t the romantic story I was expecting, but nevertheless a good read.

  14. Joanne

    A fun, quick read filled with amazing food, ridiculous sex, the odd bit of mafia action, Siamese twins, a library, a farm, a fire and a surprising end This is a solid

  15. The Cats Mother

    Sue brought this to book club, she s long had a thing for books about Italy and food it sat on the shelf for a while as the reviews were unenthusiastic, but it looked like a quick read and I m trying to clear as many books from the pile as I can before our next meeting, so gave it a go What can I say, I finished it, and it s not as bad as expected, but it s not great.The story is OK what there is of it only daughter Rosa grows up on a farm in Sicily in the 1920s surrounded by her dominating moth [...]

  16. Val

    The author takes a lighthearted and superficial romp through Sicilian stereotypes regarding food, sex and honour It is a quick and sometimes amusing read, which I quite enjoyed, but neither the descriptions of the sex or of the food really reach the heights of rapture There is plenty of sweaty pounding of dough and flesh, but the pivotal scene combining food and sex just made me laugh and I m not sure whether this was intended or not.The book is divided into seasons In Winter we hear of a series [...]

  17. Megan

    we sucked and sucked at one another, paddling with our hungry tongues This is one of the worst books I ve ever read It alternated between cliche, trite, badly written, and ridiculous If the author could have focused solely on the cooking, culture, and crime aspects of the novel, it would have been half decent in spite of the total abuse of punctuation averaging 2 comma errors per page However, the romance portions of the book were absolutely atrocious Many of the interactions between Rosa, the p [...]

  18. Elize

    I m so incredibly disappointed by this book after absolutely loving Nectar I found myself constantly rolling my eyes at the clumsy attempts at writing a passionate, sensuous story about desire or whatever all the reviews said.

  19. Lynette Lark

    Two young people fall in love and the parents aren t happy about this Boy dies and girl goes back home where she takes over the kitchen and she cooks and cooks and eats Then another man enters her life at the library The ending will make you cry But I loved this book

  20. Debbie

    La Cucina was a quick and engaging read that I enjoyed quite a bit The tale follows the life and loves of Rosa Fiore whose gifts with food were legendary in her Sicilian village and expressed her passions and sensuality in a socially appropriate way After a tragedy occurs in her home village, Rosa sets off to Palermo and becomes a librarian where, 25 years later, she meets L Inglese and ignited by a passion for him and for life that transforms her.Without giving away the plot, this story was fun [...]

  21. Ape

    Pretty good tale, light reading, although not as mad as Nectar I did like Nectar This was a light, love and romance and cooking story I suppose the Italien version of Joanne Harris Chocolat and Susana whats her name s Like Water for Chocolate It s a bit of a cliched Italian stereotype I suppose, but this book isn t aiming to be nitty gritty real life, and to criticise it for not being that is to miss the point This is a kind of fable fairy tale about one woman s life.It s not the happiest of tal [...]

  22. Jo Anne

    If you are a foodie, you will enjoy reading this book There are no recipes included, but thanks to that little thing called The Internet, all recipes can easily be found The book is basically about food, and sex Eating food during sex Having sex using food as props Cooking to stave off sorrow and loneliness for a lost lover.La Cucina can be compared to Like Water for Chocolate but without all the magical properties assigned the food If you want something straightforward read Julie and Julia.Don [...]

  23. Teno Q.

    The beginning was a lot move eventful and well thought out than the rest of the book, which was mostly tales of Rosa, the heroine, and her foreign lover s sexual adventures The novel is sprinkled with descriptions of lavish Sicilian recipes, which Rosa gives names to in her language and then doesn t explain in English She had a sad life After losing her father and her first love when she was young, she falls into a depression and starts arguing with her mother She leaves home to live twenty five [...]

  24. Patrice Sartor

    This felt like an Italian Like Water for Chocolate, which I also gave four stars A woman deals with a demanding and domineering mother and a slew of brothers Lots of food and cooking is involved, and the passion that stems from the culinary activities extends into sexual activities, and vice versa I especially liked that the main character became a librarian, though portraying her as the stereotypical dowdy sort of library worker did not please me, heh.It s a light and easy read with a dose of f [...]

  25. Marsha

    Drenched in the sensuality that accompanies a true passion for food, we meet the protagonist Rosa Fiore Lonely, desperate for love without knowing it, Lily sublimates her sensual nature into a love for food Her food preparations are elaborate and the descriptions of them just heavenly But romance truly blossoms when L Inglese enters the picture The reader is inundated with truly smoldering entries of Rosa s romance with this mysterious man who clearly revels in food and good eating as much as sh [...]

  26. Maria

    A fascinating tale about Rosa, a woman from a small town with a large family of brothers Rosa s tale takes a turn when her beloved, Bartolomeo, is found dead She then flees to a neighbouring city, and begins her life anew as a librarian It is there that she meets L Inglese , who turns her life around in ways than one I really enjoyed how specific Lily was when she wrote about Rosa s feelings It began as a simple story, with Rosa being a young girl in love She was quite innocent in the beginning [...]

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