Chobits, Vol. 8 (2020)

Chobits, Vol. 8 CLAMP Shirley Kubo Chobits Vol Chi has developed quite a bit since Hideki found her lying in the garbage one fateful morning She s learned to speak work in a pastry shop go shoppingd so it would seem to love After much soul sea
  • Title: Chobits, Vol. 8
  • Author: CLAMP Shirley Kubo
  • ISBN: 9781591824091
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
Chobits, Vol. 8 CLAMP Shirley Kubo Chi has developed quite a bit since Hideki found her lying in the garbage one fateful morning She s learned to speak, work in a pastry shop, go shoppingd, so it would seem, to love After much soul searching if a persocom could even be considered to have a soul Chi comes to the realization that her feelings towards Hideki, her someone just fer her, are nothing shChi has developed quite a bit since Hideki found her lying in the garbage one fateful morning She s learned to speak, work in a pastry shop, go shoppingd, so it would seem, to love After much soul searching if a persocom could even be considered to have a soul Chi comes to the realization that her feelings towards Hideki, her someone just fer her, are nothing short of love Only two obstacles stand between her and happiness First there s Hideki he s been struggling with the idea that a person can have feelings for a machine Can her return her love Second is the mysterious Zima and Dita Having run out of patience, they re quickly closing in to deactivate Chi before her strong emotions pose a threat to persocoms everywhere.Chapters 82 88
Chobits, Vol. 8 CLAMP Shirley Kubo

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One thought on “Chobits, Vol. 8

  1. Stephanie

    4.5 5I m not going to bother with a blog review, so here it is.I read this series because my partner introduced me to it, though he s only watched the anime I have to do that next I am really glad he introduced me to this because it was better than I was expecting I was expecting cuteness, and yes I got that, but it has an interesting story line that gets deeper the you go on and has a good message by the end It talks about what love is It talks about flaws, how everyone is flawed, no matter wh [...]

  2. Elizabeth

    Reviewed September 2015Originally read 2009 Ahh, this series brings back memories It was the second manga series I ve read, and the first I completed in one go since Vampire Knight was only 6 volumes along at the time I ve reread Chobits about 2 3 times since I was 17, the latest being split in half, from July 15 to yesterday, Sept 15 And honestly Despite the seeming lack of raving critiques, I still find this to be one of my favorite manga I ve broken into several CLAMP s work since my first in [...]

  3. Bianca Woods

    I continue to feel torn about this series On one hand, in many cases the overall story is much sweeter than it has any right to be, in particular with the side characters and their love lives There s a strong message about being loved and valued for who your really are, and that s admirable Also, this is some of the best of CLAMP s art.On the other hand, though, the core relationship in this story has a power imbalance that s never really dealt with Plus, without getting too spoilery, there s a [...]

  4. Sandra

    El colof n perfecto para esta obra, no entiendo porque tarde tanto en leer con lo bien que me lo pase y lo mucho que la disfrute, re y sufr con los personajes.

  5. Radwa

    I have a lot of thoughts, I need to organize them LOVE WINS I m questioning a lot of the things about the persocoms maker s decisions, but oh well It was fun and adorable, and I loved the different relationships and the deeper look into robot human relationships CLAMP are amazing as usual

  6. ✟Roxanne✟(Death by Book Avalanche) ☠

    It s a shame that the last volume in the series was cut so short, I was expecting so much A bit disappointed with the ending

  7. Shannara Petty

    I started to review each installment on its own, but really, they re much too short to look at separately Throughout the series you get to delve deeper into Chi, who she is and who she was I loved learning her complex history and was nearly tearing up when I read about what happened to her and her first family Although I can see several messages or morals to the story, I feel it s mostly about love and caring for others regardless of their flaws or differences Honestly, who wouldn t love Chi and [...]

  8. Ariel

    Finally I can say I ve finished the series And I can say everything that I ve wanted to say about this series The thing about Mangas is that I try to wait until I m done with the entire series to fully say everything I think about it, rather than review the books individually I mean sure, you CAN review them individually, but there isn t that much to work with First off, I like the series, but there were quite a few times throughout the whole series that I felt confused Like I didn t really full [...]

  9. Drunkenness Books

    Avant d tre Tchii, notre petit robot tait Elda et elle avait une grande s ur Freya Suite un v nement tragique, pour sauver la m moire de sa s ur, Elda accepte d oublier son pass Gr ce Hideki, elle est devenue Tchii Mais il est temps pour elle de faire un choix Qui est la personne rien que pour elle Hideki, bien videmment mais ce dernier pourra t il assumer ses propres d cisions Le temps presse, Dita et Jiima sont sur le point de rattraper Tchii Voici le dernier tome de la s rie Chobits Bien qu a [...]

  10. Abigail

    Unless you count web based manga, this is actually the first manga I ve read It was okay, just like my star rating reports I liked the art style, that was definitely a draw, and I found most of the subplots largely enjoyable and interesting I liked the majority of the supporting characters, especially Plum who has a personality that I m sure I would find annoying in real life but as a tiny computer was simply adorable I couldn t help but grin at her enthusiasm for everything I found the main plo [...]

  11. Coco

    Overall review of the series Though obvious fan service and innuendo is inherent in manga, some of it in this series gives me reason to suggest that this particular series be kept to 18 , or maybe a little younger with an open conversation with an adult along the way The authors choice to put sixteen year old looking Chi s reset switch in her vagina to a big question in the end, Do you want to be with Chi even if you can t have sex with her Well, it s just good to know what you re getting into A [...]

  12. Kayleesha

    I loved this series, but I was just a little bit disappointed by the ending I am very glad that Hideki and Chi ended up together as I suspected, but the fact that they can t have sex is a big disappointment to me I am quite positive that Clamp did this on purpose, that the no sex factor added tension and difficulty to Hideki s decision Nonetheless, I would have been quite a bit happier if the option of a physical relationship hadn t been taken away from them Another complaint was Chi s special [...]

  13. Laura

    Though I think this manga was sometimes cute, it was also sometimes really strange It was a little too let s all love each other and live in harmony for me Not that I don t think that s a good thing It s just that this series played it up way too much I mean, the bulk of the plot had to do with whether or not persocoms deserve to be happy There was a lot of discussion about whether their feelings were real since they were only programmed that to feel the things they did It was an interesting loo [...]

  14. Robin

    I really quite enjoy Chobits As far as CLAMP manga goes, a lot of fans dislike it, saying that it runs counter to other CLAMP works I enjoy the parts about Chobits that involve sacrifice, the problem of requited vs unrequited love, the power of love itself, the nature of love is it something programmed, or is it something inherent in sentient beings when does love stop and become programming instead It s all really interesting and heartbreaking, too.Beyond the psychological and philosophical que [...]

  15. Heather

    Interesting series I d always meant to read it as it is a CLAMP classic I was surprised at how short it was I really wanted The only issue I have with the book is the porn thing I understand WHY it is in the book but I don t see a good guy looking at porn, etc It just doesn t click with me And also the whole complete your love by having sex thing is not what I think of as completing your love AND if he is a porn addict, would he really want to love a girl he can t have sex with EVER I just foun [...]

  16. Chriss

    Checked this out at the library because I d heard it mentioned enough that I was curious It was interesting and not at all the kiddy stuff that I d gotten the impression it was from how people had talked about the anime version.I did have a little trouble following the conversation flow, which is occasionally a problem with manga translated from a culture that goes right to left It wasn t much of a hinderence with Chobits, though I kept reading and found myself engrossed.The two government perso [...]

  17. Insertnamehere

    Finally getting around to writing a review for this the ending killed it for me I thought it was anticlimactic in a way, because there were so many things leading up to the ending that I thought would have an explosive finish but then it s justHere, I ll summarize view spoiler Chi ONLY THE PERSON JUST FOR ME CAN TOUCH ME DOWN THERE.Everyone YES, ABSOLUTELYFreya Oh, actually, if you two have sex, Chi will reset over and over and over again with every lunge All her memories will be erased, and whe [...]

  18. East Bay J

    Skipped volume 7 because I did not find it in a recycle bin but volume 8 wraps things up very nicely, indeed The resolution that all the various plot lines have been building towards is big, emotional and meaningful Our hero makes a decision that not only saves the world in a way but also proves what we ve seen throughout the series, that he is a really nice guy a good story with a fair amount to think about for the perceptive reader The real world parallels are plentiful and it makes Chobits f [...]

  19. Fatima

    Loved this series, read it all in one night I think CLAMP has really captured humans into this book With the new and advanced technology you will see that and people give MORE of their time to the new technology Basically everyday we take time from our human interactions and use it with technology, but we still don t value the existing technology because as soon as a newer and better version comes out, we lose interest in the old one, or simply just forget it If you sit down and actually think [...]

  20. Raquel Jiménez

    Bien, despu s de estar hasta casi las tres de la madrugada para terminar todos los tomos puedo decir que me ha gustado mucho Es un manga muy tierno y adorable, el dibujo me ha parecido muy bonito, acorde con la historia, y los personajes me han gustado mucho, sobre todo Chi, Sumomo Ciruela en mi edici n y Minoru Adem s no es una historia vac a, plantea un dilema tico muy interesante y un mundo de ciencia ficci n que podr amos alcanzar en pocos a os.

  21. Rhiannon

    Disappointingly short As I handed over my 6.99 I felt slightly cheated Hang on, I said to myself, Hang on Isn t this exactly the same price as all those other volumes that were at least twice the size Well, cost griping aside, it s a good conclusion This was the first manga I ever read and I thoroughly enjoyed it I wish there was a little on Dita and Zima, I loved them And I m not being funny, Hideki, but there are OTHER ways of, you know, ENJOYING Chi than where that little switch is Think abo [...]

  22. Lauren

    This series was a great mix of hilariousness with some serious events thrown into the mix making this series complex than ridiculous The high concept technology and how it can get integrated into a modern day society is fascinating Chii was such a wonderful character, I loved her innocent ways and attitude.Read Fruits Basket if you like this series It has the same mix of comedic hilarity with some serious issues thrown in.

  23. Starbubbles

    you know, leave it to clamp to dirty things up not that these naughty topics didn t come up before, but it felt like it took up a fourth of the book anyway since i m a child of the 20th 21st century, i believe that all fairy tales should have happy endings, and this one does dita and zima are great too, not that i didn t see their ending coming plus, every time i see zima , i think the beverage, which makes me chuckle a bit it s just happiness all around.

  24. Emma

    This was a beautiful ending to a beautiful series The art and story are fascinating and unique, but I have a bit of a problem with the resolution view spoiler They allude to Chi s power very often, but as it is not revealed, the reader never knows what it is There are hints as to what it may be, which maybe I could catch upon re reading, but I was missing that in the final volume hide spoiler

  25. Michael

    You know, the end disappointed me It seemed anti climatic Huge build up through out the series, resulting in an ok finale The big questions were largely ignored, and we were left with an ending that seems rushed and incomplete The happiness of the characters seem doomed to fail once the fairy tale ends.Still, worth reading for any anime fan.

  26. Dyah

    Ha Ha Ha Poor Hideki At least that s what I think Even though maybe he s happy with his choice For how long that happiness lasts, no one knows He s a happy fool.I definitely like CHOBITS not for its story, but for the cute persocons Chii, Sumomo, Kotoko, Yuzuki and their cute outfits I like Chii s dresses 3

  27. Rena

    That was absolutely adorable I love the mutually moral of loving someone completely for who they are not what they can do It really is beautiful It makes me wonder if one day we will live in a society where machines look and act like people and will begin to share the emotions of humans I guess it may just be wishful thinking, but it is a neat idea to think about.

  28. Alessandra

    letto tempo fa questo manga mi era stato prestato da una mia amica e che dire mi rimasto nel cuore 3 purtroppo non sono riuscita a recuperarlo ma davvero una bellissima storia con un finale davvero molto bello inutile dire che Clamp non si sbaglia mai

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