Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis (2020)

Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis Len Wein Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing Dark Genesis He has become a modern legend this mysterious creature of the Louisiana bayou Feared as a monster hailed as a god by turns wonderfully benevolent and pitiless in his wrath the Swamp Thing has carv
  • Title: Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis
  • Author: Len Wein Bernie Wrightson
  • ISBN: 9781563890444
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis Len Wein Bernie Wrightson He has become a modern legend, this mysterious creature of the Louisiana bayou Feared as a monster, hailed as a god, by turns wonderfully benevolent and pitiless in his wrath, the Swamp Thing has carved his unique niche in the American Landscape.Writer Len Wein and legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson, the original creators of the most complex creature in comics, brouHe has become a modern legend, this mysterious creature of the Louisiana bayou Feared as a monster, hailed as a god, by turns wonderfully benevolent and pitiless in his wrath, the Swamp Thing has carved his unique niche in the American Landscape.Writer Len Wein and legendary horror artist Bernie Wrightson, the original creators of the most complex creature in comics, brought the Swamp Thing to life in an 8 page story from HOUSE OF SECRETS 92 Now that classic story, plus the first ten issues of SWAMP THING Volume One, are reprinted in a new edition of SWAMP THING DARK GENESIS a 240 page VERTIGO trade paperback.In DARK GENESIS, learn the astonishing secret of Swamp Thing s birth share the forbidden passions of Anton Arcane and the measureless sorrow of the Patchwork Man shiver to the timeless horror of the witch named Rebecca Ravenwind and of a tortured Scottish werewolf These eleven stories are not merely acknowledged classics of the comics field they are an incredible reading experience, and the ideal introduction to the many faceted creature known as Swamp Thing.
Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis Len Wein Bernie Wrightson

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    150 Len Wein Bernie Wrightson
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One thought on “Swamp Thing: Dark Genesis

  1. David Schaafsma

    something sudden disturbs their repose something that claws its way out of the grasping mire and into the light once Something that pulls itself upright on unsteady legs, searching its cloudy mind for a fragment of memory then pauses, studying its gnarled, misshapen hands examining the clusters of root, the crumbling chunks of moss and in that frightening, mind shattering second knows what it has become A muck encrusted, shambling mockery of life a twisted caricature of humanity that can only [...]

  2. Galo

    DC s enduring muck monster, co created by writer Lein Wein and illustrator Bernie Wrightson, Swamp Thing Dark Genesis reprints the first ten issues of the misunderstood hero s series debut and his 1st appearance from House of Secrets 92 Scientist and environmental activist Dr Alec Holland is transformed into a living, breathing, plantman Replete with super strength, regenerative healing powers, and the ability to take massive damage, the Swamp Thing battles human villians, a sorcerer, genetic fr [...]

  3. Tobin Elliott

    For the last forty years, I go time travelling every half decade or so I chose this edition to review, but I m actually re reading the 10 issue Wein Wrightson run collected in four issues that were released from the summer of 1977 to Feb of 1980 In 1977, my family had literally uprooted our lives and moved three hours away to a very small town where I knew absolutely no one beside my immediate family I was a shy, introverted 15 year old kid who d been bullied for the past four or five years and [...]

  4. Ma'Belle

    After having read Alan Moore s entire run of Swamp Thing, I went back and read the creators , expecting something less than Moore s writing, but still great nonetheless, given all the wonderful characteristics of the title character.I was disappointed to find most of the stories filled with purple prose, the various characters voices sounding like either one of two polarities slow intelligence or fast acting stupidity I see where Alan Moore took cues from Wein and Bernstein s themes of violent h [...]

  5. Jace

    I can only imagine that I arrived at this book in the same way everyone else did I m a huge fan of Alan Moore s work on Swamp Thing and I wanted to see how my favorite elemental got his start After reading this volume, it became even clear what a sea change Moore s run on Swamp Thing was.Dark Genesis is not a bad book by any means, but it s certainly a product of the 70s There s a general thread running through the book Government agent Matt Cable is on a quest to track down Swamp Thing, who he [...]

  6. Robb Bridson

    I mainly read this because I want to start reading the Alan Moore Saga of Swamp Thing series, and figure I ought to get the background After all, my only run ins with Swamp Thing up to this point are the two awesomely bad movies, the first episode of the 90s TV series, and his brief appearance in the first Hellblazer volume.What can I say Comics have come a long way since the 70s.The origin story from House of Secrets which is immediately retconned in the first issue is a nice simple horror stor [...]

  7. Aaron

    Swamp Thing has had many incarnations but this is where it all began Dark Genesis collects the original ten comics from the early 1970s plus House Of Secrets 92, which introduced the character The series is considered a classic today based on the strength of Len Wein s creepy story telling and Bernie Wrightson s macabre illustrations If you like graphic novels and prefer adult horror over super hero bravado, you ll definitely want to check this out.

  8. Marilyn

    Thank God for Alan Moore is all I have to say, because some of Len Wein s storytelling is just utterly ridiculous, even for the 70s He s too verbose for one thing We don t need a description of the scene that is what the illustration is for Why would you take a dog even that of your best friend overseas on an international investigation Only to allow the Conclave to track your moves, but then they don t actually do anything while Swamp Thing fights werewolves and apparently travels back in time [...]

  9. Alberto Carlos

    M s bien 3.5Cosas que s , cosas que meh pero por lo general un gran tomo con el origen de Swampy.

  10. Thursday

    You know, it s really weird thinking about this now Back in August and September I had a dream of reading the entire Vertigo Alan Moore Swamp Thing run Well, specifically, I read the first Hell Blazer volume back in August or something and absolutely loved it But, I realized there was so much about comics I just didn t know I wanted to read Swamp Thing and Hell Blazer, and also I ve wanted to read the contemporary runs of them too, but after reading the first three New 52 Swamp Thing volumes th [...]

  11. Kelly W.

    I m reading this collection as a precursor to my dive into Alan Moore s run of Swamp Thing, and I must say, I m both delighted and a bit turned off by Len Wein s Dark Genesis, which sounds odd and paradoxical There are things about this collection that I love I m a sucker for weird horror stories and I m drawn to comics that revel in the genre But at the same time, there were some things about this volume that bothered me, particularly with respect to gender and compelling storytelling.Things I [...]

  12. D.M.

    This collection of the earliest issues of the original run of Swamp Thing is all Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson It has not only the first 10 issues of the series after which Wrightson left , but also includes the original story from House of Secrets 92, so is really the ground floor entry for the character and all later series incarnations.Though Swamp Thing went on to truly great things, his beginnings were considerably modest Wrightson s art is truly stunning, especially compared to other comi [...]

  13. M

    The initial genesis of the Swamp Thing is collected in this graphic novel, featuring the legendary paring of writer Len Wein and artist Berni Wrightson Scientists Alec and Linda Holland have groundbreaking theories on restorative formulas, leading to their seclusion by the government Despite the best efforts to keep them under wraps, a shadowy organization discovers the Holland s whereabouts and attempts to extract the formulas Left for dead in the swamp, Alec Holland rises again as the plant cr [...]

  14. Andrew Laguna

    Swamp Thing If this was a fictional book I would be terrified to know that this could actually happen If you like nightmarrish and or horrific freak accident books, then this will blow your mind I really did like this book An easy read with complex language and character personalities that make this book great This story takes place in the middle of the swamp ironicly This whole Swamp Thing coudlnt have been created any better A nuclear explosion destroys this lab Dr Alec Holland has in the wood [...]

  15. Variaciones Enrojo

    Este libro recoge, por primera vez en un solo volumen, la historia original de ocho p ginas y los diez primeros n meros de La Cosa del Pantano del equipo creativo original compuesto por Len Wein y Bernie Wrightson House of Secrets N 92, Swamp Thing N 1 a 10 USA Conoce el sorprendente secreto del nacimiento de La Cosa del Pantano comparte las pasiones prohibidas de Anton Arcane y la tristeza desmedida del hombre de retazos tiembla con el horror atemporal de la bruja Rebecca Ravenwind y de un tort [...]

  16. Ryan Hunt

    Some of the stories in Dark Genesis are of the old and campy variety with a few spots here and there of the deeper horror to come in Moore s comics You can tell what they are trying to do, but it just doesn t quite always work The one moment I found myself feeling some real horror was the end of the robot town story because it was so unexpected and visceral.I would recommend this volume of Swamp Thing strictly to fans of the hero It does indeed contain his origin and earliest adventures, so it i [...]

  17. Víctor Segovia

    Finalmente pude leer la oscura g nesis de uno de los personajes m s singulares del universo DC y que form parte de lo que una vez fue la L nea V rtigo Ese sello que a n hoy sigue sacando buenas obras, alejadas de las super mallas El presente libro recopila las primeras aventuras por decirlo de alg n modo con un fuerte componente del g nero del terror y lo sobrenatural del que una vez fue el doctor Alec Holland y sus secundarios de lujo, como el detective Cable y la nieta del doctor Arcane Es ese [...]

  18. Boots

    i can t not love this book yes, it s dated yes, the writing is like the worst sort of marriage between lovecraft and bulwer lytton, but on the other hand what s not to love i am probably biased as i grew up loving swamp thing for its amazing and taboo for my house mix of horror and pathos meeting wrightson in person was a happy moment for me he and wein created something special in this character that has endured and will continue for many years to comeis edition is a nice compilation that won [...]

  19. Bradley

    Look, I ll give this book three stars for the fantastic art by Bernie Wrightson The storytelling and dialogue, however, didn t excite me too much Maybe it s just a product of the times Taking in context that fantastic, serious comic book writing didn t evolve in comics until, arguably, the early 80 s possibly late 80 s I will give Len Wein some slack However, that shouldn t dissuade you from checking this book out and seeing history be made in the form of a great idea seen to fruition So, in con [...]

  20. Spencer

    Amazing I love the old horror comics and this entire collection has the swamp thing walking through all the classics Obviously the stories are made to fit the swamp thing universe, but just barely I loved the art and the over the top narration.One story is very out of place The swamp thing meets batman is the stupidest way possible The apperence of the super hero is jarringly dorky in the creepy tone of the rest of the book Other than that this collection is aces.

  21. Christian

    Alan Moore wrote the definitive Swamp Thing, but this collection shows you the primordial muck it was molded from Familiar faces appear for the first time Matt Cable, a secret agent before he was Dream s raven Abby Anton Arcane given little to do And of course Alec Holland himself, the first in a long parade of misunderstood freaks, loners, and monsters.It ain t subtle the phrase man is the true monster is used But it s cheesy, gothic fun.

  22. Hannah Givens

    Ahhhh, in retrospect, such a significant book This is the book that started my longstanding devotion to Swamp Thing, and it s also the first book in which I realized the appeal of excitement and sensationalism as found in 70s comics The characters shine, and the stories boast quite a variety Frankenstein esque to witch hunts to clockwork cities to aliens to Batman It s awesome

  23. Justin

    This isn t usually my sort of thing, but I m intrigued due to the return of Swamp Thing to DC This collection contains the earliest stories, gothic horror tales that are a bit overwritten but nonetheless pretty fun I liked the Batman appearance which, while a little goofy, played both Batman and Swamp Thing well.Now onto Moore s run

  24. Feather Mista

    S que no va a estar a la altura de la Cosa de Moore niempedo pero tengo la sensaci n de que algo se puede rescatar de este cl sico L stima que seguro que el tomo espa ol ya est a precios decapitadores.

  25. Anthony Pinder

    This is a great introduction to the swamp thing s origins The writing and art are not as poetic or dark as Alan Moore s run tends to be, but Len Wein still pulls together a pretty good monster tale out of the shambles and muck of the Louisiana bayou.

  26. Nfpendleton

    At the beginning of the universe, a select few illustrators were given super powers by the gods Wrightson was one of those men The stories are hokey fun and of their time, but the art is fantastic and often transcends the medium.

  27. Reggie

    I ve been a fan of Moore s run on the title since it was out in floppies, but I d never read the stuff prior Interesting to fans of the series and horror comics genre Not Wrightson s best work but still creepy as hell.

  28. Erik

    Berni Wrightson s arcane art and superb paneling are classic These early books are masterpieces of horror and weirdness.

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