The Midnight Fox (2020)

The Midnight Fox Betsy Byars The Midnight Fox Tom dislikes spending the summer on his aunt s farm until he discovers a black fox in the forest and tracks her to her den
  • Title: The Midnight Fox
  • Author: Betsy Byars
  • ISBN: 9780140314502
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
The Midnight Fox Betsy Byars Tom dislikes spending the summer on his aunt s farm until he discovers a black fox in the forest and tracks her to her den.
The Midnight Fox Betsy Byars

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    486 Betsy Byars
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One thought on “The Midnight Fox

  1. Markelle

    I enjoyed the book a lot because of the enthusiasm and heart warming details it has in it I would most definitely recommend this book to someone who loves animals or adventures.I wanted to keep reading to finish this book because it just grabs your attention with the words it just describes the characters so well and gives so much information and grabs your attention that you wont want to put it downe book created a heart warming feeling just a good book that will make you smile When i read this [...]

  2. Judy

    Not much action, but lots of insight into the quiet 9 year old only child who seems to explore mainly with his eyes His inner life is animated than his real life I generally like nature stories, but this was just okay.

  3. Joy Manne

    I declare an interest I m learning and aspiring to become a children s writer This book is character driven The characters are rich, rounded and realistic characters No stereotypes No platitudes No fear of offending No judgements The fat girl asks for a banana spread with peanut butter when she s stressed Yes, that s what fat people do They use food to manage their unhappiness And thin people don t eat when they are stressed That s real life Betsy Byars has created two imaginative boys, Tommie a [...]

  4. Bhamini Khandige

    For our fourth book review, I decided to read a book called Midnight Fox by Betsy Byars The book is a fiction, adventure book and I chose to read it because the plot was really intriguing to me.The book is about a boy called Tom who spends time on his uncle s farm He goes to the woods near the house and sees the prettiest fox he has ever seen and it has a cub There is just one problem his uncle is trying to hunt the fox and his cub Tom has to try to save the fox and its cub I absolutely loved th [...]

  5. Marika Gillis

    The Midnight Fox is a lovely and simple story about nine year old Tom whose parents have decided to go on a biking tour of Europe Much to Tom s dismay, they decide to send him to his aunt and uncle s farm for their two month vacation While at the farm, Tom stumbles upon a black fox who lives nearby, and spends the summer observing the animal.For a child used to exciting video games and the flashy images on a television screen, this story may be a bit slow paced but it is beautifully written Byar [...]

  6. Brenda

    It has been a very long time since I first read this book I m not sure what made it pop into my head, but I am glad it did Right from the beginning I was hooked What a lead Sometimes at night when the read is beating against the windows of my room, I think about that summer on the farm It has been finve years, but when I close my eyes I am once again y the creek watching the black fox come leaping over the green, green grass She is as light and free as the wind, exactly as she was the first time [...]

  7. Karlie

    This book was incredibly STUPID the main character goes to live on a farm with his aunt and uncle for the summer, and sees a black fox big whoop most of the book is him thinking about or telling his aunt and uncle about things he does with his best friend I don t even remember the main character s name just that he s always talking about his best friend Petie Burkus Yes, he talks about his best friend so much that I still remember his name THREE YEARS after reading the book The only reason I act [...]

  8. Kari Yergin

    This was a great winter day s read, so well written, with characters I could believe in and care about and with the creative, funny thinking of Tom and his love for the fox he discovers driving it forward.Excerpts proving excellent writing The rest of the way I just sat in the backseat with my eyes closed I started thinking about a movie I saw once where some farm people send to the orphanage for a boy, because they wanted someone to help with the hard work on the farm Instead of the boy, the or [...]

  9. Rodney Haydon

    I picked this up this very morning in the clearance section of Half Price Books for a dollar The experience I felt reading it was worth much I don t know if this would resonate with 10 year olds nowadays, but this is the kind of story I really enjoyed reading back then I might as well confess that I still enjoy reading these type of stories today Recommended.

  10. Katherine

    Genre Juvenile fiction, animal storyFormat Print Plot Tom has to spend the summer with his aunt and uncle There he repeatedly runs into a black fox But after the fox steals eggs from the henhouse, Tom s uncle makes it his mission to kill it.Readers advisory HuntingReview citation 1996 BooklistSource Best books for childrenRecommended age 8 10

  11. Britt

    I read this book in fourth grade, and there are a few things that I still remember about it the etchings in the suitcase the word ravine the scene where the main character I can t even recall his name has a dream where he discovers a new color

  12. Leonard

    A fine story about a young boy having a lonely summer, but then he meets a black fox, and learns much about himself and animals.

  13. Adele Broadbent

    I was given this book to read by a past children s bookseller and teacher who like me, loves children s books The Midnight Fox first published in 1970 was a wonderful story of a city boy reluctantly going to stay on a farm with family friends while his parents are on a cycling tour in Europe.To this day, the cycling tours still happen in Europe but the amazing experiences the main character Tom has on the farm will be something few kids will experience now With no one to hang out with he left hi [...]

  14. Catherine

    The style of this book crept up on me There is an interweaving of narrative with the use of headlines as Tom tries to process and reflect on what is happening to him on the farm, far away from his best friend who would turn anything into a newspaper story The quiet, slightly awkward ten year old boy at the start of the book continued to be recognisably himself but at the same time, in the fox, he encountered something totally new and different and was able to act in a way that would have been un [...]

  15. Kayla

    I thought this book was very entertaining as well as hooking because it was just decisions and situations that made readers feel like they were in the book.It also made them think if they were Tom and what decision they should make it kind of also made them feel guilty if they made the wrong decision.I thought that this book was really interesting because it shows how fast things can change and how fast people can change their minds because of one little thing.

  16. Cassie Stafford

    This book was used as a Literature Circle book with a group of students All 3 of the students in this group as well as myself enjoyed this book Each meeting all 3 of the students had great enthusiasm when talking about this story.

  17. Jody

    Read this prior to joining so I needed to read it again for last year s Battle of the Books Yes, I m behind Can t go wrong with Betsy Byars and the story is just perfect for a fifth grade boy.

  18. Marlee

    This is a sweet, simple, easy to read book I loved that it really felt as though a child was telling the story, with his random digressions and explanations I found that I loved these An interesting story.

  19. Joey

    This is a perfect book for advanced third or fourth graders, or lower level fifth graders Incredible imagery, and huge depth of feeling.

  20. Millie

    I absolutely loved the book and I was so sad when I had finished it because I got so into it and I didn t want it to end because it was so good

  21. Christy

    This was a touching children s book A little slow to get going, but it picked up eventually My 7 year old enjoyed having me read it to him.

  22. Ulyana Grytsyshyn

    This book is great I rate it a four because this book is really good, but it was also kind off short.

  23. Nicholas Smith

    Great read Excellent children s book for looking at new experiences and being open to new things Interesting discussions to be had about hunting etc also.

  24. Gale

    Growing Taller in Moral Courage Ten year old Tom resents being obliged to spend the summer at the farm of his relatives, while his parents bicycle through Europe As an only child he amuses himself making models and indulging in crazy games of imagination with his bet pal, Petie Sure that the two months will prove a washout, Tom arrives with quiet dignity and is outwardly obedient, but he harbors privately gloom He rarely speaks, shows enthusiasm for their attempts to amuse him, or even gratitude [...]

  25. Julia

    This is one book from my childhood that has such a strange past with me For as much as a I knew about the book and the black colored fox that inhabited the pages I never read it Yet that was all I needed to know for the book to influence me and to be bewitched by black foxes And so it was interest that I had the book recommended to me by a GR friend and chose to pursue it if I could find a copy I am surprised that I hadn t continued on and read this book when I was younger for it holds all the c [...]

  26. Seonaid

    Izzie loved it so much she wants to give it 10 out of 5 This is the story of 9 year old Tom who has to reluctantly go and spend the summer on his mother s cousins farm whilst his parents go on holiday to Europe without him At first he feels abandoned and resentful, unwilling to get to know these new people or this new place, but once he sees the black fox he becomes not only curious about her, but about his new environment too.Beautifully written, humorous and tense oh how I did not want to read [...]

  27. Kateryna Pinchuk

    The Midnight Fox is written by Betsy Byars and is fictional The genre of this book is Realistic Fiction and Mystery I chose to read this book because of the cover It shows a really beautiful black fox and by the title you can tell that this book is a mystery book This book is about Tom, boy who had to spend his summer with his Uncle and Aunty at their farmhouse because his parents were away He disliked it very much because he had no friends and nothing to do, until one time, he was sitting on a [...]

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