Bandit's Hope (2020)

Bandit's Hope Marcia Gruver Bandit s Hope Stream on down to Mississippi the setting of Marcia Gruver s second book in the breathtaking Backwoods Bride series Reddick Tiller McRae is tired of the outlaw life even so when he falls for a respe
  • Title: Bandit's Hope
  • Author: Marcia Gruver
  • ISBN: 9781602609495
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
Bandit's Hope Marcia Gruver Stream on down to Mississippi, the setting of Marcia Gruver s second book in the breathtaking Backwoods Bride series Reddick Tiller McRae is tired of the outlaw life, even so when he falls for a respectable innkeeper s daughter Will he face the gallows before he can win her hallowed heart Maria Bell is tired of waiting for God to bring her a husband and protectorStream on down to Mississippi, the setting of Marcia Gruver s second book in the breathtaking Backwoods Bride series Reddick Tiller McRae is tired of the outlaw life, even so when he falls for a respectable innkeeper s daughter Will he face the gallows before he can win her hallowed heart Maria Bell is tired of waiting for God to bring her a husband and protector Taking matters of the law and love into her own hands, she sets a trap to catch a thief and a husband What will she do when she finds out they are one and the same
Bandit's Hope Marcia Gruver

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One thought on “Bandit's Hope

  1. Iola

    Reddick MacRae known as Tiller left home many years ago with his cousin , attracted by the drifter lifestyle He travelled with a band of thieves, but didn t consider himself to be a thief because he was the decoy who befriended the potential victim before the others arrive to commit the robbery After stealing the life savings of an old man, Tiller suddenly develops a conscience and leaves the gang, ending up at the Bell Inn, owned by John Coffee Bell.Mariah is half Choctaw Indian, and had promis [...]

  2. Kate

    Mariah, new owner of Bells Inn is in search of a husband but others believe they hold her choice Reddick Tiller McRae has other things in mind than being with his ruthless gang members Tired of running, Tiller is caught in a storm landing him on the doorstep of Bells Inn He is quickly made welcome by the Inns workers and for Tiller bidding time seems the best solution yet A search operation turns up than is expected.The second in a series, of which I have read the first, has as much charm and p [...]

  3. Joleen

    Bandit s Hope is a story of a young man, Tiller, so named for his ability in a garden who, for the past 10 years, has been running with a ganga gang of thieves, highwaymen I believe they were called As a kid, his mother was selfish, mistreated him, and eventually sent him packing to his uncle s home He stayed there until he was 15 or so, and when he was influenced by a few older, less than honorable young men, his uncle kicked him out So, now he feels like he has no family nor home, and leaving [...]

  4. Sharon Tyler

    Bandit s Hope by Marcia Gruver is the second book in the Backwoods Brides Series of Christian, historical romances I have not read the first in the series, but did not feel the lack except for when we meet the hero s family toward the end of the book As I have said before, I do not read a lot of Christian romance, simply because it is so easy to go wrong, but this hit all the right cords with me.In Bandit s Hope, readers meet Reddick Tiller McRae He is traveling with outlaws, acting as their dec [...]

  5. Judy

    Bandits Hope by Marcia Gruver Reddick Tiller McRae left his uncles home ten years ago with Nathan Carter Tiller and Nathan rode with two other fellows in the gang Tiller s boyish and innocent looks were used to get travelers trust and when their defenses were down, the others would jump in and rob them On this particular day, with this particular old fellow, Tiller felt a change It no longer felt right He tried to get the man to leave but it was too late The others rode in And as always Tiller t [...]

  6. Faye

    Honesty is always the best policy Mariah Belle struggles to keep her father s death a secret in an attempt to hold on to the family inn Mariah is of Chocktah heritage so she has to find a white man willing to marry her before her father s passing is discovered.Tiller is an outlaw, who lives on his own scheming and cheating honest folk, but he longs to get away from his unscrupulous living When the chance presents itself, in the form of helping one of his victims Tiller takes it Ashamed of his pa [...]

  7. Laura

    BANDIT S HOPE is the second book in Ms Gruver s Backwoods Brides series but it easily stands alone Its an older book, one I didn t get read four years ago, but for fans of historical fiction, it s a treasure found Mariah is a strong, feisty woman, on the verge of making a stupid mistake The book starts with the mandatory death for formula historical romances but it is done in such an unique way that it instantly grabbed my attention Unfortunately, that attention wasn t held, as the story dragged [...]

  8. Jane

    A book of forgiveness and mercy Tiller finds hope while staying at Bell s Inn Also the man he helped his friend, Nathan, and gang rob shows up at inn Otis is a unique character and in the end Tiller McRae finds forgiveness from him and God He also makes things right.Mariah runs the Inn and is trying to keep the secret of her Dad s death so she will not lose the inn and place her Mom and Dad are buried.I recommend you read Book 1 of The Backwoods Brides first Then you will see how some of the thi [...]

  9. Noela

    I LOVED Bandit s Hope An exciting and intriguing tale full of adventure, drama, and romance I found this sequel to Raider s Heart maintaining the same high standard, if not exceeding it Bandit s Hope picks up the trail of Reddick Tiller McRae, much older but still on his life of crime with his gang But it s not long before the shame and discontentment with the bandit s life catches up to him and he finds the need to get away Which brings him to Bell s Inn and the lovely Mariah a young woman of C [...]

  10. Elizabeth "Eli" Olmedo

    The second book in Marcia Gruver s Backwoods Brides Series, Bandit s Hope is a romance through and through It is the typical boy meets girl They fall in love and circumstances try to separate them, but in the end boy and girl live happily ever after While this story didn t capture me as much as the first book in the series, Raider s Heart, it is still a nice read I enjoyed watching the characters get themselves into some crazy situations in their attempts to hide the truth.Though the story got p [...]

  11. Joan Arning

    Bandit s Hope takes place on the Natchez Trace in 1882 When Mariah Bell promised her Indian mother to always keep Bell s Inn, she didn t realize what drastic measures she would have to take to fulfill that promise Tiller McRae leaves his gang of robbers but doesn t plan on feeling guilty about his past The author manages to make you feel sorry for Tiller when the last man he was involved in distracting is brought to the Inn The first few chapters introduced so many characters that I had difficul [...]

  12. Ausjenny

    I got this book from Netgalley to read It was the final state I needed to complete my 50 state challenge for 2011 I really enjoy the story I haven t read the first book in series but it didn t affect the story This can be read alone without feeling you are wondering what has happened Maria is a strong women who has some issues to deal with, one being saving the inn and praying for a husband to help protect her Tiller is tired of being an outlaw and happens across the inn and helps out There are [...]

  13. Shantelle

    Such a touching story about a reckless young man with an unwanted past, and a hurting young woman hiding big secrets They have a chance meeting and fall in love, but it seems there s such much that wants to tear them apart.Bandit s Hope is the second book in Marcia Gruver s Backwoods Brides series and I enjoyed about as much as the first one Charming and sweet, but with plenty of tension to keep you on your toes Great historical romance all fans read Backwoods Brides series

  14. Dee Schwinn

    This was a good read It kept my interest The characters of Mariah and Tiller were well drawn and the reader was allowed to know the thoughts There was a good mix of Christian values, romance, historical, Indian culture, and family relationships There was also an emphasis on always forgiving and on telling the truth.

  15. Laura

    The second book in this series, Bandit s Hope did not disappoint The book has just the right amount of adventure, humor, and inspirationd a wonderful cast of characters Can t wait for the next book in this series

  16. Lynda Knapp

    Great story One would think that Mariah and Tiller were not meant to be together, but read this book and you will see that you were mistaken Definitely recommend.

  17. Anita

    Marcia has a unique way to bring the backwoods of the south to life in an endearing way You fall in love with each of her characters.

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