To Tempt a Sheikh (2020)

To Tempt a Sheikh Olivia Gates To Tempt a Sheikh He rescued hostage Talia Burke from his royal family s rival tribe and swept her into his strong embrace But Prince Harres Aal Shalaan soon discovered there was to the brave beauty than he knew Talia
  • Title: To Tempt a Sheikh
  • Author: Olivia Gates
  • ISBN: 9780373730827
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
To Tempt a Sheikh Olivia Gates He rescued hostage Talia Burke from his royal family s rival tribe and swept her into his strong embrace But Prince Harres Aal Shalaan soon discovered there was to the brave beauty than he knew Talia held information vital to protecting his beloved kingdom and she had every reason not to trust him.Marooned together at a desert oasis, Talia couldn t resist Harres.He rescued hostage Talia Burke from his royal family s rival tribe and swept her into his strong embrace But Prince Harres Aal Shalaan soon discovered there was to the brave beauty than he knew Talia held information vital to protecting his beloved kingdom and she had every reason not to trust him.Marooned together at a desert oasis, Talia couldn t resist Harres Yet even as his sizzling seduction entranced her, his loyalty to his family and country would always make them enemies Falling for the sheikh would be her heart s greatest mistake but she feared it was already too late.
To Tempt a Sheikh Olivia Gates

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    Olivia Gates

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  1. Maire

    Pride of Zohayd TrilogyTo Tempt A SheikhHarres Talia s StorySheikh Harrres Aal Shalaan Talia BurkeThis is the second book in the Pride of Zohayd Trilogy This book takes us back in time to the time of The Arabian Nights This story excites you and makes you want to travel back in time Harres Talia s love story is not an ordinary one and the path to true love is not an easy one and the bumps along the way keeps you wondering the outcome.Harres and Talia meet under the strangest of circumstances In [...]

  2. Samantha

    Prince Harres Aal Shalaan, second son of the king, is assigned to rescue a hostage by the name of T.J Burke He has been hunting for the man for a long time, but it is almost as if T.J is a figment of his imagination Hot on a trail, he goes to a hotel room and spots a small, young man with an intense gaze He knows something isn t right with T.J but now is not the time to question him Harres has to rescue T.J because his rivals are on their backs.Once they are in close proximity, Harres realizes t [...]

  3. Hanife

    First able I must say characters dialogues make me smile every time I think I kind of falling love with the hero 3 And every time I do that falling love with the hero I complain about the reality of this Why this guys not found in earth Or why I didn t find them Why Anyway it s a enjoyable reading progress Miss or Mrs Gates doing very good job with this book If you love sheikh stories I think you ll love this too

  4. Amelia

    The second book in the Pride of Zohayd series is packed with emotion, passion and conspiracies Olivia Gates once again takes her readers on an adventurous journey where romance is unexpected and dreams seem impossible TO TEMPT A SHEIKH is fantasy worthy in countless ways.As the head of security for Zohayd, there have been numerous missions where risks must be faced by Prince Harres Aal Shalaan When an enemy of his ruling family takes a hostage in hopes of helping their goal in overthrowing his c [...]

  5. Gillian Wheatley

    A true desert romance with a hero to die for and a fiesty heroine What could you want in a romance novel Harres, our hero, is honourable, brave and totally gorgeous he has now become my favourite Olivia Gates s hero I was lost as soon as he was described as having long dark hair I adore men with long hair T.J or Talia, our heroine, is a doctor who believes that Harres and his family are to blame for her brother being in prison and so hates him the minute she finds out his identity The attractio [...]

  6. Cari

    Are you looking for a book that has you falling in love with the hero from almost the first page Harres and Talia s story is one of those books that you ll miss appointments, stay up all night, and not fix dinner to finish it You won t want to put it down until you finish and even then you want it to continue Harres rescues Talia from dangerous people in order to gain information from her She was disguised as a man, but Harres still felt an attraction like no other for her Talis hates him and hi [...]

  7. Fictional Bookshelf

    This was an excellent read Olivia Gates packed this book full of danger, intrigue and passion I just wish there was a real Prince Harres Aal Shalaan and he d come rescue me I read every word of this book in one afternoon not so long ago and fell in love with the story The passion the hero and heroine displayed as I soaked the story in was realistic and came across the pages in a smooth flow throughout the plot.Spoiler Alert My favorite part in the book was when Talia woke up after fearing she wo [...]

  8. Catherine

    This is my introduction to Olivia Gates and boy am I glad I ve stumbled upon her To Tempt a Sheikh is rich with color, culture and love that had me turning pages over and over I look forward to going back and reading the first book and keeping an eye out for future books Well done, Olivia I learned today that Olivia Gates lives in Egypt where life has been turned upside down Her release of To Tempt A Sheikh by Silhouete Desire was released today so run and pick it up

  9. Christa Runge

    To Tempt a Sheikh by Olivia GatesT J Burke has been kidnapped and Harres Aal Shalaan planned on freeing him T J had information that could potentially harm the Aal Shalaan family But when Harres rescued T J he discovered T J was actually Talia Jasmine pretending to be her brother Plus she hated all the Aal Shalaan family because she believes they wrongly imprisoned her brother Now Harres has to convince her they can have a future together.The author was so descriptive that I had a clear picture [...]

  10. Elaine Howell

    Liked the second book in this series You find out about the ruling family and how far the sons will go to protect the nation Harres and Talia are perfect for each other as they are both strong people who know what they want and go for it.

  11. Riverina Romantics

    3.75 Stars Everything before you passed and went to waste My favourite heart fluttering quote I m a sucker for a good Sheikh book No idea why, the appeal of the sexy, powerful and royal men of the desert just do things for me and I find myself craving them on a regular basis And I have grown to appreciate the way Olivia Gates portrays these yummy men Parts of this book had me deeply enthralled, loving every line, every sweet soft word It really hit the spot.Prince Harres Aal Shalaan was flat out [...]

  12. Marlene

    This was SO different and it had everything I read books for It had action and danger and wit and chemistry and incredible descriptions of the desert and the oasis You feel you re right there in one of those adventure movies just living it all with the hero and heroine And did I mention chemistry Harres and Talia s passion and connection blazed off the pages, from the moment he saw her and thought she was No I have to let you read that for yourself It s priceless DTo Tempt a Sheikh is a fantasti [...]

  13. Jenn

    Well, I LOOOVED THIS STORY As Olivia herself said, this is a true desert romance I absolutely loved Haress, so noble in everything he did The intensity of emotions between hero and heroine just fly off the pages and into the readers heart A FABULOUS read

  14. Samantha

    Five Stars plus What can I say about this book That it surprised and delighted me wouldn t be enough I always expect a top notch read when I open an Olivia Gates book, but surely didn t expect any of what I got this time The opening scenes with the rescue and the escape in the desert, then the crash were exhilarating The trek across the desert to the oasis were the best character dissection and relationship development and the best descriptions and impressions of a desert I ever read I really fe [...]

  15. Floqueta

    Sorry for a so short review, but I must say, this author has an enchanting writting style Some of her sentences convey such deep feelings and beauty that they are like poetry

  16. Tara

    To Tempt a Sheikh is the first real desert romance I ve read, in that it s actually in the desert, in its scary magnificence it s also got so much beside an explosive love story it s got action and adventure and danger and so much fun in the verbal battles of the hero and heroines The heroine Talia thinks the hero s family is responsible for her twin s imprisonment and the hero Harres remains the real desert knight that he is throughout, powerful, honorable and in bedjust wow You gotta read this [...]

  17. Dee

    I didn t enjoy this one as much as I had the first in the trilogy To Tame a Sheikh I found it a little slow and found myself skipping through the pages to get to an interesting part It did start to pick up in the latter part of the story which is the only thing that kept me reading It did have Ms Gates style of writing all over it but it in my opinion it wasn t one of her better works.

  18. Joy

    To Tempt a Sheikh starts with a breathless rescue operation in the desert, an escape, a helicopter crash, and from then on, the emotion doesn t let up The trek across the desert as Harres takes Talia on foot to the nearest oasis for their salvation and when they finally make it there after almost dying, is the best and literally real desert romance I ve read The twists in the end would have made the story for me, if I didn t love it all through, which I did.

  19. Merve Özcan

    kitabisevda 2012 Ho uma giden romantik bir kitapt zellikle eyhimize Prens Harres Aal Shalaan bay ld m Sa ma gelen yanlar da oldu itiraf etmeliyim Nas l bu kadar abuk a k olabildiler At sahneleri komikti Etkileyici diyemem.Yazar ok g zel anlatm t Todd da masum olsayd ne olurdu demekten ba ka bir ey ge miyor i imden Ayr ca k z ok sulug zl yd Ayn Ay sava s ndaki Usagi gibi.Bir daha okumam ama yazar n di er kitaplar na kesinlikle bakaca m.Bu arada bu hikayeyi sevgili Romancekolik evirdi.K saca kitab [...]

  20. Tanya Mayes

    I love this book I can t believe I skipped it at first I love Prince Harres He met his match with Talia T.J I the beginning when he went to rescue the hostage I laughed so hard at Prince Harres at that little twist in there it had me crying I love how the author wrote that scene Talia was great I love that she could hold her own I really like strong heroines I think that s what attracted Harres to her The absolute best was there trek across the desert The way it was written I felt like I was on [...]

  21. Mariah

    To Tempt a Sheikh was a one of a kind desert romance Prince and black ops sheikh Harres Guardian in Arabic was a one of a kind hero who also got an equal heroine in trauma surgeon Talia Burke I loved the book from the first moment their eyes met in that dingy cabin in the middle of the desert where he d gone to rescue the stranger he thought had the key to his kingdom s salvation, right through their breath bating escape, through their trek through the desert to the oasis, to their magical time [...]

  22. Maria Lina

    This books starts out like no other Desire you ve ever read It s adventurous, humorous, and hot After a very action packed start, the two get to spend a long, luxurious time alone This was so fabulous Almost a whole book or hero and heroine alone time You ll fall in love with Harres and his strength and passion You ll admire the spunk and intelligence of Talia And you ll melt with their passion.

  23. Chitra *CJ*

    To Tempt a Sheikh is the story of Talia and Harees.When middle prince Harees goes on a mission to find the perpetrator for the jewel theft, he never expects to find an old man and be attracted to him Soon the disguise is revealed, and turns out Talia is out to avenge the imprisonment of her brother by Aal Shalaan family while he s totally bowled over by her.A trek in the desert, some survival skills, a truth confessed leads to the couple giving in to their attraction and falling in love with mil [...]

  24. Fiona Marsden

    When Dr Olivia Gates tells you to take two Sheikh s and get back to her in the morning, you know you have a prescription that will get you feeling better Harres Aal Shalaan is Sheikh number one on that prescription because I d already read about his brother, the first in the Pride of Zohayd series Well, I have to say Harres is the best medicine for someone craving a male who is pretty much everything you could ever want in a man Gorgeous, sexy, brave, intelligent, sexy, strong as an ox Did I men [...]

  25. Laila

    Wow And I mean WOW Now THIS is a TRUE desert romance And it s another testament to Olivia Gates s mastery of all genres that she incorporated action adventure with humor, passion and intrigue And the result is a heady mix of the best of all genres This book sent me searching for her thrillers from the Bombshell line, and let me tell you, I was amazed all over again by how she explosively, flawlessly executed full on, all out action adventure thrillers with a unique and incendiary romance at its [...]

  26. AelixRage

    Pant worthy Now, that s a word you don t come by everyday This was a fascinating read I like how the author weaves the story around a central plot in the mini series but gives each book it s own individual flavor Olivia Gates has a way with words that seems to provide readers a deeper dive into the story, making it almost a personal experience There is also the way she uses Arabic though in an english language kind of way and the concept of Ishq, I think it adds to the Middle eastern authenticit [...]

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