Or the Bull Kills You (2020)

Or the Bull Kills You Jason Webster Or the Bull Kills You Either you kill the bull or the bull kills you traditional proverb Chief Inspector Max C mara hates bullfighting but one hot afternoon in Valencia he has to judge a festival corrida starring Spain s
  • Title: Or the Bull Kills You
  • Author: Jason Webster
  • ISBN: 9780701185091
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
Or the Bull Kills You Jason Webster Either you kill the bull, or the bull kills you traditional proverb.Chief Inspector Max C mara hates bullfighting, but one hot afternoon in Valencia he has to judge a festival corrida starring Spain s most famous young matador That night he is back in the ring, and what he finds on the bloodstained sand shocks the city of Valencia to its core As C mara hunts his prey tEither you kill the bull, or the bull kills you traditional proverb.Chief Inspector Max C mara hates bullfighting, but one hot afternoon in Valencia he has to judge a festival corrida starring Spain s most famous young matador That night he is back in the ring, and what he finds on the bloodstained sand shocks the city of Valencia to its core As C mara hunts his prey through the streets and bars, firecrackers echo for the festival of Fallas, and the town hall election The anti bullfighting campaigners and the breeders of prize beasts fight to the death The bullring is a test of virility, but should it be a site of national pride or shame Or the Bull Kills You has a brilliantly authentic setting and a great detective, with a love of flamenco and brandy This is the first of a series of books starring the quirky and forceful C mara a man clearly destined to make his mark.
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One thought on “Or the Bull Kills You

  1. Olivermagnus

    I discovered this book by accident while looking to complete a challenge What a serendipitous find This is the first book featuring Chief Inspector Max Camara, who has been asked at the last minute to preside over a bullfight as president of the ring He s less than delighted because he disapproves of bullfighting He becomes mesmerized by the display put on by famous bullfighter, Jorge Blanco, and accepts an invitation to meet him at a local bar, along with many of his friends, to celebrate his s [...]

  2. Jackie Molloy

    Chief Inspector Max Camara is in the area of the Valencia Bullring when his called to a case of a murdered and mutilated body of a famous matador, Jorge Blanco had almost singlehandedly revitalised the Bull Fighting scene with his financial approach to ensuring the sport was really a sport and not a money making racket Where there is money involved there is always corruption at some level or another whether it was the supply of bulls, or the experience of the bull fighter or just the punters get [...]

  3. henrys-axe

    I ve never been to Valencia After reading Jason Webster sOr the Bull Kills You I could have added that city to places I ve visited I had a great ten day vacation to Madrid a number of years ago The culture, the food, the music were all captivating Valencia, in the words of the writer, offers those joys plus many Max C mara is not without his flaws and demons but he is an excellent detective He takes his share of lumps but just jumps back into the assigned investigations The author has given the [...]

  4. 4cats

    This is a really great series of crime novels featuring Inspector Max Camara Set in the Spanish city of Valencia, Jason Webster manages to bring to life the city and it s people In the first Max finds himself investigating the murder of bullfighter who has become an icon within the world of bullfighting Camara finds his life being dragged through the gutters by unknown people, his investigation is blocked again and again and a long term relationship is being tested to the limit If you love Euroc [...]

  5. Jason

    A bull fighter is found dead and then crimes follow Max Camara, Chief Inspector, comes into play to solve this mystery while Jason Webster takes the reader through a journey of spanish traditions and bull fights My impression was that Webster tries desperately to give this feeling of degradation that exists in all sucessful neo noir novels However, for my taste he s overdoing it and not succeeding as most of the times it feels biased and even the plot twists seem forced The main character is qu [...]

  6. Maddy

    PROTAGONIST Chief Inspector Max CamaraSETTING Valencia, SpainSERIES 1 of 5RATING 3.25WHY In the city of Valencia, Spain, there are strong forces both for and against bull fighting, an event which has always dominated the scene When possibly the best bull fighter of all time, Jorge Blanco, is murdered, the sentiment sways back to the pro forces Chief Inspector Max Camara, on the anti side, is assigned to head the investigation He is pressed for a quick result but finds things getting and compli [...]

  7. John Waterworth

    The first book in the series about the engaging and anarchistic policeman, Max C mara These are probably my current favourite detective novels, combining intriguing plots with atmospheric evocations of the Spanish settings mostly in Valencia city He s a very likeable and interesting guy, a bit too good to be true of course , but really well characterised, believable sometimes surprising, always interesting The high speed action scenes are irresistibly exciting, but a bit far fetched at times Goo [...]

  8. j g newton

    Good storyI enjoyed the story and plotline but i did take a time reading it, maybe just me being slow Having been to Valencia it was good to read about the places the story is set in and others that i didnt know, thats made me want to go back there, i will read the next book as im sure camera will go on to better things

  9. Ellen Tveit

    A typical police thriller The author takes care to educate the reader about Valencia, his adoptive hometown and the setting for the story, and Spanish bullfighting.

  10. Peter Boysen

    First of all, I m willing to concede that I ve read too many mysteries lately The newest C.J Box offering, for example, Cold Wind, answered all of my questions about Joe Pickett s mother in law, in a way that was much too easy, with some preaching about wind turbine energy that I found just as annoying as I find all of that dreck that Nathaniel Hawthorne lined The Scarlet Letter with, in order to transform it from a 50 page story into a novel.Of course, I may also just need to change genres for [...]

  11. Pauline

    First mystery novel that I have read that takes place is Spain and I really enjoyed it The main premise of story focuses upon the murder of one of Spain s most famous bullfighters Inspector Camara is put on the case even though he dislikes bullfighting It is your typical murder mystery in an atypical setting Bullfighting in itself is a pretty interesting topic and by reading this book, you get a good idea of the current politics that are involved in it The anti bullfighting sentiment vs this is [...]

  12. Lisa

    It s always a bonus when you pick up a book and become instantly transported to another place, culture and lifestyle something the author of this series does exceptionally well The characters come across as secretive, even enigmatic, including the protagonist Chief Inspector Max Camara While this may aggravate some readers, it can work to a series advantage, tantalizing us with a sprinkling of insights and clues into a character s motivation and backstory Where the series falls a bit short is th [...]

  13. Tuck

    a debut mystery novel, starred reviews in lib journals, murder cop procedural, our main man, max cAmara is the grandson of anarchist labor union dude, but he is a cop in city of valenica, so there is tension there, then of course our main man is an inveterate pot smoker, a wake n bake sort of cop, plus he keeps brandy in the office which is usually almost empty because he forgets to buy hmmm , plus smokes like a freight train, does nt get any sleep, gets dumped by his long time girl friend, kno [...]

  14. Ian Mapp

    Start of a crime series chosen at random in Worcester Library and not a bad choice.Max Camara is a fairly shambolic cop dope smoking, too much drinking, problems with women Usual cliche.The book, as the Title describes, is all about bull fighting This is the first part of the book that works well The culture, history and terminology is well explained and balanced, as there is a strong anti bull figting message as well as capturing the reader in the drama.The 2nd part that works well is Valencia [...]

  15. Monica

    An excellent debut and the basis one hopes for a series Valencia Chief Inspector Max Camara is a good, but somewhat cynical cop and no fan of bull fights When he is deputed by his boss to judge a bullfight starring Spain s most famous torero, he accepts reluctantly When the torero is found murdered and mutilated later that evening, it becomes Carera s case The bullfighter s agent is found murdered soon after, and there is a question about whether there is doping by one of the area s leading bull [...]

  16. Elaine Tomasso

    I was interested to read Or The Bull Kills You, a police procedural in an exotic location makes it right up my street The plot is quite complicated with plenty of suspects and motives The most popular matador in Spain, Jorge Blanco, credited with almost single handedly reviving interest in bull fighting is found dead in the middle of the Valencia bullring, killed like a bull Max Camara, a forty something Chief Inspector with the State Police is put in charge of the investigation.I think the plot [...]

  17. heidipj

    I really liked it I might be biased because I love Spain and am learning Spanish so I took delight in deciphering the Spanish phrases and in feeling like I was walking the streets of Valencia with Camara I thought the bullfighting angle was clever and though some might think otherwise I didn t think the plot was over saturated in bullfighting facts, myths and metaphors I enjoyed it and felt like I was getting a crash course in the complexity of modern day Spain and it s bizarre and barbaric obse [...]

  18. Shiela

    I really enjoy reading mysteries set abroad because the author tends to bring so much of the local flair and culture, both the good and the bad I have never been to Spain and all I knew about bullfighting was what I learned from cartoons as a child i.e angry snorting bull, red flag , so Mr Webster had a big task ahead of him when I picked up this book He did a fantastic job at explaining the history of bullfighting and the significance it has to the local culture But the thing I really appreciat [...]

  19. Sandra Danby

    This is the second of Jason Webster s stories about Spanish detective Max C mara The setting is Valencia during Fallas, the five day festival of fireworks and bonfires A bullfighter is murdered, a controversial bullfighter, in a city undergoing local elections and with a strong anti taurino lobby Webster has chosen his setting well, Valencia is a noisy, shouting, breathing presence on every page The bullfighting is strange, a world of customs and special language, its symbolism machismo Into the [...]

  20. Rob Kitchin

    The real strength of Or The Bull Kills You is the sense of place, the detailing of the history and culture of bullfighting, and the insights into the political machinations of local politics and the police system The characterisation is relatively standard fare Camara is the talented but awkward cop who rails against the system and falls easily into women s beds the other characters are fine without lighting up the page The plot works okay until near the end, when it starts to become a little ra [...]

  21. Carole

    I read Webster s Duende over 20 years ago and can still remember it well and so when I saw that he has written a series of crime novels, I was thrilled.The third in the series was recommended, but I decided to go back to the first in the series, hence my reading of Or the Bull Kills You.The subject matter of bullfighting in Spain was not one that I have any interest in, but the Valencian festival of the Falla is one that I would like to experience I didn t really get a good picture of the main c [...]

  22. Rob Innis

    I think it is true that some books you really don t want to put down and can t wait to pick up again But, for me, this is not one of them A lot of tell and not show, long passages without dialogue, irrelevant information the author trying to convince himself, not trusting the reader to be following the plot all added to this not being a classic I am not even sure Camara, the main protagonist, is very much different to a lot of other ficitonal detectives drinker, smoker, women problems, rebelliou [...]

  23. Frannie

    As a window into contemporary Spain, this could be useful I now have a much better understanding, for example, of Falles in Valencia And, even a sense of the city s layout I think, however, that this would be most useful to someone who already knows Valencia and wants to see it represented in a novel For someone about to travel to Spain, I wouldn t put this atop a short list of must reads For someone who enjoys the genre, it s fun Writing a bit sloppy at times as in holes in the narrative And, t [...]

  24. Hpnyknits

    a novel set in Spain, in the town of Valencia all about anti bullfighting pro bullfighting and politics I enjoyed the mentions of local foods drooling over the Paellas , but there seemed to be too many characters that don t add to the story, but end up being important last minute and I was hoping for a different kind of detective but here again, the detective who drinks too much, grouchy and not following the rules and is attracted to the sexy reportere bullfighting background and history was in [...]

  25. Jennie

    This was a pretty good book The plot developed nicely and there was a little bit of a surprise at the end I was sometimes taken aback by the Spanish in it, especially where it seemed like the author didnt translate it, but it didn t bother me Also I felt like there were a lot of characters to keep up with and keep straight and that was confusing at times However overall it was an entertaining book Thanks for the sweepstakes win, good reads

  26. Rosie Amber

    This book is a mystery set in Valencia, Spain and follows the police as they hunt for the killer of a famous bull fighter The subject of bull fighting is quite controversial both in the book and across the world There are several types of Spanish police forces to get you head around and the hunt for the killer is hampered by festivities and local elections, while Chief Inspector Camara has his own personal issues to deal with aswell as solving the case.

  27. Colin David

    The murder of Spain s famous young Matador in Valencia during the Festival of Fallas a week long street party with firecrackers , is the theme of this book Max Camara is the chief inspector The Rebus of Valencia who is pot smoking brandy swilling, smoker who is concerned about his own virility great plot and interesting set for the plot to unfold It also gives a great insight into the murky world of bull fighting Looking forward to the next book.

  28. Marc 'sparky'

    Having read all of Jason Webster s other books it s safe to say I m a fan When I heard he was releasing a thriller I was intrigued Suffice to say I was not disappointed His usual style IMHO of great storytelling interspersed with surprising and interesting historical cultural information lends itself really well to a crime thriller I for one cannot wait for Max Camara s next case

  29. Robert Intriago

    The bullfighting and the fiesta in Valencia make this book interesting and worthwhile reading The mystery leaves a lot to be desired The story does not flow very easily and the characters are hard to follow The main character is good, has a lot of charm and is unorthodox for a police detective.

  30. Calzean

    Based in Valencia, Chief Inspector Max Camera solves the murder of Spain s No 1 bullfighter.A good insight into the Spanish police force, Spanish politics and the reasons why bull fighting is so popular.An easy read but the murder was solved through just one too many clues which had been stumbled on.

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