Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman? (2020)

Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman? Eleanor Updale Montmorency Thief Liar Gentleman Who is Montncy Some say he s a dangerous villain To others he s a hero How do a terrible accident and an ambitious young doctor forge his two identities And how long can he sustain them without gettin
  • Title: Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman?
  • Author: Eleanor Updale
  • ISBN: 9780439943017
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman? Eleanor Updale Who is Montncy Some say he s a dangerous villain To others he s a hero How do a terrible accident and an ambitious young doctor forge his two identities And how long can he sustain them without getting caught
Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman? Eleanor Updale

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    284 Eleanor Updale
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One thought on “Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman?

  1. Hope

    Hrmph I don t know what I think, There were times when this book really seemed to be verging on something bigger than itself, and I kind of wish Updale had just gone for it We catch hints of a psychological struggle between Montncy and his alter ego, Scarperd I wanted to know about that It was at times as if the main character could not remember that he was both Montncy AND Scarper, and I wanted to know why that was But rather than an in depth survey of the inner workings of a con artists mind, [...]

  2. Kelly

    An interesting juvenile book there are no children young adult characters in it.This is the story of Montncy, a criminal who slowly goes straight Montncy not even the protagonist s real name the reader is never told what it is or where he came from was in a horrible accident fell through a skylight , which resulted in his arrest and incarceration A young, ambitious doctor treats Montncy and then shows him off to the Scientific Society, where Montncy learns about the extensive London sewer system [...]

  3. April Helms

    The Montncy books are a must read for anyone who likes Victorian era style mystery A small time crook is given a new lease on life by an ambitious doctor after a near fatal fall during a break in Now he has learned to navigate the sewer systems to enhance his life of crime, and has created two personalities for himself But what happens when his two sides start disagreeing with each other The story is told from the point of view of Montncy, a petty thief with smarts than he knows His observation [...]

  4. Janine

    Let me first clarify that the real rating I want to give this one is 2.5 stars I did like it, but well Okay let me explain.Montncy has such a fascinating premise The concept is fascinating A petty thief who goes from a life of crime to becoming a gentlemen Yes please It s clear the author knows her stuff when it comes to the Victorian Era, which was impressive, and I can now say I know about the Victorian Sewage System than I ever intended to, but it made it all the real and believable.My prob [...]

  5. Lilyan

    I m tired of writing negative reviews For the past couple of months, all the books I ve been reading have been medicore at best No indie books for me.Montncy Reads like a Young Adult book but was not written to BE a Y.A which I see as a failing The story was too basic and easy Montncy is a theif that got caught and was badly injured We have no back story what so ever on this character, nothing Just that they call him Montncy and that he has severe scars on his body.After leaving the prison he f [...]

  6. Lady Knight

    This was one of my favorite books when I was in high school, and reading it now over two years later, I have to say that it has lost none of its magic Eleanor Updale does a great job presenting Victorian England and with short chapters and to the point storytelling this will be a winner with anyone over the age of 12 Prisoner 493 was caught burgling a factory in the 19th c After a horrific fall during the chase, Prisoner 493 dubbed Montncy during his trial receives the care of Doctor Farcett who [...]

  7. P

    Really dry YA fiction I might have enjoyed this book if there was even one likeable character in it Every character seems one dimensional and after reading hundreds of books about this time period and Englishmen with their men s clubs, I found that Montncy fell pretty flat Also, I am continually amazed when I read books that have negative zero female characters.cially considering they are written by women

  8. Charles

    This was probably a YA book It concerned a ex con who becomes a cat burglar using the sewers of London as his secret escape route A book about a cat burglar who became a scat burglar.


    Montncy by Eleanor Updale was a decent book There were some parts that were pretty unbelievable and some that made a lot sense, but they went well together.Montncy was a thief in London, and he was a pretty good one too Up until he fell through a ceiling while being chased, he had never been arrested During the fall, he had sustained injuries that could have ended his life, if not for a doctor who wanted to take on the project His name was Robert Farcett, and he was Montncy s guardian angel, it [...]

  10. Nathan Togstad

    Personal response Montncy was a book of a man with nothing to lose He was basically dead, then he was given a second chance He made plans and was going to execute them when he left the prison When he was released, he found that everything was harder in real life This book shows that the reader can overcome anything if you set your mind to it It also displays the fact that people can, and will change over time.Plot Montncy was in a terrible accident He fell through a roof running from the cops A [...]

  11. Maya

    When I saw this book at a school book fair, the 2 sale sticker should have warned me But whoever wrote the summary on the back of the book did an absolutely stellar job Mystery, a gothic mood, a thief who assumes a new identity after a doctor sews his broken body back together it seemed the perfect plot If only the person who d written the summary had written the rest of the book.I found a copy left out in my English class, and proceeded to write its owner a letter for them to find when they ret [...]

  12. CB

    Chris BancellsUpdale, E 2004 Montncy thief, liar, gentleman New York Orchard Books Historical FictionPrintSelection tools consulted School Library Journal, WorldCatReview Without question, this novel s titular character is a thief and a liar The question which ultimately consumes him, however, is whether or not he can transform himself into a gentleman Prior to the novel s opening, Montncy is a talented and rising thief in Victorian London When a job goes bad, and he falls through an unseen skyl [...]

  13. Kit★

    I highly enjoyed this book It was a wonderful little surprise, and I m still in that happy after book feeling I picked it up awhile ago on one of my book hunts, maybe Goodwill, maybe a library sale, don t remember But after the disappointment of the last book I just read, I was wanting something that I could breeze through, that wouldn t be overly dramatic or complicated This one caught my eye, and I started reading Right away I was intrigued by the character, Montncy I grew to be very fond of h [...]

  14. lianna

    Remember that rule You know the one that told us not to judge a book by it s cover Bear that in mind as you look at this The cover of Monncy Thief, Liar, Gentleman makes it look great, maybe even dark and thrilling Is it really No.When I first saw this book in the library of my school I picked it up quickly, hiding it from others I called over my friend and we decided to read it for our book report It looked good The summary was fine The cover was great And what other choices do I have in a scho [...]

  15. Wendi

    Doesn t seem juv fiction to me A thief was caught after falling through a glass window and nearly dying but saved by a cutting edge young doctor who wants to try new surgical techniques on this nearly dead patient After years of radical surgeries, being shown off in a doctors forum, and listening in to other intellectuals presentations, the thief completes his jail term and decides to attain the wealth and status he observed in the forum by using London s new sewer system to pull of daring heist [...]

  16. Decendant_of_Darkness

    Imagine if you were a thief who hasn t been caught once while stealing And one day you just happen to fall and almost die Would you quit steeling, or after you were done with your jail sentence get two identities And continue steeling and living rich at the same time Well this is what happens in the book Montncy thief liar gentleman, by Eleanor Updale In which the main character, which goes by many names and, which you will have to read it to find out why, lives a double life One as Scrapper, an [...]

  17. Clackamas

    What a nice story I know that nice isn t exactly effusive but delightful is a bit too much.There was a bit of history in the painting of the setting that was interesting But really the thing that bumped this book up in my esteem was the main character s story arc He moved from thief to gentleman in a believable way The subtitle of the book is thief liar gentleman, so that isn t a spoiler.Montncy didn t change all at once His gradual change of morals and values happened at a pace that was believa [...]

  18. Amanda

    Montncy is a thief who uses his skills to create a new identity and penetrate London s 19th century elite The reader follows his transition as he figures out the subtle ways of the upper classes, his risky trips through the new London sewers, and the constant fear that someone would discover his true identity.This book is such an interesting mixture of action and description, yet with very little character development Montncy has few, if any, defining characteristics He has apparently committed [...]

  19. Philip

    Of course, I always round up, so a 3.5 becomes a 4.I guess the four depends on how you put the emphasis on really I REALLY liked it versus, yeah I really liked it As you re reading this, I know you re thinking great another review that says nothing about the book, but only about the star rating system Whatever, we ve all been there.Montncy was a good quick book Part Jekyll and Hyde, part Prince and the Pauper part a bunch of other stuffI could have some criticisms about the style, and about the [...]

  20. Nathan Procopio

    Overall this book is pretty good It s fairy fast paced so it kept me interested and I didn t find myself skipping parts because they were boring Full of action it is a good read for anyone who likes books set in the past but have lots going on and aren t historical but tell interesting stories I liked that this book kept me interested and made me want to read the others in the series The author does a good job of grabbing the reader and keeping them interested in what is happening The characters [...]

  21. Amanda

    My mom picked up this book for me at a book fair a few years ago I read it and really enjoyed it I saw it on my bookshelf the other day and read it through again.The characters in the book are really intriguing I loved following the story of Montncy, also known as Scarper, through his life of crime and his rise to the upper social class.The plot is a thriller and very unpredictable I highly recommend this book

  22. Elizabeth

    Montncy, a petty thief in Victorian England, is badly injured and then caught by the police, but his time recuperating in jail is the beginning of a whole new life for prisoner 493.Montncy is a light and fun read the prisoner uses the knowledge he gained in prison to develop a new life of crime, complete with two personas, that of a rich man and his loathsome servant, to pull it off Readers will be pulling for Montncy and will want to dive into the sequels.

  23. Sherwood Smith

    This is sfnal only in feel the Victorian passion for scientific endeavor, often carried out on people who were not consulted Like the jailbird who was near death, operated on, his progress exposed to the Faculty He reinvents himself as Montncy, gentleman thief, and becomes his own sidekick, the crude, and cruel, Scamper How he does this, what the Victorian world was like particularly the new sewers and what happens was a wonderful read Delicious writing, with brilliant detail.

  24. Debbie

    This was a fun little book that I hadn t realized was meant to be for children until I actually bought it at the bookstore The main character is a convict who, once released, leads a double life as one of London s elite and his own servant A very fast and enjoyable read I ll be picking up the sequel when I can.

  25. Meredith

    This is a very exciting, very interesting book The plot is great The only real problem is the characters You don t get to know any of them, not even Montncy himself, very well Of course, that s part of his appeal He s mysterious Still, the plot zips right along, so it didn t bother me too much I m very glad to hear there are books, and I will definitely check them out.

  26. [Name Redacted]

    A fun, quick story about a petty criminal who winds up in jail and decides to make something of himself that something is, of course, a master criminal I think the elements which stood out most for me were the inglorious and decidedly un glamorous means by which Montncy secures his wealth, coupled with his mounting dissociative identity disorder Good, light reading.

  27. Carmen

    I hadn t had so much fun reading a book in a long time.Brought me back to the stories of my childhood, like Dumas The count of Montecristo, Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes, Oscar Wilde s Dorian Gray.Compulsive reading.Don t miss.

  28. Eliza

    I loved this book when I first read it and I loved it again listening to the audiobook done by Stephen Fry, who is marvelous I wish I could hear his version of the Harry Potter tapes Montncy is one of my favorite series and I strongly recommend it to teens and adults.

  29. Heather

    Montncy uses the sewers to steal from the rich and join them in a lush livelyhood The first part of the book moved a little slow for me, but I found myself rooting for this criminal turned gentleman.

  30. Norah

    This is the first in a series of four so far It s billed as a children s book but I would recommend it to readers of all ages The characters are well developed and the imaginative narration is fun to follow.

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