The Weather Stations (2020)

The Weather Stations Ryan Call The Weather Stations Whiting Writers Award WinnerThe debut collection of ten short stories from Ryan Call including stories originally published in Keyhole The Lifted Brow Lo Ball The Collagist The Los Angeles R
  • Title: The Weather Stations
  • Author: Ryan Call
  • ISBN: 1110000048584
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
The Weather Stations Ryan Call 2011 Whiting Writers Award WinnerThe debut collection of ten short stories from Ryan Call, including stories originally published in Keyhole, The Lifted Brow, Lo Ball, The Collagist, The Los Angeles Review, Hobart and Web Conjunctions.
The Weather Stations Ryan Call

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    109 Ryan Call
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One thought on “The Weather Stations

  1. Brian

    Ten beautifully written stories set in an alternate world where the personification of weather turns storms into Storms with a malevolent penchant for hunting down and wiping out frail humans.Yes, the books have a sci fi twist, but the reader never feels like the world inhabited is really that different from the one we live in The imagery evokes our atavistic and often mystical attachment to violent weather Call s writing is precise, at times almost reading like a meteorological textbook His cha [...]

  2. D.A.

    When travel writer Alexander Frater wrote lovingly of his father s fascination with weather, he measured and recorded it, noting down items like precipitation, hours of sunshine and wind speed and direction, he might just as easily have been writing about Ryan Call Call s narrative consciousness chases clouds and storms the way paparazzi chase stars not to quarry them but to worship them, ancient gods and goddesses that they are In the story My Scattering, a character asked to describe a storm c [...]

  3. Kerri Anne

    The sunshine and rainbows and sweet spring winds first This is one of the most imaginative set of shorts I ve thus far stumbled upon Call has supreme storytelling skill, his worlds at once fantastic and vividly imaginable, his stories simultaneously interesting, hopeful, and in many places quite terrifying Which is to say the first six come highly recommended How We Came to Live in the Sky I Pilot My Bed Deep into the Night Consider the Buzzard Windswept My Scattering The Architect s Apprentice [...]

  4. Matt

    Few finer collections have I read, and if the later stories fall short of expectation, it s only because Call s set the bar so high My Scattering may be one of the horrific stories I ve recently read, and yet it s hauntingly beautiful some part of me wanted to see it in my dreams If Anvil feels unfinished, perhaps it s only because the story immediately preceding, The Architect s Apprentice, twists surely than most stories would dare hope To wit you should probably read it 4.5 stars because eve [...]

  5. Zach

    This is an intriguing story collection published by Caketrain, a Pittsburgh based journal and press that always strikes me for in intriginess.All of Call s stories take place in a fantastical world where the narrators and their associates battle against malevolent weather It s a fictive creation in the mold of Calvino and Borges, and one story in particular, The Walker Circulation, I think makes that comparison legitimate The prose is fairly stark, matching the hopeless settings that dominate al [...]

  6. Tuck

    sad stories of humans estranged from themselves and the weather unfortunately most of these stories are our rather dismal future without birds, they cannot live in a tornado any than we can live in a storm cave so if you need to bone up for the future, here you go plus, a appropriate cover has rarely been matched with the content of a book, see sleep elevations by maia flore caketrain appears to be the REAL THING maiaflore personal sle

  7. Jaimee

    If I have a complaint about this almost paralyzingly beautiful collection, it is that after I read part of it, I feel like there s nothing I can do afterwards that s enough, that has the appropriate weight, that is worthy of following the experience of reading it.Ryan is actually a friend of mine, and I ve been after him to write this book for a few years now, so I can t say that I m not biased or deeply invested in the existence of this collection That said, the extent to which his work and thi [...]

  8. Matt Simmons

    It is an odd thing when one both feels aggravated by a book, and incredibly charmed and moved by it Thus is the case with this book and me I find the conceit of the book that there is a world like our own, but different, in that somehow weather is not sentient, yet somehow always active, attacking, that it can be used and controlled but not harnessed, fully and that we live in the sky, at least part of the time This is the basic premise of the book s stories not connected in anything other than [...]

  9. Margaryta

    The Weather Stations Anyone who thinks weather is something boring and takes this every day phenomenon for granted, should read this book I m not joking I, too, was skeptical when I bought the ebook copy, thinking there was only so much that one could write about the weather, but considering that this is an anthology of ten short stories I was intrigued to find out what exactly was inside True, the basic concept of weather remains the same and virtually unchanged throughout the whole book, but i [...]

  10. Kirsten

    This collection of stories has captured my thoughts in a way that will haunt me for a long time I ve already tried to describe it to a handful of people to tie into some half expressed moment in conversation His world is startling and imaginative but delicately human Of course, I am among those who are always aware of weather It took me a bit to get into the rhythm of his story telling, but it was worth continuing Very glad I own a copy I can return to whenever I want.

  11. Emprise

    In Season Six of Doctor Who, one of the most highly anticipated episodes was written by Neil Gaiman, the author known for his Sandman series along with his novels like American Gods and Coraline In this episode, the Doctor and his companions Amy and Rory crash land on an asteroid in an alternate universe During this episode, we learn that the asteroid is a sentient planet that has trapped the soul of the TARDIS Time and Relative Dimension in Space, or the blue police box that is a time machine i [...]

  12. Erica

    A strange and elegant story collection, with a voice that reminded me of Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz Mother snapped the buckles into my safety belt so that I would not be swept into the weather s clutches Timely, too People carried on with their daily lives as if oblivious to the weather s violent, dangerous revolt If you saw the photos this week of Venice flooded, with people in bathing suits sitting at submerged cafe tables, that s sort of the world of these stories Weather is the ene [...]

  13. Steven Peck

    This book will be with me for a long time The images that it evoked, the wonder and awe that the book left me with are hard to describe It is stunningly well written The stories are hard to detail and capture in a short review in such a way that will give them their due, trust me, just read them You need to immerse yourself in them and sample their wonder yourself A friend asked me to read one of the stories for a discussion group and after that one, I was hooked I had to have so downloaded the [...]

  14. Melissa

    This is a special book The Weather Stations made me feel sweet inside, sometimes sad, like visiting a series of miniature towns inside a snowglobe For each of its dystopian weather events, I got the feeling that there was a larger benevolent hand at work cradling it all These are the humans doing the best they can with what they have This is the beating heart within the doppler This is apocalypse light.

  15. BHodges

    Stories about the weather A man possessed by lightening, a child whose personal climate leads to an early death, a father carried away by the clouds, people falling through shards of sky that had collapsed to the ground, the militarization of winds, and a number of other bizarre tales which, despite their surreality, manage to get right to the heart of the strongest human emotions I absolutely recommend this book A hundred times recommend.

  16. Robert

    From the very first sentence I knew this was going to be a keeper, and Ryan Call did not disappoint The prose is lyrical and haunting and and vivid and, not to be completely over the top, awe inspiring In most short collections there s always a dud or two, but not here I rarely read books than once as life is too short, but I ll definitely revisit this one.

  17. Shay

    I didn t really have any expectations from this, I just wanted a cheap and short collection of stories to download on my phone because I was bored at work and failed to bring a book with meBut damn, I really enjoyed this I ll definitely look for things by this author

  18. Max Potthoff

    Powerful prose that takes the reader through an imaginative cumulus terrain The delicacy and harshness of the landscape creates an interesting juxtaposition that helps illustrate the fragility of existence which characterizes Call s work.

  19. Evan

    Doubly amazing, both for dense weather imagery without repetition or boredom, and for having a deep sense of his characters with little to no dialogue.

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