Vuurvast (2020)

Vuurvast Michael Robotham Joost Mulder Vuurvast Vierenvijftig uur geleden werd Sami vrijgelaten uit de gevangenis Zesendertig uur geleden sliep hij in een hotel met de vrouw van zijn dromen Een uur geleden werd zijn trein opgeblazen Nu draagt hij e
  • Title: Vuurvast
  • Author: Michael Robotham Joost Mulder
  • ISBN: 9789023441922
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
Vuurvast Michael Robotham Joost Mulder Vierenvijftig uur geleden werd Sami vrijgelaten uit de gevangenis Zesendertig uur geleden sliep hij in een hotel met de vrouw van zijn dromen Een uur geleden werd zijn trein opgeblazen Nu draagt hij een rugzak met een tikkende bom en loopt hij door de drukke winkelstraten van Londen, in een race tegen de klok Sami Macbeth bracht drie jaar door in de gevangenis voor eenVierenvijftig uur geleden werd Sami vrijgelaten uit de gevangenis Zesendertig uur geleden sliep hij in een hotel met de vrouw van zijn dromen Een uur geleden werd zijn trein opgeblazen Nu draagt hij een rugzak met een tikkende bom en loopt hij door de drukke winkelstraten van Londen, in een race tegen de klok Sami Macbeth bracht drie jaar door in de gevangenis voor een misdaad die hij niet pleegde Het enige wat hij nu nog wil is zijn vriendin terugvinden, op zijn gitaar spelen en rockster worden Maar de reputatie van meesterdief blijft hem achtervolgen, en zijn geliefde zus wordt ingezet om Sami tot grotere misdaden aan te sporen.
Vuurvast Michael Robotham Joost Mulder

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    274 Michael Robotham Joost Mulder
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One thought on “Vuurvast

  1. Frances

    A Gripping Page Turner A real page turner with nonstop action Michael Robotham has a real flare for snappy, intelligent writing His characters are fascinating, along with a gripping story which will keep the reader enthralled right to the end One of the best books I ve read this year and highly recommended Definitely not to be missed.

  2. Brenda

    Michael Robotham continues his winning streak with me Sami Macbeth is a budding musician until he s in the wrong place at the wrong time When he gets out of prison, he only wants to be with his sister and start a new life Other people have different plans for him.Retired Detective Ruiz plays a part in this book, but the main characters are Sami, Ray Garza, and Tony Murphy Characterization is again very strong in this book, and Robotham s writing style has a natural flow When the tension amps up, [...]

  3. Phrynne

    I really enjoyed this book The author has created a delightful main character in Sami McBeth He is smart but lacking in common sense and is the unluckiest person you could ever meet And yet at the same time some kind of fate is looking after him just The story was action packed and often very tense but at the same time there was a lot of humour both in the snappy dialogue and in the way life deals with Sami Very well done

  4. Veronica ⭐️

    Sami has a knack of being in the right place at the wrong time and always seems to dig himself deeper into trouble All he really wants is to become a rock god and look after his younger sister But Nadia is missing and every move to find her puts him deeper and deeper in trouble.Bombproof is a gritty, coarse and satirical story of London s criminal underbelly and how an ordinary guy, who just wanted to play guitar, brought them unstuck.Robotham has mixed a colourful, well developed cast of charac [...]

  5. Roy

    Addictive thriller Fast paced, great story and new familiar characters It was a little over the top in some places but it was great for escapism Ex con or is he gets released from prison and just wants to find his sister He gets caught up with terrorist plots, organised crime, armed robbery and drug busts Great if you want a fun thrill ride of a novel.

  6. David Staniforth

    A great book with great characters Despite reading a few of the books out of order this being one of his earlier works Robotham hasn t disappointed me yet.

  7. Alex Cantone

    Bombproof opens to an explosion on the London underground Sami Macbeth emerges from the debris out onto the street where the city is in lockdown There was an explosion earlier and the mobile phone network has been shut down He needs a payphone to contact Tony Murphy To explain Trying to avoid the police as he relives the past three days in his mindVincent Ruiz is a retired detective It s his birthday and every year he gets a card from Ray Garza, a millionaire who made his money by selling luxury [...]

  8. Rob

    I have to admit that as far as I am concerned Michael Robotham can do no wrong So I was keen to start Bombproof I was doubly pleased when I saw that one of my favourite characters ex DI Ruiz was the main player from past books So, book in hand I settles down for an entertaining read I was not dissapointed.Every turn of the page brings new drama and excitement Ruiz has lost none of his dry humour nor is he interested in being politically correct This mix of high adrenaline action and laugh out lo [...]

  9. Carolyn

    Sami MacBeth is making a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time He s served 3 years in goal for a crime he didn t do just because he was found sitting in a van full of stolen jewels that he didn t know were there Now out of goal he s trying to find his younger sister and rebuild his life, but has been caught in a dangerous and intricate net woven by two gangs of criminals Somehow whatever Sami does, he only seems to make things worse and it looks like nothing can save him from eithe [...]

  10. Carol Jean

    Taking a little break from Sandford This is excellent The ending was just a tiny bit last minute contrived for me, but in general it was a very good read.

  11. David

    Loved the action Laughed at the humour Mused at how unlucky one guy can be Wondered how he was going to survive, and marvelled at the solution You can t go wrong with Michael Robotham.

  12. MaryG2E

    This is the story of Londoner Sami MacBeth, who is spectacularly unlucky in life He is an intelligent, compassionate young man, at whom Fate throws bucket loads of misfortune Despite a terrible family background, Sami has a deep attachment to his sister Nadia, who herself has had lots of misfortune visit her His devotion to Nadia is what keeps him going during nearly 3 years in prison, and what sets him on the path of his latest spate of disastrous happenings On the eve of his parole from the Sc [...]

  13. Meneesha Govender

    I ve always been a fan of Michael Robotham s work Filled with non stop action, diabolical plots, colourful and three dimensional characters, his novels are really difficult to put down Bombproof was all of this Robotham was a journalist and ghost writer before taking up fiction writing It was a long journey but he does not look back I thought journalism would be a great career for a would be writer, but soon discovered that you re a journalist for 24 hours a day, always chasing your next story J [...]

  14. Michael Martz

    Bombproof is a bit of a departure from Michael Robotham s typical thriller It s a little light hearted in a way and some of the action crosses the line into huh territory, but otherwise it s a fine thriller and a tightly plotted story.Sami, the main character, is both the luckiest and unluckiest guy around He s thrown into prison for something he didn t do unlucky , but he s given credit by the other criminals inside for the safe cracking caper that they thought he did lucky so they leave him a [...]

  15. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

    Bombproof is a stand alone novel by Australian author Michael Robotham, best known for his crime thriller series featuring London psychiatrist, Joseph O Loughlin First published in 2008, Mulholland Books has chosen to release this novel in the US in e format.Fast paced and action packed this thriller is a quick, entertaining read The plot is fairly simple as the unlikely hero, Sami Macbeth, is caught between a rock and a hard place Blackmailed by a drug lord, Tony Murphy, hunted by society crimi [...]

  16. Sandi

    A grade A thriller that had great characters Sami MacBeth a man so unlucky that he can turn any desperate situation into a hopeless one and Vincent Ruiz my favorite recurring character from this author , a fast and furious plot with clever writing, and excellent narration on the audio version by Sean Barrett.

  17. Anne

    A vividly constructed, fast paced thriller, set in London, about a paroled innocent who leaves prison only to get caught up in a cat and mouse game with evil mobsters Goes down easily The characters are well developed, believable And I felt that the main characters behaved true to form One thing that deserves mention I read the audiobook, and the superb Sean Barrett only heightens the enjoyment.

  18. Col

    Synopsis blurb.Sami Macbeth is not a master criminal He s not even a minor one He s not a jewel thief He s not a safe cracker He s not an expert in explosives Sami plays guitar and wants to be a rock god but keeps getting side tracked by unforeseen circumstances.Fifty four hours ago Sami was released from prison Thirty six hours ago he slept with the woman of his dreams at the Savoy An hour ago his train blew up Now he s carrying a rucksack through London s West End and has turned himself into t [...]

  19. Karen Brooks

    Hang on to the edge of your page, because this is one helluva ride Robotham s books need to come with a health warning inclined to induce insomnia I read Bombproof in one sitting, staying up to watch the sun sneak through the blinds and hear the birds begin to bloody well sing Serves me right for starting it so late at night A shorter novel than some of Robotham s others, it s also an incredibly fast paced book that follows the extraordinary mis adventures of the gorgeously named Sami Macbeth, t [...]

  20. Venetia Green

    Brilliant Robotham presents us with a character whose only extraordinary ability is extraordinary bad luck Sami doesn t set out to bomb the London underground or to make enemies of two of London s toughest gangsters, it just happens without his trying He s a wonderfully ordinary character, and the twists and turns ever spiraling down that Robotham puts him through are dizzying, unexpected and sharply plotted.What I loved best about this novel, however, was the language The dialogue is snappy and [...]

  21. Haley Mathiot

    Bombproof was a fast paced thriller with a reluctant hero who seriously just wanted all this % to be over with The plot is detailed and well executed There were only two spots through the story where I had trouble, and it was because it slowed down too much that I lost track of what was going on The end seemed a little abrupt, and I m still not sure if I like it though honestly it ended the only way it could have ended and maybe that s why I didn t find it awesome or amazing All in all it was an [...]

  22. BoekenTrol

    A terrible case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time Sami McBeth s life seems one chain of those kind of events This book by Robotham is not as difficult and Broken , it is less layered Fireproof is a stream of actions, accidents, coincidences, disbelief.The book made me curious after the first page and had me hooked after the third I then just about read it in one breath, because I really wanted to know what else would happen to Sami and his sister If things would turn for the better o [...]

  23. Sharon

    This completes my Michael Robotham novels other than Life or Death which hasn t been released in the US yet , I ve read them all and I must say that I did not expect to find Vincent Ruiz in this book Yay Sami MacBeth one unlucky soul You couldn t help but like this poor guy At the beginning of the book he is released from jail after doing close to 3 yrs for a crime he didn t commit the system failed him When he gets out, the only person he wants to see is his sister, Nadia, but when he gets to h [...]

  24. Wendy

    Bombproof was my first Michael Robotham novel, and it was quite an intense ride Sam MacBeth has recently been released from serving time in prison for a crime he did not commit Only, the bad guys don t know that They think he s something he s not As a result, he gets mixed up in a plot that can only lead to trouble On the run from the police who think he is a terrorist after the train he was on blew up, Sami must find a way to clear his name Unbeknownst to him, he has a little help on his side [...]

  25. Gavin

    You have been accused of a crime so it is best to tell the truth, if you do nothing bad will happen will it Try telling that to Sami Macbeth, he tells the police, the court system and the violent crime boss Who believes him, that is right absolutely no one If you are after a crime thriller that for a change is not set in the US but in the UK then this a book you will want to read It mixes in a smidgen of post 7 7 London paranoia with the ruthless amoral world of the criminal underworld Running a [...]

  26. Sari

    Okay so I finished this book in a matter of hours, it was so much fun I couldn t put it down All the stars are aligned for this one fantastic, fast paced story about the unluckiest guy who luckily has half a brain and maybe a guardian angel watching over him great writing and wide array of unforgettable characters, not to mention that it s always great to see Vincent Ruiz Michael Robotham is in a class by himself Looking forward to getting my hands on another one of his books soon.

  27. Gary

    A stand alone novel by Michael Robotham that is a fast paced, action filled novel.I am a big fan of Michael Robotham s series of books featuring psychiatrist Joseph O Loughlin and although I did enjoy this book is was not quite up there to his usual standard This book is a different from his other works in that it is a light read that is easy to follow with a straight forward plot Not quite 4 stars.

  28. Victor Eustáquio

    Simple and effective It s hard to write so well Without slow down and able to approach so cleverly, with no useless preciosities, a such problematic issue This is not just a thriller if it s entertainment is also an enviable work of fiction.

  29. Rick

    As always, Robotham delivers with breakneck pacing, up all night suspense, characters you really care about, and well observed writing that completely transcends the genre If you haven t read him, get to it he s one of the best.

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