The Chronicles of Amber: Volume II (2020)

The Chronicles of Amber: Volume II Roger Zelazny The Chronicles of Amber Volume II Omnibus edition Contains Sign of the Unicorn The Hand of Oberon and The Courts of Chaos
  • Title: The Chronicles of Amber: Volume II
  • Author: Roger Zelazny
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Hardcover
The Chronicles of Amber: Volume II Roger Zelazny Omnibus edition Contains Sign of the Unicorn , The Hand of Oberon , and The Courts of Chaos.
The Chronicles of Amber: Volume II Roger Zelazny

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    387 Roger Zelazny
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One thought on “The Chronicles of Amber: Volume II

  1. PopiTonja

    Ose aj koji me bukvalno nosi kroz Hronike je neopisiv Kao da lebdim na obla ku zarobljenom u nekoj senci koja se nadvila nad Amberom U ivam, lepo mi je, a kada je napeto, prosto proletim kroz stranice Identi an ose aj sam imala itaju i i I tom, ali je II daleko bolji Oberonova ruka 4 knjiga krade dah i zaustavlja srca Nestvarno

  2. Krzysztof

    This would be a 1 5 if not for the fact that its written in a readable manner The only thing that made me go through it is the fact that the writing style was ok Unispired, all over the place and boring but ok.This book took a lot out of me to finish.In fact I m not even sure I ve got enough strength to review it.So I ll just say that you can feel free to skip it entirely, because of the following reasons 1 its story could ve been told in half the amount of pages2 the other half is one or of th [...]

  3. Chris

    A very disapointing follow up to the first and fantastic Amber series Has the distinct feel of an author trying to mine his previous success, but to no avail Tired and forced stick to the first chronicles and leave your memories of Amber untainted.

  4. Brenda ╰☆╮

    What did I think I have read this series many times and I learn about it every time.I know tastes are an individual thing just saying, I loved it.might not be enough.Roger Zelazny put his heart into this I loved it

  5. Paul

    Roger Zelazny s First Chronicles of Amber is a truly towering work in the field of science fiction and fantasy his Second Chronicles of Amber is not.The First Chronicles follows Corwin as he regains his memory, discovers his role as one of the Princes of Amber the one true city in all of creation wrangles his feuding relatives, travels on an epic quest, and fights against the the Courts of Chaos Amber s polar opposite in a war that has consequences for the entire universe It is gripping, witty, [...]

  6. Felix

    German edition German review Die Tr mpfe des j ngsten Gerichts Der sechste Band des Amber Zyklus ist dem ersten Band strukturell sehr hnlich Wie schon dort, steigt Zelazny hier in medias res ein und erz hlt aus der Perspektive eines auf der Erde verweilenden Amberiten, ohne dessen Herkunft und seine damit verbundenen besonderen F higkeiten zu erw hnen In diesem Fall handelt es sich um Merle Corey alias Merlin von Amber, den Sohn von Corwin, dessen Geschichte die ersten f nf B nde umfasste Merle [...]

  7. Arquero

    Great continuation of the saga I liked it.Yet closer to the end the plot was badly manipulated E.g Spikard ring was a nonsense deus ex machina and clearly abused So was the Ghostwheel So were the duplicate ghosts The Julia drama was revived as the Mask and then abruptly cut off Brother Jurt quits vendetta and becomes a close pal Really And the hastily sketched final chords.To name a few It s such a shame.Has Roger got a writer s block or was he in harry to finish the story Nevertheless, sorry to [...]

  8. Geeraert Reinout

    I am sad to say the sequel too the firts chronicles was a great disappointment The reason for not giving it just 1 star is thanks to the fact that he didn t entirely break with the previous books.Maybe my hype for these books brought me to these rating, but I am everything except pleased with the sequel.If it wasn t for the first books, I probably would not have read the books completely

  9. Silvio Curtis

    The two volumes of this edition of the five novel series turned out to be divided at a pretty natural break As the first one left matters, Eric is dead and Corwin is de facto king of Amber But his conscience is getting stronger than his ambition quite a new development and being king isn t all he cares about now So he s become much of a conventional hero than he was in the first part of the series At the same time, the plot becomes much less of a conventional hero quest and of a murder mystery [...]

  10. Travis

    Its been well over 20 years since I read these novels, and they still hold up really well Highly recommended.

  11. Bart

    Please read the full review on Weighing A Pig I m disappointed to report that I agree with those who think this second part of The Great Book Of Amber doesn t live up to the Corwin cycle As it has been a couple of years since I ve read that first cycle, it s hard to compare the two in a detailed manner I also can t rule out that my tastes have shifted a bit, resulting in me simply liking these books a bit less than I would have if I d just continued with the second series right after the first S [...]

  12. Brian

    This review is for the entire series Volume 1 got an extra star, the final book of this series wasn t as good as the others, so I knocked this volume down a star Perhaps not consistent with some of the other reviews across this site, but I don t have time to keep up with that, especially without half stars.Anyway, the series as a whole is quite good, and you can see the influence of this thing on modern fantasy writers I can imagine the part in Book 1 where Corwin is taking his army against his [...]

  13. Roberta

    I read the three books in this collection, Sign of the Unicorn, The Hand of Oberon, and The Courts of Chaos when they first came out in 1975, 1976, and 1978 At that time I thought that all the books in the series were at least 5 stars and that Roger Zelazny was a god Now that I am re reading them I m not as sure as I was If I were reading it today for the first time, I would give The Hand of Oberon two stars There are a lot of inconsistencies, particularly involving the rules that have been esta [...]

  14. Milopeinemann

    Other influential science fiction writers who blossomed in the 1950s and 1960s, such as Isaac Asimov, were brilliant in their ideas, but their writing often left something to desire But with Zelazny, as with Ursula le Guin, there is no separating the teller from the tale Unfortunately, Zelazny passed away as this series wrapped up I m not sure if the story suffered as a result of his illness seems like it or if he planned to go another five books from here seems possible too.In the first five bo [...]

  15. B.B. Shepherd

    In this second set of The Chronicles of Amber, whose protagonist is now Merlin, Corwin s son, the Amber family members have become peripheral at best, and flatly depicted I was hoping to learn about them but they seemed to serve mostly as vehicles to do this or that for Merlin, sometimes background characters, sometimes mere conveniences Even Uncle Random, the King, seems deflated.Merlin himself is a weak shadow of his father s character More likable, perhaps, but definitely far less interestin [...]

  16. Jakub

    Still good but not as good I enjoyed accompanying Merlin in his Amber adventures he was a likable, independent character I have a bit of a problem with him sometimes he was a bit too much Corwin but in the end he managed to remain separate from his father Though I am still not sure if it would not be better to keep one protagonist for the whole series The other problem I have is too much semi omnipotence of too many beings It was interesting to see the powers in balance but I felt that too many [...]

  17. Brad McKenna

    The idea of 1 city being the only true city and all others being but shadows of it, is a fascinating one This second volume sees Corwin fighting not for the throne this time, but to save the city, and therefore existence It also included a nice twist with Corwin s dad I saw signs of it coming but it was done in such a way that didn t make me feel like a fool for missing it The only trouble I had was the staccato descriptions of Corwin travelling through the Shadowas It was like a description of [...]

  18. Randy

    Roger Zelazny was one of the hardest working men in fantasy, and this series is one of the most successful explorations of new concepts in a well worn field If you ve never read any Zelazny, Amber is a great place to start If you ve read it before, you already know why I m reading it again If you like swordplay, horses, intrigue, romance, or if you have a family, these stories will resonate for you Enjoy With reading several books at the same time well, you know what I mean , this took longer th [...]

  19. Jack

    This is a very difficult rating to give as it s five books in one The series starts very strongly Similarly to Amber Chronicles 1 5, there is a great bit of intrigue and the plot moves very rapidly through the first couple books It s a great page turner, but is also very well written, with a sardonic, witty tone Sci Fi Fantasy has to be fairly epic in order to pull of a somber tone an issue I had recently with Red Rising and Zelany strikes a jaunty tone that is very fitting for the book It s fun [...]

  20. Lauren R

    Like many other readers, I save some of my favorite books to revisit later Some I revisit often as one visits old friends Roger Zelazny has created a tale in which I have become a willing participant.I last read the Chronicles of Amber years ago, then through the troubles and problems that assail us all, the books went into storage and I went through a debilitating illness, so I now seek to replace the books, so that I may find the lost address of long missed old friends.In my estimation those a [...]

  21. Bruce

    Audiobook review The second 5 of the 10 Amber books were written a number of years after Zelazny was past the peak of his powers and while they have similar flavor to the first 5, I find them a bit bloated, less zippy, DD Monty Haulish in their power inflation a bit like the second filmed star wars trilogy ie episodes 1 3 and really not a worthwhile use of my time I have twice waded in to them, once in print a number of years ago and now in audio, only to give up before the end Not recommended.

  22. s

    It was alright, sometimes felt a little overlong The intrigues among the royal family do flesh out Corwin s character and provide some drama, and the visual descriptions especially in Courts of Chaos are imaginative and engaging I d love to see a movie or comic book adaptation, since the visual descriptions feature so prominently At the same time, I didn t feel like a whole lot of emotional engagement with the text I felt like there was about a book s worth of character development spread across [...]

  23. Quinton Baran

    At first, I didn t like this series as much as the first However, after reading it again, I like it just as much It is quite different with technology mixed in, replacing the stronger fantasy element in the first series There are a lot of characters to follow and due to this, just like I commented in the first series, I want The series seems to end on a cliff hanger, accentuating this feeling.

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