A Curious Indian Cadaver (2020)

A Curious Indian Cadaver Shamini Flint A Curious Indian Cadaver Inspector Singh is sick of sick leave so when Mrs Singh suggests they attend a family wedding in Mumbai he grudgingly agrees hoping that the spicy Indian curries will make up for extended exposure t
  • Title: A Curious Indian Cadaver
  • Author: Shamini Flint
  • ISBN: 9780749953423
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback
A Curious Indian Cadaver Shamini Flint Inspector Singh is sick of sick leave, so when Mrs Singh suggests they attend a family wedding in Mumbai, he grudgingly agrees hoping that the spicy Indian curries will make up for extended exposure to his wife s relatives.Unfortunately, the beautiful bride to be disappears on the eve of her wedding did she run away to avoid an arranged marriage, or is there somethingInspector Singh is sick of sick leave, so when Mrs Singh suggests they attend a family wedding in Mumbai, he grudgingly agrees hoping that the spicy Indian curries will make up for extended exposure to his wife s relatives.Unfortunately, the beautiful bride to be disappears on the eve of her wedding did she run away to avoid an arranged marriage, or is there something sinister afoot When a corpse is found, the fat inspector is soon dragged into a curious murder investigation with very firm instructions from Mrs Singh to exonerate her family But as he uncovers layer upon layer of deceit, he knows it isn t going to be that easy
A Curious Indian Cadaver Shamini Flint

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    Shamini Flint

One thought on “A Curious Indian Cadaver

  1. Carol.

    Yikes So close to the end of the Inspector Singh series, and stalking checking out the website for Ms Flint makes it clear that self promotion isn t in her wheelhouse Hope that means she s busy writing the next Singh mystery, a series that is a modern and culturally aware take of a Piroit style investigation.I found this to be one of the solid entries in the Inspector Singh series Poor Inspector forced to take a medical leave of absence after the calamitous ending of the last book, his wife ha [...]

  2. VaultOfBooks

    By Shamini Flint 5 Inspector Singh series Grade B When I was offered the opportunity to read this book, I grabbed it because I was curious to see how a non Indian author would handle an Indian protagonist Then I saw the cover It looked very childish, to be honest, and I was a little put out But when I read the blurb and the first few pages, I found that the author s writing wasn t at all what I had expected it to be that is, it wasn t childish So with that in mind, I started reading.Inspector Si [...]

  3. Mikhail

    Much better Flint is at her best when she writes cozy mysteries in the finest Agatha Christie style complex interpersonal dramas with lots of motives, lots of twists, and lots of suspects Once again starts on a painfully grim note, but lightens until the end.

  4. Nellie Rogers

    Another fun quirky and suspenseful crime novel by Shamini Inspector Singh in India the land of his forefathers but he looks at it and knows as a Singaporean not from an Indian perspective It was also interesting to see mrs Singh as central to the story, additional character development how she turned into the bossy Indian wife but this time even helping her husband I chuckled through the dry witty comments between the Singhs and giggled at the little digs at Singapore we don t have newspapers f [...]

  5. Megan

    After Inspector Singh s latest case in Cambodia, he has been placed on sick leave to recuperate and this doesn t sit well with him Since he is being forced to take time off, he and his wife travel to India for a family wedding However, when the bride to be disappears on the eve of her wedding, Inspector Singh is soon swept up in the family drama and is enlisted by the powerful patriarch to determine what happened to his beloved granddaughter As is the case with previous installments, there are m [...]

  6. Gail

    I picked this one up at random and have made a new best friend Shamini Flint writes well some great words in there with a good pace Characters were all believable and the scenes are set well without getting too detailed Anyone who is familiar with the Indian culture will experience lots of giggles as the indian comes through in the language, attitudes and countryside As I was getting into it, I did start drawing parallels with Botswana s No 1 Ladies Detective Agency and see that the Daily Record [...]

  7. Chandni

    This is a first ever book I have read of this author and about the first 20 pages told me I don t like it at all She is a non Indian yet she has dared into the Indian territory and instead to procuring a story it seems as if she is paid extra to write all things bad some existing some unnecessary created about India She should then stick to her resident country Singapore.The story and the writing style isn t captivating too The cover suggested the book to belong to children section D very childi [...]

  8. Denniger Bolton

    I ve read all the Inspector Singh books I heard about Shamini the author who lives in Singapore from a friend of mine here in Austin Texas whose husband was stationed there I thought I d give her a try, or a go, as they say in those British influenced countries I m glad I did cuz I really dig the dude as we say in those USA influenced countries like Texas Highly recommended Denniger

  9. Rosemary

    Shamini Flint has created another delightful mystery featuring Inspector Singh with a backdrop of chemical waste tainting water in a slum, conspiracy to effect riots in Mombai, and a badly incinerated body of a young pregnant woman The humour surrounding the investigation by the ever growing rotund detective made this a fun airport read enough to distract while also enough to improve my knowledge Good enough to seek out another title in the series

  10. Andrea InCoorparoo

    I found it hard to put down a good indicator of a good mystery I enjoyed the added element of Inspector Singh s experiences and observations as a foreigner in Mumbai.

  11. Gretchen K. Cacciotti

    Really Good Read The characters are well developed and believable A complex tale is woven around the unfortunate event of a family death Shamini Flint interjects unexpected humor in his writing Having visited Mumbai, I appreciated the descriptions that bring the flavor of this bustling city to life.

  12. Remi

    Flint s fifth novel in the Inspector Singh series, I found it to be both enjoyable but also repetitive I normally dislike repetition in series and do understand how difficult it is for authors to avoid this to some degree but I also enjoy this franchise So it is something I can overlook for the sake of enjoying another one of Flint s romps around Asia as told through the titular Inspector Singh.This novel, set in India, had me changing my mind who was the guilty culprit of the murderor who would [...]

  13. Lizzie Hayes

    Inspector Singh Investigates A Curious Indian Cadaver by Shamini FlintPublished by Piatkus, 5th April 2012 ISBN 978 0 7499 5342 3Inspector Singh of the Singapore Police Force is on medical leave, and whereas during his working life he has endeavoured to wangle a long lunch followed by an afternoon nap, being at home he has now exhausted this pleasure, and is keen to get back to work However, his superior Superintendent Chen is enjoying the absence of his overweight and permanently dishevelled In [...]

  14. Cathy Cole

    Shamini Flint has created a series that I love to read The character of Inspector Singh is the perfect blend of humor and intelligence, and there s the added bonus of following him from case to case throughout Southeast Asia In many ways this series is comparable to Tarquin Hall s which is set in India and features private investigator Vish Puri Both give Westerners insight into incredibly rich cultures so very different from their own.A Curious Indian Cadaver begins with an emotional blockbuste [...]

  15. Smita Beohar

    Inspector Singh is on a sick leave and not loving it a bit So when Mrs Singh proposes that they should better utilise the holiday and attend the marriage of her cousins daughter he cannot refuse All he was expecting from the wedding was some nosey relatives and loads of tasty food yes Mr Singh loves food but what he had never expected was that he would be solving a murder mystery.Upon reaching Mumbai shock is what they had when they were informed that the bride was missing When Mrs Singh doesn t [...]

  16. Shirin

    Oh Ms Flint, I saw your plot a mile awayThat is not to say I did not enjoy this 5th misadventure of pot bellied Singh I did, immensely.So, Singh was just lounging around at home after his near miss in Cambodia when Mrs Singh sprung a surprise and dragged him to attend a wedding in Mumbai Thus began the adventures.The scene at Mumbai airport was funny, I remember having the same thoughts and as mentioned in my earlier review, Ms Flint s rather vivid description of the location in her books I reme [...]

  17. Ryan

    This was an absolutely delightful read Inspector Singh is a great character Friendly and good natured, while also being cynical, lethargic, and fond of his indulgences, he reminded me of Doctor Adoulla from Throne of the Crescent Moon than he did of other police officers PIs I m a big fan of the good doctor, so it was interesting and fun to see that character archetype show up in a completely different setting.Flint s presentation of India, and how the different characters interpret react to th [...]

  18. Denise

    I won this book in a giveaway This book is the fifth entry in a series about Inspector Singh, a senior police officer from Singapore In this story, Inspector Singh, who is on sick leave, is becoming very bored So his wife suggests, that they attend a wealthy cousin s wedding in Mumbai, India Inspector Singh is having second doubts, after arriving Days before the wedding, the bride, who is in love with another man, suddenly disappears Her grandfather wants Singh to investigate.Why did the bride d [...]

  19. Tawney

    I received this book compliments of the author through the First Reads program.This was my first encounter with Inspector Singh and I enjoyed it Although he fits into the Fat detective with and unappreciative boss and wife who nags him about his smoking category , Singh isn t at all cardboard He finds attendance at family activities basically unpleasant but when it is necessary to investigate those very members of his wife s family he is capable and tactful Since he is in India and and working a [...]

  20. Kathleeen

    It took me a while to read this book, which is probably a good reflection of how I felt about it I found myself skipping through large chunks and often I was only reading the dialogue I wanted to desperately finish the book, and to find out the killer, but I wasn t invested much in the book, the story, the characters, any of it really It wasn t what I was expecting view spoiler AND THE INDIAN CADAVER WHO THE FUCKING BOOK IS NAMED AFTER ISN T GIVEN A PROPER SEND OFF Not a complete investigation, [...]

  21. John Lee

    I have read and enjoyed the previous 4 novels in this series although I was a little worried by the last and thought that the previous light background stories had been replaced by something heavier and darker When I knew that the new book was available I was eager to see which way the authoress had turned.Although this book started with troubling scenes, the authoress had changed back to the earlier style which is much enjoyable in my opinion.As with the earlier stories there is much to learn [...]

  22. Stevie Carroll

    In this fifth book of the series, Inspector Singh goes to India, where he ends up feeling of a foreigner than ever and finds up missing the cleanliness and affluence of Singapore Not that his in laws are badly off, but everyone else seems to be, and he can t hide away in the expensive hotel room that s part of the wedding guest package when there s a suspicious death or two to investigate Singh seems to have mellowed slightly in this one, although that just may be due to the wide availability o [...]

  23. Doug

    Pros Light, entertaining read Inspector Singh and his wife are fun and likable characters In this book we also get some insight into the dynamics of modern India the haves versus the have nots the Hindus versus the Muslims versus the Sikhs I particularly enjoyed getting a better insight into the Sikh traditions and ways of life they are usually left behind in literature relative to the Hindus and Muslims.Cons Predictable I am no detective but I could see the resolution coming at me like a freigh [...]

  24. Mira

    My first dip into the Inspector Singh series Do all of the books have such spoilerific titles The murder mystery element is very elementary, with mystery A leading to mystery B and so on, and the conclusion came as no great surprise I think that many readers may guess the ending almost immediately.What is rich in this book is the description of a bustling and exotic Mumbai, the stench and sights are captured artfully This was a nice quick easy read, but I don t think I will pick up any others in [...]

  25. Linda

    Tubby Inspector Singh is on leave after his harrowing case in Cambodia In a moment of weakness and boredom he agrees to attend a wedding on his wife s side of the family and travels to Mumbai Before the wedding occurs, the bride disappears and soon a funeral follows Singh is reluctantly enlisted to investigate the so called suicide by the family patriarch mogul Tara Singh Shamini Flint includes history, culture and humor along with a complex mystery for Singh to solve This series is delightful

  26. Sarah England

    Agree with Rachel that it was a bit plodding and predictable, but not read enough of the others to comment in context of her work i did find the constant references to Singh s weight a bit wearisome okay, he s fat, we get it Other characters saying it is credible but not necessary to be so insistent , but why the need for the narrator to constantly point it out, too Hardly affects his ability as a detective he doesn t need to physically chase anyone Hm.

  27. Rhonda

    I am really enjoying this series I m lucky because there were already 6 books in the series before I discovered it, so I can go at them in marathon fashion which is always fun I think it also helps you grow attached to the protagonist in a way that I don t know you would in only one book Primarily I enjoy this series for the sense of place and settings Southeast Asia so I m probably not an entirely unbiased reader All in all, I enjoy the series and look forward to

  28. ☺Trish

    Another quirky and interesting Inspector Singh mystery novel from Shamini Flint Inspector Singh who is on sick leave and hating it and his wife travel from Singapore to Mumbai, India to attend the wedding of the daughter of one of Mrs Singh s cousins spicy curries yum Unfortunately, the bride to be is missing Is she a runaway bride or is there some sort of foul play involved A quick, light read and an entertaining way to pass a few hours

  29. Christopher

    I have been reading the Inspector Singh novels out of order, with this being the 4th book in the series I have read The previous three were fast and fun reads and A Curious Indian Cadaver is no different The Inspector Singh character is very likable and there are many moments of levity in the mystery, but like in the other books of this series, the crimes committed are written with a harder edge than one might expect because of the humor.

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