A Day with No Crayons (2020)

A Day with No Crayons Elizabeth Rusch Chad Cameron A Day with No Crayons When Liza s mother takes away her beloved crayons her world suddenly goes gray How does the budding artist repond She squirts her toothpaste angrily and stomps through mud puddles Through these acts
  • Title: A Day with No Crayons
  • Author: Elizabeth Rusch Chad Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780873589109
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Hardcover
A Day with No Crayons Elizabeth Rusch Chad Cameron When Liza s mother takes away her beloved crayons, her world suddenly goes gray How does the budding artist repond She squirts her toothpaste angrily and stomps through mud puddles Through these acts, Liza inadvertently creates art and eventually discovers color in the world around her.Liza loved her crayons She treasured turquoise, adored apricot, and flipped over fucWhen Liza s mother takes away her beloved crayons, her world suddenly goes gray How does the budding artist repond She squirts her toothpaste angrily and stomps through mud puddles Through these acts, Liza inadvertently creates art and eventually discovers color in the world around her.Liza loved her crayons She treasured turquoise, adored apricot, and flipped over fuchsia.
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One thought on “A Day with No Crayons

  1. Lisa Vegan

    Oh, this seemed so clich because I ve read other very similar books, but I loved it anyway.The story addresses bad vs good behavior, punishment a reasonable kind , and most of all the joy of being an artist, of seeing as an artist sees I also love the humor it s very funny.When Liza doesn t have her crayons to draw with any, at first the world looks gray, but then her inner artist sees possibilities.I love that the words denoting a color are printed in that color, and I love the illustrations I [...]

  2. Kathryn

    What a gem I m so glad my GoodReads friend Lisa brought this to my attention I love the creativity in this story Liza loves to draw with crayons the variety of colors fills her artistic soul and she just has to express herself Which is all well and good until she runs out of paper and decides to color on the big, white wall Her mom takes away the crayons for the day and at first life seems colorless But Liza s imagination and exploration of nature soon lead her to see that life is full of color, [...]

  3. Miriam

    After Liza draws on the wall, her mother takes her crayons away At first Liza can t imagine how she ll get through the day, but gradually she learns to see color and beauty in the world around her I really like the positive message about imagination and enjoyed seeing Liza s excitement at her discovery of the artistic potential of everyday objects and places However, I was a little bothered by Liza s destructive behavior in public places tearing up the flowers in the playground, smearing mud all [...]

  4. Ann

    What a wonderful concept that was delightfully carried out When our protagonist is so in love with color and drawing that she draws on the walls, her mother takes away her crayons for the day But, what I loved about this book, was that, by not having her crayons, our heroine must find the color in the world itself, and she is so creative that she discovers there are ways to create art than with just crayons.This is great read anyway, but really great for buddings artists

  5. Shamika

    Text to Teaching Connection In this particular reading, I found the main character Liza to be very captivated by drawing inside of her coloring book daily, until it was suddenly taken away Meanwhile, throughout the book, I often found color recognition and or color association For example, Liza often associated a color with things, which can greatly help with children s learning ability as far as memory Liza then found a deeper appreciation for nature and the organic art that it possesses By doi [...]

  6. Jenny

    I really enjoyed this cute story of Liza, who loves her crayons She draws and colors all day long Then one day she runs out of paper and she draws on her bedroom wall Her mom takes her crayons away for the rest of the day Liza is so sad, she goes outside, and her day is gray literallyese pages are drawn in gray shades But then she gets grass stains on her pants and notices their shade of green She observes the color of the dandelions and smears them on her pants SOon she realizes the world is fu [...]

  7. The Library Lady

    There s a wonderful Harry Chapin song about a little boy whose art teacher insists that flower are red, and green fields are green , but he responds there are so many colors in the flowers, and I see everyone And that s the underlying message here to look beyond and discover ALL the colors in the world But kids will just enjoy the story of Liza, who loses her crayons for drawing on the walls and suddenly sees colors EVERYWHERE

  8. Diane

    A little girl runs out of paper and decides to draw on her nice blank wall The consequence is that her mother takes her crayons away from her for a whole day But it is then that the little girl discovers a whole world of color around her From the blue green toothpaste in her bathroom to the grass stained knees of her pants From dandelions that are beyond laser yellow to gray blue pebbles she uses to create an ocean.A celebration of imagination and creativity.

  9. Maria Marshall

    In a celebration of the diversity of nature and creativity, this book is a sheer joy to read.Given the explosion of adult coloring books, it is obviously an activity that all ages continue to enjoy When Liza s mom took away her crayons, I feared her creativity would be stifled The sudden shift to grey and sepia tones, further highlighted Liza s misery But as her day progressed, Liza discovered the blue of toothpaste swirls, the brown of splattered mud, and the green of grass stains As she explor [...]

  10. Racheal

    There are a ton of other books with very similar themes and ideas, but this one s just a cut above and it warmed my indiscriminately color loving heart.

  11. Pam

    After drawing on her bedroom wall, a young girl learns to explore the colors in the world beyond her crayons.Use for making discoveries in the world around us and using imagination.

  12. Michelle McBeth

    SUMMARY Liza loves her crayons She colors every piece of paper in her coloring books until one day she runs out of pages She discovers a blank wall that would do just as well She colors to her heart s delight until her mother catches her and take her crayons away for the day Liza doesn t know what to do until she goes outside and notices color all around her She begins to use nature to make pictures outside She realizes that living without her crayons for a day isn t so bad after allLUSTRATIONS [...]

  13. Los Gatos Library

    Liza loves her crayons Everyday she fills her notebooks with pictures in aquamarine and apricot and fuchsia Until the day she runs out of paper, and makes the mistake of beginning a masterpiece on the wall of her bedroom Her mother takes away her crayons for a whole day It seems like it will be a gray day, devoid of any color Then Liza squirts toothpaste in the sink, and stomps through some lovely brown mud Pretty soon, she can t help but notice there is color everywhere in the world Liza the ar [...]

  14. Dolly

    This is an entertaining story about the wonderful colors in nature and the limitless way we can express ourselves in art While being punished for drawing on walls, Liza discovers that she doesn t need crayons to have color in her life I thought it was interesting that even without the artistic medium that she is used to, a young girl finds a way to embrace her creative side and discover the wonders of nature I loved that our girls were able to point out the references to Van Gogh and Jackson Pol [...]

  15. Joy

    I loved this book An artistic little girl with a need for color and creative expression does what all little artists eventually do she draws on a lovely blank white wall Who can resist such a large, available canvas Her mother discovers her daughter s mural and assigns the appropriate punishment of no crayons for a day Liza s day becomes literally grey until she begins to discover all of the amazing colors in the world and how to express herself in new and innovative ways The illustrations are p [...]

  16. Breanna DeAngelis

    I love that this book opened her eyes to the colors all around her The pictures were able to tell the story, however I think some of the language in this book might be hard for some Especially because it was stating the names of different colors other than the primary colors many children know I do think this would be a good book to teach children a lesson in appreciating the things around them It may not be appropriate for beginning readers, but as they become advanced, I would suggest they ta [...]

  17. Romelle

    A Day With No Crayons gives new life to a box of crayons Author Elizabeth Rusch makes colors so inviting with names like Screamin green, Magic maize, and Outrageous orchid.The main character, Liza is a delight to follow I love her passion for art and colors When Mom takes her crayons away, Liza s world is all of a sudden, black and white as depicted by illustartor Chad Cameron But Liza s open mindedness and creativity helps her overcome it This book will entice readers to rediscover color all ar [...]

  18. Shelley

    I like this simple story and like some other books that introduce color in the book as you get further into the plot IT would be great accompanied with a lesson on using nature to make art or something She ends up seeing color and making pictures with random things she finds I also love that her toothpaste swirlys look like Van Gogh s Starry Night, and her mud footprints look like Jackson Polluck painting Subtle, but fun to point out to the kids.

  19. Jackie

    Liza loves her crayons and the amazingly gorgeous colors they hold When she runs out of paper to color on, she uses the walls of her room as her canvasch to her mother s chagrin No Crayons for you today , her mother says Liza is saday and blue She trudges off to the park and gradually finds all the colors that were right there in her crayon box Her imagination is colorful again And, she finds that she can go one day without crayons.

  20. Alicia Evans

    When Liza makes the mistake of coloring on the walls of her house, her mother is anything but happy All of Liza s crayons are taken away and her life moves into shades of grey as the color leaves her life Slowly, Liza must learn how to make art other ways and how to see the world around her in all of its truly colorful shades It s just such an awesome idea for a book and then the illustrations and how the colors play with the plot make this one to keep around.

  21. Karelle Royal

    A wonderful story about a little girl who loves to color with her crayons Great book that teaches students that they can improvise and make magical creations with just the simplest things.Art can have students create artwork with non traditional items.Math can have students measure items with non standard items.S S can use in a lesson to show different art forms around the world sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, etc Science can be used in a lesson to show how inventions are created.

  22. Leah Koch

    craft Students will be told to make art without traditional materials paint, markers, CRAYONS Students will then have to create a self portrait of themselves using unorthodox materials The class could go outside and use leaves, dirt, flowers, etc Inside, the students could use toys like Liza on the last page , soap, food, etc The students will be able to create art by thinking outside the box.writing activity using crayon names pages 1 2

  23. Molly

    Liza has discovered that her blank white walls make for a perfect coloring surface As a result, Liza s mom takes the crayons away While outside moping, young Liza begins to realize that the outside world has so many colors to offer than those found in a crayon box This cute story is perfect for young artists everywhere.

  24. Liz Turner

    The creativity of this book shows that just because you can t use one part of your artistic self, you learn how to use another Although this was meant to be a punishment for Liza,after her tantrums, she saw and used her inner artistic self That is really what punishment should be for, that is to teach us.

  25. Jill

    The illustrations are adorable and definitely capture the idea of color returning to this little girl s world even without crayons My little artist was totally taken with the idea of this story and how to enjoy art creations and color.

  26. Shahar Eden

    This book can truly be a way to teach young students about good and bad behavior, and important, about the wonderful world and art and colors When we do not have our own crayons how can we as people go by and still be active in the creations that we want to create great book.

  27. Janna

    Cute story, but what made it for me was the picture on the last page where the girl made the creative picture of herself using things in her room, including her dog Reminded me of My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil.

  28. Aubrie Mcneal

    A Day with No Crayons was a humorous book that all kids can relate to Although the pictures were wonderful the pages were predictable As a teacher I would use this book in writing to teach how words connect to the pictures on each page Also the descriptive language the author uses on each page.

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