Stay (2020)

Stay Deb Caletti Stay From the beloved National Book Award finalist author comes a novel of love turned obsessionClara s relationship with Christian is intense from the start and like nothing she s ever experienced before
  • Title: Stay
  • Author: Deb Caletti
  • ISBN: 9781442403741
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
Stay Deb Caletti From the beloved National Book Award finalist author comes a novel of love turned obsessionClara s relationship with Christian is intense from the start, and like nothing she s ever experienced before But what starts as devotion quickly becomes obsession, and it s almost too late before Clara realizes how far gone Christian is and what he s willing to do to make her sFrom the beloved National Book Award finalist author comes a novel of love turned obsessionClara s relationship with Christian is intense from the start, and like nothing she s ever experienced before But what starts as devotion quickly becomes obsession, and it s almost too late before Clara realizes how far gone Christian is and what he s willing to do to make her stay Now Clara has left the city and Christian behind No one back home has any idea where she is, but she still struggles to shake off her fear She knows Christian won t let her go that easily, and that no matter how far she runs, it may not be far enough.
Stay Deb Caletti

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    Deb Caletti

One thought on “Stay

  1. Morgan F

    I always knew you had it in you, Caletti I ve read a few books of yours, and while they were good, certainly substantial than most YA literature, there has always been something missing I think, whatever that is, you ve found it Clara is at the age when she is supposed to spending time with her friends in the last summer before college and her future starts Instead, her and her father have packed their bags and are leaving town to spend the summer in small coastal town where no one knows who th [...]

  2. Arlene

    Sometimes that s all you need To know it s not broken To know you re still whole and that you ll heal.Wow This book is absolutely amazing and horrifyingly realistic Five stars plus for Stay by Deb Caletti I ve read hundreds and hundreds of books in my lifetime and yet I can count the number of novels that have made me cry on one hand and one hand alone It takes an amazing author who writes with a pen filled with power to push me into that emotional pocket of reality and hold me captive for a 30 [...]

  3. Cara

    This story just made so much sense You know in that way how you feel somebody really understands the way you think That s how I felt the whole time reading this Not to say I ve ever been through anything like this, not even close.Clara sees herself as a normal girl Nothing too spectacular but all that changes when she meets Christian He s enigmatic and charismatic gotta be careful of the matic s obviously and makes her feel powerful and like a whole new person with countless possibilities for ch [...]

  4. Drew

    I am beginning to think there are two kinds of people, she said.I waited Those who forgive themselves too easily but will not forgive others And I asked Those that forgive others too easily but will not forgive themselves What a book It s been a while since I read such a thoughtful, poignant contemporary.Take one look at the cover and it screams angsty teen romance, with a girl standing looking longingly down into the ocean probably thinking of some guy But while this book does focus on romance, [...]

  5. Emily May

    Beware of mild spoilers, i.e nothing that s going to really ruin it for you Here s what I thought Story Characters Writing Ending The novel was absolutely wonderful until the ending that never happened I mean, there was no resolution and there really needed to be when you re dealing with this kind of story May I just say, Deb Caletti writes so beautifully she makes each chapter read like poetry I saw it as praise, falling down now like glittering snowflakes But it was something else A drop of po [...]

  6. Nic

    This is my first Deb Caletti book and won t be my last because I LOVED it Stay is masterfully written and so powerfully honest, it is just an absolutely brilliant read.Stay is the story of Clara, a normal teenage girl It is just her and her Dad as Clara s Mum pasted away when she was younger Clara meets Christian and quickly falls in love At first he appears to be the perfect boyfriend sweet, caring, gorgeous and treats her so well But Christian becomes controlling and obsessive It is told in tw [...]

  7. Inge

    It was clear I was standing beside Christian on the highest ledge of a building I was looking down I could see the street way, way below and the tiny people and the tiny cars honking I could feel the cement wall under my hands and the sick feeling in my stomach Doing what I needed to do to get off safely it surely meant Christian would jump Stay is the story of a na ve teenage girl who falls in love with a handsome guy Their relationship is intense from the start Clara can t bear the thought of [...]

  8. ~Tina~

    I ve never read anything by Deb Calleti before, but I ve always heard really great things about her books Stay may have been the first book I ve ever read from this author, but it definitely wont be my last.Stay is about a girl named Clara Oates who is your average girl, shy, content and never was the very bold or daring kind, that is till she first seen Christian Nilsson.Christian, once was that really great boyfriend Sweet, funny and kind but soon he became easily jealous, overly controlling a [...]

  9. Lamia

    This can also be seen at The Book EaterThis would normally earn 3.5 stars from me because I rate books based on how I felt about them, not how well written they are or how awesome the plot characters are But I can t in good conscience give this less than 4 stars I can t bring myself to So I m rounding up And you know what I don t mind, because this book deserves it.This is a story about love, loss, family and overcoming your fears It s the strength of a father daughter relationship, the hope of [...]

  10. Eva Leger

    This could not be fiction It could so easily be non fiction it s scary Caletti s voice is bulls eye accurate There are people who love words and people who love words Calletti loves words She can string a set of words together and paint the most vivid picture in her readers heads I probably read a great portion of this with my mouth open in amazement I had no idea what I was in for when I opened this book I not only found a new favorite author but a new all time favorite book in Stay This is sur [...]

  11. April

    FINALLY Finally it s happened to me A book where the creepy relationship is played out as exactly that Oh, friends, the heavens must have opened and sung a beautiful song while Deb Caletti wrote Stay, because this book straight up gets it It gets that bad relationships are bad Obsessive relationships are scary, not sexy.Read the rest of my review here

  12. Katie(babs)

    This book is horrible There is no real coherent thought in regards to this story and the stalking element is very dull and wishy washy The heroine is one dimensional and not well rounded at all This is a very flat read that s all over the place Cardboard emotions and descriptions comes to mind.Plus, if the heroine is still recovering from her obsessive boyfriend, why would she be so interested in other boys she meets over the summer A very disappointing read that I can t understand was published [...]

  13. Peep (Pop! Pop!)

    Overall I did like this book Not too many books will touch on the subject of abuse, especially in popular young adult books I have a friend who is pretty much in the exact same situation, only she doesn t want to leave It s very frustrating It was hard to read this, just because of that All I could think about was my friend, and how she deals with that every single day I noticed how Clara tiptoed around conversations She filtered what she said so she wouldn t make Christian upset That is true Wh [...]

  14. Sandy

    In Stay, Deb Caletti masterfully tackles one of the most disturbing trends in YA literature obsessive, possessive love portrayed as alluring and romantic and passionate It s not It s unhealthy and suffocating and alarming Finally FINALLY we have a book that discusses the seriousness of this type of emotional abuse with realism Where did Deb Caletti do her research Her words bleed with authenticity The way she writes Christian is flawlesse flashes and hints of jealousy and neediness and manipulat [...]

  15. Aleeeeeza

    4.5 stars Some time ago I read Dreamland by Sarah Dessen and I absolutely loved it The whole love turns into obsession topic really, really intrigues me So it was natural I was so into reading Stay too, once I read it s summary on a whole while back.So when I got this book on GalleyGrab, I was beyond excited and I know I seem to say that about every other book, but I was really thrilled to get my hands on this one, considering how much I love contemporary novels and how I ve been wanting to read [...]

  16. Ariana

    4.5 stars I tried to read that book again before I went to sleep I didn t like that book, but I kept going for all the reasons a person hangs in with something that isn t good you feel bad about not giving it a chance, you ve already come too far to give up now, you believe it s going to get better When you re a person whose life has mostly brought good things, you believe in goodness You believe that things will work out Even the worst things will work out You believe in a happy ending But you [...]

  17. Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner

    Well,this is what happened I picked up this book and I just could t get into it First night I just read 4 pages,the second night wasn t any better But I was determined to finish it today even if it turned out to be awful I was thinking I will have to give it 2 stars,I just know it Then the shift came out of nowhere and I could t put it down The main character had this boyfriend Christian who was sweet but we already know he is a total psycho He is controlling checks her texts and e mails ,bipola [...]

  18. Steph Su

    Wow Wow wow wow I think I d use the following words to describe STAY disturbing Beautiful Painful Delicately strong STAY eloquently captures the tremulous aftermath of an emotionally harmful relationship, told in a beautiful and not overbearing prose.The sad and scary fact is that people go through Clara s situation every day I know several friends who are in such relationships And the terrifying thing about it is that there is only so much you can do to help those people I wish I could give the [...]

  19. Thomas

    Deb Caletti is finally growing into her own Stay is a heartbreaking, honest story about an obsessive relationship the protagonist, Clara, moves to a beach town for the summer to escape her ex boyfriend, Christian There she encounters new friends and begins the healing process while learning about the secrets of her past.Caletti s insight is inspiring her ability to weave wisdom into even the most ordinary, everyday things is her trademark Her writing turned me off in a couple of her previous boo [...]

  20. Katie

    I recognize that this was not one of the books I said I would read next, but when I came across it at my school s library, I immediately snatched it up and devoured it I read this in a singly day, and it takes a lot for a book to pull me in that fast.Going into this, I knew the story surrounded an abusive relationship What I found surprising was the way in which the abuse began and played out Typically, if a teen novel film presents a very disturbing relationship, it is because the boyfriend is [...]

  21. Tauna

    The writing style bothered me, especially the footnotes and frequent breaks in the story to attempt to ponder and expand on pointless little details The storyline was also disappointing The book is about a girl trying to escape her obsessive and emotionally unstable ex boyfriend by moving away with her dad for the summer I was waiting for some kind of dramatic encounter, but the big confrontation ended up with the boyfriend sobbing and running away Really Okay That was lame 1 1 2 2 stars

  22. Iniya

    I sat down to type out my review but I was completely out of words to describe the poignancy and beauty of Stay by Deb Caletti Caletti makes the characters incredibly real and relatable Very rarely I come across a book that strikes a chord within me This book will Stay with me forever and definitely will go to the top tier of my favorite books I let Stay to saturate in me and devoured every part of it What do you call an intimate relationship Intense but do you know that it can sometimes turn ou [...]

  23. Lori (Pure Imagination)

    I ve read several books about abusive or just unhealthy relationships and some were good, but none of them ever felt completely believable Stay by Deb Caletti is the exception This is a breathtaking book in so many ways It s realistic and beautifully written It s not just about a unhealthy relationship It s also about family and forgiveness.The way the story is told was one of my favorite parts The chapters alternate between what is happening now and what happened in the past with Clara and Chri [...]

  24. Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)

    Having read the author s other books, Nature of Jade, Six Rules of Maybe, Honey Baby Sweetheart and now Stay, I liked this one as well.I was drawn by the cover and story This was interesting Moments where it got a little creepy and other times, you wondered what will happen with that character and how the story gets resolved I liked some of the characters, especially the relationship of Clara and her writer dad and what their going through Their moments were adorable The character development wa [...]

  25. M

    If you re like me, there are times where you ve read a book and nodded along with a good line once or twice Those lines were so satisfactory that you had to acknowledge it even if it wasn t to anyone in specific, your pillow had to know There are other times where you ve read a book, but it wasn t until the very end that you nodded Not because it didn t feel the same, but it took until you got to the very end for it to sink in completely and leave you with that satisfaction.The only times I stop [...]

  26. Damaris (GoodChoiceReading)

    More and I am getting into YA Fiction that isn t Paranormal When I read the synopsis for Stay I really wanted to read it I ve never read any books by Deb Caletti, but I did know that she was a very popular author I got the chance to read Stay through Simon and Schuster s Galley Grab I read Stay pretty quickly and found that the story was quite fast paced Deb Caletti s writing style was very simple.What I liked the most about Stay was that Deb Caletti alternated chapters from Clara s past and Cl [...]

  27. Sally Monem

    Stay by Deb Calleti is a very moving novel about a girl named Clara Oates, who struggles with battling against her boyfriend The story takes place when Clara finds out her boyfriend is crazy, and tries to escape his clutches The rest of the novel is basically an account of what happened with Clara s boyfriend, and about what is happening in the new little beach town she moved too The novel portrays the struggle Clara had to face when overcoming her problems, while it is also a powerful anecdote [...]

  28. Kitkat

    I thought the book was okay I wanted Christian in the book and harassment It was creepy and thriller but there was no scare or scared for my character I loved Finn and Clare together and loved the side character But I wanted to feel fear and scary emotions.

  29. MishaMathew

    I haven t read any book by Deb Caletti before This was the first and it exceeded my expectations When Clara and Christian meet for the first time, it s instant attraction Clara, who is usually very shy, becomes a completely different person with Christian She s somehow bolder The first time their eyes meet, they know they have to be together Their relationship is intense, it s addictive and slowly becomes an obsession on Christian s part.When you are first introduced to Christian, he seems to be [...]

  30. Saima

    SPOILERS AHEAD.After seeing the rating this book has on this site, I thought it would be a good read I wasn t disappointed of course, the writing was brilliant And I really enjoyed the way the chapters alternated between past and present.There are, however, reasons for why I have given it three stars.Good points It was funny Gulliver The dog Sylvie owns can t remember the mutts name The deep writing.Not so good points Not sure if I liked, or even got, the characters It was fast with Finn it migh [...]

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