Ship Out of Luck (2020)

Ship Out of Luck Neal Shusterman Ship Out of Luck The uproarius companion to The Schwa was Here and Antsy Does Time In honor of Old Man Crawley s eightieth birthday the Bonano family has been invited to celebrate with a weeklong cruise to the Caribb
  • Title: Ship Out of Luck
  • Author: Neal Shusterman
  • ISBN: 9780525422266
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
Ship Out of Luck Neal Shusterman The uproarius companion to The Schwa was Here and Antsy Does Time In honor of Old Man Crawley s eightieth birthday, the Bonano family has been invited to celebrate with a weeklong cruise to the Caribbean aboard the world s largest, grandest ship But whether on land or at sea, Antsy can t manage to stay out of trouble He quickly finds himself the accomplice of stowawayThe uproarius companion to The Schwa was Here and Antsy Does Time In honor of Old Man Crawley s eightieth birthday, the Bonano family has been invited to celebrate with a weeklong cruise to the Caribbean aboard the world s largest, grandest ship But whether on land or at sea, Antsy can t manage to stay out of trouble He quickly finds himself the accomplice of stowaway and thief Tilde, whose self made mission it is to smuggle onto the ship and across the U.S border illegal immigrants from her native Mexico When Antsy steps in to take the fall for Tilde, he becomes the focus of a major international incident and the poster child for questionable decisions.Equal parts clever and riotous, Ship Out of Luck brings back the beloved cast of characters from Neal Shusterman s acclaimed The Schwa Was Here and Antsy Does Time.
Ship Out of Luck Neal Shusterman

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    Neal Shusterman

One thought on “Ship Out of Luck

  1. Josiah

    Most Neal Shusterman series feel different from the Antsy Bonano books That s partly because Antsy Bonano is a humor trilogy, but the Star Shards Chronicles, Unwind Dystology, and Skinjacker and Accelerati trilogies also build conspicuously, each successive novel heightening the tension and plot complexity until we re at the limit of what we can endure The Schwa Was Here, Antsy Does Time, and Ship Out of Luck are companion novels, so it doesn t matter much which you read first There are referen [...]

  2. Cheryl

    Yes, crazy funny But also smart, and as likely to appeal to smart kids who like to look up all the allusions Atlas Shrugged, coyotes, gancha which doesn t even tempt our noble hero, of course, don t worry , etc I do love the Antsy books I should read others by Shusterman, but somehow they don t appeal.

  3. Lonna Pierce

    You know those reviews that call a book hilarious and it isn t Well this latest book in the Antsy Bonano stories narrator of The Schwa Was Here Antsy Does Time IS absolutely hilarious and wonderfully well written This time around Antsy manages to cause an international incident with his family on a cruise ship The title is foreshadowing at its best Super characters, wacky plot, and Shusterman s gift for presenting another point of view for us to consider, as skewed and yet wise as that may be.

  4. Liz Friend

    In honor of Old Man Crawley s 80th birthday, Antsy s family is invited to go cruising with him and Lexie on the world s biggest cruise ship The Plethora of the Deep of the Caribbean Viking line It s not long till a life of leisure gives way to a life of crime as Antsy meets Tilde, a stowaway with a really big secret, and decides to help her It s Antsy and Tilde, Lexie and Gustav, and old man Crawley vs all of them in the latest update to the Antsy Bonano series.June Cleaver s ratings Language PG [...]

  5. Zander Bezotte

    Ship Out of Luck by Neal Shusterman is about Antsy, a big trouble maker that causes problems in the name of having fun He and his family are invited aboard the Plethora of the Deep to celebrate Crawly s 80th Birthday Crawly is a very wealthy and pushy old guy who gets frustrated really easily at every little thing that bothers him Crawly also has a blind granddaughter, Lexie Along the way Antsy meets a girl named Tilde who is a smuggler of Mexican immigrants Tilde makes Antsy keep watch for her [...]

  6. Eric

    More top notch storytelling in this third installment of the Antsy series The Bonano s go on a cruise with Crawley and Lexie, but trouble is always just around the corner for Antsy There was an excellent, topical plot element in this one I feel like the end could have been stronger, but this was still a very enjoyable read.

  7. K.A. Wiggins

    Fun and funny YA that weaves awkward mid teen shenanigans, poverty, and immigration together in a light yet high stakes tale that s unfailing entertaining Great for the younger end of the YA spectrum, with just enough dating angst to make it a bit mature for some MG readers, but none of the explicit content that ages YA up into adult territory.

  8. Stephen Konert

    Great book, not so many fancy long words, I would definitely make sure that I read the first two books next so that I could fully understand what was going on with the whole general series story line.

  9. Catherine

    I made it to page 80 but am bored out of my mind I loved The Schwa was here, but this one felt like it was written by an adult trying to be a teen The references Antsy makes aren t likely to be understood by a teen The pacing is off, and as a huge Schusterman fan, I m disappointed.

  10. Jennifer

    The plot was interesting Some of the main characters from previous books go on a cruise together, and as usual, Antsy gets himself unknowingly in a bind with potential serious consequences not all of which are resolved at the book s conclusion I gave the book lower stars than the first two in the series Antsy still has a bit of an irreverant tone, which adds authenticity to his character, but some readers would be offended by it I was put off by the added maturity in tone as well, compared to pr [...]

  11. Perry Yung

    This book was a mysterious thriller meant for those who enjoy fiction, action,and mystery Ship Out of Luck is the third of its series and one most enjoyable.This series is about why you never want to make bad, illegal choices for friends It will always make you think of others and their purpose in life and why they do the job of their choice However, many parts of the story involve sorrow and agony people go through during the course of their life This story contains context that reveals the cha [...]

  12. Rose

    This book is so effortlessly insightful it blows my mind I just got done reading Unwholly which I expected to blow me away and it did For some reason I didn t expect the same out of this book, even though The Schwa Was Here brought me to tears, and that was my mistake This book is incredible, and I d like to quote my favorite passage below Howie might not have all the answers, but he definitely knew the right question Why do we do this stuff And there s so much stuff, they don t make luggage big [...]

  13. Paulafrom Reading Lark

    review will appear 7 17 13 on readinglarkFor Antsy Bonano, the third book s a charm.I had read the original Antsy book, The Schwa Was Here, and thought it was a fun little humorous novel, perfect for adolescent boys In preparation for reading Ship Out of Luck, I also read book 2, Antsy Does Time which was of the same fun, with a theme that was a bit serious With book 3, I got the fun from book 1, with moments of mature discussion of social issues There are spots that I have marked just because [...]

  14. Wisteriouswoman

    This was a wonderful book My young adult daughter was housebound after an operation and so I read this book aloud to her I kept chuckling over some of the things Antsy was thinking and saying It is a perfect read aloud book that 6th grade students will enjoy as well as adults The interesting thing about it is that you can t think of it as a silly kid s book It has quite a bit of educational value There are lessons hidden in the book where Antsy explains the meaning of certain words or gems of wi [...]

  15. Carol Royce Owen

    Back in the 2005 2006 school year, one of the Vermont Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award candidates was a book by Neal Shusterman called The Schwa Was Here It was my introduction to Neal Shusterman and a boy named Antsy who was gutsy, a good friend, and not afraid to call a spade a spade He returned a few years ago in a second book, Antsy Does Time, when he once again showed his ability to get himself into the proverbial pickle, and come out smelling like a rose.Well, Antsy is back once , this t [...]

  16. Ms. Yingling

    To celebrate his 80th birthday, Crawley invites the Bonanos to go on a cruise on the Plethora of the Deep, an enormous, luxurious cruise ship His granddaughter, Lexie, is also going, and they will meet up with her parents The Bonanos don t want to go at first, but then decide that the relaxation will be good for Antsy s father, who is still recovering from his heart attack Antsy decides to bring Howie, since his brother Frankie can t go, and forges his birth certificate Once on the ship, Lexie i [...]

  17. Amanda Northrup

    Anthony Antsy Bonano and his family have been invited on a birthday cruise for their wealthy, cranky, old man neighbor, Mr Crawley But when Antsy meets a mysterious stowaway on his first day, his relaxing vacation turns into one terrible idea after another.I was a bit hesitant to start reading Ship Out of Luck since it s the third book in a series, of which I have read neither books 1 or 2 So let me start by relieving you of that concern this book is totally grand on its own and requires no prev [...]

  18. Akoss

    You guys I had no idea what I was getting into when I agreed to review this book for the publisher All the feels The main character, a teen male, named Antsy his short for Anthony had absolutely no filter He said things just the way he saw them He was also quite sarcastic and would drop lines always at the wrong moment But I grew to like him because he had a huge heart According to his mother she raised him well by putting the catholic guilt in him.Here a few of my favorite lines In my neighborh [...]

  19. Kristen

    Having not read any of the previous books, I wasn t sure what quite to expect with Ship Out of Luck I decided to plunge into the book and think of it as a standalone, which worked well Antsy struck me as a great character right off the bat He obviously had a lot of history with getting in trouble and it was easy to see how things could get out of hand on a 7 day cruise for Old Man Crawley s 80th birthday I loved the variety of characters Lexie is a blind, rich girl the granddaughter of Crawley a [...]

  20. Liz Overberg

    I reviewed this book for School Library Journal.Wisecracking Anthony Antsy Bonano is back in this lively companion novel to The Schwa Was Here Dutton, 2004 and Antsy Does Time Dutton, 2008 The Bonanos have been invited to join curmudgeonly Old Man Crawley and his granddaughter, Lexie, for an all expenses paid, weeklong Caribbean Cruise aboard the Plethora of the Deep, the most luxurious cruise ship in the world Antsy soon finds that his vacation is destined to be anything but relaxing, however, [...]

  21. Dylan

    It s like we have to put people into boxes, because our brains aren t big enough to make every person a person So we put them all into boxes and then we get to decide whose box we re going to open We gotta be careful, though, because if we open everybody s box, we ll go crazy So yeah, you ll be the blind girl and I ll be the obnoxious Italian guy to like ninety nine percent of the people we meet But to the one percent that opens our boxes, they get to hit the jackpot I learned early on that the [...]

  22. Sean Hogan

    Overall, this book isn t that bad I usually struggle to find books that interest me The thing that I enjoyed most in the novel was the contrast between characters The strongest contrast was between the main character, Antsy, and a girl he meets, Tilde Their differences lead into friendship and lead them on several adventures through the ship, not always ending up well The vocabulary is rather easy and won t make you struggle through it I felt like the exposition was quite slow and the conflict t [...]

  23. Zack

    Ship Out of Luck was a outstanding book The author,Neal Shusterman, made a great plot, with many twist and turns The detail was really vivid The characters he created fit the story really well The author wrote the novel as if he was talking to you instead of writing it to you This made the story interesting to read In the beginning of the story it seemed a little confusing and I didn t know if I was going to like it I kept reading but at a slow pace and the story slowly unwound The plot got a m [...]

  24. Lauren

    Gosh, I love Antsy Hey SHusterman, don t mind me, but a humble reader, but drop the unwind thing and just give us Antsy He is HILARIOUS, believable, sarcastic, funny, relatable, and a very believable teenage kid who gets himself into the kind of trouble that makes him think about his life differently which is fun to read about and is fun and important and refreshingly un issue driven and cooky as heck Crawley is my sass idol, all my cynicism and grumpiness aspires to be in my old age His parent [...]

  25. Banjamin

    Antsy Anthony Bonano goes on a cruise for Old Man Crawley s eightieth birthday, but it is anything but a normal vacation This book, Ship out of Luck, written by Neal Shusterman, follows Antsy on his wild journey on the Plethora of the Deep Antsy meets Tilde, a human trafficker, who takes him on a wild adventure.Neal Shusterman does some very interesting things to keep the reader in to the book If you don t like reading you will now, this book just keeps you in and doesn t let go Neal does this b [...]

  26. Melissa Mcavoy

    To celebrate his own 80th birthday rich old man Crawley has invited sixteen year old Antsy and his Brooklynite family on a Caribbean Cruise aboard the vast Plethora of the Deep Outrageous events, law breaking and wisecracks proliferate faster than cocktails on the Lido deck Shusterman has followed his two previous award winning Antsy Bono books Schwa was Here Penguin, 2004 VOYA October 2004 , and Antsy Does Time Dutton Penguin, 2008 VOYA October 2008 with another madcap adventure full of irrever [...]

  27. Phoebe

    Shusterman goes all out with his third Antsy novel, sending the Bonano family to sea as first class guests of old Mr Crawley Antsy, with his usual creativity, figures out a way to bring his friend Howie along, illegally and it turns out that what he thought he must have imagined a body falling off the side of the ship was real When he meets a beautiful stowaway named Tilde who threatens him with Howie s secret unless he helps her, Antsy can t say no Soon he is up to his ears in intrigue Adventur [...]

  28. Natalie

    The only reason you need to read this book Antsy.I adore Antsy I was giggling through this whole book, in spite of the exaggerated situations and over the top scenarios Antsy and his family are going on an all expenses paid cruise with Old Man Crawley and Lexie to celebrate his 80th birthday On board, Antsy meets a stow a way, Tilde who has some big than slightly illegal plans Antsy knows he should run the other way, but that s never been his style Such a fun read I enjoy Antsy s ponderous mome [...]

  29. Heidi-Marie

    I love Antsy I love his voice I love his humor mostly I love the lessons he learns Love his family and friends Love his adventures Just love him Glad there was a 3rd adventure I did have to FINALLY cave in and read the print I was holding out for the audio But luckily, I could hear Shusterman s narration in my head I can tell that Antsy is definitely older than the one we first met in Book 1 He has grown up, and he experiences older, teen things than he used to It works well Keeps him growing I [...]

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