Brilliance of the Moon (2020)

Brilliance of the Moon Lian Hearn Brilliance of the Moon In the final part of the Tales of the Otori triology Takeo desires nothing than to spend the rest of his life with the beautiful Kaede But his destiny is determined by forces beyond his control
  • Title: Brilliance of the Moon
  • Author: Lian Hearn
  • ISBN: 9780330413503
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
Brilliance of the Moon Lian Hearn In the final part of the Tales of the Otori triology, Takeo desires nothing than to spend the rest of his life with the beautiful Kaede But his destiny is determined by forces beyond his control.
Brilliance of the Moon Lian Hearn

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    Lian Hearn

One thought on “Brilliance of the Moon

  1. Alina

    A great series about ancient Japan with its samurais and their conduct codes, ninja like fighters, Christians persecutions it has political scheming, interesting turnabouts, intriguing liaisons between characters, sword fights, love, treachery, friendship.The characters are well developed, complex, with inner turmoil and weaknesses You should never despise people because they haven t had your opportunities.

  2. Jennifer

    The stories take place in a fantasy world based on ancient Japan The stories follow a boy, Takeo, as he is thrust into a warrior based society after his family is slaughtered It also follows the tale of Kaede, a beautiful, but cursed girl who becomes the love and passion of Takeo s life.The stories are derivative of many boy hero books, you ll see hints of Lord of the Rings, and even Star Wars if you look carefully enough While the book relies heavily on this style, it doesn t take away from the [...]

  3. Karlo

    Having purchased all five books on the strength of the first, I am at a crossroads This book delivered the lyrical, descriptive language that I found so enchanting in Book 1, and it also provided some plot twists that kept me on my toes Where I felt it faltered was in the resolution of the story which seemed to get wrapped up in what seemed like 15 20 pages or so The denouement was even less palatable, with a fell of and 20 years later SPOILER ALERT The pivotal role that the pirates and their lo [...]

  4. Petros

    Up until the middle of the third book, the plot was an almost uneventful build up towards the final showdown Takeo was traveling around and gathering various factions to his side He was also winning in skirmishes by using field tactics, which don t really count as intelligent since his enemies were idiots who fell for the most obvious traps Characterization took a nosedive as this point, since the enemy warlords turned into one dimensional madmen who love to kill and torture peasants for fun, wh [...]

  5. Jodie

    This is a trilogy that has been sat on my shelves for years I read Across the Nightingale Floor when I was a teenager, I can t remember when I read it first but I then bought the sequel Grass For His Pillow straight after and I never finished it Then, much much later, I found the third and final book in a charity shop and bought Brilliance of the Moon Again I tried to reread the series but never finished I made it my mission this year to do it I was not putting it off again So I decided to marat [...]

  6. Michela

    As pessoas se apegam a suas cren as como se pudessem ser salvas por elas, no entanto, al m de todos os ensinamentos, h um lugar de verdade em que tudo um s.

  7. Patrícia Branquinho

    Worse than the second book, still keeps the epic adventure feeling while reading it However, the quiet and slow pace of the second book that allows for one to feel the oriental scenery, is totally lost on this one Action follows action, and all the necessary description that was very well accomplished on the second book , is left aside, leaving the reader with much difficulty to feel all the fights, feelings, changes and even understand properly plot twists Still, it is very easy to read and ver [...]

  8. Jack

    Words cannot describe how disappointed I am with this book The series started off so good, but then it all went downhill from there It s like the Hunger Games trilogy, only this time, there s a fourth book.Unfortunately, if the book continues the pattern, it ll get 1 and 1 2 stars.Anyway, onto the review rant.So, Takeo is getting his army ready to kill the Otori lords and Arai, and he knows he ll be able to do it because only his son can kill him Luckily, his child with Kaede is dead Unluckily, [...]

  9. Arminzerella

    Takeo and Kaede have married and they are traveling to claim their respective lands They become separated, when Takeo goes to make an alliance with the Tareda pirates , and Kaede leaves Mariyama to visit her home, Shirakawa She intends to bring back her sisters, but is instead ambushed by Lord Fujiwara who has her marriage to Takeo annulled and marries her himself Takeo returns and discovers that his wife has been taken Enraged, he sets off to destroy Fujiwara, but is intercepted by Lord Arai, w [...]

  10. Michael Schmid

    Der letzte Teil der einstigen Trilogie verspricht genau das, was ich mir erhofft und was ich auch erwartet habe Alles, was im 2 Band aufgebaut wurde, wird nun ausgearbeitet, verarbeitet und zu einem Abschluss gebracht und ich kann nur sagen, das Ende passt perfekt und ist richtig stimmig und hat mich ber hrt.Was ich an dieser Reihe so liebe ist vor allem Lian Hearns Schreibstil, der mich immer wieder an eine Japanerin erinnert Nat rlich tr gt dies auch ihre Welt bei, die sich stark an das Japan [...]

  11. Jeraviz

    Despu s de la nefasta segunda parte Hearn remonta un poco el vuelo en esta entrega Los personajes ya est n donde quer a la autora y ya puede llevar a cabo los acontecimientos que llevamos tanto tiempo sabiendo gracias a la Profec a, que se nos recuerda cada 2 p ginas.Pues eso, ocurren y sabemos que van a ocurrir de antemano El nico inter s es descubrir c mo Y el c mo es entretenido, tiene alguna escena bastante visual e impactante nada del otro mundo Los malos son muy malos, los buenos son muy b [...]

  12. Nathan Burgoine

    Listening to this trilogy has been like immersing myself in a wonderfully developed myth of old Japan It s fantastic, and if you ve never listened to Across the Nightingale Floor, then that is where you need to start.In the third volume, things are perched on the precipice Can Takeo take his destiny into his own hands, and use war to bring peace to the lands Will Kaede, who has become so much than a helpless young woman, finally take control and escape the paper and silk prison she has become t [...]

  13. Debbi

    The last book in the Tales of the Otori but not really the end of the story so maybe they ll be another I enjoyed reading these They take place in a medieval Japan A boy, Takeo, is rescued by Lord Otori who will become his adopted father The story centers around Takeo, the love of his life, Kaede, the Tribe, and the feudal wars of the time.There is a prequel to these called, Heaven s Net is Wide I m starting it now but I wish I would have read it first.

  14. Fannyahlnorling

    S llan kan jag vara s s ker p att en trilogi kommer att l mna mig med s dan saknad bara minuter efter att jag st ngt boken.

  15. Belle Sabattin

    Recomiendo esta saga en un 100% Sus libros son Fantasticos No me arrepiento para nada de haber comenzado esta relectura

  16. Miglė Keliotytė

    This one was way better thanGrass for His Pillow , but still, I found the ending of it a little bit rushed But fans of the previous parts of the series shoud definitely read it.

  17. Lady Entropy

    Brilliance of the Moon, por Lian Hearn um livro que se passa num pseudo jap o, com ninjas mistura, sobre um mi do que nasce numa comunidade pseudo crist , e que raptado por ninjas, treinado, e depois se torna num senhor da guerra.Ou seja, cultura japonesa a rodos.O que me deveria fazer AMAR estes livros, certo Infelizmente, errado.Quando sairam originalmente, fiquei entusiasmad ssima, e fui comprar os dois primeiros a correr Infelizmente, como meu h bito, pus os livros para ler depois e fui comp [...]

  18. Bigsna

    The third installment of the series was a bit redeeming after a promising Book One and a disappointingly slow Book Two Book Three makes you work for it though, as the interesting twists came after I was halfway through I had thought that this was a 3 part series, though I now realise its actually 5 with a prequel and final book from the point of view of Takeo s son So in a way, it is a trilogy of Takeo Otori s story I don t think I will be picking up the other two books unless I am looking for a [...]

  19. Mebil Rosales

    Me faltaban 30 p ginas para terminarlo y lo dej porque no pod a interesarme menos Adem s, nadie me iba a rega ar por hacerlo, as que yolo.

  20. Rachel Pollock

    Three stars for a deus ex machina of an earthquake Fujiwara deserved a creative end, and Kaede deserved much agency in it.

  21. Annie

    The conclusion of the _Tales of the Otori_ Trilogy was ultimately disappointing After an intriguing but not particularly noteworthy start in _Across the Nightingale Floor_ I started in on the second book, _Grass for his Pillow_ after reading the first chapter and discovering that it developed Kaede in intriguing and unexpected ways However, in _Brilliance of the Moon_ the changes Kaede makes in her life, attempting to empower herself basically disappear once she marries Takeo Although they are s [...]

  22. Marsha Stokes

    I just finished reading Brilliance of the Moon, by Lian Hearn It is the third book in the Tales of the Otori series I enjoyed this book than the second book because the plot felt like it was really taking you to the conclusion of the story The action and battles all lead up to the big battle at the end When it was all over, I was really pleased and satisfied with the ending I knew all the characters at this point, and it was easy to get absorbed in their life and want to see how things turned o [...]

  23. Martha Sockel

    After finishing the second in this great series, I had to find out about when the next would be due but I have to say that this book was truly worth waiting for and gave all I wanted as a great fan and a reader of the book.The third in the Tales of The Otori series starts off with Takeo endearing to have his land returned to him, as he was the legal heir to the Otori clan, and being adopted by the well known Lord Shigeru With his Wife, Lady Shirakawa Kaede by his side, and many loyal men that ma [...]

  24. Kathleen Dixon

    I wasn t sure when I started reading this whether I really wanted to continue the series I guess the second one didn t seize hold of me as much as the first, and so I wondered if this would be even lesser And for quite a while I was having my doubts met it seemed like it was going to be all about war, an there were so many characters and I couldn t remember who they all were But then something happened and I was pulled in.This continues the saga of Takeo and Kaede and their challenges to the exp [...]

  25. Tom

    Somehow, Hearn, has finished the trilogy part of this wonderful story without missing a beat or disappointing the reader So many trilogies fall short in later books This one maintains the highest quality all the way to the end The poetic quality of the writing will satisfy the most discerning critic, and the story is top notch This series is likely one of the most enjoyable I have found in recent years The world is so well developed that it feels completely real The plot ends in an impressive di [...]

  26. Fantasy Literature

    With a complicated web of back story set up and a return to familiar characters that we ve seen develop, it goes without saying that Brilliance of the Moon should be the gripping climax of a trilogy that has thus far moved from strength to strength The third and final instalment of the TALES OF THE OTORI series, the book has many loose ends to tie up, not to mention a certain prophecy that needs fulfilling Across the Nightingale Floor and Grass for his Pillow were always going to prove tough act [...]

  27. Geraud

    Le dernier tome de la trilogie m a moins plu que les autres Je trouve que son H ros est trop bon et vertueux et pleins de ressources, tout le monde l adore sauf les m chants qui seront bien punis hmm hmm ha et puis il y a la proph tie aussi, on en avait d j entendu parler dans le deuxi me tome mais l , c est ce qui guide Tak o tout au long du r cit Je ne sais pas pour vous, mais moi les proph ties je commence en avoir par dessus la t te a devient usant tous ces gens qui attendent l lu, et tous c [...]

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