Blutige Stille (2020)

Blutige Stille Linda Castillo Helga Augustin Blutige Stille Sie t teten alle Mitglieder der Familie Plank Die Leichen des Vaters und der beiden S hne fand man im Wohnhaus die der Mutter und des Babys auf dem Weg zur Scheune Doch niemand war auf das vorbereite
  • Title: Blutige Stille
  • Author: Linda Castillo Helga Augustin
  • ISBN: 9783596184514
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
Blutige Stille Linda Castillo Helga Augustin Sie t teten alle Mitglieder der Familie Plank Die Leichen des Vaters und der beiden S hne fand man im Wohnhaus, die der Mutter und des Babys auf dem Weg zur Scheune Doch niemand war auf das vorbereitet, was sie in der Scheune fanden Die beiden M dchen, gefoltert und misshandelt Die Familie geh rte zur amischen Gemeinde in Painters Mill, Ohio, sie lebten getreu ihren GlSie t teten alle Mitglieder der Familie Plank Die Leichen des Vaters und der beiden S hne fand man im Wohnhaus, die der Mutter und des Babys auf dem Weg zur Scheune Doch niemand war auf das vorbereitet, was sie in der Scheune fanden Die beiden M dchen, gefoltert und misshandelt Die Familie geh rte zur amischen Gemeinde in Painters Mill, Ohio, sie lebten getreu ihren Glaubensgrunds tzen von Schlichtheit und Bescheidenheit, waren gottesf rchtige Leute Fernab von den Verf hrungen der Zivilisation Oder enth llt das Tagebuch der ltesten Tochter eine andere Wahrheit
Blutige Stille Linda Castillo Helga Augustin

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    Linda Castillo Helga Augustin

One thought on “Blutige Stille

  1. Eve

    There are monsters living among us People who look no different than you and me But they lack a fundamental component of the human species a conscience An Amish family of seven is annihilated at twilight in the tiny farming community of Painters Mill, Ohio Kate Burkholder, Chief of Police, has her hands full trying to cover as much ground in the crucial first forty eight hours of the homicide Because of the cruelty and brutality inflicted on the victims, Burkholder immediately calls in for help [...]

  2. Liz

    This book is not for the faint of heart It starts with the gruesome murder of an Amish family of seven and goes from there I really like Kate Burkholder, the formerly Amish police chief This crime really hits home for her, reminding her of her youth She s troubled to begin with and this crime doesn t do anything to bring her peace Well written and fast paced This was one of those books I kept trying to squeeze in just one chapter I had read the first book in the series a while ago, just got an [...]

  3. Vivian

    Sadly disappointed I really enjoyed Sworn to Silence and looked forward to reading this one I m happy that I didn t spend any money on it since I could not finish it The gory descriptions of the killings of the Plank family are not for the faint of heart and I had a hard time reading through the first 40 pages or so My biggest problem, however, is that Ms Castillo must think her readers are stupid Why else, would we need to be reminded on every other page that Kate Burkholder grew up Amish and K [...]

  4. Jonetta

    Kate Burkholder and her detectives are severely challenged when an entire Amish family of seven is discovered brutally murdered on their farm One was an infant and the two daughters were horrifically assaulted They begin the investigation to determine who would have a motive and capability of committing such a heinous act and discover one of the daughters had been living a secret life.The crime was horrific and the details aren t spared so be prepared However, all that occurs in the beginning an [...]

  5. Sean Peters

    Another great read from Linda Castillo and the second Kate Burkholder books.One family One horrific murder An entire town under suspicion The Planks moved from Lancaster County Pennsylvania to the small Amish community of Painters Mill, hoping to resume the comforts of the Plain Life in Ohio Less than one year later, the family of seven is found dead slaughtered on their own farm.This isn t just any brutal murder, either a family of seven, Amish, bound and slaughtered Sound pretty gruesome It is [...]

  6. Lynne Davis

    Excellent thriller by Linda Castillo, as police chief Kate Burkholder tries to solve the horrific murder of a family in Amish farm country I never saw the killer until all was revealed at the very end A good addition to this excellent series.

  7. Jenni Boyd

    Police chief Kate Burkholder, receives a call in the middle of the night of a shooting at an Amish farm The moment she steps inside the darkened house, her senses first smell the stench of blood, before the beam of her flashlight reveals the carnage within Desperately searching for any survivors, she follows a trail of blood, finding victims until she reaches the barn, but nothing can prepare her for the horror that she discovers inside.With no clues, no evidence, Kate is baffled has to why som [...]

  8. Tim The Enchanter

    Excellent Crime Thriller 4 StarsMe and Kate Burkholder are not quite seeing eye to eye Her and her friends need to have their mouths washed out with some soap We get it already, you are not God fearing, pacifist Amish If the penchant for drinking away pain and the intimidation of witnesses didn t give us this impression, the frequent f bombs certainly clue us in Although I really do enjoy the wonderful writing and meticulous plots, I going to have to put the series aside The excessive use of adu [...]

  9. Licha

    This is the problem I have with series The repetition of what happens in the first or previous book, the replay of each character s personality It becomes annoying after a while Why does all the information have to be repeated all over again If someone wants to start with the second, third, etc book, then that s the risk that person runs of not having a full understanding of the storyline However, for those of us who choose to start series from the beginning, I don t want to have to have it expl [...]

  10. Tammie

    Pray for Silence is the second book in the Kate Burkholder series I did not enjoy it as much as the first, for a few reasons Reason one being that I do not care for some of the tactics Kate and Tomasetti use in dealing with suspects I know they are supposed to be flawed with personal demons, but it doesn t endear them to me.Reason two is that Tomasetti annoys me with his attitude towards his superiors Sure he s flawed and he went through some terrible things that left him in a psych ward for a w [...]

  11. lebe.liebe.lese [Tina]

    Erneut ein unfassbar brutaler Fall, aber die Geschichte an sich war f r mich nicht ganz so stark wie Band 1

  12. Brenda

    Skid was totally over the graveyard shift The only thing which made it slightly bearable was the diner where he Officer Chuck Skid would venture each night, so he could chat up the waitress Chatting to Mona back at the station to alleviate the boredom was another past time but when he heard screaming, like a wild animal in pain, he reported in to Mona, telling her he would take a look at the Plank farm, which was where the sound seemed to come from The Plank family were Amish and had moved appr [...]

  13. Lauren

    Pray for Silence5 StarsPainter s Mill Chief of Police, Kate Burkholder, is called to a horrific crime scene at the Plank farm where the entire family has been brutally murdered As the Planks secrets slowly come to light, Kate uncovers a depraved web of evil that threatens the peace and tranquility of her supposedly innocent small town Intense from the very first with a crime that is both heartbreaking and sickening Warning The descriptions of the crimes are dark, disturbing and even stomach chur [...]

  14. Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥

    Wow Totally gripping, dark, graphic, intense read I was completely sucked in as Chief of Police Kate Burkeholder investigates the brutal murder of an Amish family of seven including children The crimes are particularly cold and disturbing, causing even seasoned cops to bow their heads in despair As Kate struggles with a case that hits a little too close to home, she is joined by John Tomasetti who continues to battle his own demons The book centers on the investigation as Kate peels away the lay [...]

  15. Linda

    Authors are always asked where they get their ideas, and the truth is that most of the time we don t know An idea is a weird thing usually, it s like a grain of sand that your brain worries into a pearl Karin Slaughter, author PRAY FOR SILENCE is a black pearl Horrific, lurid, morbid and gritty I knew it was thriller when I started the book but I was still shocked by some of the content Kate and John s romance progressed sporadically I learned a few details about some of the townspeople I inten [...]

  16. Rosario (

    This series centres arount Kate Burkholder, who s Chief of Police in the small Ohio town of Painters Mill Kate grew up in an Amish family but left the community as a teenager Still, her past helps her deal with cases involving any members of the large Amish community in the area, as they have a tendency to mistrust the English police.In this, the second book in the series, Kate must investigate the shockingly brutal murder of an entire Amish family Initial enquiries indicate that the Planks were [...]

  17. Mary

    One of the pleasures of a good mystery is the way it shakes up and recomposes the moral world, and its particularly interesting to watch this process play out in the midst of a religious community different from one s own Thus the interest in Father Brown s salvation ethic, Rabbi Small s application of Talmudic reasoning, etc I turned to Linda Castillo s fallen away Amish detective with hope she would tell me something about the human condition from the perspective of the Plain People But no Bot [...]

  18. Jean

    Pray for Silence by Linda CastilloWhile not unique, the Amish backdrop in Linda Castillo s Kate Burkholder novels is intriguing What is unique is that her protagonist is a young, former Amish, female police chief in a small, rural Ohio town.In Pray for Silence, the second in the Burkholder series, an Amish family of seven is found brutally murdered on their farm, and Chief Burkholder and her small police force must investigate Realizing she needs additional help, she calls upon her BCI pal, John [...]

  19. Anke

    3.5 starsI read this is a rather short time, but in the end I was a bit disappointed I was totally gripped until about 80%, but then I started skimming and the whole thing lost me For one, the repeating of Kate s Amish upbringing and everything Amish got boring Second, the whole development had several similarities to the previous book Kate, although said to have lots of experience as a police officer, nevertheless, in both books she came up with several harebrained ideas The murderer was a soci [...]

  20. Kevin

    Small town Ohio Amish innocence meets the darkest underbelly of humanity Heavily violent, and stomach turning pornography and worse The vilest of the vile of racist, prejudicial users of human beings I found myself disgusted by the specificity of this book The police procedural was interesting and I enjoyed the look into Amish culture I liked the recurring characters enough I will likely revisit.

  21. Julie (A Girl and a Book)

    I am so in love with the series It has just the right amount of grittiness that I love and I just can t read these books fast enough Although the mystery in this one wasn t as good as the first in my opinion it was still fun And I really enjoyed getting to know Kate even through out this book, she is turning to such a great character I already went ahead and checked the 3rd book out from the library so hopefully I ll be getting to it soon

  22. Brenda H

    The second book in the Kate Burkholder series by Linda Castillo, Pray for Silence opens with one of Painter s Mills deputies discovering multiple deaths at an Amish farm Seven people are dead the father with a gun in his hand and his 2 sons in the house, the mother clutching an infant dead in the yard and the 2 teenage daughters tortured and killed in the barn At first, the scene looks like a case of murder suicide but is it As Chief of Police Kate Burkholder and her team work the scene, many th [...]

  23. Denise

    4.0 out of 5 stars Good, solid thriller, May 12, 2010This review is from Pray for Silence A Thriller Kate Burkholder Hardcover This is the second book in a series to follow Sworn to Silence Kate Burkholder and it features Painters Mill Police Chief Kate Burkholder ex Amish Ohio native turned English when she decides to leave the church she was raised in at age eighteen She s the kind of single woman cop I like tough but sensitive, damaged by her past yet still open to new relationships, and the [...]

  24. Rachel (TheShadesofOrange)

    4.0 StarsI m really enjoying this gritty mystery series.The second book in this series is just as strong as the first Castillo has a knack for writing engaging stories with strong characters Her writing is decent, although she has a tendency to reuse phrases too often There is some very dark and disturbing content in her books, with detailed descriptions of both physical and sexual violence Despite the difficult subject matter, I was, once again, hooked into the mystery Highly recommend to any f [...]

  25. Stacy Green

    I m giving this book 3.5 stars because I read it in two days, and the murder plot kept me entertained I didn t feel like it kept me quite as emotionally invested as the first And I did notice parallels to the plotting in the first, which is fine, but I think that s why this book didn t seem quite as original as the first However, the plot was solid and very dark, so be warned I m still invested enough in the main character to continue the series.

  26. Katie

    Okay, giving up on this series Everything seems so random How they investigate and find clues And I didn t really remember who the suspects were, which was kind of a problem.And this was the kind of dark I just don t like Sometimes I can handle darkness But I don t want graphic descriptions of view spoiler child rape hide spoiler.

  27. Brandy

    Wow Another mind blowing, sick twisted read from Linda Castillo An Amish family of seven are found murdered scratch that slaughtered in their own home Kate Burkholder once again, sets out to find the killer Will she find him Read it to find out 10 stars Ok 5 per

  28. Barbara

    Questo il secondo romanzo con protagonista Kate Burkholder e inizialmente ero un po preoccupata di non riuscire a capire alcuni passaggi non avendo letto il primo, preoccupazione assolutamente inutile La protagonista fa riferimento al caso precedente ma gli accenni sono cos rari e brevi che non fanno sorgere domande Linda Castillo ha creato un romanzo thriller usando come movente il pi classico e intramontabile fra quelli a cui si pu pensare un segreto Tre persone possono tenere un segreto, se d [...]

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