Making It Big (2020)

Making It Big Lyndsay Russell Making It Big A funny wicked satire on Size Zero celebrity weight obsessed magazines the fashion industry the advertising industry high society and Hollywood no area of media fuelled body perfection bullying r
  • Title: Making It Big
  • Author: Lyndsay Russell
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  • Page: 293
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Making It Big Lyndsay Russell A funny, wicked satire on Size Zero, celebrity weight obsessed magazines, the fashion industry, the advertising industry, high society and Hollywood no area of media fuelled body perfection bullying remains unscathed A delicious, page turning novel that highlights press manipulation, and hits back at the skinny insanity currently gripping the western world FormeA funny, wicked satire on Size Zero, celebrity weight obsessed magazines, the fashion industry, the advertising industry, high society and Hollywood no area of media fuelled body perfection bullying remains unscathed A delicious, page turning novel that highlights press manipulation, and hits back at the skinny insanity currently gripping the western world Formerly published as Fat Chance, now revised and updated with a new finale.
Making It Big Lyndsay Russell

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    293 Lyndsay Russell
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One thought on “Making It Big

  1. Sue Burch

    Loved this book What a fantastic idea Turns the whole size zero debate totally on its head and shows how it s OK to be any size as long as you re healthy Using a brilliant twist on our society s obsession with weight and appearance, the author shows us how, whether we re curvy, skinny or somewhere in between, we are all hooked into the whole crazy notion but we don t have to be This all makes the book sound rather serious but it really isn t It s written with wonderful humour, great observation [...]

  2. Jennifer Gillette

    This book is okay at best I don t know I would ve read past the first chapter if not for my goal to read 52 books this year There actually is a semi interesting plot there, but it is hidden by constant descriptions of the protagonist how terribly big she is, how many disgusting or desirable rolls of fat she has, how incredibly, tragically overweight this huge woman is a size 14 And 6 feet tall Uh, I don t think so Even the long frequent descriptions of how much she comes to enjoy being big girl [...]

  3. Pauline

    I loved this book, really different view point and you wonder where it is heading I read it on holiday so was a quick read in a day or two but I loved the plot line what if being thin wasn t the in thing and being fat was sexy Characters are full of humour and I think all fatties and thinnies would enjoy this book.

  4. Victoria

    Well, this book left me rather disappointed It did hold a few entertaining moments, but the whole thing was just too much way too over the top even for the chick lit genre The author s message of size meaning weight doesn t really matter was pounded into every page This browbeating really sucked a lot of the entertainment out.As for the main character, well, I wanted to throw her huge skinny body down a flight of stairs as she continued to make the same mistakes throughout the course of the nove [...]

  5. Helene Harrison

    Review This book was a great idea essentially, although the conception was not as good as it could have been The storyline is gripping and different Size is obviously an issue in modern society and this book outlined it cleverly However, I think that Russell could have continued the book at the end for another chapter or two and explained how Sharon tried to bring the world to rights over size I know that might not be logical, but it could have given an idea of what she tried, and whether or not [...]

  6. Yoey

    I had to force myself to finish this book The synopsis was promising but within only a few pages I had THAT feeling and wanted to set the book aside Now feted and adored for her curvaceously large body she s a size 14 16 and 6 feet tall how large could her body be I kept going for the sheer hope that suddenly it would turn out to be the wickedly funny satire I was promised Alas, it did not The story became boring and repetitive and I grew to dislike Shaz and everyone in her life I wish that I ha [...]

  7. Anne

    I loved this book It s fun, intelligently and thoughtfully written It was interesting how, when presented with an alternative view of size, how skinny gradually seems unappealing The heroine has no confidence in herself, and hates her body at the beginning of the book, and like a lot of women today would do anything to be skinny Consequently she is living half a lifed the message in the book is to love yourself whatever, stop beating yourself up, and live your life less May 22, 2013 09 04am dele [...]

  8. Cathy

    An excellent read which explores the issues relating to obesity with a different approach to the subject Highly recommended for all shapes and sizes I am looking forward to the next novel by this talented lady.

  9. Isabel

    Thought this sounded interesting when I read about it in a magazine However, the idea is better than the execution I had to make myself finish reading it Repetitive situations and unlikeable characters.

  10. Smriti Brar

    It is 3 out of 5 at best I loved the concept though The idea of a reversed world where skinny is out and bring oversized is celebrated was just endearing I wouldn t put it high on recommendation but it doesn t make a bad read either.

  11. Jo

    I enjoyed the story it made me think about how the media affect our impressions of weight and how you would handle this if it was reversed

  12. Lauracarling

    Really enjoyed this It was just what I needed for a confidence boost, and I thoroughly appreciated the messages this author was putting across Well worth the read

  13. Marguerite Bowers

    Settle yourself down with a frothy coffee and a cup cake and enjoy this tongue in cheek hit a size zero This book is witty and funny and perfect for a light read

  14. Elaine

    Being a big girl myself, I had high expectations for this book upon reading the synopsis After about the first few pages, it slowly fell The premise was great, but the character development fell flat among other things in the novel I wanted to care about Sharon, but I was left with feeling apathetic towards her despite going through a lot of what she went through in the beginning of the novel If you re looking for chick lit about the plus size world with little to no character development then t [...]

  15. Cat

    Imagine an alternate reality where size 18 and above is considered normal and not plus sized Where curves and cellulitewhere bulges and big.where voluptuous ness is celebrated Where size 0 is frowned upon, and even size 12 is considered too thin.Imagine a world where a supermodel is size 20 at least, and where movie stars are at least size 18 preferably above that.Imagine a world where cakes and biscuits and chocolate, where milkshakes and softdrinks are healthy and people who order the salad ar [...]

  16. Chelsea

    I really didn t like this book The writing is very average, the plot could have been somewhat interesting but I found it just ended up ridiculous A very long book for a story I thought should have been a short story It revolves around a girl who feels she needs to lose weight, goes to a doctor for a miracle cure , and ends up in an alternate universe where fat is the new thin and the bigger the better She very quickly gets a job as a model, becomes famous, and sleeps with many hot and famous men [...]

  17. M Renata

    A little wishful thinking makes for a fun escapist novel The reversal of Sharon s experiences as a heavy weight woman makes it clear that our current demands that all women achieve a slender body are absurd Unfortunately, we can t actually choose to live in a different world, with or without an improved body image We only have the world as it exists today, and I don t see size acceptance getting any closer to reality.

  18. Sarah Clark

    I started it on a very long, boring train journey and it s probably going to take another equally dull circumstance to get me to finish it Sorry but while it s a good idea and the description promises so much, the reality is that a story that s meant to prove that size doesn t matter in fact revolves totally around the subject, making size matter very much indeed And the poor sad, lonely, size 18 20 heroine Just carries on the same dull stereotypes Sigh.

  19. Katrina

    An interesting premise poorly executed The idea of attitudes to body size being turned on their head appealed to me, but the storyline was too thin to sustain an entire novel Sharon is silly and shallow, and doesn t develop as a character In addition, she doesn t seem particularly overweight for a six footer Disappointing.

  20. Shawna

    I really liked this book, it was fun However, I did find the authors description of the weight on the character excessive Pretty sure she just picked up a thesaurus and went nuts And WHY on earth do I need to know about her voluptuous giant breasts Almost every chapter starts off with some description about how big her breasts are Honestly.

  21. Ariane

    Everything about this book is misty for me Since reading it several years ago, I had forgotten mostly everything about the book title, main character s name, setting except for the vaguest of memories of the book s premise I do recall that I was not into the book s alternate universe gimmick The main character was ok and the ending was fine To sum up, it was just ok.

  22. Sarah W

    My very first did not finish book I couldn t stand it Obviously many others loved it, but I couldn t identify with the book and loathed the characters Just dreadful is all I can say and that s generous.

  23. Kevin Söhner

    Yeah well, i bought this book during an blowout thingie The discription sounded fun to read but i had MUCH trouble to finish it For my taste it is not very entertaining The best part of this book is the last chapter and the Epilogue

  24. Anne Marie

    I read this way back when it first came out and I remember that I wished the author had taken the issue seriously, why does every book about a plus sized character have to show her as being miserable SO annoying

  25. Marie Carlino

    An interesting perspective This book transports you into an alternate universe where everything is upside down Aside from a convincingly created warped view of the world I found this book a bit boring The main character is predictable and the plot is a bit exaggerated at parts.

  26. Angie

    Hated it I m a large person and 14 16 is not large Made me really annoyed and had no feeling for the character at all Total codswallap Don t bother.

  27. Melissa

    It was an ok book I thought it might be great I found the lead a bit winey I had to make myself finish the book.

  28. Stephanie Baldwin

    The writing of this book seemed very amateur at best, and there was a lot of filthy language in it There was also references to sex and drugs I wouldn t buy it or read it again.

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