Tristão e Isolda (2020)

Tristão e Isolda Joseph Bédier Miguel Carvalho Trist o e Isolda A miss o do cavaleiro Trist o muito simples tem de viajar at Bretanha e levar consigo Isolda a Loira uma bela princesa que dever casar com o Rei Marco da Cornualha Mas um desafortunado incidente faz
  • Title: Tristão e Isolda
  • Author: Joseph Bédier Miguel Carvalho
  • ISBN: 9788415101475
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
Tristão e Isolda Joseph Bédier Miguel Carvalho A miss o do cavaleiro Trist o muito simples tem de viajar at Bretanha e levar consigo Isolda a Loira, uma bela princesa que dever casar com o Rei Marco da Cornualha Mas um desafortunado incidente faz com que Trist o e Isolda bebam uma po o do amor e fiquem irremediavelmente apaixonados Juntos, dever o enfrentar a ira do Rei Marco, fugir o pelas terras da CornualhA miss o do cavaleiro Trist o muito simples tem de viajar at Bretanha e levar consigo Isolda a Loira, uma bela princesa que dever casar com o Rei Marco da Cornualha Mas um desafortunado incidente faz com que Trist o e Isolda bebam uma po o do amor e fiquem irremediavelmente apaixonados Juntos, dever o enfrentar a ira do Rei Marco, fugir o pelas terras da Cornualha e demonstrar o a todo o mundo a for a do seu amor.Joseph B dier, um dos romancistas mais importantes do s culo XX, popularizou a hist ria de amor entre Trist o e Isolda ao escrever esta novela, que reunia todos os detalhes da lenda numa s obra.
Tristão e Isolda Joseph Bédier Miguel Carvalho

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    281 Joseph Bédier Miguel Carvalho
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  1. Agir(آگِر)

    Book of Books, the very oddestHere the Book of Love.Alertly have I read it Of joy a few brief pages,Volumes filled with sorrow And then a part that deals with parting.Rendezvous a little chapter,Fragmentary Tomes on worryLengthened by the clarifers,Measureless, no end.O Nizami in the long run,Though, you found the right direction.Unresolvable who solves it Lovers being reunited.Yes, it was the glancing eyeAnd the mouth, the kissing lips,Rounded body, slender hips,As on green of Eden lie.Was she [...]

  2. Megan Anderson

    A classic myth, but maybe not the best version.Tristan and Iseult is a big deal it s said to be a major influence for the romance between Lancelot and Guinevere, Romeo and Juliet, and pretty much the majority romantic love stories after the 12th century This myth was passed down verbally and has been committed to text by several different authors B dier argues that his version is adapted from the original poem, which may or may not be historically accurate The style is conversational as if a bar [...]

  3. Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*

    Okay, so I did NOT love it but it was good I LOVE the 2006 film Tristan Isolde for reasons mostly this and this but also because it has one of the most poignantly beautiful forgiveness scenes I have ever seen Rufus Sewell as King Mark delivers an unforgettable performance Which is saying something because I am a HUGE James Franco fan he is the reason I watched the movie and Rufus Sewell stole that movie from him, hands snicker down However, this translation compilation of Tristan Iseult didn t r [...]

  4. Janez Hočevar

    Une passion folle ou une folie passionnee, ce roman, bien qu idealise par le medieviste Joseph Bedier, nous donne une histoire d amour, qui ne peut pas etre vecue S y melent les divers elements des romans chevaleresques, comme fin amor, le feodalisme et tout ce qui le represente.Ce qui m a plu le mieux, c etait la force de la passion, le renoncement a cette meme passion qui ne peut finir que par la mort des deux amants Point de happy end

  5. Yani

    Relectura septiembre 2016Es otra versi n de la historia de amor prohibida suena bien entre el sobrino de un rey y la esposa de este Llegado a un punto Marc, el rey, me dio un poco de pena porque vive envuelto en los chismes y las mentiras de toda la gente que lo rodea y se deja influir Por alguna extra a raz n, me gust m s que la versi n de Gottfried Tal vez haya sido porque el verso es m s amable que la prosa cuando una no est muy en sinton a con la historia a pesar de que a m me gust por sus d [...]

  6. Jason

    To be honest, I didn t read this as closely or attentively as I should have, so my impressions are unfairly formed I liked it a love potion meh , romance, deception, humour, a really heart warming dog scene Episodic Inconsistent at times, but not so much that it s bothersome some characters somehow are no longer dead, for example The story goes on I didn t hate it I like the Wagner treatment I know, y all, problematic.

  7. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly

    His parents were wed in a castle standing above the sea called Tintagel well fenced against all assault or engines of war, with its keep, which the giants had built long ago, a compact of great stones, like a chess board of vert and azure He was lost for a long time, his royal origin hidden and unknown, but fate was kind and he was brought back to King Mark, ruler of Cornwall, brother of his deceased mother Blanchefleur the husband of his late father, Rivalen King of Lyonesse He served King Mark [...]

  8. Nikki

    If you ve read any other Tristan text, like that of Gottfried von Strassberg, this is nothing new The introduction suggests that this is the oldest surviving Tristan text perhaps so, I think it may well be right.The translation is clear and easy to read, and you get the whole gist of the story The surviving manuscripts of Beroul s poem and The Tale of Tristan s Madness are full of gaps, so the gaps are filled in by what is known from other Tristan stories Reasonably well done, I think.When readi [...]

  9. David Wright

    I absolutely love this story As usual, I won t mention any plot specifics as such I meant to read this a long time ago after reading Beowulf but got sidetracked This is such a tragic tale that you will either love completely or take issue with, depending on your interpretation of what is just and right within the storyline There are battles of mythical beasts as in Beowulf but also intrigues, jealousy, spite and heartbreak In my opinion, the events surrounding vanquishing of certain characters a [...]

  10. Gabrielle Dubois

    The legend of Tristan and Iseut in these old times, one knew what the drama was His lord and husband dead, the queen Blanchefleur Whiteflower , pregnant, wants to let herself die Her faithful Rohalt trys to console her My queen, your mourn will only add to your husband s mourn, there s nothing to win there Should not all those who are born die May God receive the dead persons and preserve the living ones But Blanchefleur didn t want to listen to him For three days she waited to join her dear lor [...]

  11. FP

    Vale la pena mencionar que ste no es uno de los poemas medievales sobre la historia de Trist n e Isolda, sino m s bien un intento del autor Joseph B dier de unificar diversos poemas en una sola historia internamente consistente, en formato narrativo.La vieja historia es sobre Trist n, un caballero fiel y leal, que va a buscar a la prometida de su rey, sobrina de un guerrero a quien Trist n mat en combate singular Esta reina, Isolda, detesta a Trist n, pero cuando los dos beben una p cima m gica [...]

  12. Molly

    H muito que procurava ler esta obra Vi o filme e conhecia o romance de ambos, mas queria muito ler a hist ria, uma vez que faz parte das lendas arturianas e tem aquela magia que tanto me agrada Foi agora que apareceu a oportunidade e s posso dizer que estou muito feliz.Este livro conta a hist ria de amor de Trist o e Isolda, amor esse predestinado a consumir os seus amantes de modo a que a sua hist ria fosse bela e tr gica Perseguidos pelos seus, Trist o e Isolda lutam contra tudo e contra todos [...]

  13. Erika B. (SOS BOOKS)

    King Mark made peace with Tristan Tristan returned to the castle as of old Tristan slept in the King s chamber with his peers He could come or go, the King thought no of it But who can long keep his love a secret Love alas cannot be hid Ah love It has a mind of its own This was so tragic and bittersweet I saw the movie with James Franco back in the day, and now I feel cheated because this story is so much The story of two lovers at the mercy of fate and the gods that control them Loved it The [...]

  14. Vaishali

    Five stars if not for abrupt character reactions Still, one of the best legends ever Historically, the romance predates Arthur Guenevere Lancelot, but its enduring popularity morphed Tristan into a Round Table Knight.We have it all here fresh verdant woodlands mighty castles with tall steeples dainty maids courted by the finest men plus dragons, pirates, and lepers In short, a world as innocent as it was brutal, now lost to us forever A dreamland worthy of revisiting for centuries to come.Quotes [...]

  15. Deborah Stack

    I adore this story, and I know that the beautiful writing of Joseph Bedier is largely to thank but I must give credit to the specific reader at librivox who helped me to fall in love with the tale.I listened to Tristan and Iseult as an audiobook, acquired through Librivox and read by Joy Chan Available here librivox tristan and iseul Joy Chan s soothing voice drew me entirely into the ancient story, and as she adopted a slight affect for each character, rendering each distinct, her lilting accen [...]

  16. Rima Rashid

    The story is told of two trees that grew miraculously, one from Tristan s tomb and one from Yseut s their branches intertwined over the apse Three times King Mark had the trees cut down, and three times they grew again Oh I am done for My mum kindly let me stay in bed today and I finished The Romance of Tristan in a matter of hours It s such a sweet story of love, loss, loyalty, bravery It was like Marian and Robin, Romeo and Juliet.Excuse me My heart hurts.

  17. dead letter office

    a despicable soothsaying dwarf passion and joy most sharp, and anguish without end, and death evil giants a magic, multicolored dog with a little fairy bell why anyone writes books without these things is a mystery to me plus it s all true.

  18. Lisa

    Listened to this on Librivox and it was beautifully narrated but very confusing because there were so many characters This is one action packed story It s supposed to be this great romance but Tristan and Iseult didn t fall in love, they had a spell cast on them so is that a romance

  19. Lara Kairos

    One of my most beloved romance books since my childhood My grandmother had it in her library, and I often pulled it off the shelf when I came to visit her A fascinating tale of medieval love, passion and strife.

  20. Plethora

    This timeless medieval love story gone awry was written by B roul, an unknown Norman poet from the twelfth century Discovering the exact origins of the tale become impossible as one tries to trace threads back through history, as basis can be bound in many of the legends told The establishment of the legendary King Arthur was well under way before B roul told his story of Queen Yseut and Tristan Many references to King Arthur come up during this story, as time has worn on other have adopted this [...]

  21. RoseAdagio

    I enjoyed reading this so much Being medieval literature, there were occasional moments where the gender dynamics bothered me, but I let it slide for the most part because of the context of the time period it was written in I had to keep in mind how the structure of society was different back then and how differently people were expected to act It requested suspension of disbelief on that account gender in order to fully enjoy the tale Which I did It read like a fairy tale, and I really liked th [...]

  22. Justin Evans

    In my ongoing crusade to confute stories in which horrific, mind bendingly irritating men and women are meant to be seen as heroes on the basis of the fact thati they re really hotii they re a little bit damaged andiii they can t keep it in their pants, the story of Tristan is like the Platonic form of evil, if there was such a thing I am aware that the forms don t work like that Tristan, who is a bit of a scumbag, falls in love with Yseut, who strongly resembles a 15 year old girl in her moral [...]

  23. Andrew Darling

    Beroul s poem dates from the 12th century, and is the earliest known account of the Tristan legend It is incomplete, the surviving manuscript opening after the lovers have returned to Cornwall and the deceit of Mark has begun but the translator provides the missing episodes Tristan s birth, his arrival at King Mark s court, his journey to Ireland, the slaying of the dragon, the meeting with Yseut, the drinking of the love potion from other Tristan sources, thereby telling the entire story I was [...]

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