Outlaw (2020)

Outlaw Stephen Davies Outlaw Fifteen year old Jake Knight is an explorer and adventurer at heart but this often gets him into trouble When a stuffy English boarding school suspends him for rule breaking Jake flies out to Burkina
  • Title: Outlaw
  • Author: Stephen Davies
  • ISBN: 9781849390880
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
Outlaw Stephen Davies Fifteen year old Jake Knight is an explorer and adventurer at heart but this often gets him into trouble When a stuffy English boarding school suspends him for rule breaking, Jake flies out to Burkina Faso where his parents are living He is expecting a long, adventure filled vacation under a smiling African sun But what awaits him there is kidnapping, terrorism and YakuFifteen year old Jake Knight is an explorer and adventurer at heart but this often gets him into trouble When a stuffy English boarding school suspends him for rule breaking, Jake flies out to Burkina Faso where his parents are living He is expecting a long, adventure filled vacation under a smiling African sun But what awaits him there is kidnapping, terrorism and Yakuuba Sor the most wanted outlaw in the Sahara desert.
Outlaw Stephen Davies

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One thought on “Outlaw

  1. Nancy Reinking

    This book is a great read for the YAL crowd International intrigue, Indiana Jones style, written to enlighten others to the plight of those who live in corrupt political systems Heroes and villains clash using the latest technology There is some violence in this story, but it is important to the plot development and provides a realistic viewpoint to life in the real world.

  2. Ruth

    A modern day Robin Hood with technology Set in Burkino Fasa, this fast paced story tells of corruption in the country Two teenagers of the British Ambassador soon become involved but who can they trust I like the descriptions of Africa from the author who lives in the area.

  3. Ms. Albert

    This novel kept me up very late because I couldn t put it down I don t think it or its author is well known YET It s something new and different I have added it to my top 20 of all time bookshelf, which still doesn t have 20 books on it.So, Jake gets kicked out of boarding school and joins his family in Burkina Faso, West Africa, where his father is an ambassador So, this is pretty topical, including terrorist extremist groups and government corruption The author actually lives in this part of t [...]

  4. Mrslabraden

    Outlaw is about Jake Knight who is a spoiled bored rich kid living in an English boarding school When he gets kicked out for playing a game called geothimble, in which students try to find objects that have been planted by other players in impossible to reach locations, Jake is sent to Burkina Faso in Africa where Jake s father is the British Ambassador Jake and his sister, Kas are soon kidnapped leading them to adventure and political intrigue than Jake could ever have imagined From the Africa [...]

  5. Elizabeth

    Jake Knight, a fifteen year old, is suspended from boarding school after an escapade which caused him to break into a prison Unfortunately he could not break out so he was caught He waqs supposed to find his geography project that had been planted in Leeds prison awaiting recovery by other members in this secret adventure club As a result of his suspension, his parents would be notified and he would be joining his parents and sister in Burkina Faso.Jake s father was an ambassador in Ouagadougou [...]

  6. Ms. Yingling

    Davies, Stephen Outlaw.Jake is not unhappy at his posh British boarding school, but life is BORING there He and his friends have a game of Geothimble going, where they steal an object from someone else, hide it, and that person has to use GPS technology to get it While playing this game, Jake ends up walking over a wall into a prison, and then gets kicked out of school He ends up with his ambassador father in Burkina Faso, which is better than being at school At a fancy dinner one night, he and [...]

  7. Kay Mcgriff

    Now that I am teaching 7th grade where Social Studies explores world geography and civilizations , I am on the lookout for books that take readers to other times and places that connect to their curriculum I have found an action packed adventure with Outlaw by Stephen Davies This thriller explodes with desperate outlaws, high tech surveillance, high speed chases, and murderous double crossers.Jake Knight longs to live a life filled with adventure, but he has to create his own excitement at his s [...]

  8. Ruben

    A couldn t put the book down because it was SO good It s about Jake and Kas, the son and daughter of the British ambassador in Burkina Faso Jake was suspended from his boarding school in England so he was flow over the Burkina Faso to go live with his parents When Jake and Kas are at a big meal with the gold barons with their mother and father they are abducted Jake keeps contact with his parents by posting his location using GPS on Facebook and also calling his parents Jake notices a tattoo and [...]

  9. Christina

    Another fun ride of a book, with a lot of current world affairs details and situations to make it realistic When fifteen year old Jake is suspended from school and sent back to live with his parents and younger teen sister, he s not going home to a boring suburb his dad s the British Ambassador to Burkina Faso, in Africa Jake and his sister are fluent in French and other languages, and love the multicultural craziness of this country Jake feels at home riding his father s motorcycle past crowde [...]

  10. Heather

    Jake is the son of a British ambassador to Burkina Faso After getting suspended from boarding school for his boredom reducing activities, he gets action than he bargained for when he meets up with his family in Africa He and his sister, Kas, are kidnapped by one of the most feared terrorists in the entire country Together they must try to survive in the desert while dealing with politics and customs they are unfamiliar with.The Chameleon is an African teen who is disgusted by the greed and dece [...]

  11. Chris

    Jake hates the boring restrictiveness of his rigid boarding school, so when he gets suspended for the last six weeks of the term for sneaking out at night to play a geocaching game he and his friends have invented he s looking forward to the extra free time and a bit of adventure Particularly since he ll be spending the time in the sunny, wild, teeming capital of African nation Burkina Faso, where is dad is the British ambassador Except Jake learns true adventure isn t all that fun after he and [...]

  12. Mark Barsalona

    1 The book outlaw is about this kid Jake knight who he and his sister get kidnapped by this man named the chameleon the two are children of a British ambassador the chameleon is sort of a robin hood but blames this other vigilante named Yakuuba Sor for it so the chameleon can cross the Sahara2 This book was very captivating and I liked it very much it kept me wanting to read I liked that they didnt make the main character seem all skillful at escaping and was like james bond he just sat there an [...]

  13. Barbara

    Suspended from his British boarding school for geothimbling, fifteen year old Jake is sent to join his parents in Burkina Faso where he anticipates much adventure Unsurprisingly, adventure finds him and his sister Kas when they are kidnapped by a couple of men trying to blame the kidnapping on Yakuuba Sor, a master of disguise considered by some to be a terrorist and by others to be a hero of the common folks The action in the book is fast paced with something exciting happening in just about ev [...]

  14. Luisa

    When Jake is expelled from his British private school for playing geo thimble which prompts him to be out in the middle of the night jumping the walls of a prison, he s sent to his family in Burkina Faso, a landlocked African country on the southwest border of the Sahara where his father serves as the British ambassador In an attempt to rescue his sister from being kidnapped, Jake is abducted as well Technological marvels including Jake s cell phone as well as a simple trail of wrappers could be [...]

  15. Libby Ames

    Jake Knight has lived a privileged life as the son of a British ambassador He longs for adventure, but when he and his sister are kidnapped by an African outlaw, he gets adventure than he ever wanted Soon, his life is consumed by violence, terrorism, and a desperate race for survival As Jake travels through the African dessert and small villages he learns about his personal strength while also recognizing the great need of others around him.Outlaw is a fast paced adventure story filled with hig [...]

  16. Tricia

    4.5 stars I suspect my younger two boys, who both read it around age 11, would give it at least 5.This is a great adventure story for middle grades and teens It tells the story of Jake and his sister Kirsty aka Kas , children of the British ambassador, who get kidnapped in a plot to undermine Yakuuba Sor As they travel back to the capital, they struggle to determine who are the good guys , the bad guys , and those worthy of trust The author works in development in Burkina Faso and portrays the p [...]

  17. Kathy

    Once you get past the terrible, and terribly deceptive cover, and the alternating voice narrative setup, this book really picks up When the story lines of Jake and the outlaw come together the story changes into something than each alone could tell I wish Kirsty, or Kas as she is called, Jake s sister, had of a part than whining about the injustice She would have been the likely character to embark on an adventure based on her being upset about the privileges the family indulged in being Brit [...]

  18. Avi K

    Outlaw by Stephen Davies is a very interesting book that would be great for anyone who is into adventure and suspence There is a lot of action in this book and the author really knows how to get your attention from the first page Outlaw is about a boy who goes to boarding school and get suspended and returns back to his family He then gets kidnapped at a hotel and has to go along with the kidnapper until rescued This book is definetly a thriller and has a little humor here and there It s filled [...]

  19. Aubrey Hinchman

    When I read this for Clash of theTitles, I didn t expect to enjoy it At first, I didn t like Jake s sister, and felt like Jake was ignorant, but over time, I grew fond of him His ability to climb jump over walls I found unique The kidnapping was kind of low key, and I don t think that it WAS really Stockholm Syndrome affecting them otherwise I wouldn t have read it Yakkuba Sor reminded me of Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor In fact, him using a slingshot also made me thi [...]

  20. Sarah Rosenberger

    When the children of the British Ambassador to Burkina Faso are kidnapped, an African Robin Hood type character called the Chameleon is falsely accused and has to try to get them safely home in order to clear his name.There s no character development, just action, action, and techno talk but the mentions of injustices like the practices of European mining companies might make readers interested in learning Guys who like Anthony Horowitz or Andrew Klavan might like it.

  21. Jessi

    Jake isn t too upset when he gets suspended from his English boarding school It mostly means he gets to spend some extra time with his family in Africa, where his father is an ambassador and have some adventures in the sun The adventure part of that becomes all too real when his second night home, he and his sister are kidnapped by the notorious outlaw, Yakuuba Sor Jake and Kas are both strong and brave and Jake is able to use his parkour skills to help aid in their escape.Good for teens and twe [...]

  22. Mary

    This was a fast paced thriller that would appeal to adventure lovers After Jake and his sister, Kas, are kidnapped in Burkina Faso they meet a teenage outlaw Yakuuba Sor Yakuuba Sor has a reputation among authorities as a terrorist, but among those he helps, he s of a Robin Hood character The story has elements of the James Bond and Indiana Jones franchises This will be a go to book for readers looking for adventure stories or thrillers, for young precocious readers who have exhausted the tween [...]

  23. Mrs. Schatz

    Excellent adventure reminiscent of James Bond Indiana Jones Robin Hood Set in Burkina Faso in Africa which makes it set out Jake matured in to a fine young man The cover is misleading I kept wondering how skateboarding fit into kidnapping and the rescue throughout most of the book Turns out that the young man on the cover is scaling a very tall wall just like Jake in the book I believe the cover needs to be different because I would not have read this title based on the cover, which I do I was c [...]

  24. I used to read but now I don't It's bad I know

    This was a clean, exciting, and realistic read I don t have anything bad to say about it sure, you have your stereotypical main character, but compared to all the feminist junk out there these days I appreciated having your typical hero guy, actually The different languages and cultures and proverbs expressed in the book were great, because with the author s background and end notes, the plot was believable I loved all the different stunts and was always guessing at what Sor was going to do next [...]

  25. Mary Ann

    This was a good adventure, full of information about Burkina Faso which I knew absolutely nothing about and the state of some of the African countries that deal with corrupt officials and groups who pirate and kidnap Jake and his sister Kirsty are the children of the American ambassador, and soon they are at the mercy of the most notorious outlaw in the country But things are not exactly as they seem in this dangerous turn of events Good plotting, lots of twists and turns, lots to learn I would [...]

  26. Anne

    Jake, fifteen, sneaks out of his English boarding school to play a game he and his friends call geothimble When the game traps him in a prison exercise yard he is caught by the police, suspended from school, and sent back to live with ambassador dad, mom, and sister in Burkina Faso Jake and his sister are kidnapped by a political faction and the ensuing adventures are fast and furious Interesting characters and very useful info about how to use sour milk to charge a cell phone Adventure fans wil [...]

  27. Milena Lim

    This book was so vivid and thrilling that I felt like I was actually in the book riding a motorcycle with Jake and on a horse with Kas This book was about a teenage boy named Jake who is expelled from a boarding school and sent to Burkina Faso where his English ambassador parents and sister are living He expects a peaceful vacation but instead, he and his sister is kidnapped by a man and accomplice trying to get ransom money When they re saved by teenage boy, the three of them are still in troub [...]

  28. Esther

    Better thanHacking Timbuktu , in my opinion Still the tight, fast paced plotting, and I didn t notice any critical loose ends in the story telling The various teenagers all employ the tools commonly at their fingertips to get rid of the bad guys their kidnappers but because the characters come from the UK and Burkina Faso, the tools they have to work with are quite eclectic and suspense inducing Slingshots and cell phones all become clever in this tale that asks the question of what lengths we a [...]

  29. Karen Arendt

    An interesting adventure story This book is set in Burkina Faso, a small country in Africa At first, you think the outlaw is the Ambassador s son, Jake, but as the story progresses, you learn about another, traditional outlaw, Yakuuba Sor, who helps protect people in Burkina Faso from corrupt police and sheiks The book was originally published in Britain There is plenty of cultural content of AFrica, adventure, and clever ingenuity Sort of a MacGyver meets Africa if anyone still remembers MacGy [...]

  30. Thomas

    I thought that this was a great book Outlaw is about a boy named Jake Knight who is 15 years old and lives in Africa with his 13 year old sister Kirsty Knight Jake and Kirsty are mysteriously kidnapped at a banquet by who they think is an Outlaw Luckily they were able to contact their parents who thought that they had everything under control The problem is you never know what your dealing with when you ve got an Outlaw in the mix You should read this book to find out how this story ends.

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