Beekeeping for Beginners (2020)

Beekeeping for Beginners Laurie R. King Beekeeping for Beginners In this crackling short story New York Times bestselling author Laurie R King reveals an unforgettable new twist in the adventure that led supersleuth Sherlock Holmes to discover his first and finest
  • Title: Beekeeping for Beginners
  • Author: Laurie R. King
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  • Page: 136
  • Format: ebook
Beekeeping for Beginners Laurie R. King In this crackling short story, New York Times bestselling author Laurie R King reveals an unforgettable new twist in the adventure that led supersleuth Sherlock Holmes to discover his first and finest apprentice, Mary Russell.Sherlock Holmes is fending off a particularly dark mood as he roams the Sussex Downs, in search of wild bees The Great War may be raging across tIn this crackling short story, New York Times bestselling author Laurie R King reveals an unforgettable new twist in the adventure that led supersleuth Sherlock Holmes to discover his first and finest apprentice, Mary Russell.Sherlock Holmes is fending off a particularly dark mood as he roams the Sussex Downs, in search of wild bees The Great War may be raging across the Channel, but on the Downs, the great detective nears terminal melancholia only to be saved by an encounter with headstrong, yellow haired young Mary Russell, who soon becomes the Master s apprentice not only in beekeeping but in detection Holmes instantly spots her remarkable ability, but his sharp eyes also see troubling problems Why is this wealthy orphan who lives with her aunt so shabbily dressed Why is she so prone to illness and accident Is she herself the center of a mystery These are questions that the great detective must answer quickly lest his prot g e, and his own new lease on life, meet a sudden, tragic end.The tale of their meeting has been told from Russell s point of view, but even those who have never met the famed Russell Holmes pair will read this tale with delight and, as its climax builds, with breathless excitement.
Beekeeping for Beginners Laurie R. King

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    136 Laurie R. King
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One thought on “Beekeeping for Beginners

  1. Cynthia

    I ve always loved Doyle s Holmes stories so I was excited to read King s Beekeeping for Beginners However, I was bored with this story The young girl, Mary Russell, seemed insipid and Holmes was too all knowing though I admit he was portrayed that way by Doyle too The aunt and cousin came across as stock figures of evil It was obvious from the beginning where the story was heading.Maybe my problem was that I haven t read anything else from King s series I m sure having some background would prob [...]

  2. Joyce Lagow

    Depending on what you read, this work is described as either a short story or an e novella about 50 pages long To me, it s a little long for a short story and maybe just shy of a novella, e book or otherwise Also, it s important to know that I am not a fan of short stories with few exceptions I find them unsatisfying not enough length to develop either a solid plot or satisfactory characters.In this case, character development is not important IF you are a fan, as I am, of King s Mary Russell Sh [...]

  3. Jennifer

    To say I was disappointed in this e novella from King would be an understatement I actually told my husband that it wasn t worth the.99 I spent on it yikes So I had three major complaints about it 1 Holmes contemplated action in the first chapter was so un Holmesian is that a word , at least in terms of King s version of Holmes, that it made me angry It felt like a cheap motivation that wasn t in keeping with the character built up through the overall series 2 The 1st person vs 3rd person chapte [...]

  4. Kim

    A long short story or a short novella, this offering to fans of the Russell Holmes series fits takes place in the timeframe of the first novel in the series, The Beekeepers Apprentice It is essentially in two parts The first part deals with the meeting of Russell and Holmes from the point of view of Holmes The second part recounts an episode which occurs later in the timeline of the novel, which Russell could not have known about because the novel is written in the first person, from Russell s p [...]

  5. Kribu

    I don t think this longish short story or short novella , in spite of taking place at the very beginning of the Russell Holmes partnership, would be a good introduction to the series for new readers but for those already invested in the series, or at least those who have already read The Beekeeper s Apprentice, it makes an excellent little companion story.Seeing the already familiar events unfurl from Holmes point of view was a real treat I also enjoyed the added extra, Holmes little trip to Lon [...]

  6. Orion

    This is a short story that takes the reader back to the first meeting of the teenage Mary and the retired Sherlock when both were vulnerable and in need of rescue The author looks again into the bond that formed in her first novel of the series, The Beekeeper s Apprentice, between such an odd couple united by a peculiar way of logical thinking that usually alienates them from most people The detective teaches young Mary the secrets of keeping bees as we learn how each owes their life to the othe [...]

  7. ❂ Jennifer

    Good side story about the conflict between Mary and her Aunt, but it didn t quite jibe with the timeline the author creates in the first book, The Beekeeper s Apprentice The narrator is excellent, although he sounds far too kind and warm to be Sherlock Holmes and I think that made a difference too.Full review jennoklikes post 116887

  8. Morris Nelms

    Laurie King makes me think I m reading Conan Doyle than any other writer or screen version for that matter that has taken on the daunting task of creating Sherlock Holmes stories In this one, the great detective works behind the scenes to insure Mary Russell comes into her inheritance and adulthood with no problems It also gives an account of their meeting from Sherlock s perspective Quick read Good introduction to King s contribution to the Holmes canon.

  9. Kathy

    This short account of Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell s beginning together reminded me of why I love this series so much I enjoyed Holmes perspective of it, as it served to enrich the tale of their strong bonding and give insight to his brilliant thinking Kudos to Ms King for this gift.

  10. Jadetyger Sevea

    I love King s Holmes so much I ve said before that I don t believe that Holmes is an emotionless machine I think he is very dedicated to those people he s close to Watson, Mrs Hudson, and now Mary What he does do, I think, is use his emotions as a source of personal power, like an extremely precise weapon I think this short story illustrates that.

  11. Lisa (Harmonybites)

    This is a novella in the Mary Russell series, of which there about a dozen books to date In them King gives Sherlock Holmes a female counterpart and professional and, eventually, romantic partner in the unlikely person of Mary Russell, a Jewish American forty years younger She sets all these tales after 1914, when the last of the Arthur Conan Doyle originals were penned This particular story is set in the time frame of the first novel in the series, The Beekeeper s Apprentice I don t know if som [...]

  12. Lynne

    I think this short story novella doesn t appeal to new readers of the series For those of us who have followed the series, it is a delightful little back story Some complained that Holmes was perhaps too soft, but consider the fact that he later admitted he was besotted with her from the moment he met her In Garment of Shadows, Mary describes the wedding band he had made for her engraved hexagons linked together to form a honeycomb In his dotage, Sherlock s life was revived by this brilliant and [...]

  13. Ivonne Rovira

    Beekeeping for Beginners is a novella that takes the plot of The Beekeeper s Apprentice, which is told from the point of view of Mary Russell, and relates it once again, this time from the point of view of Sherlock Holmes The effort proves somewhat disappointing, with nothing really added, and makes me wonder why Laurie R King bothered It was OK, but not really worth the bother.Recommended only for King super fans who want to read every scrap of Russell lore.

  14. Alicia

    I read this book with no idea that it was part of a rather extensive series It was a quick read and kept my attention but ended abruptly That didn t make any sense to me until I did a little digging and found out that it is book 10.5 of the series That being said I am looking forward to reading of this series.

  15. Victoria

    Great short story for Russell Holmes fans about Holmes view of their first meeting as told by Russell in The Beekeeper s Apprentice Narrator shifts from Holmes to third person in weird ways, but overall a great short read.

  16. Melissa

    My favorite book in this series remains the first It is one that I ve read multiple times I was thrilled to read this, and see that first meeting from Holmes s point of view It was a fun and refreshing look at a story I knew or thought I knew so well I loved it

  17. Molly

    i absolutely adored this having read the canon and fallen in love with Conan Doyle s stories, this was such a welcome addition to the mythology of Holmes i intend on reading Laurie King s Holmes novels now i think i may have found a new friend

  18. Hermien

    A delightful novella retelling the start of Mary Russell s apprenticeship to Sherlock Holmes, this time told from the perspective of Sherlock.

  19. Erin

    A vulnerable side of Russell in this short story from Holmes point of view, taking place right after they met.

  20. Aman Mittal

    I am big fan of Conan Doyle s writings that include Sherlock Holmes and this year I realised I should try adaptions of same character written by other authors After reading Martin Greenberg s anthologies on Holmes Christmas Stories I came across Laurie R Kings Mary Russell series Mary Russell is a young girl that Holmes after retiring from being a Private Detective and relocating him in Sussex, takes an apprentice of This short novella can be called the origin of this new series of adventure The [...]

  21. Rosie

    A 1 hour audio book listened to enroute to Blacksburg, VA.A fun story comparing investigation paying attention to details to bee keeping.Young Mary Russell, 15 yrs old, meets up with Sherlock Holmes, who teaches her about bees and mentors her investigative abilities.Mary should be an heiress, but an Aunt and cousin are out to get the inheritance Sherlock ensures her safety A nice story.

  22. Abigail Veloz

    Laurie King keeps the proper spirit and pace a Sherlock story should have It had a delightful story structure with all the twist and turns you d want in a classic mystery novel Most of all I enjoyed that it was a story with an incredibly intelligent female lead Lest we forget, women are capable, strong, and brilliant.

  23. Linda Amos

    A new what happened next angle on the Sherlock Holmes story An excellent novella showing Holmes hasn t lost his edge in retirement This is the first book I ve read in this series and by this author so looking forward to .

  24. Catherine Belles

    Best place to beginBeekeeping for beginners is a lovely short story that provides a quick look at the relationship that developed and the care Holmes took from the beginning He is beekeeping and Mary keeping Lovely

  25. Sue

    Loved this novella detailing events from the series first novel but from Holmes point of view Awesome as always.

  26. Lise

    Not a fan of short stories, and this was only redeemed by the fact that it was Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes.

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