As The Waltz Was Ending (2020)

As The Waltz Was Ending Emma Macalik Butterworth As The Waltz Was Ending Inspiring haunting real life autobiography of a young girl who wanted to be a dancer with the Vienna State Opera and did and also ended up marrying a young American paratrooper Wonderful storytellin
  • Title: As The Waltz Was Ending
  • Author: Emma Macalik Butterworth
  • ISBN: 9780590444408
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
As The Waltz Was Ending Emma Macalik Butterworth Inspiring, haunting, real life autobiography of a young girl who wanted to be a dancer with the Vienna State Opera and did and also ended up marrying a young American paratrooper Wonderful storytelling
As The Waltz Was Ending Emma Macalik Butterworth

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    315 Emma Macalik Butterworth
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One thought on “As The Waltz Was Ending

  1. Book Concierge

    This is an autobiography memoir of a young girl growing up in Vienna The time span covers Emmy from about age six to seventeen As a child she and her family had a lovely apartment and she enjoyed the city s many parks and coffee shops where she would get a treat of a rich mocha topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar Their home was filled with books and music, and she loved to dance That love of dance led her to become a ballet student at the Vienna Opera s Ballet School a world renowned ve [...]

  2. Sally

    Oh god, this made me cry so much It was a little slow going at first but then definitely picked up, and was truly an enthralling read It s so interesting to read a WWII story from a different POV to what I usually read Emmy was a young girl in Vienna who was at first not really touched by the goings on in the late 30s early 40s When Hitler first came to Austria there were parades and the people of Vienna welcomed him, most believing this would end the Great Depression and help people find jobs E [...]

  3. Elena

    I just finished this book, and it has to be one of the best historical non fiction books ive ever read Emmey s story is so powerful and heartbreaking LIke all the books about WW2, it was depressing that she actually went through all that and survived it I was sad that none of her children folowed her in her love of dance, and that she didnt pursue her dream either I also couldnt believe her father shot himself just 1 year after the war ended Gosh, talk about a lot going on at once I just wish Em [...]

  4. Bridget

    This is a book I could read over and over again It has everything for me The love of dance, friendship and the repercussions of war and how it impacts everyone A must read.

  5. Jennifer Nelson

    I m sad to say that I didn t really end up liking this book The writing is good and the story is compelling in parts, but it ended rather abruptly and darkly I was left kind of scratching my head, wondering what the point of all that was It was interesting, though, learning about ballet training and pre World War II Vienna There are some content issues in this book that would lead me to not recommend it to children or young teens rape and sexual indiscretion discussed, but not in a lot of detai [...]

  6. Heidi

    When I saw this on the shelf while shelf checking I couldn t believe I hadn t already read it Ballet check Austria check World War II check All elements that usually mean I ll at least give a book a go, and this had all three Yet, despite perhaps one or two scenes seeming vaguely familiar, I m fairly certain that I hadn t read this one before.It was beautiful and sad and terrible Realistic it seems to me in its portrayal of the ballet world, terrifying in the descriptions of Vienna at the end of [...]

  7. Quilla

    This book is on my favorites shelf Why Well, I am a part fanatic of World War II books from the point of view of young adults This book is definitely one of those kinds When I first started this book, I was confused and stopped I am glad I restarted because I learned so much about ballet and World War II It is a true story, which is always an added feature to a good novel The experiences of the bombings sent shivers up my spine Very detailed, and I felt the dedication that she has to her dancing [...]

  8. Susan

    I first read this book as a teenager, long before such WW II fiction as The Book Thief and Sarah s Key It has stuck with me, and all these years later I still think it is right up there with the best of the WW II stories What is all the better but also sadder is that this one is a true story.

  9. Jessi Smith

    This is a book that I wouldn t have picked for myself but im very glad my librarian recommeneded it to me,it is a very powerful touching story about a girl from Vienna named Emmy who s aspiring ballet career was interrupted by the nazi invasion the end she survived,though she didn t go through with her aspiration for ballet.

  10. CLM

    As I understand it, the real life Emmy met the real life American soldier also known as W.E.B Griffin, whom she later married Although the marriage did not last forever, I hope there were some happy years for her after her wartime experience.

  11. Karen

    This is such a sad book in many ways Emma tells her own story and while many of her experiences are beautiful and happy, many of them are not It s sad to see what a young girl in Nazi and then Russian occupied Vienna had to deal with.

  12. Julie

    This is one of my Most Favorite Books of All Time I read this book when I was about 15 16 years oldd very much into ballerina s and ballet I loved everything about this bookd have re read it I don t know How many times over I highly recommend this book Very Enjoyable

  13. Mazzou B

    I absolutely love true World War II stories especially autobiographies This one is just a real look into the life of a young ballerina living in Vienna during the war Not suitable for very young readers, but can be easily edited by an older sibling or parent.

  14. Rosalee

    Autobiography of what life was like during WWII Austria for a young girl It is better for older youth I would have liked the story to continue to discuss what life was like during the post war rebuilding years.

  15. Katie Soto

    One of my favorite books from childhood Checked it out of the library many times growing up Recently ordered a used copy online and read it again, probably 20 years later I still love this book Wonderful historical nonfiction set in Austria during WWII.

  16. Susie

    I love Viennese setting, my great grandmother was from the area, but pre WWII thankfully I recommended this when we did our historical fiction unit in 7th grade a few years ago.

  17. Kacie Hastings

    Read this book for the first time when I was 10 years old and it has stuck with me all these years Amazing story Poignant, heart breaking, yet beautiful A very quick, easy read.

  18. Tricia

    Incredible true story of a young ballerina in Vienna during WWII The writing wasn t fantastic, but the story was raw and engaging.

  19. Paula

    This was a powerful coming of age story, during the rise of the third reich in Austria.If you love ballet, World War Two and biographies this a gem to read

  20. Stefanie

    Read this when I was probably in middle school, but I still remember a lot of the imagery in it and the story line.

  21. Beth Breyfogle

    I read this in middle school I wanted to read it again Wasn t a priorityn t get much leisure reading time Still a good read.

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