Witness to Death (2020)

Witness to Death Dave White Witness to Death John Brighton is an ordinary young schoolteacher still hung up on his ex Michelle Suspecting her new boyfriend is cheating on her John decides to follow Frank s Lexus and find out the truth once and
  • Title: Witness to Death
  • Author: Dave White
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Witness to Death Dave White John Brighton is an ordinary young schoolteacher still hung up on his ex, Michelle Suspecting her new boyfriend is cheating on her, John decides to follow Frank s Lexus and find out the truth once and for all Turns out John s in for a major surprise Frank isn t heading for some sack time with another girl Instead he drags John into the middle of a shootout on the banksJohn Brighton is an ordinary young schoolteacher still hung up on his ex, Michelle Suspecting her new boyfriend is cheating on her, John decides to follow Frank s Lexus and find out the truth once and for all Turns out John s in for a major surprise Frank isn t heading for some sack time with another girl Instead he drags John into the middle of a shootout on the banks of the Hudson River, and before John knows what s happening, he s knee deep in bodies.Before the corpses can even cool, Frank disappears and John finds himself wanted for five murders With no way to prove his innocence, John goes on the run not only from the police, but a vicious assassin as well And when Michelle is kidnapped, John s worst case scenario comes true Though his head tells him to stay in hiding, his heart says otherwise He has to save the woman he loves or die trying.As John begins to uncover the truth surrounding the events that have turned his life upside down, he learns it isn t just Michelle he must rescue Thousands of other innocent lives are in jeopardy too A heart pounding, heart stopping, heart breaking thriller from two time Shamus Award nominated author, Dave White For fans of Harlan Coben, Thomas Perry and Jeff Abbott.Praise for Dave White An engrossing, evocative debut novel that will grab most readers from its opening sentences fans of hard hitting, uncompromising private investigators will hope that Donne ditches his college dreams and continues to pound the pavement Publisher s Weekly Starred Review White manages the neat trick of respecting the genre s traditions while daring to nudge it toward something new and unexpected Laura Lippman A unique and artful blend of the PI novel and the police procedural, with a story as deceptively simple as your first love and as fatal as your last car wrecka terrific novel James Crumley It s the great American private eye novel reborn for the 21st century, with a fast moving, spare style that punches you in the gut at the same time it squeezes your heart Duane Swierczynski Intricate plotting and nonstop action make this a nail biting read from start to finish White is a writer to watch Library Journal One of the best new crime writers to come out of the U.S of A John Sullivan, Winnipeg Free Press
Witness to Death Dave White

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One thought on “Witness to Death

  1. Elizabeth A.

    Breakups are never fun, but rarely do they lead to the disastrous chain of events that John Brighton finds himself caught up in after being dumped by his girlfriend, Ashley Instead of going the getting drunk route, John decides to turn to his ex girlfriend, Michelle Problem is, Michelle is involved with a new guy, Frank, and John s convinced Frank is cheating on her Thinking he can kill two birds with one stone, prove the cheating and get Michelle back, John sets out to follow Frank to what he b [...]

  2. Fiona Johnson

    Witness to Death is the third novel by crime thriller writer Dave White In this exciting tale of chance events and betrayals, White jumps on board a speeding getaway vehicle, tyres smoking and screaming, whilst taking every corner on two wheels If you like an exciting ride, you will jump on board with him and as you struggle to hold on tight, White will expertly steer with one hand on the wheel while firing at the gangsters closing in behind.The plot that White has devised is a major strength, k [...]

  3. Spencer Koch

    In Witness to Death, John, a high school teacher inadvertently witnesses one of his friends, Frank murder 5 thugs on a dock in New Jersey One of the thugs follows he and his friend onto a train, where Frank strangles the final thug Unfortunately someone snaps a cell phone photo of John, and he has to go on the run because there may be people inside the police who may be trying to kill him.Along the way, John s girlfriend gets murdered, and we find out that Frank s real name is Peter, and he is a [...]

  4. Barbara

    This is my first review and it was prompted by how pleasantly surprised I was by this author The description of Witness To Death is what first caught my eye and the low price was the clincher I am going to add Dave White to my list of authors to look out for The first chapter pulls you in and from there it is a roller coaster ride of the best kind It is filled with action from page to page and stays interesting throughout the entire book I only had one problem with a character and that was Chris [...]

  5. Carole Barrowman

    Witness to Death by Dave White is a terrific thriller John Brighton, a mild mannered teacher, decides to tail his ex girlfriend s boyfriend to see if he s cheating on her He s that guy Minutes later, he s being shot at, infidelity the last thing on his mind Caught in a conspiracy involving Homeland Security, the CIA and an assassin with sibling issues, John is suddenly on the run for his life Packed with action, false identities and double crosses, this book reminded me of John Buchan s classic [...]

  6. Aj

    Dave makes the transition from P.I novel to the longer form of the Thriller with ease Witness To Death involves a complicated cast of characters, most all of whom are, in one way or another, critical to the multiple events that lead to simple irony of the last chapter With another author, it would be easy to lose your way in the fast paced events of the book No so here Dave never lets you lose track of who s who and doing what to whom the first line of the book to the last A very satisfying read [...]

  7. Gareth Price

    Wow A rollercoaster ride that never lets up Spys, terrorists, bombs an ordinary hero tying to save the love of his life Very different to the Jackson Donne shorts recently released but just as intriguing Way to go, Mr White

  8. TheresaHill

    Just okStarted off very interesting , action filled and full of suspense Then it was hard to follow at times, and a very strange ending.

  9. Mike Briggs

    I came to the book through a somewhat odd set of circumstances I saw a tweet about a book that had a 2000% increase on So I followed a link in that tweet to a blog The blog mentioned the review, about how the author noted he had initial good sales in the first month, but once summer started he was down to about ten books a something I can t recall if it was 10 a day, or week Can t be month as the book came out in May, and this is June Right, so I followed a link there to the actual review The re [...]

  10. Josh

    A pretty solid thriller that manages to contain the international terrorist angle to New Jersey and New York through clever manipulation of the small ish cast of characters by way of their interlocking relationships I like my thrillers to be character driven and this is the foundation of WITNESS TO DEATH Despite an unassuming homeland terror threat by a weapons manufacture and local mob outfit, it s accidental hero, John Brighton and ex girlfriend Michelle who bathe in the limelight Alphabet age [...]

  11. Thom

    Don t bother with this sophomoric effort, rife with typos and the kind of cliched prose that would earn a C in most college writing courses For instance, the author spends a paragraph sharing the thoughts of an antagonist In the paragraph that follows, he provides another thought, attributed to he, but the reader isn t quite sure just who the he is the just mentioned antagonist or in many cases the protagonist a bush league gaffe that s all too frequently encountered here The ending is a major l [...]

  12. Renee

    This book was fantastic It was a page turner through and through I stayed up too late last night finishing it At the time I hate the last two pages But, now I am ok with the ending I could knock it down a star just because there were a number of typos in the Kindle version that I read But, it was just too good.

  13. Martin Cooper

    On the whole this was a well written thriller novel, easy to read with plenty of action and plot twists but spoilt slightly by the rather strange ending It left me with questions that could not be answered and the thought that there may be a follow on book but would I want to read it

  14. Ann York

    I really enjoyed this book it was about a man being a spy abd trying to stop terrorists from blowing up somethig up in america and he has to stop it from happening its really good

  15. Amanda

    I did not enjoy how this book ended I don t recommend it, I felt cheated at the end and was left feeling incomplete

  16. Jack

    Thriller featuring the Department of Homeland Security, black ops and a schoolteacher Lots of action and shooting.

  17. Robyn

    3.5 stars because I was wrought with frustration good paced novel with lots if Jersey roots but I can t LOVE a book that punches me in the gut

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