Stories I Only Tell My Friends (2020)

Stories I Only Tell My Friends Rob Lowe Stories I Only Tell My Friends A wryly funny and surprisingly moving account of an extraordinary life lived almost entirely in the public eye A teen idol at fifteen an international icon and founder of the Brat Pack at twenty and
  • Title: Stories I Only Tell My Friends
  • Author: Rob Lowe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Stories I Only Tell My Friends Rob Lowe A wryly funny and surprisingly moving account of an extraordinary life lived almost entirely in the public eye A teen idol at fifteen, an international icon and founder of the Brat Pack at twenty, and one of Hollywood s top stars to this day, Rob Lowe chronicles his experiences as a painfully misunderstood child actor in Ohio uprooted to the wild counterculture of mid sevA wryly funny and surprisingly moving account of an extraordinary life lived almost entirely in the public eyeA teen idol at fifteen, an international icon and founder of the Brat Pack at twenty, and one of Hollywood s top stars to this day, Rob Lowe chronicles his experiences as a painfully misunderstood child actor in Ohio uprooted to the wild counterculture of mid seventies Malibu, where he embarked on his unrelenting pursuit of a career in Hollywood The Outsiders placed Lowe at the birth of the modern youth movement in the entertainment industry During his time on The West Wing, he witnessed the surreal nexus of show business and politics both on the set and in the actual White House And in between are deft and humorous stories of the wild excesses that marked the eighties, leading to his quest for family and sobriety Never mean spirited or salacious, Lowe delivers unexpected glimpses into his successes, disappointments, relationships, and one of a kind encounters with people who shaped our world over the last twenty five years These stories are as entertaining as they are unforgettable.
Stories I Only Tell My Friends Rob Lowe

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One thought on “Stories I Only Tell My Friends

  1. Sarah Wilsman

    Okay, I have to say that I met Rob in Arizona in the early 90 sd I was very surprised then at how charming, self deprecating and intelligent he wasd, yes, beautifulThis memoir reveals all of that, although thanks to SNL and West Wing, his wit and intelligence have already been revealed The best review that I read of this book said that it was a love letter to his wifed it is He has matured and I very much enjoyed his look back at the journey thus far.I also listened to the audio, which is basica [...]

  2. Kat

    If there s one thing I dislike about celebrity autobiographies, it s the amount of affectation and pretension that exist within the pages While Rob Lowe s memoir certainly contains a lot of name dropping, I couldn t really hold that against him after all, if you re telling the story of how you worked your way up in Hollywood, it d be hard not to mention the names of other famous people you met along the way.I haven t seen much of Lowe s work I ve probably seen two or three of his movies, and non [...]

  3. Tracy

    Just brought this one home yesterday Yes, I have 4 papers due Monday Yes, I have a full time job and two children with many end of year activities But I also have a weakness for celebrity biographies the trashier the better and come on It s ROB LOWE I m thinking he s got some stories to tell Plus, the back cover photo iswellspiring Pure eye candy and the reading is pure mind candy Awesome.Well, I m finished Rob, what can I say You dishedrt of Although the celebrity stories were fun, the Aw shuck [...]

  4. Emily

    Before I read this book, this was my entire conception of Rob Lowe so I was definitely surprised to run across an excerpt of this book in Vanity Fair and realize that Rob Lowe used to be a bona fide star in the 80s WHAT.This book is downright hilarious for any number of reasons, but it is also surprisingly fun to read The section on the making of Francis Ford Coppola s The Outsiders takes up about 1 4 of the book, and it s absolutely fascinating If you aren t interested in reading this whole boo [...]

  5. Kelli

    Color me surprised This autobiography kept my attention and brought me to the edge of tears on at least three occasions There was an air of nostalgia to it with talk of growing up in the seventies and so many eighties movies I had long since forgotten about, but it was also genuinely interesting and surprisingly well written Rob Lowe, an actor worth 30 million, comes across as humble, hardworking, grateful, and relatable small feat He eluded to his big videotape scandal a few times without ever [...]

  6. Diane

    This was a surprisingly enjoyable read I generally avoid celebrity memoirs, but I saw a nice excerpt from Rob Lowe s latest one, Love Life, about how emotional he was when his son went away to college, and decided to give his first autobiography a chance.I am a child of the 80s, so I grew up with Lowe s movies and those of the so called Brat Pack The Outsiders was popular when I was a kid, Stay gold, Ponyboy and I also loved St Elmo s Fire and About Last Night Lowe s book had good behind the sce [...]

  7. Kaliki

    I really gained a lot of respect for Rob Lowe through reading this book He s genuine, honest, he talks openly about his talents, his escapades, his addictions, and his insecurities I listened to the audio version, read in his own voice and I feel like that made it personal I listened to it at the same time as I was reading Patrick Swayze s The Time of My Life and while I enjoyed that one also, it wasn t nearly the read that this one is I did however, enjoy the parallels between their two career [...]

  8. Twobusy

    Um yeah So I read the Rob Lowe autobiography.Why Perfectly fair question The answer lies in the fact that Vanity Fair ran a long excerpt from it a month or two ago, featuring the segment where Lowe talks about his experiences auditioning for and then appearing in Francis Ford Coppola s The Outsiders And when I read it, I was surprised to find it was good Really, really good Well executed, thoughtful, and offering tremendous insight not only into what was going through Lowe s head at the time but [...]

  9. Ashley Brooks

    I often forget how old Rob Lowe is, and subsequently how popular he was in the 80 s I listened to this on audio, which I highly recommend, and found it really enjoyable Apparently Tom Cruise has always been a bit of a weirdo, no surprise there.

  10. Shannon

    A fun, quick read Great stories with cameos by Cary Grant, Dick Wolf, Demi Moore Lots of time spent on the making of the Outsidersbut breezes through the West Wing and stops there Where s the dirt on Sally Field and Calista Flockhart and the week after henious week of bizarre plots on Brothers Sisters, which drove him into a persistent vegetative state, which sounded like a good deal if it meant getting off that show Lyon s Den, anyone One item of note you ll perhaps be unsurprised to learn that [...]

  11. Julia Reed

    Bought this on a whim and really ended up enjoying it Lowe is funny, witty, and at times even eloquent mostly when he talks about lessons learned from fatherhood, or being a recovering alcoholic You can tell why he called this Stories I only tell my friends, since much of the book is One day, I was walking down the street, and I met this girl, and she was really pretty, and really nice, and she told me she was into acting, and I said I was too Oh and by the way, she was insert famous name here A [...]

  12. Kayla

    Rob Lowe s life sounds so insanely cool that it s hard to believe it all actually happened to one man I mean, before I even reached chapter ten he d already befriended the Sheens and Penns, been on the set of Star Wars and seen the taping of The Muppet Movie Then he goes on to make some of the greatest films of all time, receive random gifts from Bill Murray and got to work for Aaron Sorkin genius If it weren t for the acoholism and numerous deaths of family and friends, it d be a perfect run.He [...]

  13. Trudi

    I don t read celebrity gossip rags or keep track of who s marrying divorcing screwing who at any given time not that there s anything wrong with that people I definitely didn t pick up this memoir of one of Hollywood s all time pretty boys hoping for a salacious tell all about who wears women s underwear or who includes small animals in their sex play So why the hell did I pick up this book Several reasons top the list 1 Reviews promised it offers a poignant, self deprecating coming of age tale [...]

  14. Linda

    Rob Lowe was a heart throb of my generation, though he wasn t my heart throb Emilio was my brat pack crush Which may be why I procrastinated on listening to this highly rated memoir.Rob Lowe tells a great story, and I m so happy to be among his friends that he shares with I was captivated with his unfolding of his youth, including the details of casting, shooting and immediate stardom of The Outsiders He affectionately describes his friendships and his mentors The book is beautifully paced, not [...]

  15. Joanna Silverstein

    I got this book as a get well present from a friend thanks, Jan , and it was a decent mindless read I only rated it ok beucase he doens t dish any dirt, whcih is what I hope for in a celeb authobiography The way he writes it, everyone he s ever dealt with was wonderful, every movie another experience for him to grow and make BFFs when all I want to hear is stories like I once did PCP with Charlie Sheen and we ended up eating his cat.

  16. Vaishali

    Not just a beautiful face A soulful tour through a humble childhood, high school with Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn and the constant threat of auditioning against a young, assassin like Tom Cruise Get the audiobook for Rob s celebrity impressions Cool Excerpts I wanna see the spaceship, I say It s right over there, he says, pointing to another corner of the warehouse It s called the Millenium Falcon In history class I bond with a hilarious, madrigal singing maniac called Robert Downey Jr No one is [...]

  17. Holly

    I don t believe there were many straight girls or gay boys who did not have a crush on Rob Lowe in the 1980s That said, his career has had its major ups and downs and who didn t cringe when he hosted the Oscars But as he tells his life story thus far, you start to get to know the man behind the mask so to speak I found Lowe an intelligent, sensitive and quite eloquent man and he really has a great story to tell I heard of his childhood and all the pain and laughter that entailed, his rise to sta [...]

  18. Misty

    I really enjoyed the audiobook read by Rob Lowe Listening to this on a long car ride, the first two thirds of the book was a fun guessing game of which celebrity Lowe was referring to in his story Lowe also does great impressions of the celebrities he discusses Rob Lowe has definitely lived a blessed life his family moving to Malibu when he was young, introduced him to some of the great actors of his time and gave him lots of opportunity It is really amazing that he turned his life around so qui [...]

  19. Sue Arnold

    I have been eyeballing this book ever since it came out I was one of the many teenagers of my generation who had a wild crush on Rob Lowe after St Elmo s Fire came out And I loved him in The West Wing But, I thought his book would be like many celebrity autobiographies and held back from buying it Plus, I must admit, I was a little embarrassed if people were to find out I was reading it Well, I m happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book I also bought the audible book highly recommended an [...]

  20. Grumpus

    I loved this book read by the author I have had it in my library for a long time after getting it for free from Audible Rob Lowe is about my age, so we essentially grew up together Granted his life is waaay cooler.Anyway, I was reluctant to give my time to this book because I thought it would be another privileged, Hollywood narcissist rambling on about how entitled they are and just because someone gives them words to say in their work, we should be lectured to about the world s ills as if thei [...]

  21. Bean

    What just fell on my head Oh the ten thousand names that Rob Lowe drops in this book I enjoyed this and found the writing to be surprisingly good, but the first 150 pages or so definitely exhausted me with all of the random celebrity sightings that he included Yes, it was cool to hear about Patrick Swayze and Tom Cruise as kids, but c mon LeVar Burton A ten second meeting with Janet Jackson I liked it better when he focused on his own career Overall, this was engaging, interesting, and funny, bu [...]

  22. maria helena

    Very interesting read I definitely recommend listening to the audiobook version narrated by Lowe himself.

  23. Andrew Hicks

    Lately, l ve read memoirs from an interesting hodge podge of celebrities, most of them men of medium talent We re talking Jim Breuer, Steve Guttenberg, Jason Priestley, Pat O Brien, Bob Saget and Corey Feldman The best of the batch so far has been Rob Lowe s Stories I Only Tell My Friends Lowe seems the most in touch with his own natural personality and the greater scheme of the world around him While no doubt there was some selective editing, the stories in this narrative aren t concocted simpl [...]

  24. Stephanie

    This is the first celebrity memoir that I ve read that isn t some sort of juicy tell all about all the people the celebrity has slept with and all the drunken parties and drug binges the author part took in with other celebrities.I will not lie I first picked up this book because I love Rob Lowe No, really, I love himre, I don t know him, but there is some deep love I realize, now after finishing this book, that the reason I love him is the fact that even though he s 12 years older than me and f [...]

  25. Miss Kim

    In the mid 80 s, I had a poster of Rob Lowe in my room for a few years when I was a teen He was dressed in a white suit, but shirtless, leaning against the wall His eyes would follow you Wow, I sure loved that poster A good third of this book is about filming the movie Outsiders In 8th grade, this was required reading for me My son is currently assigned reading it 8th grade as well Lowe was only 17, and it was his first movie Honestly when someone brings up that movie, Rob Lowe does not come to [...]

  26. Robin

    I read this in audio format and was glad I did as Rob does a good job of narrating his own stories He comes across as honest, intelligent, and had many good stories about his relationships with the rich and famous one of my favorite stories was when he visisted a low budget movie set with really cheesey props for the movie that turned out to be Star Wars , plus for a guy who really isn t known for comedic impressions does good voices of people in his life Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze, Christopher [...]

  27. Shelli

    Great I loved it I have always enjoyed Rob Lowe as an actor.d yes a heartthrob If he is in it, I want to see it.ill to this day I just watched the pilot of his new show The Grinder I enjoyed it I listened to the audio of this and I loved hearing Rob tell his story in his own voice He is an excellent narrator I didn t really need anything to make me like him as an actor, but now I like and respect him as a person Very much He has a wonderful outlook and he writes with honestly about the good and [...]

  28. Riv

    Eye candy and brain candy Do all celebrities know EVERYONE This guy met Liza Minelli when he was a kid and just kept on going he drops names like sunflower seed shells However, he totally glossed over his sex tape scandal, as if it left his personal life and career completely unscathed, which I guess is the prerogative of any autobiographer I ll have to read the unauthorized biography for the real story.Of course, he makes himself sound like a really nice guy, which is the image everyone wants o [...]

  29. Book Haunt

    Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe I listened to the audio book and highly recommend that anyone interested in this book go with the audio edition as Rob is the narrator Rob narrates his book with much humor and heartfelt insight as well as some great spot on impressions of those featured in his stories And some interesting stories he has I was pleasantly surprised and you will be too.

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