One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of (2020)

One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Richard L. Brandt One Click Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon com s business model is deceptively simple Make online shopping so easy and convenient that customers won t think twice It can almost be summed up by the button on every page Buy now with one click Why ha
  • Title: One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of
  • Author: Richard L. Brandt
  • ISBN: 9781591843757
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Hardcover
One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Richard L. Brandt s business model is deceptively simple Make online shopping so easy and convenient that customers won t think twice It can almost be summed up by the button on every page Buy now with one click Why has been so successful Much of it has to do with Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder, whose unique combination of character traits and business strategy have dri s business model is deceptively simple Make online shopping so easy and convenient that customers won t think twice It can almost be summed up by the button on every page Buy now with one click Why has been so successful Much of it has to do with Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder, whose unique combination of character traits and business strategy have driven to the top of the online retail world.Richard Brandt charts Bezos s rise from computer nerd to world changing entrepreneur His success can be credited to his forward looking insights and ruthless business sense Brandt explains Why Bezos decided to allow negative product reviews, correctly guessing that the earned trust would outweigh possible lost sales Why zealously guards some patents yet freely shares others Why Bezos called becoming profitable the dumbest thing they could do in 1997 How became one of the only dotcoms to survive the bust of the early 2000s Where the company is headed next.Through interviews with employees, competitors, and observers, Brandt has deciphered how Bezos makes decisions The story of s ongoing evolution is a case study in how to reinvent an entire industry, and one that anyone in business today ignores at their peril.
One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Richard L. Brandt

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    446 Richard L. Brandt
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  1. mark monday

    It seems like ages ago that and I met cute while fox dolphin hunting on a small private island reserve off of the Southern California coast Oh how the years move by And yet, after all the early displays of yearning and passion, after all of the screaming bouts of sadomasochistic blood sport and nonconsensual body modification that constitutes our love making, I am proud to report that our so called love still stands strong, still runs deep The sympathy and even the dare i say such a maudlin word [...]

  2. Brad

    This book is insulting The author had no access whatsoever and doesn t acknowledge any interviews or primary data collection Several of the sources are actually publicly available YouTube videos In essence, it is a well written 4th grade book report To add insult to injury, there are some very awkward word uses in here including several loud out loud cliches like spit over a bridge The book gets off to a weird start I actually thought that my copy may have been missing some pages because it was [...]

  3. Mark Jr.

    Maybe Walter Isaacson spoiled me in his amazing biography of Steve Jobs, and maybe the biography of a company simply can t be compared to the biography of a great man, but this book was a disappointment Don t get me wrong, I m still very glad I read it And it was a very quick read But I felt like the book was written with a sort of paint by number journalism The whole thing felt obligatory, and not full of life like Isaacson s biography of Jobs.I got out of this book what I needed some details a [...]

  4. Engy فوده

    A must read It s the kitty hawk of the e commerce one click blueorigin vanguard Life is too short to hang around unresourceful people It is always day one

  5. Jay

    This is mostly a company history of , hitting the highlights such as the founding, development of features, operations, competing, buying Zappos, developing the Kindle, and so on I thought that much of what I read I had seen previously in magazine articles, many of which were mentioned in the book There wasn t as much personal info on Bezos as I would have expected, and I m not sure I learned what makes him tick As a company history, this was just OK, not delving very deeply into the issues face [...]

  6. Miranda (M.E.) Brumbaugh

    As a writer, I think it is very important to keep up with the latest happenings in the publishing world, and just so happens to be at the top of the totem pole as of the past decade Whether or not we agree with the Wal Martesque approach that Jeff Bezos has taken with the book industry, his methods deserve some attention OK enough with the blah.The book hit on the biography of Bezos, but it was like a cotton candy version full of fluff and sugar coated It is not a Walter Isaacson biography by n [...]

  7. Benjamin

    I was a bit surprised at how short the book was part of it was because my Kindle told me I was only 80% complete before I started delving into the footnotes One Click was a quick, interesting overview of Jeff Bezos and the early years of Overall it felt like a pretty typical mini biography and there were definitely times when there was probably to the story, but was cut short for the sake of making the book fit with the title one click implying an easy way to get from start to finish I expected [...]

  8. Shay

    Those familiar with the work of technology journalist Richard L Brandt will be acquainted with his style of blending biography and business history, as he has previously done with Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Google In One Click, Brandt profiles founder and CEO Jeff Bezos Readers expecting an in depth, definitive history of or a complete portrait of Bezos may be disappointed This relatively short 224p profile draws largely on publically available information and resources Those who have followed [...]

  9. Gerhard

    I recently updated my beloved Kindle version 2 to a Paperwhite, which made me curious to find out about the man behind the device that has made such an impact on my own life One Click is good as a potted history of , the rise and rise of which traces the advent of Internet commerce itself s progress from humble, haphazard start up to its current status as e commerce behemoth I did not even know it sold power tools or shoes is a remarkable story What is perhaps a little bit depressing is that bo [...]

  10. Mahmoud Fouad

    It is one of the best books I have ever read I recommend it for any technology entrepreneur It narrates the story of and how Jeff Bezos struggle a lot in the beginning of.This book makes me sure that money profit shouldn t be your main target, I know that no business could survive without money but you have to set long term plans and concentrate on providing a good service for your customery profit would come laterI learnt not to loose hope work hard think out of the box if you want to build a g [...]

  11. Troy Blackford

    This is a much slender book than The Everything Store by Brad Stone, and it accordingly gets into far less detail Giant swaths of s history are left out of this one Also, this book came out in 2010, so much of the meteoric rise of eBooks, led by the Kindle, was just conjecture at the time But it was still a very interesting book and I m glad I read it.

  12. Anant Kanndpal

    Instead of hero worship, could have focused a little on the actual strategies Much of the information given is common knowledge Although intended to be a case study, it is actually written in a biographical style Must read if you want to learn about Bezos.

  13. Victoria

    I understood to be a retail powerhouse, but I had no idea the numerous companies Jeff Bezos had invested in or creates beyond Very informative and interesting.

  14. Loy Machedo

    Loy Machedo s Book Review One Click by Richard L BrandtWhen you compare the Biography of Steve Jobs 630 pages and then compare the Biography of Jeff Bezos 190 pages , you will without a doubt know something is missing A large chunk of it In those 190 pages, Ricahrd L Brandt the award winning magazine writer tries to summarizes Jeff Bezos for a quick read Here are a few bits that I picked from this book Jeff Bezos was a Brainy Kid and one among the top in his class with unusual academic talent wa [...]

  15. Steven Dzwonczyk

    As with many biographies I read, when I find out how much has been done by the person who is the topic of the book by the time they were my age, I get a little depressed and bemoan my own lack of accomplishments When I found out that Jeffrey Bezos was born in the same year was me I became doubly so Around the years he was coming up with the ideas and layout for I was toiling away at my comfortable, if not lucrative, corporate job I was even doing a little programming at the same time Jeff was, a [...]

  16. Yousif Al Zeera

    This book talks about the great company and the person behind it, Jeff Bezos It takes you to the childhood days of Jeff and how his work at the farm with his grandfather toughened him up and then covers the early days of when it was only about selling books It was Jeff himself who was responding to customer complaints by emails and do some packaging in these early days Chapter by chapter, it sheds light on the major highlights and milestones in this company and how it expanded to this giant comp [...]

  17. Kara

    Real rating 3.5 starsInteresting, though short, read about the birth and growth of It s a good introduction to the company s history with little personal detail about Bezos himself despite the title One of the key questions the book purports to answer is, Why has been so successful Brandt presents a number of reasons, but I was surprised that customer support wasn t really one of them, despite s image as a customer centric company Instead, the author emphasizes low prices and an aggressive growt [...]

  18. KellySchuknecht

    The subtitle could not be appropriate One Click is a fascinating look at Jeff Bezos and the rise of I never knew much about Jeff Bezos other than the fact that he started He s always seemed to exist behind the scenes This book offers insight into Bezos s background, beginning with his childhood From being adopted by his step father to his passion for reading in elementary school to his early entrepreneurial ventures, Bezos almost becomes a likable person For some reason, before reading this boo [...]

  19. Susana

    Un libro interesante que cuenta la historia de creaci n y crecimiento de .Hay dos aspectos que me llamaron poderosamente la atenci n en el libro 1 Como Bezos identifica una oportunidad de negocios y logra transformar la industria de ventas, inicialmente, del libro, y luego del libro en general.2 Las trampas que utiliza para cerrarle camino a los competidores, en especial, el registro de patentes sobre ideas que impiden a otros ofrecer productos similares Esta t ctica est evidenciada, al menos en [...]

  20. Nizzy

    For a person who doesn t know the details on the company profile of , this book is a great place to start It s a short read listen just under 4.5 hours of listening material that describes, in a somewhat chronological fashion, the inception of dot com and the biography of its founder Jeff Bezos Although it s lacking in some details of the dark side of the company, it definitely peaked my interested in learning about and also other businesses and entrepreneurs Toward the end I thought it was a l [...]

  21. Kelly

    Leaves the reader wanting detail and stories from the perspective of Jeff Bezos and those who were part of s early days Although it was very short and high level, I m still glad I read this Watch this before or after reading the book Charlie Rose s Interview of Jeff Bezos, who is indubitably the best business mind of our time He s completely reimagined retail eCommerce, the 3rd party marketplace, and Prime AND cloud services, yet if he meets his current objectives, these will pale to what he a [...]

  22. April Sarah

    As an advised user of and a constant reader, this book fascinated be To see where the roots of what would be the source my ebook addiction started is captivating I ve always had a love hate relationship with the website and you can see where the tug of war may have started from the very beginning.And then as a UX developer, seeing the processes that build , there is just so many things could have just flopped this website It is amazing to think that this actually is a thing.

  23. Ron

    I believe I ve plowed through all the available titles covering the rise of and this is the best by far Brandt is a professional journalist who mixes solid reporting and investigation with a biographer s flair for presenting a vivid, believable portrait of his subject The book reads easily, and uncovers many interesting details not presented elsewhere I was hoping this read would last longer, but had so much fun that I read it through in two sittings Highly recommended for anyone interested in b [...]

  24. Pixelmonkee

    This book was FAR less interesting than the Accidental Billionaires Not surprisingly, the founding of was a lot less interesting than the founding of Facebook I feel like they placed too much emphasis on the history of as a bookstore and less on the that serves up 1 3 of the biggest sites in the world People definitely need and want to buy things, but this backbone service is much important than the author understood or at least wrote about.

  25. Derek Neighbors

    A good high level look into where came from and where they are going If you are wanting an indepth dive into culture and operations this isnt the book If you want a 3rd party view point on how the company got started, some of its early history and some nice anecdotes The book is well written but a bit shallow It is a shame that Brandt didn t take a deeper dive.

  26. LeChuck

    Cuenta como se cre el imperio de Interesante para la gente de este mundillo, cuenta como lo que realmente importa es con qui n te juntes y lo poco que te importe todo lo que no sea tu empresa.

  27. Daniel Gusev

    A concise story of the world s first unicornMany of s lessons are followed by the aspiring teams of today focus on time to makers, hacker culture, sales vs profitability and relentless focus on the customer and these has been carefully assembled by the author.

  28. Anshu

    I picked this book in order to learn about the history of one one click but I learned a lot about s history and early days Quite well explained Seems like Prime was not explained in detail unless I missed it.

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