Earthly Possessions (2020)

Earthly Possessions Anne Tyler Earthly Possessions To read a novel by Anne Tyler is to fall in love PEOPLECharlotte Emory has always lived a quiet conventional life in Clarion Maryland She lives as simply as possible and one day decides to simplify
  • Title: Earthly Possessions
  • Author: Anne Tyler
  • ISBN: 9780449911815
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Paperback
Earthly Possessions Anne Tyler To read a novel by Anne Tyler is to fall in love PEOPLECharlotte Emory has always lived a quiet, conventional life in Clarion, Maryland She lives as simply as possible, and one day decides to simplify everything and leave her husband Her last trip to the bank throws Charlotte s life into an entirely different direction when a restless young man in a nylon jacket takes To read a novel by Anne Tyler is to fall in love PEOPLECharlotte Emory has always lived a quiet, conventional life in Clarion, Maryland She lives as simply as possible, and one day decides to simplify everything and leave her husband Her last trip to the bank throws Charlotte s life into an entirely different direction when a restless young man in a nylon jacket takes her hostage during the robbery and soon the two are heading south into an unknown future, and a most unexpected fate.
Earthly Possessions Anne Tyler

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One thought on “Earthly Possessions

  1. Fabian

    Anne Tyler makes tiny lives sparkle In fact, she s way about character development than plot, and the actual content comes from a resistance in the protagonist to change We ve seen this previously in her later novels, The Accidental Tourist Breathing Lessons That she avoids exaggeration in her prose opts for a clean, crisp telling is a real valediction of her earthly prowess.

  2. Glenn Sumi

    Another lovely, observant Anne Tyler novel.One day, 30 something Charlotte decides to walk out on her marriage and, while at the bank to withdraw money for her trip where , she s taken hostage by escaped prisoner Jake, who s got his own relationship issues and wants to set them straight.What follows is a sly road comedy that even if it feels implausible is deeply wise about guilt, avoidance and accepting one s course in life.As usual, Tyler has great affection for her characters, warts and all.I [...]

  3. Sara

    3.5 stars, rounded down.Anne Tyler can take quirky, oddball, and unorthodox and turn it into familiar, approachable, and honest in the course of a 250 page novel It is one of her strengths You begin, seeing her characters as goofier than you, apart from the norm, and you end by seeing them as very human, even a bit of a kindred spirit.Charlotte Emory is about to leave her husband when she is unexpectedly abducted by a bank robber For most of us, a gun in our side and being forced into a car with [...]

  4. Zoeytron

    Earthly Possessions was published in 1977 It is refreshing to read a book that is not set in the past, yet is without references to our modern conveniences because they simply weren t around yet No GPS, no texting, no cell phones, nary a microwave in sight Charlotte Emory has felt trapped pretty much all of her life Growing up with her mother sighing and complaining that her own baby was switched with the wee baby Charlotte shortly after birth, it s not much of a reach to think she felt as thoug [...]

  5. Zuberino

    The marriage wasn t going well and I decided to leave my husband So begins Anne Tyler s story of a woman named Charlotte, 35, from a small town in Maryland, sometime in the mid 1970s A tale of ordinary people, with all the strengths and limitations that implies Tyler has been ploughing this soil for well on 40 years now, and this is one of her earlier works, her seventh novel Admittedly, she is no Updike not such a showy stylist at any rate but then who is nonetheless, her prose has a cool, quie [...]

  6. Sharyl

    The most important action takes place in Charlotte s head As this short novel opens, Charlotte is standing in line at the bank, ready to withdraw funds so that she can leave her husband, her house, her entire way of life However, once again, she s thwarted.Once again The chapters begin to alternate between flashbacks of Charlotte s past life and what is happening in the present In the present, she has been dragged away, at gun point, as the hostage of a bank robber named Jake Simms.During the fl [...]

  7. Mind the Book

    Hade P l a n e r f r denna s ndag, men omprioriterade och sl pade upp kudde och filt till Sheen Common f r fyra timmar i solen med en Anne Tyler fr n 77 Roadtrip och vardagsvisdom i form av longitudinellt ifr gas ttande av tv samhetsnormen Underbar

  8. Tonya

    I ve said it before and I ll say it again Anne Tyler is a constant Good solid writing with a lovely story albeit sometimes tragic in theme earthly possessions is no different A bank robber and his hostage learn they re not so different when they re caught in a car for weeks running from the law I loved the robustness of the characters and the many comical moments Read it if you need a book that doesn t make you work too hard.

  9. Bev

    A paperback copy of this book was given to me by one of my favorite college professors, Barbara Mallonee, after I finished a writing course with her She wrote a note in it saying that from what she knew of me, she thought I would like the writing of Anne Tyler I have to thank her for introducing me to Anne and for being such a wonderful, inspiring teacher She is one of the role models I used when I decided to become a teacher myself.

  10. Tania

    This is my fourth Anne Tyler novel, and although I liked it a bit better than The Tin Can Tree, it is still not on par with Breathing Lessons or The Accidental Tourist I somewhat liked the character of Charlotte, but she wasn t as sympathetic to me as other Tyler heroines I could, however, relate to her dissatisfaction with life I just wished she d do , be proactive, and not complain so much That said, Tyler give a clear glimpse into her family life, which made it possible to comprehend how she [...]

  11. Sonja

    I almost put this one down a couple of times Don t know if I was disturbed by the fact that Charlotte was so passive, or the fact that I was seeing and of her traits in my life.Glad I saw it through to the end once again Anne Tyler is a wonderful writer and pulls you in to her characters whether you like them or not.This book has made me look at my life in a whole new light I too am a coaster I coast by daily, letting others push or pull me in the direction that suits them To me it s just easi [...]

  12. Ali

    This is really a charming and poignant novel Like so many other Anne Tyler novels I have read it is the wonderful characters she creates that make it so memorable What was most interesting to me was Charlotte s view of herself, and how she views her childhood Both Charlotte and Jake have an obession with the past, Jake s memories of his friend Oliver bringing him up short when he is suddenly brought face to face with a 26 year old married man he no longer recognises, Charlotte with the idea that [...]

  13. Louise Muddle

    How have I not read any Anne Tyler before Beautifully constructed slightly odd narrator Charlotte Emory Wonderful inciting incident grabs you from the off Loving kind characters even the bank robbers she finds the humanity in everyone Sometimes very funny and poignant at the same time Felt like a long time ago but then Mindys reference to Elton John made me realise it s set in the late seventies I think Kept thinking lots of the sections in Charlotte s past were standalone short stories Only 200 [...]

  14. Jax

    My idea of a perfect day, I told him, is an empty square on the calendar That s all I ask So says Charlotte, a woman who d like to shed all the clutter in her life, and that includes the people too Charlotte s life hasn t turned out the way she had hoped, although she never exactly had any big plans either Now she dreams of being unencumbered and free to do what she wants, answerable to no one but herself That s a premise I think most of us can identify with, at least at low points, but I felt l [...]

  15. Susan

    Oh, Anne Tyler, you are a genius Characters that breathe into you off the page, you almost feel like a voyeur, peering into the details of their lives Charlotte, an unhappy preacher s wife, tired of the clutter in her home not only does she have all of her mother in law s furniture, but her husband s untethered brothers,hard cases from the church needing charity, including a young baby boy, and the detritus of her late father s photography business She has longed for escape, and one day she deci [...]

  16. Cathryn Conroy

    Anne Tyler creates characters that are so well developed they seemingly pop off the page and inhabit your life When her characters sing, you can hear them when they cry, you want to hand them a tissue when they laugh, you can t help but feel their joy This is the genius of Anne Tyler Short on plot who needs it , this book resonates through all its quirky characters, as seen through the eyes of Charlotte Emory Her husband, their two children, her mother, the husband s three brothers and assorted [...]

  17. Amy

    I picked this up at the library because I had read and liked several of Anne Tyler s recent novels, but hadn t read any of her older ones I read this one in just a couple of days, and enjoyed it In every single Anne Tyler novel I ve read, the plot theme central idea is pretty much the same main character always with an offbeat life, and surrounded by an offbeat collection of characters is dissatisfied and unfulfilled in her life, undergoes some sort of life changing experience, and comes to rea [...]

  18. Julia

    Anne Tyler is genius There is so much here None of it easy, but a lot here The book twists on the stories we tell ourselves and the stories others tell about us On marriages and growing up and the importance of objects and their folly too Brilliant.

  19. Sherrill Watson

    Tennessee Williams meets Billy Bob I generally like Ms Tyler at least she s mildly entertaining But this portrait of Middle America, where a housewife married to a preacher gets kidnapped by a dumb male, who is about to embark on a book long quest to find his teenage pregnant girlfriend, left me speechless Why didn t Charlotte just get out of the car early on Why didn t Mindy stay where she was and BECOME someone, maybe in a board room POOR, POOR CHOICES So Charlotte had a terrible childhood, le [...]

  20. Florence Phillips

    I d heard so much about Ann Tyler s Breathing Lessons that I went to the library to borrow it Unfortunately, the only Ann Tyler available was Earthly Possessions , one of her lesser known work From the first sentence, I loved Charlotte, a truly original 1st person narrator, detached and unflappable, as she travels through America, with her kindred spirit kidnapper During this long awaited escape from her stifling, overcrowded family life, she tells her own story of loyalty and frustration that w [...]

  21. Plum-crazy

    In brief, Charlotte has planned to leave her husband before but has never quite managed it but on the day she decides to finally leave a twist of fate means that the choice is taken out of her handse becomes a hostage in a bank robbery While travelling south, Charlotte s relationships with her parents, especially her mother, husband, brother in laws etc are all reflected upon the reader learns about how Charlotte has become this person who feels the need to cast off possessions break free It s [...]

  22. Anna Luce Smyth

    Rating 3 starsTyler s writing style draws readers from the very start she phrases things in a way that comes across as both simple and captivating The first few chapters stood out On the whole, however, I didn t feel as if the story reached its full potential i was hoping for something to be gainedor perhaps, later on, I started to find the glimpses of Charlotte s past distracting.

  23. Lorraine McCleary

    Ann Tyler is always a fun book to read Quirky characters usually unhappy with their hum drum lives who none the less do magnificent things This rather unhappy young lady, planning to run from her husband and his extended family that all live together in Balti area, gets abducted from the bank by a 20 something mixed up kid Fun to read and laugh at the antics but always profound feelings of her characters.

  24. Gemma

    I enjoyed this book and I loved the main character.Maybe I shouldn t be as willing to admit I like the main character, a woman desperate to minimise her possessions so that she can up and leave when the moment is just right But recognising my own feelings in her has been a good opportunity to reflect on my own state of mind I definitely enjoy the freedom of being able to move anywhere relatively freely, so how will I cope when I m all tied up in the lives here The backstory flashbacks are parse [...]

  25. Molly

    This was my first Anne Tyler book She s a good writer period This was a short novel, well told Interesting characters described with simple language Or maybe they are simple characters told with interesting language In any case, I d gladly read another book of hers.

  26. Suzanne

    Anne Tyler s books are always great reads, and this is no exception She always surprises me with her unique way of seeing people and life.

  27. Steph

    A disjointed, kind of slapdash novel with cliched characters and events that I didn t particularly care about A bit of a disappointment for an Anne Tyler novel.

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