Onion Tears: A Novel (2020)

Onion Tears: A Novel Shubnum Khan Onion Tears A Novel Love loss and life are the themes that weave through this tale of three generations of Muslim women living in suburban South Africa Khadeejah Bibi Ballim is a hard working and stubborn first generati
  • Title: Onion Tears: A Novel
  • Author: Shubnum Khan
  • ISBN: 9780143527961
  • Page: 359
  • Format: None
Onion Tears: A Novel Shubnum Khan Love, loss and life are the themes that weave through this tale of three generations of Muslim women living in suburban South Africa Khadeejah Bibi Ballim is a hard working and stubborn first generation Indian who longs for her beloved homeland and often questions what she is doing on the tip of Africa.
Onion Tears: A Novel Shubnum Khan

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One thought on “Onion Tears: A Novel

  1. Vanessa

    There are various reasons why this novel deserves a 5 star status First and foremost the lyrical prose in which it was written is truly a salve to the soul Secondly the language use of the three women is typical to their age and calender time Thirdly the themes of life and loss are handled in a way in which the reader becomes a part of these emotions and not an innocent bystander I find the author s metaphors refreshingly new and deeply meaningful The title not only relates to Kadeejah s handlin [...]

  2. Kim

    I really really enjoyed this easy to read but not vacuous story.This South African novel tells the story of three generations of Indian women, living in South Africa The very distinctly South African feel merges wonderfully with what feels like a very authentic Indian experience.I love South African literature and try to read as much of it as I can This book is a great example of South African literature It is wonderfully rich, real and vibrant, and very clearly South African without beating any [...]

  3. Meneesha Govender

    It is her debut novel and is already being translated into Italian Moreover, 1 500 copies have beenbought and will be sold in India I spoke to Shubnum Khan about hernovel that was shortlisted for the Penguin Prize for African Writing and has made this year sExclusive Books Homebru listONION Tears is a story about three generations of Muslim women living in Johannesburg It is a simple story of loss, love and life Its characters are women in a single family, going about their lives as best they ca [...]

  4. Saadaab

    Onion Tears is very easy to read, the conversational, precocious tone of the narrator makes turning each page a pleasure than a chore Never does it seem the reader is going through the motions , every sentence and every detail adds to the story and each character s profile At the start we would be learning some stuff about each character and then every so often we d be told something out of the blue that almost jolts us, but causes us to realise the assumptions we ve automatically subconsciously [...]

  5. Vanessa

    Shubnum Khan s debut novel gives us a perspective on South African life that in my opinion has so far been missing from our country s literature Reading this for me was like an intimate conversation with a friend who understands and knows the idiosyncratic culture of South African Indian people The familiarity of reading about characters who, although in the novel are Muslim, by their mannerisms and culture represent a much wider spectrum of Indian South Africans and our experience of identity, [...]

  6. Avi

    A light hearted still a touching story I found this book to be a wonderful read.The story telling is powerful with various layers intertwined complex characters with strong identities, their intricate past, and the society they deal with The author never fails to see the humour in all of it, and as she reveals the layers of the personalities, answers to their questions, and the different faces of society, the commentary leaves the reader with much to think about, and a smile lingering behind wit [...]

  7. Sinovuyo Nkonki

    Shubnum writes the way I aspire to write She writes about a Muslim family, focusing on three generations of women within the family This book contains poignancy, it is poetic yet jarringly real She creates suspense throughout the book about a family secret that kept me hooked She knows when to slow down the pace and when to hurry up and get to the point I believe it is art through the written word I found myself wondering how the characters were doing after putting it downe fooled me into believ [...]

  8. Mahinn

    The novel starts off leisurely, almost lazily and about midway you begin to wonder if anything is going to happen There appears to be a dearth of plot But as soon as you ve thought it, things begin to move Events, incidents, flashbacks, new characters The story picks up pace and then it gets pretty meaty If you re looking for something easy flowing, languid and yet displays a terrific play of words and simile and metaphor, this is worth a read.

  9. Aeman Ansari

    Onion Tears is an ode to words that linger long after you finish reading the last page The characters are powerful and oddly familiar Reading Khadeejah Bibi s story I felt like I was meeting my grandmother after years Shubnum Khan makes every taste, scent and emotion real than if you were experiencing it yourself It is a book that makes you smile, cry and wonder Pick up Onion Tears It will leave you wanting .

  10. Gugu

    I found this book surprisingly gentle and touching and it often brought tears to my eyes.Khan manages to transport readers into this world of women, all with their own secrets, heartaches and desires Each character is distinct and yet their shared experience comes through clearly The language, to me, was spot on and I enjoyed being immersed in that world.I recommend it

  11. Julia Grundling

    what a beautiful book i ve been meaning to read this book for a while now I bought it a few days ago and was surprised that it was a local south African author I didnt even know that I finished it tonight in a restaurant and cried in public wow, what gut wrenching emotions and it was so beautifully written this book really deserves a five star

  12. Tessa

    This novel is set in South Africa and tells the story of 3 generations of women from an Indian family The story is well told and it brought me into the world of the Indian community in South Africa, a perspective I hadn t yet explored.

  13. Swarnima

    When generation after another peeling layer after another the tears don t stop until someone reaches the core Life of three women tangled in hope,fear and a lot .

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