Playing With Fire (2020)

Playing With Fire Emily Blake Playing With Fire One family Two sides A whole town caught in between In this soap opera series the twists keep coming and no secrets are safe Hidden Pasts Unexpected Betrayals Twisted Friendships Sweet Revenge Her mo
  • Title: Playing With Fire
  • Author: Emily Blake
  • ISBN: 9780439810531
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
Playing With Fire Emily Blake One family Two sides A whole town caught in between In this soap opera series, the twists keep coming and no secrets are safe.Hidden Pasts Unexpected Betrayals.Twisted Friendships.Sweet Revenge Her mother s in jail Her best friend betrayed her Who can Alison trust Backstabber Kelly has the world at her feet Who will she step on next Sweet, handsome Chad seems liOne family Two sides A whole town caught in between In this soap opera series, the twists keep coming and no secrets are safe.Hidden Pasts Unexpected Betrayals.Twisted Friendships.Sweet Revenge Her mother s in jail Her best friend betrayed her Who can Alison trust Backstabber Kelly has the world at her feet Who will she step on next Sweet, handsome Chad seems like the perfect boyfriend what is he hiding Tough as nails Zoey is out for revenge Is she vulnerable than she thinks Loyal friend Bitter rival Which is the real Tom Let the drama begin
Playing With Fire Emily Blake

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    335 Emily Blake
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One thought on “Playing With Fire

  1. Jennifer Wardrip

    Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadTooSurvival of the fittest was always a theory that described nature But for Alison, this theory is perfect for her family Alison thought she had a pretty good life, except for the parts where her parents hardly acknowledged her until they needed a favor But then the FBI came knocking at her door and arrested her mom, accusing her of embezzlement With her mom in jail, there is no one who Alison can turn to like there was anyone before W [...]

  2. Tani

    Okay so this was really awesome One of the best kids book I ve ever read Betrayal was pretty much the main thing in here I loved it all

  3. orton41290

    The Little Secrets series is like a neutered Pretty Little Liars Lying Game mixed with the inter familial feuding of Dallas Dynasty and Playing With Fire is episode one Alison s mother has been arrested and her grandmother set her up Alison s cousin, Kelly, has always been jealous of the relationship between Alison and her grandmother Kelly wants nothing than to take Alison down Alison s boyfriend left her for Kelly and is hiding a big secret Alison s former BFF is back from her fifth boarding [...]

  4. Victoriaconrad

    As Alison watches her grandmother walk into the pool house and as her grandmother is in the pool house it goes into flames As Alison watches the burning pool house she s hoping her grandmother is alright This is the ending of the little secrets 1written by Emily Blake Determining that this ending was effective is by not knowing what happened to Alison s grandmother The character that was most opinionated about others is Tom Tom is Chads best friend and Alison is Chads ex but Kelly is Chads girlf [...]

  5. Lizbeth

    Little Secrets Playing with fire is about a teenage girl named Alison She struggles with her parents, family and her boyfriend I really love the book because is very interesting in how Alison never gives up after all the thing she had to go throgh During her mother s incarceration, Alison experiences freedom to grow and solve her problems At the end a naive Alison grows during the story to become a strong opponent I think that if my book would liik like if it were mad into a movie it would be l [...]

  6. Carla

    An absolutely terrible book a soap operish, gossipy, nasty story But the worst of it is the horrendous characterization Nobody has a personality that they stick with In one chapter a character will be devious and bullying, and in the next she s soft hearted and has empathy for others Complete garbage, but I think 7th and 8th grade girls will love it.Product Description Her mother s in jail Her best friend betrayed her Who can Alison trust Backstabber Kelly has the world at her feet Who will she [...]

  7. Cassidy

    Very very dramatic, though it s not the type of epic that is just meant to be read again and again In fact, it gets a little bit boring when you know what is going to happen next the suspense of this book is part of its charm But if this was my frist time reading it, I probably would have given it a 4 5 If this is your first time reading this, go for it Very juicy plot, along with numerous subplots that grow with every book in the series When you are reading it for the first time, you can relate [...]

  8. Remi Jones

    The book Little Secret is about a girl name Alison Alison had a wonderful life until her mom gets arrested After that she went to her bestfriend for help and she betrayed her Kelly which was her current bestfriend has the world at her feet Alison boyfirend Chad seems like the perfect boyfriend untill Alison finds out he been sneeking around with that backstabber so called bestfriend Alison world is not the same as she wants it to be so she has too go all out for it too be back the same This book [...]

  9. Alejandra Ramirez

    Little Secrets Playing with fire By Emily Blake.This book is about a teenage girl named Allison that is going trough so much trouble and problems she can t really fix or run away , she has to deal with her mom who is in jail, Family, boyfriend, and best friend problems this kind of problems make her want to have someone that she could trust someone that won t leave her by her self with all this problems Allison just doesn t know who that someone is she goes trow so much lots of drama This book i [...]

  10. Dayna Smith

    The first book in the Little Secrets series Think Clique meets Mean Girls This series focuses on two cousins and their extremely rich and nasty family When Alison s mother is arrested for fraud having been turned in by her mother she believes she can turn to her cousin Kelley for support Kelley uses the opportunity to steal Alison s boyfriend and leave her stranded in the middle of her time of crisis Then there s Zoey who used to be Alison s friend and now only wants revenge Let the drama and na [...]

  11. Jamie

    When I first read the first one where Alison thought kelly would be there for her but then kelly is betraying her and stole her boyfriend and mostly having every one betraying Alison Zoey seems she is using Alison for Revenge but is having second thought When the Grandmother had that bomb and didn t die That was weird because she walked right through it When Alisons dad called and warned her to stay there, Alison was worried When she went home, her dad was gone When she opened the peice of paper [...]

  12. Gurleen

    This book is about how Allison is going through difficult times in her life She thinks long and hard about who she can trust, but honestly, who can she trust in a family of traitors Her best friend cousin becomes her worst enemy, her mother goes to jail and her father is nowhere to be found She has no idea where to look, and whatever happens seems to always have a side effect What will Allison do I reccomend this book to girls, not many guys would find it interesting its is also a good independa [...]

  13. Janette Cerritos

    Alison mom is in jail her best friend who is her cusen kelly Kelly Backstabbes her That was the only person that she could trust kelly backstabs her by making her boyfriend brake up with her and date her instead kelly is the perfect girl who is very popular all of her fiends dont talke to her zoe is back but she comes to do revenge it all end with her grandmother stuck in a fire all of thise taeches how would be if i were rich and with so much drama in a family were evryone bacstabbs each other. [...]

  14. Alicia

    Little Secrets Playing with Fire, is about a teenage girl named Allison that is going through some hard times She has to deal with family, friends, and boyfriend problems She has come to the realization that she can only trust one person in her life, but who knows if that one person is going to betray her too This is the kind of book that will keep you at the edge of your seat, because you never know what is going to happen next I can t wait to go and get the second book to find out what is goin [...]

  15. Autumn G

    There is quite the mystery in this book Alison has quite a difficult life in this book Her mom is arrested, her bestie stabbed her in the back, and she has nobody she can trust any Her best friend is trying to get revenge on her This Hansom boy, Chad is all she can think about This is a very detailed book and it s definitely about a lot of drama What will Alison do next Read this book to find out.

  16. Lukudu.paul.

    alison wanted friend s, with her mother in jail and life seem s impaseple.Little Secrets 1 Playing With FireLittle Secrets 1 Playing With Fire

  17. Mr

    number of pagges were 106skyelittle secrets was a very in tresting because allions mom was put in prison for embezzlement,grand larceny and tax fraud, grandmother was the one who framed her mother , best friend cousin stole her boyfriend at the time when she really needed him and her ex best friend is back from her private school somewhere else so basically her whole life has fallen apart in a couple of weeksx

  18. Christy

    When Alison s world falls apart, she turns to her best friend and cousin, Kelly What a mistake Kelly plots to further embarrass Alison and kick her while she s down Alison s mother is in jail, her father rarely leaves the bar, her boyfriend breaks up with her and her best friend is out to destroy her With friends and family like this, how will Alison survive Appropriate for 6 8 wealthy girls cliques involved

  19. Nirja

    PERFECT SERIES OF BOOKS TO INTRODUCE PRETEENS TO READING I can t seem to find any of the books in stores, it s such a shame These are so fast moving and so fun to read Every book ends at a cliff hanger, which sucks for me because I didn t have access to all the books when I first read them in the 7th grade I think, not sure Either way, these are bite size pieces of family drama, teen struggles, suspense and pure entertainment Highly recommended to age groups 10 17 maybe

  20. Hailey Schmitt

    I read Little Secrets by Emily Blake I really enjoyed this story and rate it a solid five out of five It was well written, had good organization, and I really liked the style and the flow of the book It was about a girl who is super rich, and her life is basically perfect when all the sudden her bestfriend slash cousin turns on her when she needs her the most and has practically hit rock bottom I definately reccomend it to everyone because I absolutely loved it.

  21. Alaina.caraballo

    Alison s Mother is in Jail, Her father is no where to be found Half her family doesn t even like her Her cousin Kelly seems like the perfect person But as Kelly tries to steal her boyfriend and tries to turn everyone against her Alison has no friends and is sleeping in her rich grandmother house But as life goes on, Alison starts to see she was power also but as her grandmother dies in a fire, she wonders what happens next.

  22. Alejandra

    This is a really good book filled with drama I liked it because of all the drama it was interesting because the characters were so different but so alike at the same time most of the characters wanted to be popular or have a good reputation most of them also wanted revenge i am looking forward to reading the next book.

  23. Cara

    This book was just sitting in my little sister s room and it looked pretty dumb But then I just started reading it and I got stuck This book was so depressing that it just made me mad and want to keep reading.It also has a cliff hanger ending The worst I have ever read It pretty much forces you to want to get the sequel

  24. Haylei John

    Read this years ago, probably around 5th grade I became obsessed with this book, and I credit it for my everlasting obsession with gossipy dramatic novels Since I ve found the title of the book after years of searching, I think I ll reread this book and continue the series just for fun You re never too old to reread a favorite book

  25. danielle.

    This was a good book about an experience that seemed so real Alison was a girl who couldn t trust anyone and when she started to trust somebody she wasn t sure she could trust them The story is told from different character perspectives which can be confusing if you don t pay attention Other than that this was a great book.

  26. Christina

    I bought this book at a Warehouse sale for 2.50I thought that there would be a second book by the way it endedI learned through that the first book was part of a seriesDefinitely good for high schoolI don t think this would be good for elementary or middle school because of the drama and dynamics that this family has

  27. June

    I read it and I wanted almost right away Lucky for me I had the second book right there This is a very suspensful story It is for action lovers, as well as mystery lovers It might be a little dark for some peope but it gets good I promise

  28. Yashi

    I just loved this book and i think it s truly great for teenagersThere s all about a girl s life mainlyut boyfriends, parents, school, rivals and lots Wait till you read itYou ll be just too eager to read its second partJust like me

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