Past Mortem (2020)

Past Mortem Ben Elton Past Mortem In romantic desperation mild mannered detective Edward Newson logged on to the Friends Reunited website searching for the girlfriends of his youth As his old class begins to reassemble in cyberspace
  • Title: Past Mortem
  • Author: Ben Elton
  • ISBN: 9780593050965
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
Past Mortem Ben Elton In romantic desperation, mild mannered detective Edward Newson logged on to the Friends Reunited website searching for the girlfriends of his youth As his old class begins to reassemble in cyberspace, the years slip away and old feuds and passions burn hot once A school reunion is planned, and as history begins to repeat itself, the past crashes headlong into theIn romantic desperation, mild mannered detective Edward Newson logged on to the Friends Reunited website searching for the girlfriends of his youth As his old class begins to reassemble in cyberspace, the years slip away and old feuds and passions burn hot once A school reunion is planned, and as history begins to repeat itself, the past crashes headlong into the present Past Mortem is both a heart stopping thriller and a killer comic romance.
Past Mortem Ben Elton

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    Ben Elton

One thought on “Past Mortem

  1. Thomas Strömquist

    I m very impressed with Ben Elton s 9th novel Even though I read him before and now well know that he does other stuff than comedy and does other stuff than comedy really well , I m still expecting a comic twist from his narrative Even after learning of the very gruesome murders that are the work of a serial killer according to Det Edward Newsome s theory I still kind of do Some way into the novel, however, I realized this is serious stuff.Without trying to reveal too much, the murders are relat [...]

  2. Samyuktha jayaprakash

    A very enjoyable light read on an important topic First Ben elton book , I really like his style Characters Funny , self depreciating and full of annoying tiny flaws I kept thinking of Ed Sheeran when I read of Ed newson The villain was hardly developed Found some characters too drenched in stereotype.Way of killing Interesting , gross and relevant to the case Motives Underlying theme of bullying and high school throughout the book I felt that dialogue on why killing your high school bully is w [...]

  3. port22

    Past Mortem is a mystery which takes place in contemporary England Edward Newson, a detective inspector from Scotland Yard, together with Natasha Wilkie, a detective sergeant, trace a thread of murders in which victims die from lengthy torture The scenes of each crime are connected only by a single common element the meticulousness and elaborate planning to avoid quick death.On the surface this would have been a mystery about the psychology of the perpetrator, there is that, but what this book b [...]

  4. Dreadlocksmile

    Past Mortem is Ben Elton s ninth novel which was first published back in 2004 Described on the sleeve as a heart stopping thriller and a killer comic romance , having been written by the comedian Ben Elton, you were sure to have a fair amount of comedy within the book The novel reads like a black comedy version of a Shaun Hutson thriller novel, being very easy to read, delivering short fast paced chapters that end on miniature cliff hangers throughout the book The novel follows the life of detec [...]

  5. Rubi

    Ben Elton is really original and funny When some of my friends asked me what is this book about I couldn t answer Maybe a black novel, maybe a romantic one with a lot of perversion, maybe a little bit of everything I don t know how to classify this novel, but I don t think it is necessary It is a great one, with very complicated characters and with a cool story I love the writing and the speed of the events I have hated some of the characters, yes, I have hated them not because of the writer I t [...]

  6. Tom Loock

    I have read quite a few of Ben Elton s novels and with the exception of Blast from the Past have enjoyed them, some of them High Society, Chart Throb very much so.Past Mortem is an okay mystery very heavy on the message about bullying It s an important issue and I presume it was personal for Elton An enjoyable read it is not, but then I suppose it s not meant to be.

  7. Nick

    As you will see from my other reviews, I generally enjoy reading Mr Elton s output in the form of novels Past Mortem disappointed, however What I normally like is the way he is able to combine wit, social issues and realistic characters into an intriguing storyline The characaters in this novel were not as well fleshed out as in some others such as Inconceivable , but they were real enough to keep the plot going So what didn t I like about this one First, it was not very funny That is shocking f [...]

  8. David Roberts

    I am reviewing the comedy thriller novel Past Mortem by Ben Elton which is a very good book which I bought from a car boot sale Apparently Ben won the Golden Dagger Award for Popcorn which was a previous comic thriller also by him People who are squeamish might fight this book a bit off putting although it s well written The plot is a police inspector is investigating a series of brutal murders where the victims always seem to be unpopular and bullies At the same time he is have to contend with [...]

  9. Kristi Sawyer

    The problem with good books is that they never last very long Ben Elton is the perfect example of that.ough being fairly long, I devour his books so quickly that enjoyment seems over far too fast This being the second Ben Elton book I have read, I am struck by how vastly different the plots were Two Brothers was excellently researched historical fiction , but they are both immensely entertaining This story follows Detective Inspector Newson in his investigation of a series of interesting murders [...]

  10. Sally

    I d forgotten how much I like Ben Elton I liked his stand up comedy and I ve enjoyed his books thus far This has been loitering on my bookshelves for years, and I m rather glad that I inadvertently preserved reading it for the first time I ve never had the slightest urge to join Friends Reunited My school days were not the happiest of my life by any stretch of anyone s imagination and I ve no overwhelming urge to revisit those with whom I shared them The subjects of this novel, regardless of the [...]

  11. Charlotte (Buried in Books)

    Maybe a touch too graphic for me not only with the violence, but some of the sexual parts of the book as well could have done without the graphic description of fisting really.It was an interesting read, based around the hunt for a serial killer with a thing against school bullies The character of Newson was pretty good, but made me feel embarassed for him most of the time can t be easy when you re in love with your second in command Natasha was good fun as well It really picked up on the intern [...]

  12. Cat Pick

    This was given to me by my Scottish friend who bought it in a UK charity shop I hadn t ready any Elton before, and I m really enjoying this It s basically a police procedural, albeit a lighthearted one though the crimes are not at all lighthearted It s sort of a veddy serious procedural crossed with a Kingsley Amis novel.

  13. Sean Rich

    i realy enjoyed this book, even though i did work out who done it about half way through but there was still plenty of good bits and surprises on the way through Ben Elton is fast becomeing one of my fav authors, i ve read two of his books now and i realy like the way he looks at things, his characters and his wit.

  14. Mihaelas

    2 stars If you write half of a book, find it crap and keep writing just stop I would have rather read nothing Ew.

  15. Ameya

    Ben Elton expertly combines the dread and thrill of a psychologically motivated murder spree with genuinely rib tickling situations the protagonist regularly experiences A riveting read.

  16. James

    This review has a it s not you, it s me vibe The writing was good and the storyline interesting I liked the modern early 2000 s detective story and the social media spin makes a refreshing change It does make you think about social media and about the bullies at school and where you sat with regards to these kids The story is about someone who is killing bullies, a bit like Dexter but cheesier However I can only give a rating of two stars because it was too predictable I knew who the killer was [...]

  17. Laurie

    This book, based on bullying was a fast paced story I had three people identified as the murderer and was wrong three times This topic holds a special place in my heart as I worked at a school as an encore career and saw some of this behavior This novel did get a bit gritty with some strong sexual situations so be forewarned I was unaware of Elton s novels but had watched some of his BBC television episodes which include the Blackadder and The Thin Blue Line LOVE LOVE LOVE I m off to find of hi [...]

  18. Tammy

    2.5 Stars This is my first Elton book Clearly he is a talented writer, and this book was well written and enjoyable Even though I don t read mysteries, I found the other plot line of unrequited love engaging enough to continue reading I can t say the resolution was surprising or that the mystery itself was well done, but there is enough here to recommend I hope that his other books are rewarding.

  19. Bindu

    Bullying people seems the norm for showing power It happens in various forms and at various stages of our life All want revenge and sustain a life long ill feeling for the bully But can anybody Bully the Bully which means he is wanting power than the bully A vicious cycle set in motion by the numerous bullies, comes back to haunt them in the same way, years later be it 20 or 40

  20. Johanne Burns

    A good story but I correctly predicted who the murderer was about 100 pages before the end resulting in a drawn out closing.

  21. Ruth Bradbury-Horton

    the fact that I read this book in a couple of days says to me how much I enjoyed it The topic moves from amusement to disturbing and is right on topic with regards to the troubling trait of bullying That Ben Elton took a different spin on the outcome and effect, made the story a goodread.What struck me though was how as children we bully and or are bullied in ways that at the time of the 80 s and prior were often deemed to be trivial, but yet were not.

  22. James Farrant

    only three stars because I knew who dunnit long before the police even considered the same person

  23. Camille

    This wasn t quite as clever or funny as his usual efforts but still an enjoyable read about an unlikely detective cracking a murderer intent on inflicting revenge on school bullies.

  24. Mark

    I had never read a Ben Elton book before but have always liked his screen work I can honestly say that this book was not what I was expecting but with my previous experience of his work being Blackadder, The Thin Blue Line and Maybe Baby that came as little surprise This book was an absoulute gripping thriller and a prime example of how talented a writer Ben Elton is as he is able to pen this thriller novel which quite rightly ranks alongside the work of some of the full time thriller writers th [...]

  25. Geoff Greene

    Right, didn t expect jumping right into a homicide when I read the synopsis of this book While it hasn t been brought up yet, I m sure the pattern of the victims being hated by everyone they know is going to be important Newson is pretty terrible Whether it s how he secretly lusts after his partner or how he treats Helen Smart, he s pretty shitty and superficial So which is of a prat Natasha for always going back to Lance or Newson for always conceding to Natasha If Natasha doesn t know that Ne [...]

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