The Poet of Tolstoy Park (2020)

The Poet of Tolstoy Park Sonny Brewer The Poet of Tolstoy Park The you transform your life from the material to the spiritual domain the less you become afraid of death Leo Tolstoy spoke these words and they became Henry Stuart s raison d etre The Poet of Tolst
  • Title: The Poet of Tolstoy Park
  • Author: Sonny Brewer
  • ISBN: 9780345476326
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
The Poet of Tolstoy Park Sonny Brewer The you transform your life from the material to the spiritual domain, the less you become afraid of death Leo Tolstoy spoke these words, and they became Henry Stuart s raison d etre The Poet of Tolstoy Park is the unforgettable novel based on the true story of Henry Stuart s life, which was reclaimed from his doctor s belief that he would not live another year.He The you transform your life from the material to the spiritual domain, the less you become afraid of death Leo Tolstoy spoke these words, and they became Henry Stuart s raison d etre The Poet of Tolstoy Park is the unforgettable novel based on the true story of Henry Stuart s life, which was reclaimed from his doctor s belief that he would not live another year.Henry responds to the news by slogging home barefoot in the rain It s 1925 The place Canyon County, Idaho Henry is sixty seven, a retired professor and a widower who has been told a warmer climate would make the end tolerable San Diego would be a good choice Instead, Henry chose Fairhope, Alabama, a town with utopian ideals and a haven for strong minded individualists Upton Sinclair, Sherwood Anderson, and Clarence Darrow were among its inhabitants Henry bought his own ten acres of piney woods outside Fairhope Before dying, underscored by the writings of his beloved Tolstoy, Henry could begin to perfect the soul awarded him and rest in the faith that he, and all people, would succeed, even if it took eons Human existence, Henry believed, continues in a perfect circle unmarred by flaws of personality, irrespective of blood and possessions and rank, and separate from organized religion In Alabama, until his final breath, he would chase these high ideas.But first, Henry had to answer up for leaving Idaho Henry s dearest friend and intellectual sparring partner, Pastor Will Webb, and Henry s two adult sons, Thomas and Harvey, were baffled and angry that he would abandon them and move to the Deep South, living in a barn there while he built a round house of handmade concrete blocks His new neighbors were perplexed by his eccentric behavior as well On the coldest day of winter he was barefoot, a philosopher and poet with ideas and words to share with anyone who would listen And, mysteriously, his last few months became years He had gone looking for a place to learn lessons in dying, and, studiously advanced to claim a vigorous new life.The Poet of Tolstoy Park is a moving and irresistible story, a guidebook of the mind and spirit that lays hold of the heart Henry Stuart points the way through life s puzzles for all of us, becoming in this timeless tale a character of such dimension that he seems alive now than ever.From the Hardcover edition.
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One thought on “The Poet of Tolstoy Park

  1. PirateSteve

    Retired philosophy Professor Henry James Stuart has much to learn and time seems to be in short supply It s 1925 and at the age of 67 he has been diagnosed with tuberculosis and given maybe 1 year to live The doctor tells him death would be easier on him if he were in a warmer climate than his Canyon County, Idaho home The idea of moving felt right for Henry as he did not wish to have his two grown sons watch him die the way he had watched his wife die just two years earlier Plus, he felt the ti [...]

  2. Saleh MoonWalker

    Onvan The Poet of Tolstoy Park Nevisande Sonny Brewer ISBN 345476328 ISBN13 9780345476326 Dar 304 Safhe Saal e Chap 2005

  3. Diane Barnes

    I have always been drawn to books about people who left it all behind, just walked away from their lives one day and started fresh, made new friends or none at all, went to another part of the country, or another country altogether I think it takes a lot of courage to do that.Henry Stuart did just that, after getting a terminal diagnosis of tuberculosis from his doctor in Idaho One year to live, a warmer climate might help the end be a little easier So at the age of 67, he chose Fairhope, Alabam [...]

  4. Lawyer

    The Poet of Tolstoy Park The Road Less Traveled I selected this novel by Sonny Brewer as my Moderator s Choice for members of On the Southern Literary Trail for January, 2o18 I first read The Poet of Tolstoy Park A Novel upon its publication in 2005 Since then I have recommended this book to many readers It concerns a journey we all must take Facing our own mortality Don t be disheartened by the serious nature of the subject matter It s not the final stop when the train pulls into the station It [...]

  5. Tom Mathews

    Sometimes it is great to slow down and read a book that is gentle and philosophical Sonny Brewer s novel based on the life of Henry Stuart is just such a book When diagnosed with tuberculosis in 1925, Stuart made the unusual decision to leave his home and go to a place where he could face his impending death in solitude and on his own terms To that end, he bought ten acres of undeveloped land in Fairhope, Alabama, gave away most of his worldly goods, and climbed aboard the train that would, he a [...]

  6. Tony

    This book was a personal recommendation from legend Mike Sullivan, who champions Southern writers, both classic and recent That s good enough for me or even decent people to give it a try.This book, inspired by a true life, tells the fictionalized story of Henry Stuart, 67 and recently widowed, living in Idaho in 1925 when his doctor informs him he has advanced, but non contagious tuberculosis, and has about a year to live Henry is a mystical sort, soon to become eccentric Distant from his two s [...]

  7. Camie

    Historic fiction loosely based on the true story of Henry Stuart a 67 year old retired professor, widower, and father of two sons who in 1925 decides to leave behind his past life in Nampa, ID and head for the warmer clime of Fairhope, Alabama, after being diagnosed with a terminal illness Told by his doctor he may fare better in a warmer place, he is still given the prognosis of only a year to live, so Stuart inspired by the words of his favorite poet Tolstoy shucks of his boots and barefooted [...]

  8. Sara

    In the words of Dylan Thomas, Do not go gentle to that good night, Old age should burn and rage at close of day Rage, rage against the dying of the light Henry James Stuart was such a one He did not go gently, he went on his own terms Some would say he beat death at its own game, although he would have been the first to tell you that death is always the winner, eventually What we can learn from Henry Stuart is about life than it ever could be about death He was an amazingly complex, but unbelie [...]

  9. Nancy Chappell

    A lovely, sweet read about an eccentric, thoughtful, kind man Reminded me of some of the better parts of my ex husband His love of Tolstoy and questioning of organized religion were appreciated Based on a true character Thanks, Sonny Brewer.

  10. Robin

    If you re into Southern literature or maybe just appreciate beautiful writing, give this novel a read My in laws loaned it to me and I m so glad they did Reading The Poet of Tolstoy Park has firmed up my desire to someday live in Fairhope It is also a book that makes readers consider our life decisions Finally, I love a book based on real life and I was so happy to learn about Henry Stuart and his time in Fairhope through Sonny Brewer s fictionalized account.

  11. Carol

    I enjoyed reading this charming book, selected by Lawyer, a moderator of the group, On the Southern Literary trail Sonny Brewer s writing is beautiful and I will definitely be reading of his works This is the true story of a man in the early 20th century who was given a year to live with tuberculosis He decided to move from Idaho to Fairhope, Alabama as he heard the weather was good for his condition They also lived by a single tax law in the community He was an avid reader and fan of Tolstoy T [...]

  12. The Lexington Bookie

    My coworker friend who recommended Neither Wolf Nor Dog simultaneously recommended the book The Poet of Tolstoy Park She brought both in to work with her, and as I stated, I devoured NWND, but I ve been really struggling with the TPOTP Not only has my mind be sidetracked by the spring temperatures, house projects, and other prior engagements, but I ve also opened this book a dozen times, read a few pages, and then decided to put it away As of right now, I ve only made it to chapter three out of [...]

  13. Laurel Hicks

    An intriguing and satisfying biographical novel about Henry Stuart, who moved from Idaho to beautiful little Fairhope, Alabama, to face his impending death alone, with the words of philosophy as his guide.

  14. Carolyn

    I felt as if I were reading a true story of Henry, his family and his friends Sonny Brewer did a wonderful job bringing Henry alive again I visited the little round hut Henry made and I could almost see him working to build it I so appreciate that it has been kept and made open to the public, but also a shame that it is surrounded by buildings It would have been nice if the preservationists could have saved some of the land to go with the hut After visiting the little round building I was so cur [...]

  15. Mary

    I ll rewrite the review once I re read this book However, I find Sonny Brewer, new on the author scene, to be totally engrossing His descriptions are so natural and wonderful that you feel like you lived the book rather than just read it I picked this book to read together with a friend this summer Although she ended up hating it, it s another illustration of how different authors reach peaople in different ways I liked this book so much, I put an order in for his second book A Sound Like Thunde [...]

  16. Baldwin_tina

    I really loved this book This is a novel written about a man who actually lived I especially loved the reflections of the poet as he is contemplating how to live the last year the doctor has given him I especially loved the quotes from poets, Tolstoy, other authors and the reprinting of the poems of the man himself It is a book I have added to my permanent collection because I will read it over and over.

  17. Vida

    Sonny Brewer first writing attempt was really hard for me to read I found that the way he wrote the character, Henry Stuart, to be selfish and arrogant Sort of like this line from the book, We become obsessed with our own cleverness Sonny Brewer is obsessed with his own cleverness and transposed that on to his protagonist That he left his sons, I found unfathomable, that he didn t want live with them, a testament to his failure as a father That he preferred the company of stranger I found unforg [...]

  18. Jaci

    Given a death sentence TB, one year to live , Henry Stuart takes the freedom that imminent death gives, leaves his sons, and moves to Fairhope, Alabama, from Idaho, a better climate He builds a circular, concrete house still standing which absorbs him, focuses on the later teachings of Tolstoy, and feels the common mortality which we all sharechokengtitik

    titikchokeng244 learn to die in peace That s what I think is important My own lessons for that have come from how I treat other people, from [...]

  19. Susan

    One of my favorites Bought it and sent it to my son to read His favorite, too Plan to stop by the town and visit the site, one day when traveling thru to Orange Beach.

  20. Pamela Hale

    I read this after describing the building of my new concrete stoop to my friend Julie Rockefeller She mentioned this book and how much she liked it She said she didn t have a copy because every time she loaned it out it wasn t returned I have been handling my grieving process with an upswing in creative activities like if I keep busy making stuff I won t have time to cry Well, it doesn t work but I have got a lot of things done Good book, good read I will absolutely read this again.

  21. Jennifer

    I disagreed with so many of Henry Stuart s choices that ultimately I just couldn t connect with his character What a stubborn, irritating person For me this is a slightly self indulgent book about a highly self indulgent man.

  22. Ann Carol

    Fetching and intriguingFeel the Highs and lows of a very human soul Just order and download it now without a question Then dig deeply into the lives of the characters you meet on these pages and breathe in the lessons from the sage ofTolstoy Park.

  23. Jan

    A very thought provoking, unique and philosophical look at life and end of life issues The main character s lesson for his children and friends Learn to die in peace There s a fabulous poem about a wave that is worth pondering.

  24. Melinda Arentsen

    I really wanted to like it, I just didn t I made myself finish it because I like what the author was trying to achieve Sweet characters, it was just boring.

  25. Linda C SMITH

    Demands a trip to FairhopeJust a few months I will be making a trip to Fairhope, Alabama There is a round but there that is on our itinerary This book is a must read and Fairhope is a city that everyone must see.

  26. Holli

    Brewer isn t nearly the writer that Wendell Berry is but this novel reminds me a bit of Berry Just as Berry tells the story of Harlan Hubbard, so Brewer gives witness to the life of Henry Stuart, both of whom live life at a depth that our fast paced society does not allow Even though both men lived in decades that were a lot slower than the present one I was inspired by the way Stuart took a sabbatical from reading, writing, and thinking too much and devoted himself to the physical labor of buil [...]

  27. Judi Jetson

    I bought this book when I first visited Fairhope, enchanted by the place as well as the little round house Henry built it s beautifully crafted and tells a take of the difficult life of early settlers Interesting, but a slow read at firstI finally finished it on my second visit to Fairhope I feel inspired by the story of Henry s life, but wish the author had written about the utopian founders of the town.

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