Sleeping with Cats: A Memoir (2020)

Sleeping with Cats: A Memoir Marge Piercy Sleeping with Cats A Memoir Marge Piercy a writer who is highly praised as both a poet and a novelist turns her gaze inward as she shares her thoughts on life and explores her development as a woman and writer She pays tribute
  • Title: Sleeping with Cats: A Memoir
  • Author: Marge Piercy
  • ISBN: 9780061865558
  • Page: 121
  • Format: ebook
Sleeping with Cats: A Memoir Marge Piercy Marge Piercy, a writer who is highly praised as both a poet and a novelist, turns her gaze inward as she shares her thoughts on life and explores her development as a woman and writer She pays tribute to the one loving constant that has offered her comfort and meaning even as the faces and events in her life have changed her beloved cats.With searing honesty, Piercy teMarge Piercy, a writer who is highly praised as both a poet and a novelist, turns her gaze inward as she shares her thoughts on life and explores her development as a woman and writer She pays tribute to the one loving constant that has offered her comfort and meaning even as the faces and events in her life have changed her beloved cats.With searing honesty, Piercy tells of her strained childhood growing up in a religiously split, working class family in Detroit She examines her myriad friendships and relationships, including two painful early marriages, and reveals their effects on her creativity and career More than a reminiscence of things past, however, Sleeping With Cats is also a celebration of the present and the future, as Piercy shares her views on aging, creativity, and finding a lasting and improbable love with a man fourteen years younger than herself.A chronicle of the turbulent and exciting journey of one artist s life, Sleeping With Cats is a deeply intimate, unforgettable story.
Sleeping with Cats: A Memoir Marge Piercy

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    Marge Piercy

One thought on “Sleeping with Cats: A Memoir

  1. Debbie Zapata

    I loved this book about Marge Piercy s life and the cats who have shared it with her I have read Piercy s work since the late 80 s when I found Gone to Soldiers and I collected titles over the years from the used book sales I prowled Last year when I treated myself to quite a few splurges at my favorite online used bookseller, I ordered as many Piercy books as I could get, and this was one of them.I liked her honesty in the first chapter We all remember events in our lives a bit differently than [...]

  2. Zinta

    An honest writer will admit that everything that he or she writes, down to a grocery list, is in some form autobiography, revealing the author s sense of life, core values, interests The art of literary expression, like any art, is a self portrait, and the higher the level of quality, the truer we have been to ourselves When a book reads flat or false, suspect a lie When Marge Piercy writes and she writes like nobody s business, having to date published 17 novels and 17 collections of poetry she [...]

  3. Ruth

    Marge Piercy is a fascinating person We are almost the same age, and in many ways our experiences overlap We lived in San Francisco at the same time Back in the 60s she led the life I then wanted to lead I m sort of glad it didn t happen, given the complications of Piercy s life More fun to read about it Interesting how she weaves the stories of her cats through the stories of her life.

  4. Susan

    Interesting memoir by a writer I have followed through the years I enjoyed all her novels from her early years on She sure had a lot of sex With many partners Guess she is old now like me I loved hearing about all of her beloved cats We are both cat ladies.

  5. Jenniffer

    A wonderful memoir Another author that I now understand clearly my connection As with Dorothy Allison, she has a working class background and a strong feminist sense and history The framing of the book with her relationship with the cats in her life spoke to me as well It has made me think about the relationships I have had with animals in my life dogs have played a role in my life as well It has given me another leaping off place for stories.

  6. Kayla

    I honestly want to read this again How I love a poet as similar to me, especially one who loves cats haha

  7. Nikki

    Cats Poetry Politics Sex Sexual Politics Feminism Activism Tough women Would that I had read this book when I was 17 I could have used it Marge Piercy is amazing.

  8. Chel

    Marge Piercy s voice has been present in my life since the early 1970s I have not read everything she has written, but what I have read has been important to me This book spoke to me on three levels her experience as an activist she is enough older than I to have offered a guiding perspective about what preceded the times I lived through, the insights of an older sister, while still seeming familiar , her life as a writer, which is much referred to but not really explored, and her own evolution [...]

  9. Barbara

    Intelligent and unsentimentalSometimes rambling, often brilliantly evocative, Sleeping With Cats, pleased me most when Piercy spoke of her cats I felt her connection to them was profoundly moving I even shed some tears when she described Oboe s death Thank you for a book that explores our relationship to these sensitive and intelligent beings.

  10. Leila

    I d never read a Piercy book before Sleeping With Cats I chose it randomly because my library offered it as a digital Kindle rental, and I grew up with many cats, so the familiarity appealed to me Anyone who values cats that much must be someone I understand, right This book was wonderful, and one of the most well written and sophisticated memoirs I ve read Rather than writing a book with the sole purpose of glorifying herself as too many writers do , or writing a book that s main appeal is shoc [...]

  11. Maria Longley

    Marge Piercy provides a vivid account of the times she s lived through and her determination to be a writer I learned a lot about cats and I was fascinated by the ongoing and repeated choices that were involved in her life to be a writer it isn t a one off choice The memoir describes a fully lived life and touches on some of the huge political events over the decades that she was involved in The activism of the time from the point of view of a woman was fascinating Cats were allowed abortions wh [...]

  12. Patty

    Marge Piercy has been one of my favorite authors for decades That is not evident if you look at my list of books on this website However, I have read many of her novels and I regularly return to my copy of her collected poems She turned out to be the perfect subject for my paper on an American Jewish woman.There is plenty of information available about her, her writings and her commitment to Judaism So my paper was easy to research Not so easy to write, but I am a librarian not an author So I ha [...]

  13. HeavyReader

    This book is so fantastic I love so much about Marge Piercy I love the way she decided to remain childless because she knew she couldn t sacrifice her writing and her time to be a good mother I love the way that she knows she can be a difficult person I love the way she is a true, strong feminist who wants equality for women, equality for people I love the way she understands poverty, having grown up in it I love that she gardens, grows food, barters her produce for food she cannot grow I love t [...]

  14. Kim

    Oops, the good review is when I thought I was commenting on another book Not this one The writing is okay, but it s too long and drawn out There were good parts her gardening, her writing about writing, the politics, and some of her friends.I don t think I ve ever quit reading a book that far into it before I just can t bear to keep going The years she continues to cover her open marriage are too much I can t read another word of it Also, I keep thinking she ll wise up and get out of it, but no, [...]

  15. Amy Fremgen

    I had vaguely heard of Marge Piercy but had never read anything she s written I was attracted to this memoir autobiography book because of its title She is a very good writer and I loved the stories of her cats However, I was surprised when I discovered she had attended my alma mater Northwestern U a year after I graduated because her life there was so different from mine, it seemed like we had lived in parallel universes I wanted an education journalism major so I could earn a living but she se [...]

  16. Beth Browne

    Marge Piercy has been my favorite writer since I first read Gone To Soldiers twenty five years ago Since then I have been slowly working my way through her oeuvre so many books, so little time and recently picked up this marvelous memoir Although I am not a huge cat fan myself I like them, but I m allergic I understood how Piercy developed such strong attachments to them I enjoyed the poems and the poetic turns of phrase, but above all I loved the sense of being with her This book is unflinching [...]

  17. Crab

    i really liked this book it gave me insight into what life was like in 60s 70s movements for social change from the perspective of a woman whose fiction I admire greatly i found the writing structurally disjointed at times, but really loved the overall structure of having poems at the end of each chapter i obviously revelled in how passionately intersted in and involved with her cats she is has been the most touching parts of her life story are tales of her cats, whom she talks about with a lovi [...]

  18. Christine

    There are many things to enjoy about this memoir, not the least of which is Piercy s insight into and respect for cats Reading it has brought a new layer of depth to my relationship with Birdie, who was never under appreciated to begin with And now I want cats though Birdie would never allow it Having just finished this, my immediate impression is with the richness of life when fully lived and fearlessly faced Piercy is never sentimental and seldom self aggrandizing as she relates the events of [...]

  19. CJ

    The first Marge Piercy novel I read was Braided Lives for a Women s Studies course I had in college I fell in love and read all her previously written work Then I had to wait for anything new and I always read it I usually enjoyed it too.This book is a memoir of her life I knew she had grown up in Detroit and went to the University of Michigan I had no idea it was so difficult for her She is one of those people who uses the struggle to become stronger and it was fascinating to read She writes be [...]

  20. Cynthia

    Once I plowed through the disjointed beginning, I couldn t put it down Having myself failed at marriages that I care to remember, it was interesting to read this life story bravely laid open before me Whether she means to or not, she shows that connections with men are on a level with connections with cats with no particular disrespect to the importance of either men or cats Cats and men have many similarities They can be very loveable and affectionate, although they largely take you and your e [...]

  21. Dee

    WOW I have been reading this on and off since last summer It is the kind of book I like to read for than just little bits, so I finished it during my winter break from my job It was good all along, lots on her earlier years in the movement, relationships found and lost, and cats through out But the last few chapters, whoa, they almost take my breath away Starting with the one where she gets very personal with a fearful cat I don t want to be a spoiler and then the eye problems I have had my own [...]

  22. Kathy Skaggs

    I really enjoyed Marge Piercy s memoir, especially what she wrote about her early years I loved the way she put poems in at the end of each chapter She used the cats in her life as a way to organize the book, and I couldn t help thinking, sometimes, as I made my way through whole chapters describing her cats and their behavior, likes, and dislikes that the only thing boring than listening to someone else s dreams is listening to someone else talk about their cats I love cats, but at times it wa [...]

  23. Linda

    Marge Piercy is so interesting Her life growing up in poverty with indifferent parents, living in a rough area of Detroit was so richly written I felt like I could climb into her skin in her early years As she gets older, she spends too much space on the personality and care of her cats While well written it didn t really capture my imagination I didn t realize she was so out there in her non monogamous marriage and feminist work You can really sense the progression from tough kid to adventurous [...]

  24. Anne

    Took me a while to finish this superb biography But what a biography Probably the most honest and frank life story If you have lived as a feminist this women should be one of your idols She has the gumption to embrace all her imperfections and mistakes and reveal them in their unabashed glory to the reader Fearless and opinionated Marge Piercey takes my breathe away, A passionate cat lover we are treated to those many furry companions that shared her space throughout her wonderful life If I was [...]

  25. Juanita

    I wasn t enthusiastic about reading Sleeping With Cats, my book club book for this month, but Piercy is a great writer and I m truly enjoying getting a peek at her life.I don t know enough about technique to know how she does it, but Piercy manages to do it, but the pace of her sentences follows her chronological age At the beginning, it feels fast paced and energetic, youthful, and by the end of the book, the pace seems measured andrhaps graceful is the word I want It has been a joy to read I [...]

  26. Carol Chapman

    A friend of my mom s, who has never met me, thought I would love this book based on something my mom must have told her about me, but I don t know what The book is a very well written memoir by Marge Piercy I never previously heard of her, but she s apparently a rather well known U.S author and poet Despite not having heard of her, I enjoyed reading her memoir She s led an interesting life and did a great job writing about it Every chapter ended with one of her poems, some of which I liked and s [...]

  27. Linda Hollingsworth

    In my opinion some of the best of Marge Piercy s poetry has been no holds barred honest, passionate and sometimes humorous This memoir by the poet and novelist reflects on the life feeding her creativity involving three husbands and six cats she has loved It has also included an active part in the anti war movement of the 60 s and later her involvement in the feminist movement Her life has been tumultuous, and as with her poetry and novels about women in transition this memoir is an honest and h [...]

  28. Ronnie

    I loved this book Prior to this, I didn t know anything about Marge Piercy, nor had read any of her books After reading her memoir, I am so impressed with her accomplishments, writing, energy, perseverance and her love of cats As a lover of cats myself, I truly appreciated how she describes the different cat personalities and the roles they have played throughout her life The writing is lyrical, like reading one of her poems, some of which are, in fact, interspersed within the book.

  29. Susan Austin

    I found this book a bit slow and long winded, maybe because there was a bit too much detail for my liking about cats and lovers, cats and lovers But her childhood, her character, her politics, her experience with open relationships and her early and lifelong dedication to being a writer were all interesting enough to make it a mostly enjoyable read Good to know about the woman who wrote one of my favourite books, Woman on the Edge of Time.

  30. Cathy

    I might have enjoyed this if I had been familiar with Piercy s novels poetry before picking up this memoir Reading about her childhood was painful and a lot of her life I found vaguely disturbing She grew up in an earlier time and totally different family environment from my own and I had trouble relating to her story I did very much enjoy the stories of her cats and how they influenced her life, but struggled with the rest and ended up putting the book down about halfway into it.

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