The End of The Computer (2020)

The End of The Computer Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn Patrick G. Conner The End of The Computer Travel to the edge of The End of the world with some of the most interesting and enjoyable people you ll ever meet Share the spine chilling thrills and great emotional epiphanies as this company of fr
  • Title: The End of The Computer
  • Author: Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn Patrick G. Conner
  • ISBN: 9781618420169
  • Page: 312
  • Format: ebook
The End of The Computer Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn Patrick G. Conner Travel to the edge of The End of the world with some of the most interesting and enjoyable people you ll ever meet.Share the spine chilling thrills and great emotional epiphanies as this company of friends are forced into the adventure of leaving their hollow lives in Moscow and Berkeley and becoming the earth mothers and fathers of Thunder Valley if any of them surviveTravel to the edge of The End of the world with some of the most interesting and enjoyable people you ll ever meet.Share the spine chilling thrills and great emotional epiphanies as this company of friends are forced into the adventure of leaving their hollow lives in Moscow and Berkeley and becoming the earth mothers and fathers of Thunder Valley if any of them survive the journey.Thrill with the discovery that a hypercomputer can be fun, kind, happy and the most dangerous person in existence to those who would destroy the earth with the possible exception of one strange and lovely woman who grew up being told she was mentally deficient and utterly broken.As this company of friends get to know each other better, the story accelerates into hyper drive, with heart pounding crisis after crisis, drawing you ever closer to The End of this high stakes game for the continued existence of the human race on Earth Winner takes all If there is one.Deja vu and serendipity Eternal love, dark betrayal and death Unexpected joy and heartbreaking failure Sparklingly brilliant universal concepts, with a rare mix of whimsical humor And a look into the past to save the future The path to The End is full of some of the most intriguing thoughts ever put into words.The conclusion has many complex levels, but one thing is certain you will reach The End on a high note, with a sense of deep fulfillment and then want to go back to the beginning and start the adventure all over again.The End of the Computer is this planet s GREEN thriller of 2011.
The End of The Computer Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn Patrick G. Conner

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    Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn Patrick G. Conner

One thought on “The End of The Computer

  1. Michael DeAngelo

    Sometimes, a story is a painting made with words But even the best paint and brushes can lead to something that only feels partially done With The End of the Computer, all fears are abated It s a story that is well aware of itself, not unlike the so called artificial intelligence at the center of the narrative The author a term that I use questionably, because how can we be sure just who wrote this did an excellent job of weaving anecdotes with exposition and an increasingly tense plot This is s [...]

  2. Patrick Conner

    Review by Hall of Fame Reviewer Thomas Duff Duffbert This was a unique ride, to say the least The End of the Computer by Andre Mikhailovich Solonitsyn Normally, anything deemed green lowers my interest and expectations a couple notches right from the start I definitely don t qualify as an environmentalist But, balance that against a sci fi novel involving the demise of the computer, and my interest is right back up there Solonitsyn the author takes the reader into a near future scenario where th [...]

  3. Cate

    The synopsis boasts that this story is full of intriguing thoughts Yeah sure, I thought, in an action book It also promised whimsical humor, unexpected joy, and deep fulfillment High marks to achieve So, I decided to give it a whirl Besides, the cover was intriguing I love me some nukular splosions Turns out, the claim on the virtual jacket underestimated the impact this story had on me calling those thoughts intriguing was a very mild way of putting it and now, that deep thinking stays with me, [...]

  4. Will Sam

    Compare To Lord Of The Rings Really Isn t that a bit of a stretch for a modern book by an author back from the mists of time After all, the last sci fi fantasy piece published by Ballentine Books by the person responsible for this book was nearly forty years ago And that s where it gets fascinating Each book of the Thunder Valley Trilogy of 5 books was written by different persons but the editor for ALL of them is Patrick G Conner That is not lost on me Neither was the radio interview of him on [...]

  5. Bella

    I came across End of the Computer while looking for a unique book series that would be able to capture my attention I was definitely not disappointed with this one This book had me hooked practically from page one You can easily tell that it was written by a well seasoned author This thrilling read had everything you could want out of a book and was jam packed with tons of unexpected twists and turns that kept even me guessing throughout The character development was great and I can t wait to fi [...]

  6. Holly

    An excellent beginning to what promises to be a good trilogy The beginning of the end, this book sets up the world for the end of the computer age and the beginning of something I love Jay, but I can see him going rogue He s already predicted the other AI s will go rogue I see no reason why he won t eventually turn his back on his family He s already illustrated his willingness to act cold towards them, and even with Andre s lecture, he might eventually see no alternative Either that, or his fi [...]

  7. Kyree S. Williams

    Conner s title The End of the Computer might be classified as sci fi or green thriller, but it is so much than that Through truly dynamic and lively characters, it teaches us lessons of life, love, happiness, risk, fear and even cooking But than that, it poses this all important question is this life of instant gratification that we live worth its trouble if it is quickly killing us and our world It was an incredible read, and the lessons and recipes it contained I will carry for life.

  8. William James

    This book opens a portal It is the first in the series this group of authors is calling The Thunder Valley Trilogy When I first stepped through the portal, there was just this one book It ended somewhat abruptly, and one wondered why Now I know why There is much .The End Of The Computer s central character is a computer, an artificial intelligence who names himself Jay, actually Jefferson Numery, after his two fathers One gives the concept of two fathers little thought until you get further into [...]

  9. Zon

    Day to day life in adventure of technology This book has everything that satifies my thirst for new topics in sci fi, will read the whole series.

  10. Dylan McNamee

    I got this for free at the Rose City Comic Con Both the book, and my impressions of it, were a bit of a roller coaster My negative opinions about it are mostly because it s very much an agenda book Whether I agree or disagree with a book like that is beside the point the agendas in this book are so blatant as to flatten the characters, situations and plot think Ayn Rand The agendas here are about the harm of GMOs, the military industrial complex, and the pros of polygamy Huh While I m emptying o [...]

  11. Jessica

    OMG OMG OMG I stayed up super late last night because I simply could not go to sleep without seeing how the book ended and I finished it around 1 am When I got to the last page I kept trying to scroll for It truly was fantastic Fabulous just fabulous Oh and spectacular and marvelous and stupendous I actually started with the third book in the series and I loved that one so much I decided to read the entire series, and let me tell you I am hooked Supercomputers, Artificial Intelligence, retired [...]

  12. Regina Cobb

    The End of the Computer is a very fascinating read Especially for anyone who looks deep into philosophical thinking of world issues It was interesting the the author used himself as one of the characters Perhaps that is why some reviewer felt it was of a biography I did not.The author has developed a work that raises questions, in my opinion, regarding who really is in control of earthly matters.The characters are complex and well developed and the settings in and around the San Francisco Bay a [...]

  13. Robert

    an example of how a story should NOT be told every aspect of this story shallow beyond imagination Characters, storyline, and even the green message are daft, stupid, angering and whatever.A book deserving zero stars if possible please do not make any effort to read this book

  14. Jenny

    At some point we have all asked ourselves the question, could artificial intelligence cause the end of the world Could a computer evolve beyond mans understanding In The End of the Computer we see yet another side to the possibilities of our dreams as it pertains to AI Except that it goes beyond AI, into super or hyper intelligence The story is focused on a group of highly intelligent individuals who have found a way to combine computer chips to create a super intelligence that would be the most [...]

  15. Ashleigh Z.

    When I cracked open the first page of this book, I wasn t too sure what to expect What I found was an intricately woven story filled with suspense, mystery, and subtle humor sprinkled throughout.The original foursome that this storyline follows was an interesting dynamic to begin with, but throw in the characters that they collected along the way, and you have a top notch collective One by one they charmed their way into my heart with their unique personalities I think what made them so entertai [...]

  16. Anna

    What a fantastic story that had me fully engaged from the very first page The author obviously has a very creative and far reaching imagination to be able to write such a complex adventure thriller There are so many layers to this story that take you on quite a roller coaster of emotions I don t like to give away story plots of great books as I wouldn t want to ruin the story for anyone but if you like twists and turns that keep you guessing until the very end, then you will love this book I cou [...]

  17. Sue Owen

    This was written as a biography than a story From the title, description and illustration on the cover I was ready for a science fiction book But in fact it was of a science fact I don t know enough about this timeline to know if this really is a true accounting of events but if not, it is written as if things were happening in the real world.I did enjoy the story but found it rather slow and hard to follow sometimes I don t know if I would find value if I knew it was a real life story or if [...]

  18. A Book Vacation

    To see my full review bookvacations.wordpress 20I m sorry to say that this novel is not for me The synopsis was intriguing, but the story itself was not what I expected It s very scientific and matter of fact from the very first page, and getting through it was very difficult for me as I didn t know what the characters were talking about a majority of the time Likewise, the character names were long and difficult for me to keep straight, so I struggled with that aspect as well in terms of unders [...]

  19. Canadian 135

    Some hacker thriller combo, with lots of green conspiracy about GMO s ruining the world It is action packed, the ideas are fun, the escapees from society living off the grid are an interesting bunch Poorly written, overly broad characterization, but fun Tempted me into Book 2 of the series, but I then decided to abandon just couldn t overlook the wooden writing, etc While there s lots of preaching in it, the dystopian green ness actually provoked my thinking.

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