Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories (2020)

Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories Ghassan Kanafani Hilary Kilpatrick Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories This collection of important stories by novelist journalist teacher and Palestinian activist Ghassan Kanafani includes the stunning novella Men in the Sun the basis of the The Deceived Also
  • Title: Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories
  • Author: Ghassan Kanafani Hilary Kilpatrick
  • ISBN: 9780894108570
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories Ghassan Kanafani Hilary Kilpatrick This collection of important stories by novelist, journalist, teacher, and Palestinian activist Ghassan Kanafani includes the stunning novella Men in the Sun 1962 , the basis of the The Deceived Also in the volume are The Land of Sad Oranges 1958 , If You Were a Horse 1961 , A Hand in the Grave 1962 , The Falcon 1961 , Letter from Gaza 1956 , and an eThis collection of important stories by novelist, journalist, teacher, and Palestinian activist Ghassan Kanafani includes the stunning novella Men in the Sun 1962 , the basis of the The Deceived Also in the volume are The Land of Sad Oranges 1958 , If You Were a Horse 1961 , A Hand in the Grave 1962 , The Falcon 1961 , Letter from Gaza 1956 , and an excerpt from Umm Saad 1969 In the unsparing clarity of his writing, Kanafani offers the reader a gritty look at the agonized world of Palestine and the adjoining Middle East.Born in Acre northern Palestine in 1936, Ghassan Kanafani was a major spokesman for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and founding editor of its weekly magazin Al Hadaf His novels, short stories, and plays have been published in sixteen languages He was killed in a car bomb explosion in Beirut in 1972.
Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories Ghassan Kanafani Hilary Kilpatrick

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    Ghassan Kanafani Hilary Kilpatrick

One thought on “Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories

  1. Joseph

    A great, but small, collection of short stories reflecting on the struggle of the Palestinian people through the partition and the creation of the state of Israel The works in themselves are not political, but show the hardships and the struggle in a harsh land The people are beat but not beaten There is still a pride and memory of a greater past Kanafani presents a look at a culture that is often misunderstood or misrepresented in American culture Kanafani played a role in the Popular Front for [...]

  2. Suad Shamma

    I ve had this page open all day, and I still don t know how to start I don t know what to say about this book that hasn t already been said I don t how to describe this book in ways different than the ways it s already been described This book is personal to me, so very personal, because I am a Palestinian, born and raised in the United Arab Emirates I am a Palestinian, who only stepped foot in Palestine only once in my life a year ago I am a Palestinian, who was born to Palestinian parents, who [...]

  3. Bayan

    I first read Men in the Sun when I was in the sixth grade and couldn t comprehend the story without the help of the teacher I felt I was reading something important but couldn t tell how and why Now that I ve read it again, things have become clearer Feelings of disappointment, anger, resistance, and tragedy spring up while reading It s not merely a story of three men die while their smuggler gets trapped in a silly chat with a border officer It s an embodiment of the Palestinian situation after [...]

  4. Adam

    Palestinian literature has emerged as an unlikely star of world literature It is likely the most widely read and critically acclaimed and studied literature of the so called Arab world, and is also marked by a fascinating and unique claim to universal, worldwide status Palestinian literature is often not written in Palestine and not even set there, an inevitable consequence of the state of Palestinian national identity, which exists everywhere from the desolate refugee camps of the Arab world to [...]

  5. Tim

    In my first exposure to Ghassan Kanafani, I read both Men In The Sun and Palestine s Children back to back, and this review covers both The introductory essays in these works emphasized the non deterministic outlook of Kanafani that was so important to his political vision Such an outlook arguably goes against a culture that is heavily influenced by the idea of a pre determined destiny lifted from a particular interpretation of the God described in the Qur an Kanafani and I would argue that any [...]

  6. Tsung

    This is a slim collection of a novella and six short stories which are brilliantly written Rather than being politically charged, it instead concentrates on general issues surrounding life and living.Common themes which appear in the stories are life and on the flipside, death Also commonly featured are people who are trapped in their circumstances with limited options There were those trapped by physical injuries and handicaps There was symbolism and imagery in stories like The Land of Sad Ora [...]

  7. Ira Therebel

    This is a collection of a novella Men in the son and several short stories written by Palestinian activist and journalist Ghassan Kanafani who is considered to be a very influential Palestinian writer It is very well written All those stories talk about Palestinian situation shortly after Jewish occupation and yet are written in a very universal way so that they are a good read for people from different backgrounds who don t know the situation too wellThose stories are presenting a lot of traged [...]

  8. Ghada Arafat

    I read this book years ago but I still remember how it made me feel specially that I read it while I was in Gaza during the Intifada The only thing that made me put it down was when bombing started.

  9. Kate

    This is an incredibly good small collection of short stories The title story, Men in the Sun, is haunting but in a horrifying way It s the story of four men, three of whom have paid the fourth to smuggle them into Kuwait where they hoped to find work to support their families at home The smuggler is not a bad person, he seems to want to help them achieve their goal at the same time, he wants to make a bit of money on the side by taking them there The journey and the end of the journey will stay [...]

  10. Pep Bonet

    Short and nice book which doesn t leave the reader indifferent The book is composed of a short novella and very short stories Most stories turn around the loss of the country, living abroad, but all share a sad feeling, sad situations, which reflect the sad destiny of a community.

  11. Thomas Hübner

    mytwostotinki p 1458That people are leaving their home countries because they want to find a better life somewhere else is a phenomenon that is probably as old as mankind itself But to me it seems that the extent and speed of this migration has increased a lot in the 20th and 21st centuries beyond anything experienced before.Apart from the increase of the number of migrants, there is something else that puzzles me about this development the cynicism and application of double standards towards mi [...]

  12. Asim Qureshi

    When I posted online that I was about to read Men in the Sun by Ghassan s Kanafani, a friend remarked that it was, unbearably sad As someone who works with trauma survivors, I am often confronted with the unbearably sad, but I simply was not prepared for the different ways in which this book would affect me Kanafani s prose are remarkably stunning, for the literary aesthete this would be enough, but it is the heart that his writing cuts away at As a non Palestinian, he takes us through layers of [...]

  13. Tinea

    A short novella about Palestinian refugees struggling to make ends meet and deciding to try and smuggle themselves to Kuwait for work, and some other stories Good.Even better was the story of how I came upon this book A few years ago I spent a little time in the West bank with a guy named Ghassan who was named after poet and author Ghassan Kanafani, the voice of Palestine I promised to look him up and never really did Last week I was checking out used bookstores in Philly, which I was really pum [...]

  14. Ron

    Written and published in the 1950s and 1960s, this slender volume of stories by Ghassan Kananfani speaks of the displacement of Palestinians in ways that are timeless and still fresh today They speak of loss than hope, and although the author was an activist and spokesman for the Palestinian Popular Front, he seemed in these writings to simply bring attention to the human cost of political struggle in the Middle East He himself was killed by a car bomb in Beirut in 1972.The most compelling of t [...]

  15. Christine

    From the cover, this book doesn t look so imposing, but my god, the stories in there were so powerful That s the very thing, I ve learned, that makes Arabic literature so great It s powerful It s hard to find an Arabic novel without some sort of social, religious, or political commentary in it it s the very world they live in, it s hard not to write what you know On top of getting to read something with meaning, Arabic books are just all written so beautifully, the words are knit together so sea [...]

  16. Antonella

    I m sorry I can t read Arabic, but this was beautiful also in the Italian translation And heart wrenching, not only if you have Palestinian friends Similar stories still happen.I had heard about Ghassan Kanafani long before I read something by him Now that I ve read one of his books I m even sorry he was killed as he was only 36 years old I m absolutely in favor of reconciliation between Israel and Palestine, but forgive is not forget I d like to stress that he was assassinated by a car bomb pl [...]

  17. Ferris

    This is a collection of short stories written by a Palestinian author who was assasinated by car bomb in 1972 He himself left palestine as a young child, moved around the Middle East, finally settling in Beirut, Lebanon This short story collection was well written, moving, and surprisingly devoid of anger The stories tell tales of loss, courage, danger which although literally set in the Middle East, are really about universal truths of being a human being The prose is very good, the plots movin [...]

  18. Candice

    Men in the Sun is the most interesting of the stories there s structure in the three refugees from three generations, a stream of consciousness style at work in the narration, and an ending that makes you rethink everything that came before it The rest of the stories felt like vignettes and too incomplete.

  19. Hamza

    I don t think I ve ever given a perfect rating to a collection of short stories before, but I really couldn t find any flaws with this one It s proof that sometimes, less truly is .

  20. Jona

    A good if short collection Apart from the title novella, I probably most enjoyed Letter from Gaza an elegy that attempts to put forward, in a very visceral way, why Arabs still care about Palestine, and why they should care, even in the face of hopelessness or adversity But although Kanafani is clearly a Palestinian writer, his writing is not in any way overdetermined or limited by this although most of his characters are Palestinian, their hopes, fears, and experiences chime with those of peopl [...]

  21. d

    Ghassan Kanafani cre a en el progreso y en la humanidad Y despu s de leerlo nos enteramos que tambi n era un gran escritor Fue militante del PFLP Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine , ense aba en los campos de refugiados y muri junto a su sobrina por un coche bomba del MOSSAD en 1972.Escribi esto en una carta a su hijo I heard you in the other room asking your mother Mama, am I a Palestinian When she answered Yes, a heavy silence fell on the whole house It was as if something hanging o [...]

  22. Awrup

    Ghassan Kahafani is rarest of rare breed of writers with his hallmark of stunning understatement despite the volatile crucible of political unrest that the stories are rooted in While as a teacher, journalist and a political activist his life was at the center of the broiling Palestinian revolution, his literary output is not directly infused with his politics, rather it is but stays hovering at the fringes of his stories, brought into the narration only by his characters whose bodies and minds [...]

  23. Walter

    There are certain authors that you have to read in order to understand the character of a people If you want to understand the 19th Century Russian, you have to read Pushkin If you want to understand the Victorian Englishman, you have to read Dickens If you want to understand the American of the Guilded Age, you have to read Twain Well, if you want to understand the Palestinian, you have to read Kanafani.This little book is the collection of his best known short stories Kanafani writes gripping [...]

  24. Gregg Wingo

    In 2009, I was in Berlin at a photo exhibit with my wayward daughter, Helvetia, and an aspiring photographer, Mark Trent In a bombed out East Berlin ruin turned into a chic photo museum, I was introduced to the assassination of Ghassan Kanafani, spokesman for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Years later I was to learn that he was much than that from my friend and literature professor, Hal Holladay, when he gave my wife a set of Palestinian books prior to her trip to Jordan to w [...]

  25. Rick

    Interesting book of short stories by a Palestinian author who was killed by a car bomb in 1972 at age 36 This slim volume was suggested reading for a college course on partition, and the main titled novella Men in the Sun was most directly related to that subject All in all well written and nuanced I enjoyed this book While the author touches on themes related to the Palestinian struggle for its own homeland, the stories never come off as a polemicey are much subtle than that Kanafani uses peas [...]

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