Any Red-Blooded Girl (2020)

Any Red-Blooded Girl Maggie Bloom Any Red Blooded Girl When fifteen year old Flora is dragged along on a family camping trip the last thing she expects is to fall for a sexy sophisticated gypsy boy Can their chance meeting lead to true love Or is their
  • Title: Any Red-Blooded Girl
  • Author: Maggie Bloom
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Any Red-Blooded Girl Maggie Bloom When fifteen year old Flora is dragged along on a family camping trip, the last thing she expects is to fall for a sexy, sophisticated gypsy boy Can their chance meeting lead to true love Or is their relationship doomed before it starts
Any Red-Blooded Girl Maggie Bloom

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    296 Maggie Bloom
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One thought on “Any Red-Blooded Girl

  1. Sam :)

    Rating 1 starDNF I just had enough of the insta love and the horrible way the Flora treated her family Just I hope to the gods there isn t a real person out there like her.

  2. Rachel

    I downloaded this as a free eBook so I wasn t exactly expecting much, and to be honest what I got wasn t anything special Basically, flora has to go with her family on a camping holiday instead of staying in Europe with her friends This is because of the mysterious Beer Incident , which we are led to believe is something really bad, but actually turns out it was just her getting the blame for one of her mates smuggling beer into a party Once at the campsite she falls for a sexy gypsy guy The nex [...]

  3. Genni Eccles

    I could put this under my blew me away shelf, but that s because I was blown away by how bad this book is I could put this book under my makes me cry shelf too, but I would be crying from the torture that is reading this book instead of tears of contentment Flora is the worst character have ever read about and I could not stand being in her head for the book She is, no offense, a major bitch who only thinks about herself and never shows one morsel of respect or kindness to her family For a perso [...]

  4. Jessica

    Please, I just want authors to stop over using the word love It felt fake, and there was hardly any sense to it I m pretty sure the author was trying to play on the whole love a first sight clich Instead I found myself saying Woah, slow down girl, you only just met him a day ago Grrrrr Anyway, I might as well add some positive feedback because I liked the whole camping idea, that was cool

  5. Charlotte Arch

    The most unrealistic piece of rubbish I have ever read I downloaded it as a free book on my Kindle so I wasn t really expecting much Admittedly, I found the letter that Mick sent to her was cute at the end, but it really was absolutely shit overall.

  6. Melanie

    If a thirteen year old girl was chosen by Disney Channel to write the script of a new original series for them, this book would be it.This is perhaps the single worst piece of writing I have ever come across in my entire lifetime There are so many issues with this book, I hardly know where to start Thank God this book was free on , because if I had to spend so much as one cent for this piece of crap, I would have raised hell.The biggest problem in this book which would actually be all of it, but [...]

  7. Aimee

    I m a bit on the fence with this one When you get right down to it, it was enjoyable for the first few chapters There were things that annoyed me which I chalked up to teenage hormones I remember being that age and so while I understood, to a point.First, the insta love Or, in this case, I d call it puppy love because Flora has just turned 16 And no matter what anyone says, we ve all at some point met someone at that age that we thought was the love of our lives Flora has known Mick for all of a [...]

  8. Lyuba

    This book just made me go REALLY SERIOUSLY pretty much after the first few pages At first I thought it was cute, and I could relate to the main character and her hate of camping, but then it started turning from cute to LAME The sheer unbelievability of this book is simply unbelievable yes, pun is intended The main character whatever her name is, I don t even want to look it up is such a little B to her parents and brother, that I can t even excuse her teenage years for it She deserves every gro [...]

  9. Julie

    Not very goodNot very good s pretty awful, unless you re a preteen girl had to force myself to finish, spoilers ahead, it s about a fifteen sixteen year old girl who is so in love with a guy after knowing him for a total of 2 days and surprise surprise, it doesn t work out and she is heart broken forever.

  10. Mikayla

    The start of this book was absolutely brilliant It grabbed my attention immediately, but after a few pages is rapidly went downhill I thought it was unrealistic, a complete drag and gets rather irritating.As you can tell, I was very disappointed At least until the twist in the story Don t worry, I won t spoil it for you This twist was very helpful to this book, as it helped me back into the book rather than throw it across the room.Although there was several good points and a lot of bad, all I c [...]

  11. Sarah

    This started off well and had great potential but then it got silly and very unrealistic and i honestly couldn t wait to finish it Such as a shame it went in a silly direction 2 5

  12. Kanwarpal Singh

    Somewhat a confused girl who doesn t took off wdh her decision at all, landed up in jail for her the crime she doesn t know she is doing it but her love for mick is pure

  13. Amy

    Eurgh, not a fan I m afraid The characters just seemed so unbelievable, not much of a story line either.

  14. Erin

    Well, I sort of didn t finish this book, and yet I kinda did To some this up in a few simple words, IT WAS TERRIBLE Everything about this book, including the cover, bothered me to no end The story line was too fast paced, for starters It was ridiculously faced paced First, the main character went from yelling at her family and silently curing them to the ends of the earth Then, one short chapter later, she is sneaking away with a guy she doesn t even know UGHH I get being naive and everything, b [...]

  15. Ivyanna

    Expected it to be betterI was so excited browsing through s free books I found Any Red Blooded Girl and I was eager to start reading Turns out this book was a bust thank goodness I didn t have to buy it or I would ve been upset First of all, this story was about this girl, Flora, who was forced to go on a road trip to Lake Champlain with her family for the summer instead of going to Europe with her best friend Then while at a campground, she meets a boy Mick that she gets to know for about two a [...]

  16. Samantha

    I really, really wanted to like this book It sounded so cute But I just couldn t get over how incredibly flaky and overly dramatic Flora is It became ridiculous after a few chapters You just met this boy and suddenly you re in love with him Wait, what Also, did she really think she managed to fool her parents into thinking she was in the bathroom for like two hours My gosh My mother would probably bitch slap me if I ever spoke to her like that, I was kinda hoping it would happen to Flora And, of [...]

  17. Lady Entropy

    Couldn t finish this, so it gets an auto one star I can accept that teenagers are whiny by nature, and the main character did get dealt a terrible hand I would have flipped if my family dragged me to a vacation and then taken away all music books I read mostly in kindles because it might scare a possibly imaginary creature.However, Flora managed to be extra whiny, extra bitchy, and all of the annoying plus as this was a first person book, I constantly stuck in her head with her No thanks.Further [...]

  18. Naomi McCord

    I actually really enjoyed this book, although the love sprang up pretty fast.One second hi my name is Flora Fontain Two seconds later let s run away to Mexico But I love those type of books.How did I get this book CATASTROPHE My father completely WIPED my kindle, deleting 188 items I was actually crying, it felt like all my characters died Then my mum felt really sorry and downloaded the top twenty free books and a few cheap romance books and this was in them It will never replace my Caleb or Co [...]

  19. Alice

    This book is kind of terrible, but still oddly enjoyable to read I think the problem is there was a semi decent story here, the main character Flora was kind of sweet, but the pacing let it down considerably First of all, she falls in love within about an hour of meeting this poor boy, within three they are in a relationship If the writer had given them a few days to fall for each other then maybe I would have cared about their relationship And then, as quickly as it began, it ended, and the en [...]

  20. Kaitlyn Acuna

    This book was pretty bad It s the cliche hot guy falls in love with ugly girl except it happens in the course of about 4 days On the second day they ve known each other, they re already saying I love you Besides, Flora is so rude to her family and she s super self centered She screams at her mom and runs away just because she has a crush on Mic and she acts like nothing happened the next day She doesn t even try to apologize to her parents for her outbursts and running away If you re looking for [...]

  21. Vermillion J.

    I like Flora I m glad that I got it for free at the time This is a quick story about Flora and her meeting her soul mate the amazing gypsy MickeyD Yes, I know he has a name but I love the nickname I see how the romance can seem a bitchd it is much, but I do see whats going on This is from Flora s point of veiw, she loves mickey, she doesn t really see his flaws As much as I hate sappy romances, I know that when you really like someone, you get that way The book was short so the review is short O [...]

  22. Carly

    Flora just wants to be a normal american girl That s all it s gonna take to make her happy When the the family keeps Flora from going to Europe because of an accident she cant even comprehend, she knows that this birthday is going to stink That is until she meets a gorgeous Gypsy boy After that its all love at first sight and all that junk This book was really good in my opinion it just had a few little flaws going on with it, Like that fact that I think the author was trying way to hard to make [...]

  23. Sara Caudill

    This is definitely an okay book to read if you are just looking to pass time It s quite annoying and immature to be honest I understand it is written from the POV of a 15 year old, and a 15 16 year old could definitely enjoy this However, there were a few things that I wasn t okay with The slur gypsy being used so loosely would be 1.I can t really say if I enjoyed it or hated it I did surprisingly finish it, though.

  24. Ray

    I actually really liked this book Although, no one can relate to it because everything happens so fast and it s impossible to have a relationship that fast But I loved it, it was cute and funny and super teensy I just instantly fell in love with Mick, he s my favourite character I couldn t stop reading it and it was free If you liked this then you should read the other book film at eleven which is nice as well

  25. Sarah

    Why do I continue to stick with books that I don t like This book just dragged on and on and on It felt like it was never going to end and when it finally did, i was glad I wanted a light read but this was just 428 pages of dribble I guess the good news is that I didn t buy the book Found it as a free ebook on the ibooks app.

  26. Kelly

    All I can say is thank god it was free The story moved too quickly and the love was totally exaggeratedI also felt that Flora seemed to be younger than sixteen, maturity wise It took me a few hours to read this, I skipped several parts because they were pointless I was hesitant to give this book two stars but some parts were good, I suppose.

  27. Lauren

    Wow This book had great potential Overall the reading experience was enjoyable until the middle or so Like others have said, the situations were too unlikely When she met Mick, I thought, oh, maybe this book is trying to capture the silliness of being a teenage girl In a way, yes, but not quite The ending sucked and the ending was just really, really disappointing

  28. Onyinyechi

    Well this book was semi stupid I mean she supposely fell in love the minute she saw him it was totally unrealistic it had no dept at all Also I was kinda sick by the whole lovey dovey act What I really hate is that she put the kissing in the wrong parts I mean in like intense moments all they did was hug which got me so mad Well the rest of the book was pretty much okay.

  29. Isobel Radakovic

    Quite a good book, the only thing that really annoyed me was the ending But I guess that sjust personal preference For some reason, I wasn t that fond of Mick, though it s probably because I don t think his name suited his character Plus, I got it free on kindle I saw on that is was 6.19 in paperback D

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