What The Fox Learnt: Four Fables from Aesop (2020)

What The Fox Learnt: Four Fables from Aesop Aesop What The Fox Learnt Four Fables from Aesop None
  • Title: What The Fox Learnt: Four Fables from Aesop
  • Author: Aesop
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Kindle Edition
What The Fox Learnt: Four Fables from Aesop Aesop None
What The Fox Learnt: Four Fables from Aesop Aesop

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One thought on “What The Fox Learnt: Four Fables from Aesop

  1. Vicki

    Read this with the seven year old before bed last night and she was really involved and loved the different messages that we discussed after reading She insisted on a 5 star rating, and I agreed with her completely the stories are interesting and they still ring true even today.

  2. Urfan Ashraf

    This book is a collection of fables all involving a Fox called Master Reynard I like these fables as each one end with a lesson moral for the children to learn They are short so keeping the children s attention whilst you read to them should be a cinch and they use relatively simple language I would say that the age range for this book would be the 5 7 range This book could be read to a class with a teacher then discussing the moral of each story with the children and asking them questions about [...]

  3. DSYK

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  4. Rachel Masters

    This is a book containing four short fables, each of which contains an important moral which would be useful and relevant to young readers Each fable is only two pages long with only one framed illustration at the start of the story.

  5. Kristin Hoffman/Alinarosehoffmangmail.com

    Good but littleI personally liked the book but it was to short and it needed life and with meaning that s all.

  6. Jean Sommer

    Nice children s bookI read this with my grandson We enjoyed the book Interesting and fun activity to do together He is 4

  7. Amber Ditullio

    Ever since I bought my Kindle, I have been searching through the free books to find some to read to my boys They boy are enad with Mommy s latest toy though because of the apps that I have downloaded than the books I also feel that it gives me a chance to mix it up a bit when it comes to reading to them at bedtime.They were both familiar with some of Aesop s fables, thanks to story time and random books pulled from the library shelves But they hadn t heard any of these stories involving Fox bef [...]

  8. JenniferDavis

    I am a big believer in reading to my 5 year old son each night I decided to do a search for something new, something I haven t read a least 50 times to him already I stumbled across this book for free at I remembered reading some of these stories when I was younger, so I thought I would give it a shot The illustrations were very well, but there is only one pic at the beginning of each short story I had to change some of the words for my son to understand All he pretty much got from the story wa [...]

  9. Ashes

    I happen to like Aesop s fables and the implied lessons as well as the creativity in old story telling Perhaps I expected too much from this book I was looking for something to new to read to my kids and came across this one in the Kindle library There were four stories in all with a single cute picture at the beginning of each one All of these the stories were about a fox and it s interactions with other creatures crow, goat, grapes, cat Each story would be about one page in a printed version.F [...]

  10. Connie

    I enjoyed the fox s stories and the lessons behind them They weren t happy stories and the ending would probably be frowned upon by parents who don t want their children exposed to death by unnatural causes The fox was eaten in the end, after cuckholding the other animals These were real life applications told in a way that all, even children can understand with the help of an adult explaining it to them My boys, who are 6 8 listened and asked questions It brought about conversation that told wh [...]

  11. Redheather Book Review

    What the Fox Learnt is a good example of modern day fables In each of the four short story s the fox is confronted by a situation he attempts to over come using one of his many tricks Taking advantage of, and dispensing advice to, otherwise trusting animals.Following cute pictures of the different animals will be fun for the kids and should keep their attention through each of the short story s The lessons may be a bit complicated for young readers to understand but are the kind that leave a las [...]

  12. Julia

    This was an interesting set out of Aesop fables containing the wily fox and the morals that he can bring to us from the ancient times of these valuable stories They are richly decorated with simplistic artwork that will catch the eye and the reading is simple, short and quick.The only thing I can find fault with on this is the way the stories ended It may have also been interesting to have added a few foxy fables to the list than just the four that were chosen Otherwise it was a good collectio [...]

  13. Barry

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  14. Peacegal

    I enjoy Aesop, and the classic tale of the fox and the grapes is my all time favorite fable However, this is a rather unprofessional presentation which doesn t really seem to know its audience, jumping between cutesy picture book text to difficult words and concepts The illustrations, however, were of a higher quality than many e books.

  15. Sophia Martin

    This is a short collection of fables with different stories dealing with the main character, the Fox Fox and the Grapes, Fox and the Goat, Fox and the Crow, Fox and the Cat The Fox goes through each story and learns something in the end, morals I would use this book to teach fables and morals of the story.

  16. George B White

    It s not as good as I thought it would beIt s not as good as I thought it would beit didn t tell you much what was going on in the middle of the story.I m was surprised it I thought it was going to be good

  17. D Sanders

    its mainly about a fox doing thingsI choose this rating because it was funny.I like the part where he tells the goat why dont you come down in the well also.I dont like the part where the fox gets killed.I would recommend this book to anyone actually for bigger kids it would be for fun,and little ones for school or out of school

  18. Monika

    Great four stories for little children My favorite one was The Fox and the Cat in which Fox is considering too many options to escape from the hounds and therefore fail to escape at all, paying for that the highest price he could Very memorable quote from this story that I m sure I ll be remember for a long time Better one safe way than a hundred on which you cannot reckon.

  19. Saša

    Klasick Ezopovy bajky jako ebook s obr zky Hned prvn je o li ce, vr n a s ru, tak jsem si hned vzpomn la na d tstv , kdy jsme s babi kou chod valy skoro denn kolem potravin, kde m li za oknem plak t s vr nou, kter poj d s r Babi ka mi pak v dycky pov dala jako poh dku tuhle bajku.

  20. savannah teague

    Ratings I thought this book was great for my little sister I give this book a three star rating because I thought it had very little story s to tell But I didn t like the little quotes at the end of each story.

  21. Elle

    Having read the originals I was hoping the illustrations would provide a new lease on this old classic but there are barely any illustrations one per fable I expected much and didn t see how these in any way really added to the fables.

  22. April Binkley

    My son was able to read this.My son was able to read this.I got this for my son so he could do his first book reports on the stories It was easy for him to read even with the words he need help with.

  23. Michael

    It s a really small collection of some of Aesop s fables centered around the fox The lessons you could learn are really good assuming you learn them early in life Definitely a good read for children.

  24. Kirsten

    The lessons in this book were interesting and I didn t know these were Aeosp fairytales until now so this is why I am assuming they were so dark Overall, these stories gave odd lessons but they were interesting reads.

  25. MJ (The Book Recluse Review)

    This is like the cliff note version of the Aseops tales Each story jumps to the end of the classic tales slapping on the moral at the end Overall it was disappointing, however I did give it a second star because the illustrations and formatting is great for a Kindle book.

  26. T. Okerberg

    Chunks of plot missingWhy publish a book and not have all the pages there Trying to read this, when we got to the story about the fox and the cat, there s a large chunk of plot missing.

  27. Bettie Campbell

    This is a terrible book This is a terrible book which aims to teach children lessons I would rather my child be cautiously kind than jaded and suspicious of the world.

  28. margaret grant dority

    Great short stories my grand daughter reallyt enjoed this book at bedtimrrAwwsonw book we liked how Short the stories were great for bed time reading lots or meaning and lessons

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