Pandemonium (2020)

Pandemonium Lauren Oliver Pandemonium The old life is dead But the old Lena is dead too I buried her I left her beyond a fence behind a wall of smoke and ame In this electrifying follow up to her acclaimed New York Times bestseller Delir
  • Title: Pandemonium
  • Author: Lauren Oliver
  • ISBN: 9780062101990
  • Page: 457
  • Format: ebook
Pandemonium Lauren Oliver The old life is dead But the old Lena is dead too I buried her I left her beyond a fence, behind a wall of smoke and ame In this electrifying follow up to her acclaimed New York Times bestseller Delirium, Lauren Oliver sets Lena on a dangerous course that hurtles through the unregulated Wilds and into the heart of a growing resistance movement This riveting, brillianThe old life is dead But the old Lena is dead too I buried her I left her beyond a fence, behind a wall of smoke and ame In this electrifying follow up to her acclaimed New York Times bestseller Delirium, Lauren Oliver sets Lena on a dangerous course that hurtles through the unregulated Wilds and into the heart of a growing resistance movement This riveting, brilliant novel crackles with the fire of fierce defiance, forbidden romance, and the sparks of a revolution about to ignite.
Pandemonium Lauren Oliver

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One thought on “Pandemonium

  1. Lindsay

    Pre Review If Alex doesn t make iten my heart will implode I really hope that Pandemonium has the following or I m not sure I d make it through this book Alex is alive, in prison, and not cured because no one better touch a hair on his head Lena WAITS for him, gets stronger, and drum roll rescues him Lena doesn t fall in love with some other dude with pretty eyes and kissable lips or I d SOS him Shoot on Sight So the book is coming out February 28 and I preordered my copy Post Review Oh lord.g s [...]

  2. Ela

    Also posted on my blog, YA Anonymous.My God That ending That had to be the most awkward awkward moment I ve ever read in a book EVER.But then a bit later on, it hits me how hilarious the situation Lena s gotten herself in and the laughter starts.Oh, Lena You poor, poor girl But what a hell of a book Where is the next one when I need it the most Before reading Pandemonium, I really doubted that this book could follow up to Delirium and its tragic ending There had just been too many shitty sequels [...]

  3. shady

    Read a coherent review of this book over at my blog._________________________OMG OH MY GOD.OH MY FUCKING CLIFFHANGER.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH several screaming fits later view spoiler ALEX IS ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SDGFJINOFASOISGJFOAISJMGPLDSA, G SAD G DASP L G AOASGNSJG PO hide spoiler For those of you who haven t read this book, DO NOT click that _ It ll ruin the entire book I warned you For those of you who have read it, well, be my guest xD WHY, LAUREN OLIVE [...]

  4. Stacia (the 2010 club)

    Sorry folks, there might be some spoiler age for the outcome of book 1 the previous book in this review because I have a wee bit of an incoming rant ready to go and I don t think I can hold it back edit while this review only has spoilers for book 1, you may want to avoid the comments discussion below the review if you don t want book 2 spoiled I m scared He barely whispers it but I can feel his lips moving against my neck, as though the words are being spelled there I know, I say Me too alks dj [...]

  5. kari

    A very very VERY begrudging two stars I d give it a one, but I reserve those for books I truly loathe and I just dislike this one So.I have grown tired of poorly created dystopian worlds that exist not to make us think, but only as a prop for what do you think it will be Guess Guess I dare you Yeah, we are there yet again In the ubiquitous love triangle So manufactured and so terribly unneccessary and really, can these authors think of nothing else to add tension to a story or, I should say, to [...]

  6. Kat Kennedy

    Oh Urrrrrrr Gur gle Kapowy Splut ter Cough Die Okay, Pan de mo nium was a HUGE improve ment over Delir ium for me First of all, the world seemed A LOT con sis tent The world build ing was an improve ment as well.Per haps the biggest improve ment was Lena her self No whiny, annoy ing, inse cure lit tle girl This Lena has been through the fire, got burnt and is fight ing to sur vive What I love is that Lena has grown, become capa ble, assertive, intel li gent and shrewd There were parts of this [...]

  7. Darlalala

    EDIT Finally FINALLY I was able to finish Pandemonium and oh.gosh The moment all of us have been dreading for Ta da view spoiler Love triangles Freaking love triangles hide spoiler Although the full blast will be on the next book pAnyway Pandemonium is a little bit dragging although it s good that Lena s starting to get strong here In the romance dept view spoiler Julian I m not sure if I m supposed to give away the name so just to be sure hide spoiler He didn t grow on me as much as Alex did I [...]

  8. Taschima

    You can find reviews BloodyBookaholicYou know how sometimes authors get a little, am, lazy on the second book of the series It never seems to live up to the hype Ends up kind of sucking Yeah cough Crossed cough I know all about it and somewhere along the way you have learned this too.I am proud to announce that Pandemonium was AMAZING, it LIVES UP TO THE HYPE, and it won t let you down at all Such a freaking revelation Why aren t books like this The thing that saved this book from being a down [...]

  9. Angel

    Original review HOLY SHIT.Review to come when I can actually see through my frustrated tears.You can find this review and many at Mermaid Vision Books Release Date February 28, 2012Publisher Harper TeenAge Group Young AdultPages 375Format HardcoverSource ARC received from publisherTell Me More Around page 301, I posted this status update on I think no, I KNOW that everyone who I forced to read Delirium is going to hate me forever While most people who read Delirium loved it even as they cried o [...]

  10. Jennifer

    This book takes place now and then This confused the heck out of me for the first couple chapters probably because I didn t pay attention to the chapter s titles I was just so excited to get reading Then starts in August and is everything that takes place from the minute Lena left Alex and ran into the wilds We get to see every heartbreaking struggle as she found a new place to stay and met new people She isn t sure whether she wants to live or die but she wants to be strong for Alex She tries t [...]

  11. Venezia

    I almost had a heart attack when I saw the cover So beautiful Delirium is one of my favourite books ever The story and Oliver s writing Gah I can t even explain what it did to me I finished the whole book in one sitting which should mean something I just pray for one thing I m positive that Alex is alive I m not sure if he ll have the cure or not The only thing I don t want in Pandemonium is a love triangle I m sorry but this always kills romance for me In my opinion someone may like another per [...]

  12. Princess Bookie

    My Thoughts DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU HAVEN T READ DELIRIUM AND IF YOU HAVEN T, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR Uh, I ll start this review off with what I wrote on as soon as I finished.If you thought Delirium was great you will be blown away by Pandemonium I wish I had the next book OMG I want to both cry and scream right nowWhy, why, why did I read this so soon LOLI had a feeling it was going to end like that but to actually have it happen is going to drive me nuts now since I don t have the nex [...]

  13. Aly (Fantasy4eva)

    What fall in love again But I don t want you to fall in love again dammit ALEX IS THE ONE cries

  14. 박은수

    Just finished Delirium eyes are so swollen from crying I can barely see the screenI was so sad and cursing Lauren Oliver for making such a beautiful story and screwing up the ending but seeing Pandemonium It s hopei m sure Alex isn t dead.e s gonna go back and find him in the Crypts just like her mom and she ll go back and save himI don t know how I ll be able to wait 9 months but I hope it s worth it

  15. Lucia

    Read the full review at iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books.Ladies and gentlemen, I would just like you to know that I am screaming That s what this book made me feel like I finished it, and these were my thoughts OHMIGOODNESSWHATTHEHECKJUSTHAPPENED head explodes Alright, so maybe my head is still is fine condition But that was a pretty good representation of what I felt This book was amazing If you loved Delirium, you are going to want to eat this one Apparently eat is above love on my emotional scale I [...]

  16. Lindsey

    I fell in love with Delirium as hard as Lena fell for Alex, and when the ending hit, my heart tore into two directions One, I wanted to jump inside the book and throw Alex over the fence second, I practically cried and pushed Lena into the woods It was tragic like Romeo and Juliet, and I can t wait for Pandemonium But watch this happenLena is living on her own in the Wilds, having a good time and feeling free And she meets some guy and he becomes her first real friend while she s there and he he [...]

  17. Chesca

    If you take, we will take back Steal from us, and we will rob you blind When you squeeze, we will hit.This is the way the world is made now A read for The Quarterly Book Club s 2016 Series Reread Challenge WARNING This review may contain spoilers for DeliriumExpect the unexpected.If you thought that Delirium blew you away, Lauren Oliver s Pandemonium will push you down a rocky hill and you won t be able to stop until you hit the very bottom In the end, you will learn that the title is not only r [...]

  18. Beatriz

    Reto 33 PopSugar 2017 Un libro situado en dos per odos de tiempo diferentesUna novela pausada y muy intimista, que me gust mucho m s que Delirium, la primera entrega de esta trilog a, que le hace m s de un a o y eso fue un error Si bien me acordaba perfectamente del argumento, los personajes y las situaciones, lo que se pierde en tanto tiempo son las sensaciones que causa la lectura Recuerdo que me hab a gustado mucho como se describ an los sentimientos entre Lena y lex pero, en este libro, cuan [...]

  19. Muse

    Pre read review Oh lord Why do I have to wait so long whines Alex Alex Answer me are you alive Please tell me you re alive cries Don t die, please don t dieVIEWOh my goshhh.Okay.Guys.I have a confession.I am a huge sucker for terrible romance and love triangles I know, I know.I kind of saw the ending coming view spoiler even though I didn t want to admit it And then I flipped to the last page last word ALEX.I died inside Honestly.Lauren Oliver, are you serious But then when I read the last few p [...]

  20. Aj the Ravenous Reader

    I was still hurting for Delirium hurting because I still couldn t and wouldn t accept that Alex is gone It was also very painful reading the aftermath of Alex s loss to Lena as she tries to accept her new life and become part of the resistance I admire her courage and strength for accepting very challenging tasks assigned to her by Raven especially when she saves Julian from his execution Despite herself and her love for Alex, I understand why she has to let go and give her heart to Julian But w [...]

  21. Carol [Goodreads Addict]

    I need MORE stars, many stars Wow, what a book My heart started beating double time from the first page until the last And, again, a HUGE cliff hanger First, I ll address what I didn t like about this book Each chapter is entitled either Then or Now It goes back and forth between the past and present Normally I might not mind this so much but the entire book is so darn intense Each chapter has so much going on and since you are dealing with two different times and each one has huge events happe [...]

  22. Jasmine Veal

    Absolutely amazing Finished Pandemonium 10 minutes ago I was extremely lucky to get an advanced copy of Pandemonium And forgive me for a MINOR spoiler but as I was looking at the reviews that people have posted about their anticipation for the thrilling sequel and couldn t help but chuckle about your fears of what may happen with Lena, some were dead on That being said when you rush to your local Barnes and Noble to pick up your copy that you should have pre ordered please begin with an open min [...]

  23. Clau R.

    OMFG.I loved this book SO MUCH I couldn t put it down Why you people don t like Julian He s PERFECT, I tell you, perfect I liked Alex, I really did, but I LOVED Julian I m totally team Julian, and I m willing to know what happens in Requiem AND THE ENDING It has the worst cliffhanger EVER Well, the worst in a good way I started cursing when I finished it, lucky I already have my copy of Requiem with me and I ll start reading it tonight.OH, words can t express how much I loved this book and how m [...]

  24. Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩

    Actual rating 3.5 StarsOh wow, I read this exactly a month ago, so I guess it s about time I got around to reviewing it On top of that, I read the whole thing in like two sittings so now my memory of it is a bit foggy It kind of went by in a blur So when I try to remember it my brain is kind of like Uhhh, so what happened in this book Oh yeah So, Lena has escaped into the Wilds to hang out with other rebel people Alex has supposedly died Although Lena has now gotten away from the cure, there s s [...]

  25. Coranne

    WARNING This review WILL contain spoilers I will try to be as vague as possible with details, but if you do not want spoilers please don t read this I have a theory You see, I just finished Pandemonium ten minutes ago and couldn t stop thinking about it I NEEDED to get my thoughts down on paper This doesn t happen very often with book reviews My theory is this the Delirium trilogy is similar to a puzzle In the first book, Lena is docile, weak, and meek In this book, Lena is the exact opposite ha [...]

  26. Phoenix2

    Maybe it s the fact that Delirium blow me away and therefore I had high standards for Pandemonium Or maybe it is the fact that Pandemonium felt like a book from an entire different series Lena is not the Lena from Delirium To be honest, there was always that other self inside the first Lena, the one that said grey if you can recall, but this Lena felt like a stranger More like a warrior resistance fighter, trained assassine kind of girl than the student whose biggest revolution was to sneack out [...]

  27. Aly's Bookish Wonderland

    Actual rating 2.5 Sometimes I feel like if you just watch things, just sit still and let the world exist in front of you sometimes I swear that just for a second time freezes and the world pauses in its tilt Just for a second And if you somehow found a way to live in that second, then you would live forever Pandemonium really surprised me For me, it sort of fixed some of the issues I had with Delirium Lena s personality attitude The Instalove although it is, as always, ever present in Pandemoniu [...]

  28. katwiththehat

    I really enjoyed the crazy plot development throughout this one Lauren Oliver has lovely prose and a nice crisp writing style and continues to take us on a whirlwind of turns as Lena is thrust into the world of the wilds She s going a little mad now that Alex is gone, but is rescued by new allies Raven and Tack, characters who I liked immensely The story is narrated in two time periods, right after she was found dying in the woods, and six months later, when she Raven, and Tack are inserted into [...]

  29. La Talpa

    Einfach klasse Vor allem f r einen zweiten Teil, hat mich Pandemonium richtig begeistert und bekommt so volle 5 Sterne von mir.Die Amor Trilogie ist eine klassische Dystopie mit allen dystopischen Elementen, die man sich w nscht und doch irgendwie ein bissl anders Die Grundthematik, dass Liebe eine Krankheit ist, hat mich wieder aufs neue begeistern k nnen.Auch die Entwicklung die unsere Protagonistin Lena durchmacht in diesem Teil fand ich enorm und hat sie mir noch n her gebracht Eine richtig [...]

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