Secret Lives (2020)

Secret Lives Barbara Ardinger Secret Lives A novel of magical realism about elderly women younger women good men and mythological characters including the Green Man and the Norns gone mad in a modern world
  • Title: Secret Lives
  • Author: Barbara Ardinger
  • ISBN: 9781466251786
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
Secret Lives Barbara Ardinger A novel of magical realism about elderly women, younger women, good men, and mythological characters including the Green Man and the Norns gone mad in a modern world.
Secret Lives Barbara Ardinger

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    326 Barbara Ardinger
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One thought on “Secret Lives

  1. Amy Lignor

    It is a true gift when the reading public receives a book with wit, charm, and adventure all wrapped up in a plot that speaks volumes about friendship, the twilight years of your life, the power of women, and the way this world looks at its senior citizens the most powerful guides on the planet who are being treated unforgivably.We begin in 4400 BCE in a small community of neighbors and friends They worship the Goddess who brings them healthy crops, healthy children, and offers them a warm, comf [...]

  2. Geraldine Charles

    I keep a small shelf of novels I know I ll want to read again when I want to be entertained, inspired or sometimes just for comfort when stuck indoors Among others, on that shelf are Mists of Avalon and Woman on the Edge of Time Secret Lives is about to join them.There s so much to like Lots of interwoven stories so that you really get to know all the characters I loved the way that ageing and its issues were dealt with, so seldom does one find this in fiction Many of our heroines are old, but t [...]

  3. Laurie

    While described as a novel, this book is like a series of vignettes, linked by common characters In each chapter, the main characters a group of aging women of magic and power face a different issue or problem And they are big issues, issues that face the baby boomer generation all the time aging and how it affects both body and mind, illness, homelessness, sexuality, prejudice, death, but most of all, friendship and love While these women all are witches, their power doesn t shield them from [...]

  4. Dawn Thomas

    The book begins with a story of a Shaman in Neolithic Old Europe By the end of the book the reader will understand the importance of this Shaman The poem, Gimme Back My, lists all the things we wish we had back from our youth.This story takes place in the 1980s in Long Beach, California It follows the lives of a Circle of Crones that live in and around a retirement facility named Center Towers These women had decided to retire their magic until they see the changes happening in the neighborhood [...]

  5. ILoveBooks

    This book was shockingly good The book is huge, 560 pages, but it is definitely worth reading The plot centers around female friendship and the elderly, especially how the elderly are treated The little bit of magic rounds out the plot and leaves the reader feeling a little bit whimsical The author begins in 4400 B.C.E where a small community worships a deity who is supposed to provide for them The shaman allows for contact between the community and the deity The shaman delivers a disturbing mes [...]

  6. Elizabeth Hazel

    A long but wonderful story, reminiscent of Starhawk s Fifth Sacred Thing There aren t many books out there with the depth or breadth of this book The central plot revolves around a group of neo pagan women living in a retirement center, but branches out to encompass the lives of daughters, friends, and others in the community Their stories are braided together with grace and wit Each chapter reads like an episode in a television series You can read a chapter, put down the book, think about it, v [...]

  7. Imajicka

    Being of the male persuasion I had my doubts as to how much I would relate to and be drawn into a novel about a group of older women who follow Goddess traditions and teachings After reading Secret Lives I now see that my doubts were wholly unfounded and that Barbara Ardinger has written a marvelous book that is engaging, heartwarming and even instructive if you are open to the spirit in which this novel was written The grandmothers, the daughters and the granddaughters of this novel are well dr [...]

  8. Rebecca Cooper

    I got a little over halfway thru this one, and only got that far for the sake of putting in a good effort for my book club This book suffers from far too many characters, and I was not interested in any of them The one thing that may have made this book charming it s realistic portrayal of neopagans and goddess worshippers was botched by the inclusion of talking cats and summoning dragons There were some strengths, which included some actual realistic ritual, strong elderly female characters, an [...]

  9. Christiann

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book I couldn t put it down and was sad when my journey through it ended So refreshing to get a peek into the lives and minds of the so seldom honoured Crone.Kudos to Barbara Ardinger for this I hope we get another peek at the lives of these colourful characters

  10. Carol

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book Women who have come of age as crones And there is still magic in the air.

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