The Tunnel Under the World (2020)

The Tunnel Under the World Frederik Pohl The Tunnel Under the World The Tunnel under the World was first published in in Galaxy magazine On the morning of June th Guy Burckhardt woke up screaming out of a dream It was real than any dream he had ever had in his
  • Title: The Tunnel Under the World
  • Author: Frederik Pohl
  • ISBN: 9781463801366
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
The Tunnel Under the World Frederik Pohl The Tunnel under the World was first published in 1954 in Galaxy magazine On the morning of June 15th, Guy Burckhardt woke up screaming out of a dream It was real than any dream he had ever had in his life He could still hear and feel the sharp, ripping metal explosion, the violent heave that had tossed him furiously out of bed, the searing wave of heat He sat u The Tunnel under the World was first published in 1954 in Galaxy magazine On the morning of June 15th, Guy Burckhardt woke up screaming out of a dream It was real than any dream he had ever had in his life He could still hear and feel the sharp, ripping metal explosion, the violent heave that had tossed him furiously out of bed, the searing wave of heat He sat up convulsively and stared, not believing what he saw, at the quiet room and the bright sunlight coming in the window He croaked, Mary Pinching yourself is no way to see if you are dreaming Surgical instruments Well, yes but a mechanic s kit is best of all
The Tunnel Under the World Frederik Pohl

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One thought on “The Tunnel Under the World

  1. Karl

    Frederik Pohl s first published work, written in 1937, is a poem called, Elegy to a Dead Planet Luna This short story Tunnel Under The World first appeared in Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine , January of 1955 Tunnel Under The World anticipates the movie The Truman Show by a half century, with a bit of Groundhog Day peppered into the mix Perhaps now we know where movie makers get some of their ideas Born in New York City, Pohl grew up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression His father was often u [...]

  2. Algernon

    In the middle of reading Replay by Ken Grimwood, I become obsessed with tracking down a short story I read 30 years ago in a science fiction almanac Couldn t remember the title, as I read it initially in Romanian translation, but a search with time loop as the key word came up a winner So here it is On the morning of June 15th, Guy Burckhardt woke up screaming What follows is his routine day of breakfast, going to work, job stress, lunch, going home in the evening But something is slightly out o [...]

  3. DNF with Jack Mack

    Something is rotten in Tylertown and it s not the Chocobars or is it Still relevant and could have inspired several popular movies view spoiler They Live, Groundhog s Day, Scanners, Twilight Zone episodes etc hide spoiler

  4. Barbara Krasnoff

    I recently reread this story by Frederik Pohl, which is one of the classics of 1950s science fiction It is the tale of a supposedly ordinary man in a small town who one day realizes that he is living the same day over and over again.But whereas a lesser author would have left it at that, Pohl unfolds layers of increasingly horrific revelations that makes the story riveting But at the core, this is a satire of the advertising culture that dominated the 1950s U.S making it a completely satisfactor [...]

  5. Patrick Justo

    imagine the plot of the movie Groundhog s Day even though this was written 20 years before Groundhog s Day combine it with the plot of the scariest Twilight Zone you ve ever seen Even though this was written five years before Twilight Zone ever premiered in Groundhog s Day there was no explanation as to why the days repeated In this story there is an explanation and it s malevolent.

  6. Richard

    This is a very fine example of the type of science fiction in which the idea is the main source of interest The characters are really simply conduits for the development of that overarching concept This story was published in Galaxy in 1954 and remains not only quite enjoyable but relevant and disturbing The idea has been seen in various forms in some quite good science fiction films since but it would be quite wrong to give any spoilers which might lessen its initial impact Suffice it to say th [...]

  7. Jon Ureña

    A neat tale from the Fallout era of science fiction meaning stories that could fit in a Fallout game , about the evils of view spoiler technology and marketing, of all things hide spoiler The prose is workmanlike, but the plot seems ahead of its time, dealing with view spoiler self aware robots hide spoiler I didn t mind too much about the shoddiness of the science part of sci fi Computers still worked with vacuum tubes back then It also has the Groundhog Day thing going on, which is always an i [...]

  8. Elena Busila

    Pinching yourself is no way to see if you are dreaming.This story is than 60 years old but it almost reads as a contemporary work of science fiction view spoiler somehow it kept reminding me of Westworld hide spoiler.I liked how it combined so many elements in such a short space Pohl builds a lot of suspense and keeps the reader s curiosity all throughout the book I couldn t guess the twists and the details at the end.It wasn t just that things were wrong with the pattern of Burckhardt s life i [...]

  9. Denis

    A true post golden age classic and one of Pohl s greatest works This is and perhaps, The Space Merchants aka The Gravy Planet 1952 Galaxy Magazine, with Cyril Kornbluth what you read first to get a gist of what he is all about.

  10. Joseph

    A short novella by Pohl The fourth star is for the second twist Did not see that second one coming at all Well done sir.

  11. Norm Davis

    The Tunnel Under the World, by Fredrick Pohl, Galaxy Science Fiction, January 1955Librovox Audio by the most excellent Phil Chenevert, Feedbooks epub, a cleaned up version of a Gutenberg project ebook FREE, FREE, FREEI m a bit stumped by the title, The Tunnel Under the World Don t know what I expected but it wasn t this story which, by the way, is excellent It s a 59 year old story but with a tweak here and there, then add a little polish, and you have a ready to go story or movie adaptation for [...]

  12. Bodhi

    You owe it to yourself to read this story if you are curious about some of the early themes in Science Fiction writing My review is probably biased by the fact that this was my first taste of SciFi from this era The time was embodied by cigarette stands, cellophane dresses, Martians, and American values.Without revealing much, I will say that the story is an ideal length The action and reveals don t let up Some of the ideas are kind of quaint in the 21st century, but there was a suspicion that e [...]

  13. Sidharth Vardhan

    Like in case of many HG Wells books, the many themes of this book have since been heavily overused by movie makers which means there may not be a lot to learn in it The 4 star ratings just show how perfectly the story is told retaining reader s curiosity by bringing in different sci fi elements like 1 The tunnel mentioned in title.2 The dreams of explosion.3 The frequent mention of advertising techniques.4 The robots.5 The fact that protagonist finds some of details in his house changed impossib [...]

  14. Rob

    Just read this fun story by Pohl through my East of the Web app EotW features a number of Pohl s shorts I m glad to have found his work Pohl s writing is fairly concise and his imagination is fantastic A trending theme in the shorts I ve read so far is the development of a character s typically the main one and the reader s discovery of the unusual circumstances that Pohl has placed that character in.My only complaint is that the richness of the tale starts to pull me in and I want to learn and [...]

  15. Scott Harris

    This story must have inspired the genre of perpetual same day experiences that have since become a relatively common plot scheme in Hollywood Pohl s version however is richer and far nuanced, with a sense of horror and mystery that takes time to unfold, and provides an emotional richness beyond the typical what I would do today if I knew it would erased kindergarten version Very rooted in the culture of the 1950s, it is equally a healthy dose of social commentary.

  16. Irene

    Este es un claro ejemplo del tipo de historias que me apasionan corta, concisa, con una idea simple en principio y compleja en el fondo, que te deja pensando en tantas posibilidades De imprescindible lectura, su ritmo engancha hasta que la finalizas Tras pasar por algunas sorpresas Muy recomendable.

  17. mlady_rebecca

    Slightly dated, but otherwise interesting time loop short, a la Groundhog Day I didn t see any of the twists in the final pages coming It ended with a bit of a classical TheOuter Limits or The Twilight Zone vibe.

  18. Jessica Meyers

    I really enjoyed this short story It was quite interesting, and leaves you thinking I definitely recommend it.

  19. Megan (Magic & Musings)

    The twists OH THE TWISTS This had 100% of my attention from beginning to end I bloody love sci fi Review to follow.

  20. Marts(Thinker)

    Now Guy Burckhardt will be forever waking up from that disastrous dream on June 15th I love these sci fi tales, they really stretch the imagination

  21. C-shaw

    This wasn t really a novel, but a short story, pretty kooky tale of a Groundhog Day situation with Big Brother and robots thrown in.

  22. Anurag Sahay

    Well, that was interesting Note I read the online version of this story on gutenberg.I stumbled on this story when reading about Adjustment Team , the short story on which the Matt Damon starring The Adjustment Bureau was based I was expecting something similar but they re honestly quite different It s especially interesting that I read both of these stories given the current theme of S04 of Black Mirror.On the whole, this story creates a similar set up to Dick s story, but it has a completely d [...]

  23. Kevin

    Hmm It seems advertisers got their hands on technology to keep a town in a perpetual loop, thus selling the same products day after day until the person is addicted brain washed they are even using sex sexy saleswoman, hunky salesman to do it.Damn view spoiler My prediction is totally off They are using androids with an exact human brain snapshot as their guinea pigs The scary thing is I think this is already happening, only it s A.I brains and virtually simulated towns.It s ridiculous how adver [...]

  24. Manuel Alfonseca

    A short science fiction story about 30 pages , previously published in Galaxy magazine, where Pohl goes into his favorite theme publicity in the future by presenting a very strange society where people live and relive the same day In this story Pohl was one the first to tackle the theme of the unloading of people s conscience into computers.

  25. Allen McDonnell

    This was an interesting book to read and the twist ending was not at all what I was expecting.

  26. Amanda

    Every time you think you have worked out what is going on, Pohl proves you wrong to the last word Impossible to explain without spoilers, so read and enjoy

  27. Gustl

    Se vi siete mai chiesti da dove salti fuori l idea alla base di films come The Truman Show , oppure Ricomincio da capo , vuol dire che non conoscete il racconto che d il titolo a questa raccolta di 9 racconti scritti dal grande maestro della fantascienza sociologica Frederik Pohl negli anni cinquanta del secolo scorso una storia geniale e assolutamente imprevedibile per non rovinare l eventuale piacere di chi trovando questo raro Urania volesse leggerlo, dico solo che il protagonista a sua insap [...]

  28. Adam Smith

    Guy s day starts off in a strange way Dreams of a fiery explosion leave him uneasy, but as the day progresses and unusual things keep happening People are acting strange and odd commercials for products he s never heard of seem to follow him everywhere Something unnatural is going on in this town and Guy will not rest until he finds out what.Tis story was amazing A lot of mystery reminiscent of The Matrix and with a well played twist that kept me reading the whole way through It was surreal an [...]

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