Innocence (2020)

Innocence David Hosp Innocence With life as a pawn in a prestigious Boston law firm behind him Scott Finn has set course through the colorful back alleys and bedrooms of the legal world as a solo practitioner who dabbles in civil
  • Title: Innocence
  • Author: David Hosp
  • ISBN: 9780446580144
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
Innocence David Hosp With life as a pawn in a prestigious Boston law firm behind him, Scott Finn has set course through the colorful back alleys and bedrooms of the legal world as a solo practitioner who dabbles in civil litigation, divorce law, and criminal defense But his new environment and his nose for justice and fair play land him a case that could end up taking his life A policewWith life as a pawn in a prestigious Boston law firm behind him, Scott Finn has set course through the colorful back alleys and bedrooms of the legal world as a solo practitioner who dabbles in civil litigation, divorce law, and criminal defense But his new environment and his nose for justice and fair play land him a case that could end up taking his life A policewoman is left for dead in an alley, but survives and points the finger at an El Salvadoran immigrant with ties to one of South America s most dangerous and notorious gangs There s just one problem the evidence suggests the wrong man s been fingered Finn, along with the maverick detective and stubborn ally Tom Kozlowski, must now navigate through this explosive case to save an innocent man s life and to learn why decorated officers might be willing to risk their careers and even their lives by lying about the crime But with time running out, it is Finn and Kozlowski whose lives hang in the balance as they search for the thin line between guilt and innocence.
Innocence David Hosp

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    David Hosp

One thought on “Innocence

  1. Cym Lowell

    Imagine that you are an immigrant who has come to America to avoid the persecution and certain murder of your extended family in your home country You are a skilled physician with a newborn daughter A detective is assaulted and shot She was investigating a vicious gang from your home country, whom you had treated as you do any patient that needs help You are accused, convicted, and sent to prison A young lawyer has taken up your case He is butchered with a machete Before his death, he had spoken [...]

  2. Cara Ellison

    Finally This is the first novel I ve read in six months that wasn t absolute poppycock from the first page to the last It isn t flawless, but it s a quick, enjoyable read.Innocence is the story of Scott Finn, a Boston attorney who reluctantly agrees to defend a man who has been in prison for fifteen years, and claims new DNA evidence will exonerate him His client, Vincent Salazar, was an illegal alien from El Salvador, a doctor who treated anyone who came to him, including members of the deadly [...]

  3. Edvin Palmer

    David Hosp never lets you down one second in Innocence , the second book in the Scott Finn Series This compelling legal thriller hooked me until the end It s a fun and interesting read, and what makes it fantastic is that the premise of the story has its roots in fact and Mr Hosp s experience as a trial lawyer American judges have vacated almost two hundred convictions over the past ten years because the DNA testing, which caused those convictions, showed severe errors.

  4. Trevor Dennis

    David Hosp has turn out to be one of those rare new finds where you can t help but go though their entire catalogue having found them I ve now read the first two book sin the Scott Finn series, and found the sort of books you can t put down until finished Hosp brings all the technical knowledge of an accomplished trial lawyer to his fiction, and does so with a rare skill He is also very canny in how he develops his characters book to book, with the Finn s romance going on hold while the taciturn [...]

  5. Karen Ogle

    Did not want to put this down Held my interest with twists and turns right until the end I liked that the attorney and the investigator did not take incredibly stupid chances on their own Will be looking for from this author.

  6. D.E. Heil

    This was very enjoyable tale to read and really galvanized me as a fan of Hosp s writing I can t help but love when the underdog comes out on top but it is a bit sad visualizing the toll that it takes on the hero.

  7. Janet Cleary

    A convicted man wants a new trial after serving 15 years his once unwilling lawyer is the only man willing to fight to find the truth.

  8. Kathleen Hagen

    Innocence, by David Hosp A minus Narrated by George Guidall, produced by Recorded Books, downloaded from audible.This is the third, I believe in the Scott Finn series, about a Boston lawyer, who started working for a corporate firm, and is now in solo practice handling criminal defense We initially see him wheeling and dealing with divorce attorneys and respondents, trying to get an 8 million deal for his client In the middle of this rather sleazy mess, another attorney comes up to Finn and begs [...]

  9. Phyllis Sommers

    A rich, fast paced thriller that captured me from the beginning The Prologue occurs 15 years before the main part of the novel In 1992, undercover Boston Police Officer Madeline Steele is brutally attacked while on an unofficial stakeout of a lethal illegal Hispanic gang known as VDS Another illegal, a former doctor from El Salvador, Vincente Salvador, is quickly identified, arrested and convicted and is, 15 years later, still declaring his innocence The reader is then taken to 2007, when a youn [...]

  10. Cheryl

    Fifteen years ago, Vincente Salazar was sent away to prison He was charged with beating and raping a female cop Salazar is guilty or is he Attorney Scott Finn is good at his job That is why Finn is one of the most sought after attorneys Finn is approached to take on Salazar s case At first Finn doesn t see what much there is to the case It was pretty much an open and close case Finn starts digging into Salazar s case and discovers that there is a conspiracy surround Salazar s conviction and it i [...]

  11. Rukshana

    I read a review of this book in Library Journal and it sounded pretty good The review mentioned The Innocence Project, a real organization that tries to free prisoners based on DNA evidence The organization had a very small appearance in the actual book, but this book is all about two lawyers trying to free a man who has been wrongly accused of a crime.Some of the themes in the book are interesting the in justice system, immigration, scandal within the police force I enjoyed the book but sometim [...]

  12. Beverley

    I read Dark Harbor and loved everything about it So when I saw this book in a used book store, I was excited to see how this one fared I find David Hosp s books well written and suspenseful from cover to cover The characters are also well rounded and believable Opening with an intense crime against a female police officer, and jumping 15 years later to the possibility that the wrong man was incarcerated, atty Finn and his trusty side kick ex cop Kozlowski and assistant Lissa have an exciting and [...]

  13. Jennifer

    Scott Finn is a lawyer who unwillingly takes on an appeal case after the primary lawyer is murdered The case involves a man convicted of shooting a police officer after a positive ID and other physical evidence convinces a jury of the illegal immigrant s guilt Finn gets a court order to have DNA evidence evaluated but the judge demands evidence than just DNA to override the sentence The deeper Finn digs into the case, the he starts to believe in his client s innocence He uncovers layers of cor [...]

  14. Deb Mj

    My second Hosp book, I didn t realize that this was actually the second in a series The book I had previously read was not part of a series In any event, I enjoyed it a great deal I ve decided that I will not go back and read the first of this series, but I will look for other David Hosp novels Be warned if you re offended by the F word, you won t like this book His assistant, Lissa, uses it gratuitously it s just part of her vernacular It s actually a running gag through the book and I found it [...]

  15. Pete Morin

    I am only half done with this novel, but I m posting the 5 star rating already.WHy Because this is the first novel I ve started reading in 10 months that I simply cannot put down.If you have to be harangued to put the damn book down because it s time to go out to dinner, that means something significant and it isn t that I lead a boring existence.Superb characters, gripping plot, meticulous legal framework.David Hosp has served notice Grisham s days at the top of the legal thriller list are over [...]

  16. Jeanette"Astute Crabbist"

    Hosp isn t as well known as he should be, as far as I m concerned I ve read all his books so far, and liked them all It s been a while since I ve read this, so the plot is fuzzy in my mind, but I did copy a good quote from it at the time I read it A very timely quote, I might add, given the political climate over the past ten years If the government is permitted to rig the system against those it has chosen to accuse, none of our citizens can feel safe from the dangers of tyranny.

  17. Mhd

    2 with Scott Finn Very, very good, but some of the violence is a tad too graphic for me and I wish there was less drinking I like these characters and the new addition is very good I had the twist figured out early but that s not always a bad thing The shades of grey in criminal law seem to be accurately portrayed, and that realism is kind of sad to face in my leisure reading I m looking forward to reading 3, but I m worried that I m reading these a lot faster than Hosp is writing.

  18. Eric

    This mystery crime drama touches on a number of interesting and controversial topics including immigration, death penalty, the Innocence Project , the war on drugs It raises lots of questions about the equity or lack of it in the justice system, and how the system can be manipulated by both prosecution and defense.A very interesting story that kept me thinking about not only about who dunnit but also about the cracks in the legal system Those thoughts stuck with me for some time after I finished [...]

  19. Baoyi

    A page turning legal thriller that got me constantly on my toes till the very end I can tell that effort has been given for research I love the characters even though at times they frustrate me to no end Tom Kozlowski is a breath of fresh air his awkwardness in maneuvering relationships and understanding women is amusing, especially when he is a somewhat traditional cop trying to find his way in the modern society in regards to both aspects The story is also smooth, well paced and believable Dav [...]

  20. Carmen

    I had read this before, but continued on because I like reading books based around Boston Second time, though, I m critical This author writes well, and enjoyably He has a good vocabulary Authors without a good command of the English language get my respect So this big underground, machette wielding figure stalks Finn and his associates and goes to great lengths to avoid the truth But, when we learn who the guilty party is, it s pointless The evil underground guy had no real reason to avoid tru [...]

  21. Lesley

    This is the first book I have read by David Hosp and found his writing excellent so will be reading of his work.There were some graphic scenes of murder and foul language included but it was acceptable in the crime underworld the author describes Scott Finn is a hard working lawyer who searches for the truth about a 15 year old crime and uncovers corruption in the police force and delivers a surprising twist in the final pages A good read which would be enjoyed by all adults.

  22. Sherri

    This was my first time reading this author and I really enjoyed the book I love reading good legal thrillers and am always cautious when I try a new authorI can t stand when the books don t sound the least big authentic I enjoyed Hosp s writing style he kept things moving and interesting while creating characters that came to life and you cared about He also kept me in suspense until the end and that is not often the case I will be finding another of his books to read in the future.

  23. Amira Smith

    A compelling novel that shows what lengths someone will go to for someone they love I really enjoyed this book and the characters David Hosp has very strong and believable characters I love Scott Fin with his broken childhood and his underlining need for acceptance and love I also appreciate the new relationships that he is building with his maybe partner Koz and his smart mouth lawyer in training Lissa Hosp novels are very relatable and I would love to see them made into films

  24. Su

    I located this book on the sale rack at the bookstore and took a chance on it I really, really enjoyed the mystery The characters were likeable and believable, the ins and outs of the plot were easily followed and also believable, and the ending was one I didn t see coming I found the author s style of writing especially pleasing as one chapter rolled into the next No flashbacks, no new character every chapter, just a nice solid story told in a straightforward way.

  25. Jim Puskas

    A fairly good crime novel, typical of David Hosp s work, but not as good as Among Thieves or Next of Kin which he wrote later The plot is mainline crime fiction fare and it moves along quite well, with the expected level of mayhem but the main characters remain a bit superficial It appears that Hosp began to hit his stride in his later books.

  26. Pauline Armstrong

    Loved it David Hosp has created some interesting characters and this is one of those books that I just had to pick up at every available moment and also read into the early morning hours This is my third David Hosp book and I have rated them all this highly and would definitely recommend his books

  27. Fansmash

    Very good follow up to Dark Harbor Tightly written legal thriller, with occasional action scenes Good trio of main protagonists, with some amusing banter.Fan likes this series Would cast Bradley Cooper as Finn, Anne Hathaway as Lissa, and Bruce Willis as Koz though doesn t match physical description, would be so good.

  28. Diane

    Very violent very graphically so Yet at the same time, the violence was believable than in a Spenser novel and I love me some Robert B Parker, I m just sayin no one can take a beating like Spenser Multiple POV but it worked well, we got to know the characters so that they were fully fleshed, including some of the bad guys.

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