Nothing Special (2020)

Nothing Special Geoff Herbach Nothing Special A Stupid Number of Awards for Geoff Herbach s Stupid Fast ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults selection YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults Cybils Award Winner Young Adult Fiction Junior library G
  • Title: Nothing Special
  • Author: Geoff Herbach
  • ISBN: 9781402265075
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
Nothing Special Geoff Herbach A Stupid Number of Awards for Geoff Herbach s Stupid Fast ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults selection YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults 2011 Cybils Award Winner, Young Adult Fiction Junior library Guild Selection ABA Best Books Hey Aleah, I miss you Because there s some serious donkey crap going on right now I m supposed to be at football camp, but nooA Stupid Number of Awards for Geoff Herbach s Stupid Fast ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults selection YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults 2011 Cybils Award Winner, Young Adult Fiction Junior library Guild Selection ABA Best Books Hey Aleah, I miss you Because there s some serious donkey crap going on right now I m supposed to be at football camp, but noooo Andrew had to go missing So because of my stupid little brother, I ll probably lose my chance at a scholarship and end up being nothing special I m pretty sure Andrew ran away to Florida, and now Gus and I have to drive cross country to get him Did you know Gus used to think Miss Piggy was hot Anyway, Andrew once told me I needed to get my head out of my butt So that s what I m trying to do How about a kiss for luck Felton Readers looking for a genuinely memorable first person narrator in the vein of Sherman Alexie s Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian or Pete Hautman s Godless should really catch up to Stupid Fast StarTribune
Nothing Special Geoff Herbach

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    Geoff Herbach

One thought on “Nothing Special

  1. Kathy

    Wow When I started reading, I was kind of disappointed I had forgotten how very much a self centered teenager Felton is And since the story is told by Felton, you are pretty deeply submerged in his view of the world Since Felton IS a self centered teenager, it s a little stuffy in there, at first Then you start to realize how much Felton actually cares about his little brother Andrew and his mom, even though he is terrible at showing it And you remember how badly finding his Dad s body screwed h [...]

  2. Michael

    In Nothing Special, Felton Rienstein who is a Junior is really talented at football as he is a track Felton plays both football and track at the same time which wasn t a good idea Felton doesn t want to go to camps and doesn t like coaches watch him run Will Felton Rienstein go to college to play sports or will he choke in front of the scouts The only thing I didn t get was the names of the chapters I made a connection in the book Went Felton played football and ran track and hurt his hamstring [...]

  3. Kelly

    This was such a perfect continuation of Felton s story when we leave him in Stupid Fast, things AREN T settled There are still questions And while this one answers some of them, it opens up even important questions.Felton s being recruited by so many colleges and universities because of his athletic prowess, and he s caught up in this world of being in the spot light and in the being the Felton he realized he could be The problem is, he s forgetting about the other people in his life, including [...]

  4. Justin

    You don t really see many young adult books with a male protagonist, so that factor alone really helped Nothing Special stand out in my opinion I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book, I was a little skeptical at first It sounded really good, I just wasn t quite sure how much I would enjoy it I felt like the writing style was really unique, I haven t read Geoff s other book, but I will have to check it out after reading this one.I really, really liked how this story was written Th [...]

  5. Liviania

    Geoff Herbach follows his excellent debut STUPID FAST with another tale about Felton Reinstein and his family Felton went to being unnoticed except by bullies to being a track and football hero His younger brother, Andrew, remains uncelebrated Then Andrew runs away to Florida and Felton followsTHING SPECIAL is told as a long, journal like letter to Felton s girlfriend Aleah, who isn t talking to him He s recounting his current journey to Florida as well as the one he took earlier in the year Fel [...]

  6. ILoveBooks

    Andrew and Felton are nothing alike Felton loves sports while Andrew loves music For brothers, they couldn t be different and the strain of their relationship is beginning to show Felton misses one too many concerts, causing Andrew to make a few rash decisions Before Felton knows it, Andrew is off to visit their estranged grandfather and he must decide what, if anything, he s going to do about it While writing to his former girlfriend, Aleah, Felton tells the story of meeting his estranged gran [...]

  7. Kathleen

    Wisconsin author, Pat Schmatz, brought me to this author Geoff Herbach one of her facebook posts Nothing Special is the opposite of it s name This masterfully crafted novel had me reading as if I was on the trip with Felton the whole time Felton s journals to Aleah tell about his journey to find his brother, but he truly found than that Action Reaction was a quote used a lot by Felton and he grew to learn how those reactions can impact others and the life changing implications words can have Fa [...]

  8. Steven Smith

    Nothing special is the second book in the Stupid Fast trilogy The setting starts off in Bluffton, Wisconsin The Reinstein family is having a somewhat normal year for the first time in awhile But then Andrew starts to stay in his room by himself a lot and it worries Felton and Jerri So they decide to talk to him and he says he wants to go to an orchestra camp by himself He says he has already talked to grandma and she said she would pay for it His mom isn t sure about the whole trip and whether o [...]

  9. Ramsey Hootman

    I m not sure why it took me so long to read this book, since I loved Stupid Fast so very very much Probably because I didn t think a sequel could possibly be as pitch perfect as the original I was wrong Nothing Special is fantastic Herbach makes me believe in Felton all over again, which is an amazing feat His voice is so unusual, in both YA and adult fiction Felton is your classic dumb jock, a well meaning kid trying so hard to understand the world around him but really just not that bright The [...]

  10. 705oscar

    Nothing Special by Geoff Herbach is a solid book with a easy to follow but well written plot Essentially, narcissistic Felton Reinstein who just happens to be the top high school football player in the nation has to deal with his brother who has to track down his family The book is solid and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys sports and feels neglected.

  11. Heather Moore

    I didn t read Stupid Fast, Geoff s first book, but didn t have to when reading Nothing Special Geoff has a really different writing style, but I loved it Felton has such a unique voice, felt like I was actually in the head of a 17 year old Really liked this book definitely recommend.

  12. Brenda Kahn

    Aw, Felton, nothing comes easy, does it As with the first Felton book, Stupid Fast, I alternately wanted to hug Felton and shake him What a heartbreaking, yet funny book

  13. Bethany

    Nah, I said I m nothing special And I mean it I m just me, Aleah Just a fast and jumpy dude But you know I m trying Oh My Goodness.I totally utterly fell deep in love with Nothing Special I loved it sooooo much You have no idea You really have no idea I am so blown away by this book I am lost for words Oh my gosh Seriously I just closed the book, and I sort of felt a tear on my cheek It was so great, this book I loved every single page Is it possible to love a book this much I am currently liste [...]

  14. Caleb Penny-Kosser

    If you have already read Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach then please skip Nothing Special by Geoff Herbach It has zero effect on the series You can just skip to I m With Stupid Nothing happens in Nothing special The whole book is just a first person narrative of 2nd grade level language and cringe expressions that I pray I will never hear in real life The whole time I am wondering if something will ever happen Nothing ever does Never ever read this book.

  15. EmmaB

    I enjoyed this, but most of the humor was outrageous boy humor fun and funny made my dad and the hospital staff laugh and forgettable, inevitably Loved the Beach Boy tribute band, and the idea of searching for answers from his father Andrew becomes a little interesting, but Jerri remains un helpful at best, and I miss Aleah a little Worth a library read and yes, I ll read the third book

  16. Amy

    When your brother is an athletic phenom, renowned for his track and football prowess, it s difficult to make your mark The shadow he casts, even if he is as insecure as you are, proves too powerful to resist.Until one day, when you just can t take it any .Such is the situation for Andrew Reinstein, whose brother, Felton, is all kinds of special Andrew is tired of being nothing special, so he grabs his drumsticks and heads south from his home in Wisconsin to visit his grandfather, with whom he do [...]

  17. Kelly

    Nothing SpecialGeoff HerbachKelly ChavezHave you ever not appreciated someone in your life What about if your ingratitude led them to the point where they run away Geoff Herbach tells the story where Felton Reinstein does this to his younger brother Andrew in his book, Nothing Special.The book begins with the Reinsteins in Wisconsin Felton Reinstein is the oldest of the boys, who lives with his younger brother Andrew, and mom, Jerri, after his tennis star father passes away Just like his dad, Fe [...]

  18. Hannah

    I loved Stupid Fast, so I was really excited to read Nothing Special But I honestly didn t remember all that much about Stupid Fast not the book s fault, I just have the worst memory which is why I m not a huge fan of series , so I was still a little wary about reading Nothing Special But not remembering all that much didn t turn out to be a problem I think you could even read this book without having read Stupid Fast, since it works as a stand alone Not that I d advise you to read a series out [...]

  19. Ringo The Cat

    Review published on ringothecat.wordpress YA literature is often accused of being oversaturated with female voices the voices of its authors is what people mostly talk about then, but by extension also often the voices of its main female protagonists Anyone who reads than a handful YA books a year will know that is as much perception as it is an actual verifiable fact male voices , for instance are in no way underappreciated when it comes to recognition For all those people who think there real [...]

  20. Abbey Q

    For the fourth quarter I have just finished a novel called Nothing Special by Geoff Herbach This book is one of my favorite books I have read this year And the reason I say that is, the main character is one of my favorite people in the book Even though he is a boy I still can relate to him a lot The things that Felton goes through such as, his little brother, Andrew running away not coming back with unclear answers, as to where he really is When Felton and Andrew fight I laugh at it because tha [...]

  21. Jordyn

    Felton Reinstein is the top football recruit in the state and it s making him a nervous wreck, which isn t helped much when his younger brother, Andrew, runs away to a suspicious sounding orchestra camp In this sequel to Stupid Fast, Felton is still dealing with his crazy family and his own personal flaws most notably his self centered nature that he tries to fight against But this time around it s Andrew who s in trouble and Felton, the mostly negligent older brother, who goes after him.I wish [...]

  22. Sarah (YA Love)

    If you ve been following my blog, then you know that I LOVED Geoff Herbach s debut Stupid Fast Felton Reinstein is an authentic character with a real voice which rocked my socks as a reader Herbach doesn t disappoint with his sequel Nothing Special Around the time Stupid Fast released, Geoff was posting about the sequel and at the time it was going to be told from Andrew s point of view I really liked that idea, but somewhere down the line the story changed slightly so Nothing Special is told fr [...]

  23. Katie Fitzgerald

    This review also appears on my blog, Read at Home Mom.Nothing Special is the sequel to Stupid Fast This second book about Felton Reinstein deals with the aftermath of the physical and emotional changes he undergoes in the first book, and delves into the effects of his behavior on those around him, especially his younger brother Andrew Felton tells the story in the form of a letter to his girlfriend, Aleah, who has taken a break from their relationship He writes the letter on a trip to Florida, t [...]

  24. Amy

    Nothing Special picks up where Stupid Fast leaves off Aleah, Felton s girlfriend, has decided to take a break and is traveling to Germany for the summer Felton s devastated and although he tries to contact her multiple times right away, he eventually gives up because Aleah doesn t return any of his messages So instead of talking to her, he decides to write a letter which ends up being like a journal, of the events that take place during the summer Andrew decides that he is going to go away to a [...]

  25. Rhiannon Ryder

    Right up front let me tell you, this is part two Nothing Special is the follow up to Stupid Fast, which I quite stupidly didn t realize, making the dive right into the depths of Felton s mind totally disconcerting Therefore I want to make it known, before I get into the review, I think I was missing a rather large part of what made Nothing Special tick IE all the development of Stupid Fast.Told in letters, dated and timed during a mystery trip you re not sure about until the end, Felton tells th [...]

  26. Bookworm1858

    I requested this under the impression that it would be a fun contemporary read While not wrong, it did miss that this is a sequel to Stupid Fast, a book I have not read I think that was to my detriment as there were many points in this book where I struggled I seriously think the background from Stupid Fast would have improved my reading experience.The reason for that is the many relationships and assumed history that were completely bewildering to me There s our main character Felton and his mo [...]

  27. Steven Mcgill

    The genre of Nothing Special is Realistic Fiction The setting of the book is Wisconsin, and the United States in general because he traveled to many places throughout the story The characters were Felton, Andrew, Gus, Jerri, Tovi, Maddie,Renee, and Papa The conflict is that Felton is going through a lot with his football and social life at the moment because he became such a big story in Wisconsin being the top high school football recruit in the state He let that get in the way of his life back [...]

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