Vengeance (2020)

Vengeance Ian Irvine Vengeance Ten years ago two children witnessed a murder that still haunts them as adults Tali watched as two masked figures killed her mother and now she has sworn revenge Even though she is a slave Even thou
  • Title: Vengeance
  • Author: Ian Irvine
  • ISBN: 9780316072847
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
Vengeance Ian Irvine Ten years ago, two children witnessed a murder that still haunts them as adults.Tali watched as two masked figures killed her mother, and now she has sworn revenge Even though she is a slave Even though she is powerless Even though she is nothing in the eyes of those who live above ground, she will find her mother s killers and bring them to justice.Rix, heir to HightspTen years ago, two children witnessed a murder that still haunts them as adults.Tali watched as two masked figures killed her mother, and now she has sworn revenge Even though she is a slave Even though she is powerless Even though she is nothing in the eyes of those who live above ground, she will find her mother s killers and bring them to justice.Rix, heir to Hightspall s greatest fortune, is tormented by the fear that he s linked to the murder, and by a sickening nightmare that he s doomed to repeat it When a chance meeting brings Tali and Rix together, the secrets of an entire kingdom are uncovered and a villain out of legend returns to throw the land into chaos Tali and Rix must learn to trust each other and find a way to save the realm and themselves.
Vengeance Ian Irvine

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    Ian Irvine

One thought on “Vengeance

  1. Josh

    It is with a large amount of sadness that I say that this is one of the most disappointing reads I have ever encountered Irvine has for many years been an author I have held in high esteem, if not one of my favourites, for his Three Worlds saga Apart from being the first book I ever bought, The View From the Mirror series had such a profound effect on me I even did an independent study on it in high school and so I was really looking forward to a new work by Irvine.To put it bluntly, this book f [...]

  2. April

    Tali is a slave, and Rix is a noble, but they share a secret that could break them both Add to this a brewing war and magic that destroys as well as it creates, and you ve got a mix that is both fascinating as a premise and difficult to execute successfully Yet author Ian Irvine builds a stunning start to an epic fantasy that should become a dark jewel in the genre.Tali is just a child when she witnesses the brutal murder of her mother She lives in a state of constant terror terror of her slave [...]

  3. Reece Dow

    Hello there, everyone If your here to know about Ian Irvine s new book Vengeance I can tell you, you ve come to the right place After hearing about the publishing of Vengeance I knew I had to get my hands on it, and my eyes within in So after just under three days of searching, I found it in my local town I picked the book up, and begin reading in the middle of the isle After the first sentence in chapter one, I was already interested I m not going to deny it, Vengeance was my first Ian Irvine b [...]

  4. Sasha

    This was my first Ian Irvine book I had always seen his novels in book stories but never picked one up Now I am kicking myself Vengeance is AMAZING and totally addictive I read all 534 pages in one go Probably wasn t such a good idea with exams to study for Too late now.This book had me screaming, yelling and even crying at times I LOVE books that do that to me Seriously an awesomely awesome MUST read, but only if you have a lot of spare time And don t do what I did and start reading it just bef [...]

  5. Amanda

    My first review on , but not my first Ian Irvine Vengence is an incredible read with a great world created by Ian The shorter chapters for lack of a better word are deceiving, you keep thinking just one I can only imagine how the characters are going to continue to grow and how we will learn about them as the series continues Plus I do love the geological references.

  6. Ben Richardson

    I recieved my copy of Vengeance, book One in The Tainted Reaslm Trilogy by Ian Irvine from first reads givaways Ian was nice enough to sign the book for me and I suspect that he knew that by signing the book he has ensured that the copy will have a permenant spot on my book shelf and will never be lent out or given away Well played Mr Irvine Well played Vengeance tells the story of tali, a slave girl who escapes her captors The Cythonians and sets about unraveling the secrets behind her mothers [...]

  7. Beth

    Tali, a young slave girl Pale , watches the brutal murder of her mother Vowing to take revenge on the mask perpetrators so must endure being a slave until her powers come in and she can plan her escape.Rix, is a heir of Hightspall s family Lord and Lady Ricinus Although he is a gifted young man his relationship with his parents is antagonistic and he needs a way out.Tali and Rix have a chance meeting where the evil plot of vengeance is uncovered They must join forces to help save themselves and [...]

  8. Iben

    Vengeance is about a slave girl, Tali, who, when she was a child, watched two people kill her mother and who knows that when she comes of age she is next Tali has a plan to escape to freedom and get justice for her mothers murder.Tali is joined by a couple of people in her quest, most notably Rix and Tobry They are both from noble families though Tobry s has fallen and Rix s doesn t seem far behind Rix is plagued by nigthmares and a mother who is doing everything to get the family back on it s f [...]

  9. Curtis

    A spectacular book, Ian Irvine will get a hold of you and drag you in As a fantacy novel writer Ian is in with the best of them I was left wanting with each page People say that the end of a novel should make it feel like the end i disagree greatly A truely good book, I feel, should leave you wanting to read the next book straight away and Ian doesn t disapoint on that.The novel has some of the best tension building I have ever read I was left wide awake late at night wanting to know Ian paint [...]

  10. Blodeuedd Finland

    It was confusing, it was too much and I did not give a damn The world was interesting though.

  11. Elizabeth

    Ten years ago, two children witnessed a murder that still haunts them as adults When a chance meeting brings the two together, the secrets of an entire kingdom are uncovered and a villain out of legend returns to throw the land into chaos Tali and Rix must learn to trust each other and find a way to save the realm and themselves As the first in a trilogy, let me be honest, the size of this book frightened the ever living daylights out of me, but once I got into the story, I really got into the s [...]

  12. S.B. Wright

    I wanted to like this book I interviewed Ian Irvine for the Galactic Chat podcast and have since met him in person he s a gentleman Which makes having to review this book difficult because my desire to like a fantasy by an Australian author comes up against the book itself We didn t get along, Vengeance and me.CharacterIt began with the characters I didn t feel drawn to any of them and for the life of me I am unsure as to why There s certainly enough time for the reader to explore each of them t [...]

  13. Cindy

    Vengeance, the first book in the Tainted Realm trilogy, was my first chance to experience Ian Irvine s writing I have seen the author s works on the shelf before, but never had the urge or time to pursue any of the other fantasy series Vengeance had all the elements I was looking for at the time in a book fantasy, mystery, adventure, and a newly created world to jump right into Add that to the mysterious, yet not unique plot and I thought I d give this novel a try I enjoyed my journey into Ian I [...]

  14. Shaheen

    I read this book last year, and having found it to be a wonderful example of gripping Epic Fantasy, this re read allowed me to delve into the deeper nuances of the story and pick out all sorts of details I had missed on my first, heart stopping read Vengeance is a thought provoking book, and in the usual Irvine style, left me desperate for As I have to expect in an Irvine book, world building is immaculate in this book everything has a purpose, a role, and it s all vividly realised through the [...]

  15. Peter

    I ve been reading a lot of traditional fantasy novels at the moment, books I find so dull and lacking in originality that it is slightly disheartening I love fantasy but I think great authors like Joe Abercombie and Mark Lawrence have raised my expectations too far for any other authors to keep up That being said, I enjoyed Ian Irvine s Vengeance a great deal It was a breath of fresh air.Several things worked for me Irvine has crafted a new and interesting world, and although we didn t get to se [...]

  16. Matt

    I have read and loved all of Ian Irvine s A Tale of The Three Worlds cycle novels, so I was interested to see what he would do with a brand new adult fantasy series in a new setting, with new characters I was pleasantly surprised with the result Vengeance keeps all the best elements of the Three Worlds cycle novels the violence and horror, the painfully difficult to cast magic, the realistic descriptions of geography, the big cliffhanger ending and most importantly, the central relationship betw [...]

  17. Krystal Hickam

    I would like to first thank the author, publisher and for allowing me a ARC of Vengeance.This book took me a while to finish reading, this is due to it being a decently long book and I only had time to read it on my breaks at work Not many books can keep stay in my mind that long where I never found myself what had happen prior in the book It reads well and has been edited well, with few story breaks and a compelling plot that keeps you entwined until the end The best part of this book has to be [...]

  18. Hate2beLate

    This is my first Ian Irvine book I glanced through some of the other reviews in order to get an idea of the general feeling of some of the readers I have no reference for his other books, so, I can make no comparison there Initially I felt as though the characters and story were thrown on the canvas in wild bold strokes and I wanted a deeper personal connection and in some places an explanation As the story progressed, I became so intrigued with the originality that I basically scanned things I [...]

  19. Carole

    A fantastic read I was a big fan of Three Worlds Cycle so I have to admit I didn t expect this to be quite as good and I m glad to admit I was wrong It was a great first installment to the series and I can t wait for the next one.The story follows Tali, a slave from underground Cython, who escapes seeking justice for her mother s murder There s vengeance, betrayal, murder, war, a little love, but not a lot of justice It s one of those stories that just when you think the situation can t get any [...]

  20. Mary

    Tali is a young slave girl one of the Pales who witnesses her mothers brutal murder She vows venegeance Rix is heir to Hightspalls greatest fortune He worries that is linked to the murder The two characters are brought together and they must begin to trust each other and find a way to save the realm.This was a very fun and action packed story It is set in a very different world compared to many of the other books available The book did seem to be geared toward YA, but the brutality of the story [...]


    What an epic read Tali is a slave a Pale lowest of the low hated by every one , only those that bow and comply to the rule survive.Tali has a temper so her days are harder.Tali witnesses the murder of her mother and vows revenge The story is evenly paced exciting ,different elements coming together magic ware creatures an enchanted sword.Rix provides a hero like charature that doesnt know he s a hero yet.I cannot wait till the next book Rebellion comes out.

  22. Carolyne

    This book was hard to read the language was not good, it sounded as though a teenager was trying to sound intelligent writing a story for a test.The story jumps around too much and the fights and missions are so drawn out they become unbearable to read.Names of places in the book were appalling Over all it was not a very well written or thought out book.

  23. Dragana

    Ian Irvine is not a trendy or very popular fantasy author But, while I was lurking my GoodReads friends favorites shelves, I noticed a couple of his books and every time it was a five star review Then I remembered that I got a review copy for one of his series somewhere and decided to give it a shot I started reading Vengeance not knowing what to expect, but assuming it was some kind of an epic fantasy I was in for a big surpriseKES Innovative From the first page, it s clear that Vengeance is no [...]

  24. Jason Stevens

    If you ve read the Three Worlds books and are approaching this new trilogy with trepidation, allow me to state unequivocally you will enjoy this How do I know I went into it with some trepidation myself, fearing it wouldn t be as enjoyable or as rich as the books in the Three Worlds This primarily came from the summary of the book itself While sounding moderately interesting, it didn t seem like one that would capture my interest if I wasn t already a fan of the author the cover design, too, fai [...]

  25. Ruth

    C2012 Themes abound in this book inter alia what price honour What value truth What balm is vengeance At first, it is an easy assumption to make that this is the same old fantasy plot used tirelessly ie poor slave girl who is a noble in disguise defeating her circumstances, finding the love of her life and making good Whilst some of this is true in this book, the plot certainly veers off into a direction that is unexpected At some points, I felt that this was a YA book but then I remembered the [...]

  26. Squire

    Disclaimer I won this book in a giveaway.This first volume of Irvine s The Tainted Realm has everything going for it a great and epic story a terrific cast of characters and some inspired action sequences Unfortunately, it fails to achieve the heights it so earnestly strives for.I expect to have a period of adjustment to a fantasy series language and context But here, that period is made frustrating by initially presenting three sides of a story that don t match up I found myself looking back an [...]

  27. Ward Bond

    Product Description VENGEANCE is the first book in the Tainted Realm Trilogy It s a story of betrayal, murder and a girl s hunt for justice in a world where two peoples are divided and mistrust can only lead to war In Cython s underground slave camps, only the timid and obedient survive but Tali is neither of these In Cython, having magic means the death penalty, and Tali s gift is swelling out of her control.Though no slave has ever escaped, Tali must, for she has sworn to bring her mother s ki [...]

  28. Rebecca Lovatt

    Growing up, Ian Irvine s The Three Worlds Cycle introduced me to the world of fantasy, and to reading epic fantasy His characters and worlds have a complexity and sense of realism like nothing I had read before drawing me in, and engulfing my imagination His novels have always been amongst my favourites.Vengeance, book one in The Tainted Realm series is no different His world, and his characters complex and unique However, I am at odds with this book.On one hand, I found it to be quite an enjoya [...]

  29. Jim

    VENGEANCE is a sword and sorcery style fantasy set in a country called Hightspall, but whose previous rulers had called Cythe The native population of Cythe had been driven into a subterranean existence by the Hightspallers and lived a twisted version of their former lives A third element of this population are the Pale who are slaves to the Cythonians and looked upon as traitors by the Hightspallers The heroine of this book is a Pale named Tali Her coming of age starts a series of events that r [...]

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